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Editors Corner

This week we open our newsletter with an article that tries to answer the question; "Is There A Connection Between Birthmarks And Reincarnation?" It talks about how over a third of children who seemed to remember a previous life had birth marks or birth defects attributed to that previous life. And these marks or defects are said to correspond to a usually fatal wound or other mark on the deceased person. Click here

On a different subject, did you know that the ocean has 120,000 cubic miles of fresh water underneath it? As the video we have puts it, "it's more then all the underground fresh water used since 1900". That is a lot of fresh water. Click here

Speaking of water, one of the many things that SusoiciousObservers on YouTube covers is floods, and the imminent potential for them in some places. Have you visted SusoiciousObservers lately? The news video we have for you this week is "4 Minute News" dated December 13th which links through to that one and a play list of previous ones that will play from newest to oldest. They always seem to cover quite a bit for the short amount of time they are "compressed" in to. Click here

There are a few other things, but I will save them for you to find.
Enjoy and see you next week!

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Is There A Connection Between Birthmarks And Reincarnation?

Millions of people around the world believe in live in reincarnation. The idea that we have lived before and will live again after we die is thousands of years old, but is there really a connection between birthmarks and past lives? Reincarnation is a religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions. Dr. Ian Pretyman Stevenson (1918 - 2007), a Canadian American psychiatrist became known internationally for his research into reincarnation. He believed that not only emotions, memories but also physical injuries in the form of birthmarks, can be transferred from one life to another. His theories were based on the studies of 210 cases of children. In time he became convinced that birthmarks hold some significance to a past life. In his science paper Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons, Dr. Stevenson wrote that "almost nothing is known about why pigmented birthmarks (moles or nevi) occur in particular locations of the skin. The causes of most birth defects are also unknown.

Click here to read full article

4 Minute News

4MIN News December 13, 2013: Moons & Liquid, Exosolar Flaring

Earth Watch

Scientists Say 120,000 Cubic Miles Of Fresh Water Under Sea

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

December 13th @ 7pm: Scott Mowry’s movie “A New World Coming” Phenomenal message and music!
A positive message of great promise, imagination, and most importantly…love!  It will move you, touch your heart, and it will raise your spirit!    $10 suggested donation at the door

December 14th @ 6pm: Advancing Conversations with Miceal: The Split Brain, part 2 Projection
You do not want to miss the end of this conversation! Who are we? What are we? What is it in our right brain that allows us to manifest? And what is projection all about? We will have a Holiday Celebration.  Bring your favorite holiday appetizer or dessert to share with everyone (enough to serve 8 people) $35 at the door or pre-registration at

New artwork at the Triad!
Stop by and check out the beautiful new stained glass window at the Triad.  Paul Keeslar’s creation graces the side entry.  A very sweet gesture and greatly appreciated!  Click here

December 15th @ 6pm: Our Holographic Reality: Breaking Free from the Matrix of Illusion hosted presented by Scott Mowry
Gain a deeper understanding of the matrix of our holographic reality...Buddhism teaches its followers about the illusionary world...learn how ancient Vedic teaching incorporate the hologram...delve deeper into the ancient Hawaiian healing art of Ho' with powerful tools...learn how to transcend your fears and phobias to live an entirely new life!

December 18th & 19th @ 7pm: “Wizard of Oz,” a Nancy Hillman/SRO production
The most beloved holiday musical of all time is moving on down the yellow brick road, coming Your way from the Standing Room Only Theater Company in Yelm, directed by Nancy Tribush Hillman, and featuring local actors Rae Simpson, Kieran Keeslar, Kate Simpson, James Page, Guy Simpson, Shelby Gebb and Jan Van Hess as the Wizard himself plus an adorable throng of StageStruck playactors as the Munchkins, poppies, snowflakes, witchlets and Ozzies.  This delightful show will include all the original Wizard of Oz songs as well as some musical surprises from Wicked and The Wiz.  Tickets available in advance at the Triad, Yelm Food Co-op, and Gordon’s.  $15 for adults and $7 for children. 

December 20th: Powerful Women in History with Miceal: Cleopatra & Christmas Toddy – bring your favorite appetizer or dessert

December 21st: Concert! Performing: Silver Bullet – Pragmatic Chaos – Clarity – Children of Search

December 23rd: Acoustic Jam Night hosted by Bob Corl

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at the Triad! 

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

Date and Time TBA: FREE Earthbag Structure Workshop
Come Learn the simple skills required to build YOUR OWN Earthbag
Safeplace for FREE!  Build your confidence by participating in this hands-on workshop where we will build an 8' by 12' earthbag structure.
When: Please send your email to to be placed on our sign up sheet. (You will be notified when the workshop will be happening - TBA)
Where: Close to Yelm (call for details)
Come for all or part of the free workshop!
This is a free workshop.
Call Linda Powell & Sheri Yeager of Transition Technologies at 360-458-7311
"earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise"
- rumi

Food Watch

Timeline: A Short and Sweet History of Fake Meat


jorn harvey kelloggJohn Harvey Kellogg, a member of the mostly vegetarian Seventh-day Adventists, creates a peanut-based "meatless meat," Nuttose, which becomes popular at sanitariums. He goes on to popularize cereal as an alternative to egg- and meat-heavy breakfasts.


In his essay "Fifty Years Hence," Winston Churchill writes, "We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat the breast or wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium."


loma linda foodsSeventh-day Adventists found Loma Linda Foods, which makes some of the first commercially available soy- and wheat-based fake meats.

Click here to read full article

RSE Newsletter

South African student Tracey Foss sticks to her knowingness and discovers reality is only an awareness away:
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Din Wilkie’s “life-altering” awareness & observation
Click here to read article

Danielle Graham records second $3,000+ win in 5 days using RSE training:
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Jackie Jo Reid credits RSE training for $1,000 win:
Click here to read article

Yelm’s award-winning JZ-Rose: update
Click here to read article

RSE notes first snow of the season - Ramtha’s observation of winter on the land:
Click here to read article

Latest study: “Yellowstone supervolcano ‘even more colossal’” added to Ramtha's teachings on this:
Click here to read article

"Is The Universe A Hologram? Physicists Say It's Possible"
Click here to read article  

"NASA’s Curiosity finds life could have flourished in ancient Mars lake” added to Ramtha's teachings on Mars life
Click here to read article  

“You can blame the scorching summers on shrinking Arctic sea ice” added to Ramtha's teachings on this subject:
Click here to read article

Ramtha’s message & RSE represented in Johannesburg -at the Mandela home’s Wall of Flowers:
Click here to read article

“The 2011 Japan Tsunami Was Caused By Largest Fault Slip Ever Recorded” added to Ram's teaching:
Click here to read article

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