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Greetings MC2020 readers,
In this weeks edition we have a wonderful story about the power of love.  A mother loved her premature baby back to life!  Click here

We also have some interesting TED Talks.  Dan Miller talks about how body fitness doesn't have to be a tough workout, it can start with something as simple as 1 Jumping Jack a day.  Click here
And Simran Singh, sharing her awakenings in "Conversations with the Universe". Definitely worth watching.  Click here

We have some awesome photos of 'Transient Luminous Events' (something like lightning).  They really do look like jellyfish tendrils and angels wings.  Check them out!  Click here

Have you ever wondered what could survive in extreme environments like the extreme pressure miles down at the bottom of an ocean or temperatures down close to absolute zero or up above boiling? Check these little guys out!  Click here

Have you ever wanted to switch on or off specific chromosomes?  Scientists have figured out how to do it for the Down's Syndrome chromosome.  Click here.  Maybe one day soon they will work out the kinks and be able to apply their findings.

Did you know that it was 90 degrees in Siberia recently?  People were sunbathing!  Click here

Speaking of the sun, Edward Snowden supposedly revealed that we have "the killshot" in the form of "catastrophic solar flares" headed for us in September.  You decide.  Click here.  If nothing else, maybe it's a suggestion to be prepared for such events (even if they don't occur) and keep an eye on our suns activity.

Water.  Everyone needs it.  Martin Riese has taken water, as a drink, to a whole new level.  Click here.

The Phoenix Rising School has a job opening, School Administrator.  Take a look.  If you qualify and are interested, let them know.  Click here

This newsletter is packed full of interesting stuff.  Click around and enjoy your stay.

Until next week......

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Mother Brings Baby Back to Life
With Two Hours Of Loving Cuddles After Doctors Pronounce Him Dead

It was a final chance to say goodbye for grieving mother Kate Ogg after doctors gave up hope of saving her premature baby. She tearfully told her lifeless son - born at 27 weeks weighing 2lb - how much she loved him and cuddled him tightly, not wanting to let him go. Although little Jamie's twin sister Emily had been delivered successfully, doctors had given Mrs Ogg the news all mothers dread - that after 20 minutes of battling to get her son to breathe, they had declared him dead. Having given up on a miracle, Mrs Ogg unwrapped the baby from his blanket and held him against her skin. And then an extraordinary thing happened. After two hours of being hugged, touched and spoken to by his mother, the little boy began showing signs of life. At first, it was just a gasp for air that was dismissed by doctors as a reflex action. But then the startled mother fed him a little breast milk on her finger and he started breathing normally. 'I thought, "Oh my God, what's going on",' said Mrs Ogg. 'A short time later he opened his eyes. It was a miracle. Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger.

Click here to read full article

In The News

Message from the mud: East Antarctic meltdown could cause massive sea rise
The last time concentrations of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide were as high as they are today, big chunks of the seemingly stable East Antarctic ice sheet melted and helped raise global sea levels more than 65 feet higher than they are now, a new study suggests. Scientists have long known that seas were higher during the Pliocene, a geological epoch that ran from 5.3 million to 2.6 million years ago. At the time, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were similar to today's 400 parts per million (ppm). "Overall, it was a warmer climate than today, but similar to what we expect to reach by the end of this century," Carys Cook, a graduate student at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College London and the study's lead author, told NBC News in an email. The West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets were likely completely melted at the time, she added. The fate of the East Antarctic ice sheet has been less clear, though at least some of it must have melted to fully account for the highest global sea levels predicted by some reconstructions of the ancient Earth.

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Viking Jewelry Unearthed in Denmark
Several pieces of Viking jewelry, some of which contain gold, have been uncovered at a farm site in Denmark that dates as far back as 1,300 years. Although the Vikings have a popular reputation as being raiders, they were also farmers, traders and explorers, and the craftsmanship seen in this jewelry demonstrates their artistic skills. Archaeologists working with volunteers used metal detectors to find the jewelry in different spots throughout a farmstead on Zealand, the largest island in Denmark. The remains of the site, which is now called Vestervang, date from the late seventh to the early 11th centuries. Finding such lavish goods at such a modest farm site poses a puzzle, the archaeologists said. The reason why the farm site would hold such treasure may lie in a legendary site located nearby.

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GMO Watch

Another Win for Monsanto: US Raises Allowable Levels of Glyphosate Roundup Herbicide in Food Crops
Despite a number of studies linking exposure to the chemical with diseases including types of cancer, the EPA is increasing the amount of glyphosate allowed in oilseed and food crops. The EPA announced their plans on May 1 and allowed critics two months to weigh in and object to the ruling. Following little opposition, though, the EPA is on path to soon approve of levels of glyphosate being found in crops several times over the current concentration. Glyphosate, a weed-killing chemical developed by Monsanto in 1970, is the key ingredient in the company’s “Roundup” label of herbicides. In the decades since, Monsanto has created and patented a number of genetically-modified organisms and genetically-engineered crops resisted to glyphosate that are sold worldwide under the company’s “Roundup Ready” brand. Those GMO products are then planted in fields where glyphosate, namely Roundup, is used en masse to eliminate weeds from taking over harvest.

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Monsanto-backed GMO giants launch website to combat anti-biotech sentiment
A group of biotech seed companies have launched an online forum to rebuff disapproval of genetically modified foods across the world. Activists and consumer groups are skeptical, saying the industry has a ‘track record of being anything but transparent’. The website is said to be partly backed by the biotech US giant Monsanto, DuPont and Dow AgroSciences, according to Reuters, as well as by other companies whose products feature ingredients that have been genetically altered in ways the companies claim improve food production. Founders of say the website was created “to do a better job answering your questions — no matter what they are — about GMOs.” Its launch is part of the biotech industry’s campaign to respond to concerns for GMO food labeling and tighter regulation in the US.

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Science Watch

Scientists ‘Switch Off’ Down’s Syndrome Chromosome
Scientists in the U.S. have announced that for the first time, they have been able to “switch off” the extra chromosome that leads to Down’s syndrome, but this breakthrough comes with some important caveats. Down’s syndrome (DS) is a congenital disorder that is a result of a person having a third and extra chromosome 21.  The condition leads to impaired cognitive ability and physical growth and can result in mild to moderate developmental problems. While a series of tests now offer the possibility of screening for Down’s syndrome early on in pregnancy, no cure is currently available. However, the prospect of a future therapeutic cure took a step forward this week when researchers from the University of Massachusetts announced they had been able to take cells from volunteers with DS and effectively silence the extra chromosomes present in those samples. “This will accelerate our understanding of the cellular defects in Down’s syndrome and whether they can be treated with certain drugs,” Jeanne Lawrence, who led the team at the University of Massachusetts, is quoted as saying.

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Can Bacteria Make You Smarter?
Exposure to specific bacteria in the environment, already believed to have antidepressant qualities, could increase learning behavior, according to research presented at the 110th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in San Diego. "Mycobacterium vaccae is a natural soil bacterium which people likely ingest or breath in when they spend time in nature," says Dorothy Matthews of The Sage Colleges in Troy, New York, who conducted the research with her colleague Susan Jenks. Previous research studies on M. vaccae showed that heat-killed bacteria injected into mice stimulated growth of some neurons in the brain that resulted in increased levels of serotonin and decreased anxiety. "Since serotonin plays a role in learning we wondered if live M. vaccae could improve learning in mice," says Matthews. Matthews and Jenks fed live bacteria to mice and assessed their ability to navigate a maze compared to control mice that were not fed the bacteria.

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Water Watch

Decline of Lake Meredith time lapse

Space Watch

Otherworldly photos capture mysterious 'Transient Luminous Events' in upper atmosphere - phenomenon first observed in 1989

In the blink of an eye, an enormous bright red light flashes above a thundercloud, spreading energetic branches that extend five times taller than Mount Everest and look like jellyfish tendrils and angel's wings.

Click here to read full article

Hypnotic Space Spiral Imaged by Hubble Telescope

A mysterious spiral of doom — okay, just a spiral-shaped galaxy — has been captured in a new image by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Click here for bigger picture and to read more

Technology Watch

Walnut - an EEG device designed for Google Glass

What is Google Glass?

Click here for Wikipedia's description

Click here for a video intro

Mobile phone runs on urine power

Nuclear Power Is Being Abandoned Worldwide

Despite the Government’s Best Efforts to Prop Up and Bail Out the Nuclear Industry … It’s Failing. As we (Global Research) noted in May, the American “Nuclear Renaissance” is over, “the change in nuclear’s fortunes is staggering”, and a horrible “cauldron of events” has brought the nuclear push to a standstill”. Even though the American government has done everything possible to encourage nuclear power – bywholly subsidizing nuclear power, reducing safety standards after Fukushima, forcing Japan to re-start its nuclear program, covering up the severity of the Fukushima accident, raising acceptable radiation limits and agreeing to buy radioactive Japanese seafood – the number of nuclear plants worldwide and percentage of electricity provided by nuclear is declining.

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Something Worth Knowing

Is Flashing Your Headlights Free Speech?

DIY Survival Candles
How To Make Emergency 50 Hour Candles
Candles are an easy-to-use source of emergency lighting and a little bit of heat. I'm shocked to see some of the prices that are charged for long burning candles sold for survival or emergency preparedness - if you want to buy a dozen or so candles, the cost really starts to add up. Never fear! You can make your own survival candles at home for cheap, using high-quality, long burning soy wax. It's an easy project - the materials are easy to buy and you won't need any specialized tools. While some advertise 70+ hours of burn time for 8 ounce candles like this, they're more in the ballpark of 40 to 50 hours, and you'll get the most life out of them if you burn the candles four hours at a time. Since you would only use the candle for about 4 hours every evening, a single candle should last for around 10 days of regular use. Not bad! You can of course use different sized jars--bigger for longer burn time, or multiple wicks for more light. Including the purchase of new jars, my cost per candle is around $1.62. With recycled jars, it's under a dollar.

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Deactivate ur Brain's Selected Parts, Use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation !!

You Decide

Edward Snowden: Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ Cataclysm Imminent
Edward Snowden, hacker-fugitive and former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, revealed Tuesday that a series of solar flares is set to occur in September, killing hundreds of millions of people. Documents provided by Snowden prove that, as of 14 years ago, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) remote viewers knew that the event was inevitable. Ever since, the world’s governments have quietly been trying to prepare for the sweeping global famine to result. Speaking from his room at Sheremetyevo Airport’s Hotel Novotel, Snowden revealed that government preparations for September’s catastrophic solar flares have been “to only limited avail.” The flares’ results, he said, are known casually throughout the global intelligence community as “the killshot.” Remote viewers employed by the CIA’s Project Stargate use their ability to perceive geographically and chronologically distant events to protect America.

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See-Through Solar Film: Researchers Double Efficiency of Novel Solar Cell

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

August 7th, 7pm to 8:30pm: Free Essential Oil Education
Come early from 6pm to 7pm for free Bio-Scans
Topic: The Chemistry of Emotions
Ever feel like your emotional body has been hijacked by your chemistry? Come learn how the chemistry of pure essential oils can balance your moods and manage those “false” emotions. Learn to directly access your brain through aromatherapy.
Location: 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm Hosts: Anita Marriott and Jan Jones for additional information.

August 10th & 20th, 2pm to 5pm: Karla's Wild-Shops
Empowerment through Knowledge and Experience, Homesteading Skill classes to become more self-sufficient 
Saturday, August 10th, 2pm to 5pm, Making Mead (Honey Wine) cost $ 25 , cost for material extra.
Tuesday,August 20th, 2pm to 5 pm, Cheese making for advanced Beginners, cost $ 35 per person, material included.
Please visit my website: for more information. Please make reservation via email: or call 360-894-6038

August 18th, 1:30pm to 5:30pm: "Delightful cooking", a cooking/food preparation class inspired by Mediterranean cuisine
Greetings to you, I would like to invite you to "Delightful cooking", a cooking/food preparation class inspired by Mediterranean cuisine that is simple, delicious & nutritious. The focus of this class/workshop will be around a most abundant vegetable at the moment ~ Zucchini. It is hands-on class using Zucchini as the main ingredient for 10 dishes we will learn to prepare and sample in the workshop, a small feast. The class is open to 10 participants. It will be held Sunday August 18th from 1:30PM to 5:30PM (Due to the Event in RSE a 2nd dated Tuesday 8/20th @ 1:30-5:30PM is an option. If you are interested let me know) Where ~ Bald Hills. Cost ~ $40 (all materials/ingredients included). To register email Anat

August 23rd to 28th @ 8pm: Standing Room Only's Summer Musical - Into The Woods
Into The Woods combines classic fairy tales into a single hilarious and profound adventure.  Book by James Lapine, with Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. A baker and his wife are assigned deceptively simple tasks by the terrifying witch next door, in order to lift a curse that prevents them from having a child. In the course of their quest into the woods, they encounter Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Jack of the Beanstalk and more princes than the usual fairy tale. SRO's production is directed by Nancy Hillman and stars Dave Champagne, Kellie Petersen, Dawn Young, McKenzie McDermott and many, many others!  This will be held on the Outdoor Stage at Gordon's Garden Center. Tickets:  $15.   Available at Gordon's Garden Center, Yelm Food Coop & Willow Spa. Call 360-446-2188 for reservations.

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

August 5th & 7th @ 7pm: Triad Arts Theater Yore Performers Acting Troupe Try-Outs for ages 16 and up
Prepare a monologue and be ready to cold read.  Bring a headshot and resume, if you have one!  Also looking for techs who are skilled in, or would like to assist in, building and preparing sets – hair and makeup – wardrobe – props – etc.

August 10th, 11th & 13th @ 7pm: GIRL RISING
For those that couldn’t make it to the original showings, GIRL RISING is back!  Must see movie!  Eye opener !  Touching!  Story of 9 girls from 9 countries facing and overcoming amazing odds…to get an education!

August 11th, 2pm to 4pm: Drum Circle is back!
This will be held in the front room. Please use the front entrance.  Come and learn Doumbek tips and techniques with David, drummer of RaqsBand!  Need more information? Contact Kashani at or Nialah at

August 12th: Perseid Meteor Shower Show
We will meet at theater at 7pm to carpool to Alpha Centauri Ranch.  $20 suggested donation includes huge bonfire – dinner – and an astronomer and the greatest show on Earth, - the Perseid Meteor Shower!
IMPORTANT!!!  Please RSVP to our gmail account so carpool doesn't leave without you! and so we know how much food to prepare!  What to bring and tips on our Facebook page – and website –

Exciting news from the Triad!
The Triad is forming its very own theater troupe ~ Yore Performers! Scott and Renn Bartlett will be heading up this group that will be performing period pieces, original works, musicals, vaudeville-like shows, etc.  Auditions are August 5 and August 7 at 7pm!

Starting in September, Renn will be conducting two-12 day acting classes for children (ages 8-18) that will culminate in five performances at the Triad!

Upcoming Events…
Late August/early September, we will be hosting a Salmon Bake fundraiser for the theater…the meal and entertainment will be provided by women from the Nisqually Native American tribe.  More details will be out soon!

We are working on bringing the following films to Yelm!
• Occupy Love
• Double feature – Gasland and Gasland II
• TWA Flight 800

To stay in the know, in the now:
Website -
Facebook -
Email us at

TED Talks

Dan Millman at TEDxBerkeley

Conversations with the Universe: Simran Singh at TEDxCharleston

Health Watch

All Corn Syrup Contains MSG
Processed free glutamic acid (MSG) is deadly and it’s unlabeled in hundreds of foods. One of the tricks played by the food industry is the deceptive insertion of “no MSG added” on food labels. While there may be no “extra” MSG added, there is sufficient amounts through processing and hidden within many ingredients which cause havoc to our health. One those ingredients found in many foods is corn syrup.

What is MSG?
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is not a nutrient, vitamin, or mineral and has no health benefits. The part of MSG that negatively affects the human body is the “glutamate”, not the sodium. The breakdown of MSG typically consists of 78% glutamate, 12% sodium, and about 10% water. Any glutamate added to a processed food is not and can not be considered naturally occurring. Natural glutamate in plants and animals is known as L-glutamic acid. In contrast, processed free glutamic acid (MSG) contains both L-glutamic acid and D-glutamic acid, and is also accompanied by pyroglutamic acid and other impurities.

Click here to read full article

Nature Watch

5 Creatures That Can Survive the Most Extreme Conditions

So you think you’re pretty tough, don’t you? You think you live on the razor’s edge of life? Well, compared to many creatures on this planet, you and I are soft. We like sunlight and water and we can’t get too cold or too hot or else we’ll die. But many creatures, called extremophiles, can live in downright hostile environments.

Click here for more

Newly Discovered Baby Snow Leopard Could Help Save the Species
Snow leopards are elusive creatures – difficult to spot in the wild and even trickier to research. Seeing them in their natural habitat is rare, so it’s downright extraordinary for anyone to find a brand new snow leopard cub in its den. An international team of researchers recently managed to do just that, and the information they’ll gain may help the species survive. “We still know very little about how snow leopards reproduce in the wild,” said Charudutt Mishra, Science and Conservation Director for the Snow Leopard Trust. “Getting the rare opportunity to observe a cub in its den is huge for us.” This was only the second time anyone had ever encountered a cub in its den, according to the Snow Leopard Trust. Significantly, this was the first time researchers have found such a cub and know who its parents are. Since 2008, a scientific team has conducted a long-term study of snow leopards in Mongolia’s South Gobi desert. They track the big cats with GPS collars and research cameras, trying to gather data that will help save this endangered species.

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Wooly Mammoth Clones a Possibility
When scientists discovered preserved blood and muscle tissue from a frozen baby wooly mammoth, the first question that came to mind was - can this be used to clone a wooly mammoth? The answer is: Eventually. There are two potential ways to clone a wooly mammoth. The first is similar to the one used to clone Dolly, which involves transplanting a viable cell into an elephant embryo and hoping the momma elephant could carry the fetus to term. However, there are several hurdles in the way of that method. First, DNA degenerates quickly at the temperatures of melting ice and snow, where wooly mammoth remains are often found. "By the time you've got a bone sticking up in the sunshine, it's effectively too late. You need to get it straight out of the deep freeze, as it were," stem cell scientist Sir Ian Wilmut said.

Click here to read full article

Earth Watch

No one knows how to stop these tar-sands oil spills
Thousands of barrels of tar-sands oil have been burbling up into forest areas for at least six weeks in Cold Lake, Alberta, and it seems that nobody knows how to staunch the flow. An underground oil blowout at a big tar-sands operation run by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. has caused spills at four different sites over the past few months. (This is different from the 100-acre spill in Alberta that we told you about last month, which was caused by a ruptured pipeline.) Media and others have been blocked from visiting the sites, but the Toronto Star obtained documents and photographs about the ongoing disaster from a government scientist involved in the cleanup, who spoke to the reporter on condition of anonymity. The prognosis is sickening.

Click here to read full article

Solar and wind surge, but dirty energy still dominates, as this nifty chart shows

Solar energy production in the U.S. jumped by 49 percent last year, and wind energy by more than 16 percent. But these clean sources of energy are still just thin lines on this cool flowchart that shows how America’s energy was produced in 2012, reminding us how much work lies ahead in shifting to a renewable and clean economy:

Click here to read full article and for bigger picture

It's 90 Degrees in Siberia and People Are Sunbathing
Your mental image of Siberia is probably a snowy, wind-whipped expanse, perhaps with a cluster of buildings to house those banished from Russian society. Not this week. This week, Norilsk, the northernmost large city in the world, the second largest city north of the Arctic Circle, and the site of one of those gulags, hit a balmy 32 degrees Celsius — about 90 Fahrenheit. It's normally in the mid-60s. The online outlet The Siberian Times ("up-to-date information in English from across Siberia's six time zones") featured a photo of people sunbathing on the shores of Lake Baikal in its report on what may be a new record high. The average temperature in July is 13.6 but the mercury was touching 32C, a long way from the coldest-ever recorded temperature of minus 61C. The previous hottest was 31.9C, more than three decades ago. 'I've never worn a bikini before in Norilsk, just to top up my tan', said Polina, 21, a student.

Click here to read full article

Volcano Watch

U.S. ranks high with active volcanoes
When Mount St. Helens erupted explosively in 1980, most people were unaware that the U.S. ranks as one of the top countries in the world in the number of geologically young, active volcanoes. An updated review of the Nation’s active volcanism from 1980 through the end of 2012, however, shows that 107 eruptions occurred at 32 volcanoes (most of which are located in Alaska), and at least 41 episodes of unrest were observed at 13 volcanoes. So far in 2013, four new eruptions have occurred at volcanoes in Alaska (Cleveland, Pavlof, and Veniaminof) and the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas Islands (Pagan), and two eruptions are continuing in Hawai`i at Kilauea Volcano from Halema`uma`u Crater at the summit and the Pu`u `O`o vent 18 km (12 miles) to the east. Also in 2013, various signs of persistent unrest continue at two of the largest volcanoes in the U.S., Yellowstone and Long Valley calderas in Wyoming and California, respectively.

Click here to read full article

RSE Newsletter

New news item added on brain-gut connection - with Ramtha's quote
Click here to read article

"Selfish traits not favoured by evolution, study shows" - Ramtha teaches upliftment by being moral beings:
Click here to read article

News stories suggest keeping an eye the Sun: Ramtha on sunstorms’ effects on grid: A NASA-funded study
Click here to read article

On The Lighter Side

5 yr old piano prodigy Ryan Wang performs for 101 yr old.

This is What Happens When You Attempt to Take Video of Police in Sweden

Water sommelier Martin Riese creates his own type of H2O
Imagine walking into a restaurant and having 40 drinks to choose from. Now imagine those drinks don't involve wine, beer or even spirits but just pure H2O. Sound nuts? Not according to water sommelier Martin Riese, who is so passionate about water he's even created his own concoction and devises water menus as part of his job. Wait a minute. Water sommelier? Yes. It's a true job and as far fetched as it seems. Mr Riese says he is just filling a gap in the market as people demand a complete range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during their dining experiences. Mr Riese is a man who lives and breathes (well, if only he could) water. In fact he loves it so much he is hoping to make waves in the food world with the launch of Beverly Hills 90H2O, touted as the "champagne of the water world."

Click here to read full article


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Position Available: School Administrator

If you are creative, team-oriented and entrepreneurial, and are driven by a passion to change how we educate tomorrow’s leaders, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to do so…

The Phoenix Rising School (PRS) is a progressive private school located in rural Rainier, WA in its fourth year.  Above all, it is a school of the future. Among many exciting changes taking place, we are building an educational partnership between our students and our staff  that offers a unique learning environment for all. Charging students to take an active role in their education and offering our team the freedom to be innovative in their roles are key components of the truly “meaningful learning” that will take place here.  Our instructional framework is built around our commitment to our “4R’s”:

Recognition of Oneness

Understanding our impact on ourselves and our environment through our attitudes, thoughts, and actions


Finding personal meaning in knowledge gained through our own experiences


Building thoughtful relationships to the people, things, and events in our environment that establish and reinforce our connection with our world.


Pausing after an experience to identify wisdom gained and opportunity for further expansion

Click here for more information

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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