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Editors Corner

“When you are producing ideas, you are replenishing neurotransmitters linked to genes that are being turned on and off in response to what your brain is doing, which in turn is responding to challenges.”
This is the stuff I love to think about!  This quote is from our featured article of the week.  “Twelve Things You Were not Taught in School about Creative Thinking.”  This article is like a refreshing dip in a cold pool.  Shake off the boredom of repetitious thinking and dive right into the unknown.  Read it, you will love it!   You might come away with some bright ideas and inspiration. Click here

This week we have two inspiring stories from readers to share with you.
Both are from faraway lands, but their stories connect us. Thank you, Anna-Marie and Carlos for sharing your mind treasures with us. Click here

Ever wanted to make real changes in your life?  Twenty seconds of Insane Courage is all it takes. . . . .I saw the movie and felt the impact of that thought. See what you think. Click here

Did you know you have mirror neurons?  Did you know that if someone smiles at you, inside your brain you mirror that smile, whether you want to or not. What a great secret weapon against the grumps of the world.  This knowledge is really powerful.  Watch Shawn Achor explain “The Happiness Advantage”.
Then use it with abandon—it will drive your critics happy! Click here

This week the experts are warning of the potential eruption of Mt. Fuji Click here Watch an incredible display of violently exploding lava and the crazy, determined soul who dreamed of experiencing this beast up close and personal. Click here

Apparently they have been digging and building underground at the White House. They say it was to upgrade the utilities servicing the White House. Read about it and decide for yourself what they might have been up to. Click here (I wonder if they got a permit?)

In Health Watch this week we have a very interesting article about ancient Eqyptian scrolls that document the use of natural medicines.  It is so interesting that even though this knowledge has been around for centuries, we are just now embracing these powerful medicinal gifts of nature. Click here

And speaking of natural medicine, our Remedy of the Week, features a powerful combination of essential oils that actually repair damaged DNA.  Read about it here.  It is important. Click here

I love Pandora Internet Radio and I want to help them stay in business.  Read about the governmental challenges they are facing and email your representative to help change unfair regulations. Click here

There is more to click around on in this week’s edition of, but I will leave you to your own discovery.  I am going to take a walk and savor the gorgeous “Indian Summer” midnight beneath the gorgeous “almost full” moon.  See you next week.  Fire up those mirror neurons and make a happy difference in the world!

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Article of the Week
Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School about Creative Thinking
Reprinted with permission from

Aspects of Creative Thinking that are not usually taught.
We’ve been educated to process information based upon what has happened in the past, what past thinkers thought, and what exists now. Once we think we know how to get the answer, based on what we have been taught, we stop thinking. The Spanish word for “answer” is “respuesta,” and it has the same etymological root as “responso” (responsatory), the song people sing to the dead. It’s to say something to what has no life anymore. In other words, when you think you know the answers, based on what has happened in the past, your thinking dies.

We are conditioned to circumvent deliberate and creative thinking wherever possible through rote memorization and robotic learning of formulas and principles. We have not been taught how to think for ourselves. We have been taught what to think based on what past thinkers thought. We are taught to think reproductively, not productively. We have been trained to seek out the neural path of least resistance, searching out responses that have worked in the past, rather than approach a problem on its own terms.

Instead of being taught to look for alternatives and other possibilities, we are taught to look for ways to exclude them. This is because educators discourage us from looking for alternatives to prevailing wisdom. When confronted with a problem, we are taught to analytically select the most promising approach based on past history, excluding all other approaches and then to work logically within a carefully defined direction towards a solution. Instead of being taught to look for possibilities, we are taught to look for ways to exclude them. This kind of thinking is dehumanizing and naturalizes intellectual laziness which promotes an impulse toward doing whatever is easiest or doing nothing at all. It’s as if we entered school as a question mark and graduated as a period.

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How I Manifested My September 2012 Follow Up
Submitted by RSE student Anna-Marie Viljoen, South Africa

As soon as the Assay advertisement got advertised I desired to do it. I did not walk it or focus on it although I wrote my desire to do it on my journal page and looked at it daily.  Then the dates for the follow ups got to be announced and I shifted my attention to the September Follow Up. I wrote down what I needed: Leave from work Thursday, Friday- and Monday too- for the time difference. I needed R4000 for the follow up and R450 for the internet connection. After July’s salary I had R1500 saved and I realised I was not going to have enough money. I then put it into my Walk in my list that I have always had R4500 for my follow up. Mornings and evenings I walked it.

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In The News

Nebraska man in need of heart transplant instead has ‘miracle’ recovery 
A 23-year-old Nebraska man suffering from toxic blood poisoning stunned doctors after undergoing a “miraculous” recovery in which his failing heart suddenly mended itself. Doctors still don’t have any medical answers as to how Michael Crowe overcame an ailment that caused his heart to shut down. His family credits good medical work and prayer. Crowe, a second year student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy, was sent to an Omaha hospital in mid-August where he was diagnosed with acute myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, The Omaha World-Herald reported. Crowe’s symptoms had started out like flu and quickly worsened, his family said. As Crowe’s heart shut down, his other organs also were starting to fail, the Herald reported.  He was was dianosed with blood poisoning, on a full heart and lung machine and needing daily blood transfusions.  Doctors have him a 30 percent chance of recovery.

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Something Worth Knowing

20 Seconds of Insane Courage – Sometimes That’s What it Takes
When you look back on your life, the trials the tribulations, the challenges and opportunities, you’ll probably notice the really big occasions hung finely balanced on the feather edge of uncertainty. On one side is the abyss of some indescribable failure, and the other, some seemingly monumental achievement. These moments invite something deeper of ourselves, something more complete, something more authentic. If we can face them with total acceptance and commitment, then we’ll connect with the full flow of the soul and it will carry us through like an unstoppable wave. When I look back at these times in my life, I see that this level of surrender, this level of commitment, required something special: “20 seconds of insane courage”…

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Food Storage: 20 Crops That Keep and How to Store Them
Here in southwest Virginia, my partner and I take pride in growing and storing most of our fruits and vegetables. Knowing where our food comes from gives us confidence in its goodness, plus we save about $5,000 a year through our gardening and food storage efforts. There is another benefit, which is the utter convenience of having a self-provisioned home. In early winter when our stores are full, I feel like I’m living in a well-stocked organic grocery store. We bring many years of experience to this quest, and we’re still learning. Measured by weight, stored garden crops make up more than half of our overall harvest, with every onion and potato just about as fresh as it was the day it came from the garden. Our mix of storage vegetables and fruits varies from year to year and we’ve learned that putting by storage crops is something anyone can do — even if your produce comes from the farmers market. By making use of cold storage spots in your basement or garage, and perhaps adding a seasonal second refrigerator, you can use our charts to easily store 20 storage crops for winter eating using simple, time-tested methods.

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Shawn Achor
The Happiness Advantage
Linking Positive Brains to Performance

Technology Watch

Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger Enabling Free Long Distance Travel
Today Tesla Motors unveiled its highly anticipated Supercharger network, which is said to make long distance travel in cars totally free thanks to the use of solar energy and electricity. So far the network is made up of six Supercharger stations stretching across California, as well as parts of Nevada and Arizona. These stations will allow the Tesla Model S to recharge for free, and each charge is said to last for an extremely long distance. This is so groundbreaking because until now one of the major drawbacks to electric cars was their inability to travel long distances on a single charge. The charging centers that have opened so far are just the first of many, the company plans to install Superchargers in high traffic corridors across the United States, enabling fast, purely electric travel from Vancouver to San Diego, Miami to Montreal and Los Angeles to New York, all by next year. By 2015, Tesla Motors plans to create more than 100 charging stations across the United States, while also branching out into Europe and Asia.

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Science Watch

Can You Simply ‘Erase’ Fear From the Brain?
Newly formed emotional memories can be erased from the human brain, according to new research from Uppsala University in Sweden. “These findings may be a breakthrough in research on memory and fear,” said Thomas Ågren, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology, who led the study. “Ultimately the new findings may lead to improved treatment methods for the millions of people in the world who suffer from anxiety issues like phobias, post-traumatic stress, and panic attacks.” Ågren said that when a person learns something, a lasting memory is created with the aid of a process of consolidation, which is based on the formation of proteins. When we remember something, the memory becomes unstable for a while and is then re-stabilized by another consolidation process, he said.

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Lava Watch

Into the heart of an active volcano

Revolution 2012

Are You Awake Yet? Revolution 2012

Please Help Us
Pandora Internet Radio

Hi there,
This is Tim, the founder of Pandora.
I am writing to ask for your urgent help. An important piece of legislation has just been introduced in Congress that could end long-standing discrimination against Internet radio. I'm asking that you contact your Representative to urge them to support the Internet Radio Fairness Act. This bipartisan bill will correct the incredible inequity in how different digital radio formats are treated under the law when it comes to setting royalties. The difference is quite extraordinary. In 2011, Pandora paid over 50% of our revenues in performance royalties, while SiriusXM paid less than 10%. As a lifelong musician, I'm fully supportive of artist compensation, but this situation can't continue. Internet radio is bringing millions of listeners back to music, and is playing the songs of tens of thousands of promising artists who would otherwise never be heard. It should be given a fair chance to succeed.

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Solar Flare Watch

Earth Directed CME / Solar Watch Sep 28, 2012

Remedy of the Week
Damaged DNA Repair

DDRPrime™ Essential Oil Cellular Complex 

I am so excited to announce that the formula I have been anxiously waiting for is now available. This blend has been specially formulated to encourage the cellular renewal process called apoptosis, which eliminates damaged cells, preventing their reproduction into tumors and other life threatening conditions.
You can read all about the science in the attached document AND you can come hear Dr. David Hill explain the science October 3 in Longview, WA or October 4 in Bellevue, WA. See the Community Calendar for details.

doTERRA’s DDR Prime™ Essential Oil Cellular Complex is a proprietary blend of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils combined to support healthy cell biogenesis, function, and renewal. DDR Prime includes the pure aromatic compounds of frankincense, wild orange, lemongrass, thyme, summer savory, clove, and niaouli that have been shown in clinical studies to support cellular health and vitality.*
DDR Prime Cellular Complex

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Click here to read more product information

For more information about this and other certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, contact Anita Marriott at or 360-894-6754.

In Australia contact: Deb Stenton at

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A Deeper Look at Nature
Submitted by RSE student Carlos Tavares, South Africa

In nature we immediately feel more at peace, more at ease, alive, clearer in thinking, more creative and closer to Source. There we can easily enter an almost trance state with little effort, just for example by allowing ourselves to be and listening to the birds or the flowing stream or the wind blowing through the trees. There we are closer to the consciousness of the Gods that created nature in the higher realities or in the far ancient past. A purer consciousness or should I say one with less polarity. But yet nature and we are in the same reality, even though the earth and nature may be at a higher frequency than what we are at in our everyday chaos away from nature. When we look closer at nature we soon see that although overall there is a sense of harmony and balance when we zoom in to the individual level of single plants and animals we see that there too is competition, struggle, warfare, predation, deceit and a continuous ‘arms-race’ for survival. In a forest plants compete for sunlight, the ones that do not get enough sunlight simply die.

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

September 30th, 11am to 4pm: Last Yelm Farmers Market for This Year
Located at 2nd Street between McKenzie and Mosman (by the skate park at Yelm City Park)
Vegetables, Vegetable Starts, Flowers, Meats, Breads, Artisans, “food on the go”.
For their current newsletter, click here
For more information see website

October 3rd & 4th @ 7pm: Lectures by Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA
If you love the science of essential oils and want to learn from a renowned expert, this is a rare opportunity. It has been 2 years since Dr. Hill has been to the Northwest. See flyers.
Please email to reserve a seat for Bellevue. Or call Anita Marriott 360-894-6754.
October 3, Longview 7:00PM—9:00PM Click here for flyer
October 4, Bellevue 7:00PM—9:00PM Click here for flyer
Dr. David Hill, Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA

October 5th, 6pm to 8pm: The Energetics of Seasonal Eating
Instructor: Tyra Burgess, Practitioner of Chinese Medicine
Free Nourishment Class: Understanding the personal relationship with your foods. The effects that cooking has on your foods and healing with the food you eat. Free Tongue/Pulse diagnosis.
Location: 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm

October 13th, 10am to 6pm: Energetics of Eating Class
Discussing the changes of the 5 seasons, the uses of essential oils, the basics of the organs and their functions with the changing season and the vibrations of food.
Fee: $30.00 Next day, Sunday October 14th, from 11am-3pm, there will be a potluck, more cooking and recipe exchange.
Instructor: Tyra Burgess, Practitioner of Chinese Medicine
Location: 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm

An Orb by Any Other Name...

When it comes to the paranormal, there are few subjects capable of whipping skeptics into a childish anger as the mere mention of the word “orb”. I admit not too long ago I was one of those types who was skeptical of orb photos. I didn’t think very much of the examples I’d seen, and dismissed them as probably something like light bouncing off dust motes swirling in the air. But when I came across John Burke and Kaj Halberg’s findings in Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty, it forced me to look at the issue again with a new understanding. In the late John Burke’s ground-breaking book, “Seed of Knowledge, Stone of Plenty” (Council Oaks Books, 2005), Burke and his colleague, Kaj Halberg, present scientific evidence that the ancients may well have possessed knowledge of a secret science lost to us in modern times, a science involving the harnessing of natural earth energies for spiritual, cultural and agricultural purposes; and how these energies were focused and enhanced through the megalithic structures we find at sacred sites around the world.

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Weather Watch

Satellite Spies Super Typhoon Jelawat
The distinct eye of Super Typhoon Jelawat was on display for NASA's Aqua satellite today (Sept. 27) as the storm raged over the Pacific Ocean northeast of the Philippines. Jelawat is currently sporting winds of 155 mph (250 kph), and the storm is hundreds of kilometers in diameter, certainly living up to the name "super typhoon." Typhoons are the name given to tropical cyclones in the western Pacific Ocean; they are the same phenomenon has hurricanes. A super typhoon is equivalent to a Category 4 or 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale. Jelawat's winds would classify it as a strong Category 4 storm, bordering on Category 5.

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Earth Watch

'Zombie bees' found in Washington state

Red Spider Plague Threatens Colombian Coffee

Health Watch

Ancient Egyptian scrolls document natural herbs and holistic medicine that saved lives and cured disease
Herbs played a huge role in Egyptian medicine. Proof comes from burial sites, tombs and underground temples where archeologists have found extensive sets of medical documents and scrolls, including the Ebers Papyrus, the Edwin Smith Papyrus, the Hearst Papyrus, and the London Medical Papyrus, which contained the earliest documented awareness of tumors. The most famous plant – medicine “encyclopedia” is the Ebers Papyrus, a 110 page scroll which rolls out to be about 20 meters long. Egyptians consumed raw garlic and onions for endurance and to heal asthma and bronchial-pulmonary issues. Many of their herbs were steeped in wine and used as oral medicine. These were natural herbs, untainted by pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or fluoridated water. The Egyptians documented use of myrrh, frankincense, fennel, cassia, thyme, juniper, and even aloe. Fresh garlic cloves were peeled, mashed and macerated in a mixture of vinegar and water and used as a rinse for sore throats and toothaches.

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You Decide

White House Big Dig Remains A Mystery As Construction Wraps Up
The White House Big Dig is finally wrapping up, but the Big Reveal is proving to be a pretty big letdown. After nearly two years and $86 million worth of noisy and disruptive construction, the West Wing has emerged from its visual seclusion remarkably unchanged. And deep underground, whatever has been built there remains shrouded in mystery. Plus, if you ask what the next phase is in this massive, four-year project, the official answer is "TBD" – to be determined. The construction project – officially a long overdue upgrade of White House utilities – began in September 2010 with the excavation of a huge, multistory pit in front of the West Wing, wrapping around to include West Executive Avenue, the street that separates the White House from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. A tall, green construction fence sprang up that blocked America's most famous office complex from public view. But now the fence has come down, revealing the familiar whitewashed sandstone facade and the lone Marine guard who stands watch at the entrance to the West Wing lobby.

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Volcano Watch

Mount Fuji, Japan: Experts Warn Of Volcanic Eruption

RSE Newsletter

Science shows how humans can regrow fingers – Ramtha on the potential to regrow limbs in 1992
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NASA presents farthest-yet view of Universe – Ramtha in 2002 on what the Hubble Telescope sees!
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All-Group Follow-up Event Links – September 19-23, 2012
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Student Accomplishments: Kathleen Devin reports “seeing” her card in her frontal lobe
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Maria Diaz is “celebrity face” of Kroger’s “Hope” campaign – Cured of breast cancer
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Student Accomplishments: Amy Honey opens new business in 6 days utilizing Neighborhood Walk®
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Nature Watch
Raindrops - It's Your World

Can you believe that these are pictures of raindrops?  Enjoy a world inside brilliant colorful raindrops. Being always amazed by the tiny wonders of the world around us inspired inquisitive minds to photograph raindrops. Especially easy with a handy digital camera. If you look carefully you can notice these beautiful tears of nature in leaves and flowers before they fall or get vapourised in the heat of sun-rays. These pretty brilliant macro photos of water drops were taken from plants just after a rain.

Click here for these pictures and more

On The Lighter Side


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Phoenix Rising School Wish List

Greetings! If you would like to support the Phoenix Rising School's C.R.E.A.T.E. program and computer lab, we are looking for the following items:

1. 5 computer monitors
2. 7 - 10 bows for archery
3. 70 - 100 arrows

If you would like to supply any of these, please contact our office at 360-446-1500 or send an email

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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