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Editors Corner

This week’s Masters newsletter is celebrating ingenious ideas.  Every week as we search for articles for the newsletter, it is always the simple, elegant solutions to everyday problems that we appreciate the most.  Under the category of 'Something Worth Knowing',  you will find some amazing, outside the box thinking.   Some ideas are kooky, and yet some so simple, they might make you wonder, 'why didn’t I think of that'?
Really, why didn't I think of turning the toaster on its side to make grilled cheese?  Did you know if you put a wooden spoon over of pot of boiling water, it won’t boil over?  How come I never knew that before now?  Twice last week I turned on the stove, the phone rang, and next thing I know the pot is boiling over and that awful burnt smell lingered all day. Click here
Ben searched our archives and has re-posted other insightful and smart ideas that we have previously published. & nbsp;Some of my favorites are the contributions we received from our readers. Perhaps these ideas will inspire your own blinding flash of genius that you can share with us.  Of course, if you already have some great ideas you think we ought to know, be sure to send them our way so that we can share them with our friends around the world. Email them to us at
Did you hear about the 6.2 earthquake in the Artic? Be sure to watch Dutchinse for his take on what this means. Click here
In Earth Watch this week the story is all about Japan. The situation is very serious in Japan.  Watch for yourself and please remember the beautiful people of Japan in your focus.  Divine intervention seems to be the only way out of this mess.  Japan could use some out of the box solutions to some deadly issues right now. Click here
We have some uplifting stories from readers sharing their experiences with all of us. This is the kind of reader participation that makes our work worth doing. Thank you for your stories and inspiration. Click here
Carlos Tavares, another MC2020 reader, shares his thoughts with us in a story entitled: “Inception: The Idea”.  Carlos asks, 'What if certain ideas could be placed deep inside your mind by someone else... ' Now, who would want to do a thing like that? Click here
Earth Watch: If you love the pristine places of nature, this next piece will cause you to ponder the environmental cost of artificial 'Paradise'. This behind the scenes look at the beautiful Maldive island paradise will disgust and alarm you. Click here
Science Watch: Stephen Hawking is coming to Seattle. Click here to find out how you can hear what he has to say when he visits the Seattle Science Fair this June.  Click here
Have you heard, Charlie and Linda will no longer be preparing food for us at RSE events.  
We wish them the very best and thank them for years of selfless service to our community. Click here
Be sure to check the Community Calendar this week to make sure you don’t miss the local events. We will just remind you here, that this coming Sunday is Spa Day at Phoenix Rising School.  I hear there is an amazing line-up of professional body workers and spa services available at great prices.  Click here for more details. Phoenix Rising Day Spa--Sunday May 27
Science Watch: If I create my own reality and my reality is just a holographic illusion, then I must have an exquisitely powerful brain that keeps me convinced I am 'real'. We are all stars in our own 3D movies.
HMM. . . I think it’s time to change my storyline.   What's showing on the screen of your 'Head Flick'?
Have a wonderful week, til we meet again.

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Something Worth Knowing

You can divide and store ground meat in a zip loc bag. Just break off how much you need and keep the rest in the freezer for later. So much easier than dividing and individually wrapping each pound or half pound. - Source

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Genius Ideas Recycled

Inspiration - 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy
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Winter Gardening Guide - Growing Strawberries
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Tip of the Week - The key to preventing mouldy berries
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Emergency Lights - Solar Lights: Why didn't I think of this?
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Something Worth Knowing - Clever Ideas to Make Life Easier
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Handy Tip of the Week - How to Store Fresh Eggs
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Winter Happy Chickens
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Fear: The Siren Call to Change - 10 Tips to Deal with Fear
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On The Lighter Side - Cooking Tips
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Something Worth Knowing - Container Homes
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Genius Ideas - The Simple Brilliance of Liter of Light
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Something Worth Knowing - Seal Plastic Bags with Old Bottle Caps
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Young Billionaire Says Wealthy Are Not "Job Creators"

Seattle Science Festival

Stephen Hawking to speak at Seattle Science Festival
Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has been added to the lineup of speakers for the Seattle Science Festival next month. The author of A Brief History of Time and former professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge will join other notable speakers on June 16th as part of the Luminaries Series, a monthlong series of talks on a wide-range of topics. “Hawking’s participation in this momentous event will certainly catalyse excitement about science in our  community,” Ellen Lettvin, festival director and vice president for science and education at Pacific Science Center said in a news release sent to the P-I.

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A Tribute

6.2M earthquake strikes the Arctic
Norwegian sea , Greenland , Mid-Atlantic

Inception: “The Idea”
Submitted by MC2020 reader Carlos Tavares

Don’t you find it interesting that in such a sort time we have evolved technologically so rapidly. Just over a hundred years ago horse driven carts and ox-wagons where still common. So for thousands of years very little happened then boom, so many new inventions and technologies. Seems artificial in a way, why now and who is behind it?

What if it all was intentionally controlled or helped along by other entities? What if certain ideas could be placed deep inside your mind by someone else, and emerging as what you would think of as your own? Doing this with a few key people over the entire planet could drastically alter the evolution of an entire species.

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Runners & Mirrors

A card of nature and loving and communicating with nature
Submitted by MC2020 reader Gail
Dear masters,
I'm not sure if this is worthy to be in your student section, but thought I would share, either way it was a beautiful miracle for me and my card I created.
My card is of nature and loving and communicating with nature.
About a month ago, the young man that mows my grass pointed out a tree in a flower bed and said it is dying and will die, so much of it had turned brown. I said no it will not. I went to the tree by myself a little bit later, ( inspired by JZ and how she saved her little love, her dog )
I said to the tree, you will not die, you live and you grow ( the momma tree is right behind it) you grow and be healthy and beautiful just like your momma and you make her proud. I picked a few weeds around it still in a state of love and continued to love it and give it my attention when I walk the property.

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Flashlight Focus
Submitted by MC2020 reader Sally
I have been working with the flashlight focus for about a week now.
I had the experience of turning it on and off consecutively 11 times within a half hour focus.
I experienced it for the next few days with similar results.
I could see plasma like material and movement like a moving orb towards the flashlight very cool which I likened to my spirit?
I was using the mirror and found this method to be most effective looking at the light in my eyes and saying turn on the flashlite and then turn off the flashlight some times it was instant and other times there was a waiting peroid.

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Food Watch

The Organic Watergate
The nation's leading organic farming watchdog, The Cornucopia Institute, is challenging what it calls a "conspiracy" between corporate agribusiness interests and the USDA that has increasingly facilitated the use of questionable synthetic additives and even dangerous chemicals in organic foods. In its new white paper, The Organic Watergate, Cornucopia details violations of federal law, ignoring congressional intent, that has created a climate of regulatory abuse and corporate exploitation. When Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 it set up an independent advisory panel, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) that, uniquely, has statutory power. Any synthetic input or ingredient used in organic farming or food production must be reviewed by the NOSB to assure that it is not a threat to human health or the environment.

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PRS Childrens Art Auction / Art Workshop
A Letter from Liza Bennett, EarthWave Living, LLC

Dear Friends and Community,

Come Enjoy a Classy Afternoon with Art & Splendor at our upcoming Phoenix Rising School Inaugural Art Auction!  Join the Phoenix Rising School in Celebrating the Importance of the Arts and Supporting our Children for the Future! 

Featuring Renowned NYC Portrait Painter Artist Stephen Bennett who is donating 2-3 pieces of his Face Painted Portraits like 100 Mile Smile & Break from Dancing attached, so look for them on the PRS website and at the Auction!

Also showcasing & recognizing aspiring local artists.  Please kindly contact the school with your donations for this important auction!   The proceeds are donated to help further the goals of The Phoenix Rising School.

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Remedy of the Week
Peppermint Essential Oil

Recently I was ease dropping on an online conversation about Peppermint Oil. I thought you might find it interesting, I did. Sounds like a great oil to have in medical preparedness kit.

Lynn: What do you use Peppermint for?  Do you have a success story to tell? Please be specific about how much you use/used, where applied and how often. Thanks.

Chris: Headaches. Couple drops in about 8-12 oz of water, and it's gone within a couple of minutes. by "headache," I’m not talking some minor annoying throbbing; I'm talking the full-on, suicidal tendencies-types of tension headaches that settle at the base of the back of your skull and make you pray for death. Having been on Percocet and Lortab for these, peppermint oil is an absolute God-send. Not only do I not get ridiculously drowsy and can't function for literally days, but I get the added bonus of being MORE alert and awake. 
It tastes really good in white chocolate fudge, too. Just a suggestion. :)

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For more information about essential oils and the smartest way to purchase Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils contact: Anita Marriott 360-894-6754 or

RSE Newsletter

Electron discovered 120 years ago – 
Ramtha on the electron’s significance
Click here to read article

Stem Cells discovered in human milk – 
Ramtha on the value of human milk for babies
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Part II: The Enigma of You & Time, May 18-20, 2012 –
Event Links
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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

May 26th @ 6pm: Conversations with Father Miceal - 6th and Final in Series
***NEW LOCATION @ The Triad Theater, 102 Yelm Ave (Used to be "The Playhouse")***
This location doubles our seating capacity, so please invite your friends
Click here for more info

May 27th: The Yelm Farmer’s Market is Coming!
The Yelm Farmers Market is a reality! We will be opening on May 27th in conjunction with Memorial Day. This is an exciting development in Yelm and we want to make it a roaring success. We need your help to get the word out!
We also need volunteers to help with stand set up, parking and lots more.
Click here for more info

May 27th @ 11am: Phoenix Rising Spa Day
Phoenix Rising School is being transformed into a world class spa on Sunday, May 27. Treat yourself to a relaxing de-stressing day of spa treatments and pampering by community volunteers and parents of PRS students. You will be greeted with a refreshing Mimosa and a special hand massage.
Click here for more info

May 29th @ 7pm: Kick Start Your Metabolism
Tuesday, May 29 7-8:30PM
doTERRA Classroom 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm
Learn how you can kick start your metabolism with safe, pure, essential oils. If your metabolism is working properly you will naturally have more energy and strength and less stress on your vital organs. You will also learn how you can stabilize your blood sugar and tame food cravings.
Click here for more info 

May 30th @ 1pm-2:30pm: Free Introductory Essential Oil Education Class
If you are curious about the powerful medicine in essential oils this is a great introductory class. You will learn: 1) Basics of how to use essential oils to take care of your family's healthcare needs.2) What oils you need to store for emergency and long term storage. 3) Most economical way to purchase.
Click here for more info

June 2nd-3rd: Mother Earth Fair at the Puyallup Fairgrounds
MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS are fun-filled, family-oriented sustainable lifestyle events. The Puyallup FAIR features practical, hands-on demos and workshops: Renewable energy, Small-scale agriculture, Gardening, Green building and more
Click here for more info

June 9th & 16th 9 am-5 pm: Ham Radio Licensing Class, Phoenix Rising School
This two-day training course prepares you to take the test to become a licensed ham radio operator. The cost of the class is $15. For registration and details, email Lois Willman at

June 11th @ 7pm: South Sound Seed Stewards meeting
Our organization - South Sound Seed Stewards.  Our meetings are June 11 on GMO, August 13 is Food Preservation, Sept 10 is Mushrooms, Oct 8 is seed harvest. November 23 is a seed exchange for members only. Anyone can attend a meeting for free, the next meeting is $5 and then they have to join.
Click here for more info

June 24th: The Phoenix Rising School’s Inaugural Art Auction Fundraiser
Featuring renowned NYC artist Stephen Bennett and showcasing recognized and aspiring artists. Please contact the school with your donations at 360-446-1500. Ticket Price: $25.00 Ticket price includes delectable finger foods and a champagne toast.
Click here for more info 

June 26th & 27th: A Portrait Painting Children’s Art Workshop with Stephen Bennett
Your chance for fun lessons with a World-Class Artist
Click here for more info

The Ancient Masters Four Longevity Rituals

Here are four remarkable morning rituals advocated by some monks and practitioners of holistic medicine. These rituals work with the body's natural processes and cycles (instead of against them). While they cannot guarantee you will live well past 100 as some who practice these rituals daily do, you will be assured of less sickness, robust health and a greater feeling of well being. These easy detoxification rituals are the foundation of physical cleansing that promotes slower aging, increased strength, stamina, and a supple agility lasting decades longer than the unenlightened person of the Western world.

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Space Watch

Scenes from a SpaceX spectacular
Today's arrival of a cargo spaceship at the International Space Station wasn't your typical outer-space delivery run: It was an emotional experience for many of the folks who watched NASA's webcast of the SpaceX Dragon's approach.
"I'm not going to lie, I'm a little choked up right now," Discovery News' Ian O'Neill wrote in a Twitter update. "But I suppose that happens when you watch history unfold."
The event marked the first time since the space shuttle fleet's retirement that a spaceship made in the USA linked up with the space station, and the first arrival of a private-sector ship at an orbital destination. If NASA has its way, this is what American spaceflight will look like for years to come. So take a good look at these pictures from the first Dragon flight to the space station. You'll be seeing a lot more like them.

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Science Watch

Our Universe Is A Gigantic And Wonderfully Detailed Holographic Illusion
In our daily life we are not aware that we may, in fact, live in a hologram and our existence is a holographic projection, nothing more. All what we believe is real, our whole physical world, is - in fact - an illusion being proved by the holographic universe, one of the most remarkable theories of 20th century. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world. Despite its apparent materiality, the universe is a kind of 3-D projection and is ultimately no more real than a hologram.
"Our brain mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time: The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe!"

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Earth Watch

'Apocalyptic' island of waste in the Maldive

Probability of contamination from severe nuclear reactor accidents is higher than expected
Western Europe has the worldwide highest risk of radioactive contamination caused by major reactor accidents
Catastrophic nuclear accidents such as the core meltdowns in Chernobyl and Fukushima are more likely to happen than previously assumed. Based on the operating hours of all civil nuclear reactors and the number of nuclear meltdowns that have occurred, scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz have calculated that such events may occur once every 10 to 20 years (based on the current number of reactors) — some 200 times more often than estimated in the past. The researchers also determined that, in the event of such a major accident, half of the radioactive caesium-137 would be spread over an area of more than 1,000 kilometres away from the nuclear reactor. Their results show that Western Europe is likely to be contaminated about once in 50 years by more than 40 kilobecquerel of caesium-137 per square meter. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, an area is defined as being contaminated with radiation from this amount onwards. In view of their findings, the researchers call for an in-depth analysis and reassessment of the risks associated with nuclear power plants.

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Fukushima Japan in DIRE Straights

The Mountain News

Author with ties to PNW pens book describing her marriage to a man with a secret life as a bank robber
In her new book, Disguised Blessings, author Jeanne Callahan Trantel tells the story of her life married to a man who led a double life.
Her husband, Stephen Trantel, was a Wall Street commodities trader who lost his job in the stock market downturn following 9-11 and never told Jeanne – instead developing a secret life as a bank robber.
But perhaps the bigger surprise is that the experience awakened a deeper part of Jeanne, who had to get a job and raise two kids – standing on her own two feet for the first time in her life.  Along with a new toughness came a new perspective on her life and Jeanne now describes the experience as transformative.  The title of her book reflects her appreciation of her hard-won capacities, a blessing that was initially disguised in pain and drama.

Click here to read full article

Reprinted with permission from The Mountain News

Closing of Charlie's Cafe at RSE
Submitted by Charlie & Linda

As you may already know, we, Linda and Charlie decided to close our cafe at RSE.

We would like to sincerely thank you all for your great support over the last 16 years.  We could not have done it without the wonderful help of our staff and volunteers who helped us during meal breaks.  Our deepest thanks to all of you who were part of our team.

We also want to thank JZ Knight for giving us the privilege to operate the cafe.

It has been a wonderful and rich experience for both of us.  It is now time for new adventures and a great future.  As the rumor has it, no we are not moving out of town.

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Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Creating Water Sovereignty

In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, one of the deadliest threats emerged from the lack of clean drinking water. Cholera killed more than 7,000 people last year, and 250,000 remain at risk as hurricane season approaches. Among the many approaches employed by international aid workers is an adapted technology that has been used for over 200 years:  a biosand water filter. Last week, PRS middle school students got a hands on lesson in how the filter works. By the end of this week, they will have created two biosand filters – from scratch.

The project is the brainchild of PRS parents Wayne Medrud and Robin Lee, owners of Northwest Biosand. “We want to educate our students as to the importance of clean and healthy water, at home and around the world, and empower them with hands-on experience and first hand working knowledge that they acquire by making a biosand water filter themselves,” says Robin.

The process began with sifting sand and gravel in preparation for creating a large concrete block.

“Today we’re going to sift the sand to make the concrete,” Wayne explained on Thursday.  “We have a metal pour that we’ll get all cleaned up and bolted together. The kids will be pouring next week.”

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Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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