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Editors Corner

Mother’s Day is Sunday.  Will it be just a greeting card moment or an opportunity to appreciate the one that gave you life?  If you are alive, you had a mother who deserves to be acknowledged for the gift you were given.  Perhaps one day we will fully understand how truly miraculous the journey to be human on this amazing planet really is.  Thanks, Mom's, we would not be here without you.

Bettye Johnson shares with us her tribute to the first mother.  Do you know who that was?  Follow the trail with Bettye back to the original human design.  It is fascinating. Click here

Want to learn more about another fascinating topic?  Watch this TED video featuring our own local genius, Dr. Joe Dispenza.  This presentation has great graphics and awesome video of neurons making and breaking connections.  Click here

Back by popular demand, we are reprinting an article by longtime RSE student, Mike Bertone.  If you missed it the first time—pay attention this time and learn how to protect your electronic equipment from solar flares.  No time like the present. Click here

Want to brush up on your Quantum Physics and your understanding of quarks?  Click here. If you want to feel your heart move in your chest. . .Click here.  Keep the tissues nearby.

Even if you read this book a long time ago, take another look.  Super Consciousness online is sharing with us an excerpt from: Ramtha, A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality. I love it when The Ram says, “I tell you, the God that I love never judged anyone. It is a giving entity. It is the source. It never says to you, “Well, you want it but you can’t have it.” It never says to you, “You should do penance before you get it.” It never says to you, “Say you are sorry; then I will give it to you.”  Click here to read about Jesus’s Final Initiation. 

In Animal Watch, a powerful camera lens captures fire ants doing amazing feats of strength and cooperation.  Great shots!   Click here

Our friend, Dutchsinse, is spearheading a petition you can sign online to petition the While House to shut down all nuclear reactors in the US, like Japan has done.  Join the effort. Click here

In Space Watch that pesky UFO is photographed near the surface of the sun again. What could it be doing there??  Click here

Earth Watch brings you a very touching trailer to a new documentary about Midway Island. I predict you will ask yourself, what can I do personally to change this mess. Click here

Finally, I want to bring your attention to a very special opportunity you have to pay special tribute to your mom for Mother’s Day, while contributing to the education of the masterful children of Phoenix Rising School.  On Sunday, May 27, Phoenix Rising School will be transformed into a world class spa.  The whole community is coming together to make it a spectacular event.  Professionals from the community are volunteering their skills to pamper your body and rejuvenate your soul.  Gift Certificate are available now and make wonderful Mother’s Day Gifts.  For more information, Click here.

Thank you for the opportunity to visit your inbox this beautiful spring weekend. Thank you for taking time to connect with  Blessings!

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Article of the Week
Protecting Your Electrical Equipment from Solar Flares
By long time RSE student, Mike Bertone

This article was first published in our Sept. 17th 2011 edition and is being republished by request.

The interaction between the Earth’s magnetic field (magnetosphere) and solar flares is involved and complex. A simple overview therefore is given here to help you understand how to protect electrical equipment vulnerable to intense solar flares, the X-class type, and CMEs (coronal mass ejections – highly energetic particles like protons ejected out of the sun which have much more mass than electrons, approx. 1800x,).

Keep in mind in this discussion, that current in conductors is a flow of free electrons, the loosely bound electrons in an atomic structure.

The above diagram depicts intense electromagnetic (EM) energy waves from the sun passing by the wires of a hydroelectric transmission line. These energy waves induce current in the wires from the generator to the transformers terminating the line. (They also induce circulating current in every metal structure exposed to the elements.) That is, the current is increased in the existing flow of electrons to a point where the current rating of the step-down transformer is exceeded; and the longer the transmission line, the greater the induced current. This literally fries the transformer windings and possibly the transmission line itself – now you have a huge, ugly boat anchor. These large wattage transformers (hundreds of thousands of watts which technically, are identified with VA), both step-down and step-up, are no longer built in North America; and if they are damaged, then what? There are very low inventories of these types of transformers; hence the need for your own off-the-grid system, or a standby generator, or a lot of matches, firewood, and candles.

Click here to read full article

Science Watch

Joe Dispenza
The Three Brains that Allow Us to Go from Thinking to Doing to Being

The Higgs Boson Explained

Animal Watch

Ant antics! Insects show off amazing strength, teamwork
Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Welcome to the greatest ant show on Earth!?!

Click here to see and read more

Space Watch

YouTuber claims NASA has edited footage of spaceship near Sun out of SOHO footage

EITHER we aren't alone, or it's nigh time NASA fixed its dodgy cameras.

For the third time this year, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has returned an image of a giant UFO hovering near, or feeding off the Sun. Maybe.

SOHO was launched in 1995 as a joint effort between NASA and the European Space Agency, with a sole aim to study the Sun. The mission was supposed to last just two years, but it is still plugging away and has approved support from ESA to continue to do so until at least December.

Click here to read full article and see more

As an RSE student of 32 years and fan of MastersConnection - thank you for all you bring to us.
I thought you would find this interesting, regarding the Mayan artifact which relates to what the Ram has told us about the March triangular hole in the sun's coronal mass.
The artifact is spectacular. Instead of Nassim Haramein's interpretation of the craft coming out of a triangular sun-gate, however, perhaps it was presaging what Ramtha and the Brotherhood did to intervene in March... with more to come.

Cheers and thanks!
Kathy Soroka
US Pittsburgh Coordinator


Chris Rumble, Seattle Children's Hospital Cancer Patient, Creates 'Stronger' Video
Just one month after being diagnosed with leukemia, Chris Rumble decided to lift the spirits of fellow cancer patients at Seattle Children's Hospital with a little music.
The 22-year-old put his filmmaking skills to work and organized a video set to the tune of Kelly Clarkson's hit song "Stronger" to give children, teens, families and staff on his floor a little bit of motivation -- and a reason to sing at the top of their lungs, KING 5 reports.
And the uplifting atmosphere certainly provided patients with a change of pace.

Click here to read full article

Teen creates cancer fighting technique

Reprinted with permission from

Jesus’ Final Initiation
Excerpt from: Ramtha, A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality
Author: Ramtha
Yeshua ben Joseph knew that however he saw anything is exactly how he agreed for it to be. When he saw the blind man, the blind man asked for help. He bent over and picked up some clay and he spat in it. And what he was doing with the clay and his spit, he was creating a new biofield of particle relationship. And when he did this and put it together and put it on the blind man’s eyes, in molding the clay Yeshua ben Joseph saw perfect vision. So as he was molding the clay, the clay became the catalyst to perfect vision. So when he put the clay on his eyes, that biofield or morphogenic field reconstructed immediately the visual nerve supply to the back of the brain and he saw instantly.

Click here to read full article

Weather Watch

U.S. experiences warmest 12-month period on record
The past twelve months were the warmest twelve months in U.S. history, said NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) on Tuesday, in their monthly "State of the Climate" report. Temperatures in the contiguous U.S. during May 2011 - April 2012 broke the previous record for warmest 12-month period, set November 1999 - October 2000, by 0.1°F. The past twelve months have featured America's 2nd warmest summer, 4th warmest winter, and warmest March on record. Twenty-two states were record warm for the 12-month period, and an additional nineteen states were top ten warm. NOAA said that the January - April 2012 period was also the warmest January - April period since record keeping began in 1895. The average temperature of 45.4°F during January - April 2012 was 5.4°F above the 20th century average for the period, and smashed the previous record set in 2006 by an unusually large margin--1.6°F.

Click here to read full article

Remedy of the Week

On the eve of Mother’s Day I thought it would be appropriate to talk about the essential oil Myrrh. Myrrh has many healing properties on the physical level, but I wanted to focus on the emotional healing aspects of this precious oil. Many of my friends have lost their mom’s in the last couple of years. Especially on Mother’s Day, when the longing for a mother’s caress is present, Myrrh can bring comfort and connection.
Quoting now from Daniel McDonald’s book, “Healing with Essential Oils“: Myrrh oil nurtures the soul’s relationship with the maternal mother and with the earth. This oil supports individuals who have had disturbances with the mother-child bond. Whether it is a division between the child and the biological mother or whether it be mother earth herself, Myrrh can help bridge the gap and heal the disturbance.

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For more information about Myrrh or other essential oils contact Anita Marriott 360-894-6754 or

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

May 15th @ 7pm: Free Introductory Essential Oil Education Class
If you are curious about the powerful medicine in essential oils this is a great introductory class. You will learn: 1) Basics of how to use essential oils to take care of your family's healthcare needs.2) What oils you need to store for emergency and long term storage. 3) Most economical way to purchase.
Click here for more info

May 17th-22nd: Triad Theater hosts A Loud Noise in a Public Place
A play with music, spans four decades in the life of George Metesky, the notorious Mad Bomber, who held New York City hostage in the 1950s with his homemade pipe bombs.
Click here for more info

May 19th @ 4pm: The Elysium Medical Center Grand Opening
Come & meet our staff & enter to win a complete “Radiant Health Day” with each one of our staff.  Package includes:   a Health Evaluation, Chiropractic session, Massage session, Emotional Intelligence Consultation, RX Peel Consultation & a Foot Detoxification session.
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May 26th @ 6pm: Conversations with Father Miceal - 6th and Final in Series
***NEW LOCATION @ The Triad Theater, 102 Yelm Ave (Used to be "The Playhouse")***
This location doubles our seating capacity, so please invite your friends
Click here for more info

May 27th @ 11am: Phoenix Rising Spa Day
Phoenix Rising School is being transformed into a world class spa on Sunday, May 27. Treat yourself to a relaxing de-stressing day of spa treatments and pampering by community volunteers and parents of PRS students. You will be greeted with a refreshing Mimosa and a special hand massage.
Click here for more info

Earth Watch

SIGN THE WHITEHOUSE PETITION -- Shut down nuclear reactors like Japan

U.S. Senator sounds alarm about 'precarious' Fukushima situation, warns of imminent release of radiation
U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is, as far as Senators go, an honorable guy. I don't agree with all his politics, but I actually used to live in his district in Oregon when he was a congressman (1981 - 1996), and I remember him standing out as someone who genuinely seemed to care about the People.
To my knowledge, Sen. Wyden is the only U.S. Senator who has actually visited the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility and warned the U.S. public about what he saw. And what did he see? A wrecked, half-collapsed building site littered with massive collections of nuclear fuel rods that now threaten the entire Northern hemisphere with a radiation apocalypse.

Click here to read full article

S.O.S. - help STOP Out-of-control Science
NaturalNews has published an informative, powerful infographic that explains everything.

Click here to see the infographic

S.O.S. alert: Help STOP Out-of-control Science from destroying us all
Click here to read article

Midway - A Film by Chris Jordan
The impact of waste

The Statues of Easter Island have a body!
The Statues of Easter Island do have a body ( it's amazing that nobody thought before that the statues have a body ..)....
The discovery was published a few weeks ago on the Internet: the Statues of Easter Islands have a body! They were only known as big heads, now we know they hide many secrets, more than half have been underground now we see bodies and hands. It was discovered by the couple Routledge and another group that prefers to be anonymous. They found one statue with lots of writing.

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RSE Newsletter

Students acknowledge RSE schooling in their lives
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Ramtha's School Of Enlightenment Students Glimpse The Future
Remote-Viewing exercise makes uncanny predictions

At a remote-viewing exercise for advanced students earlier this year, students from Ramtha's School of Enlightenment were asked to record their impressions while looking at the backs of nine large manila envelopes.  Images of the Big Ben monument in London, the Statue of Liberty with a plane overhead, a cross near Egyptsymbolizing the Coptic Pope, tornadoes, flooding, and coronal mass ejections (CME) were just a few of the dozens of drawings that foreshadowed upcoming news events.
"Every person has some sort of psychic ability, and this exercise develops each person's skills," said JZ Knight, President of RSE and channel for Ramtha the Enlightened One.  "The school curriculum involves training people to use the latent abilities in their own brain as a daily exercise and integrate that into their lives.  Accurate results in March and April from the February retreat confirm the power of remote-viewing."

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Be sure to see the selection of students’ Remote Views, which is also accessible from the Release:
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The Downstreamers

Fundraising 2.0

This is my second attempt at fundraising for our attorney.   We are a small group of folks who have our finger in the dike of Yelm’s water supply.  As most of you know, the City of Yelm wants to begin pumping enormous amounts of water out of our aquifer, so they can build more new houses in the Tahoma Terra subdivision.

In November we filed an Appeal against the City and the Department of Ecology to review this situation.  We did it on our own for 3 months, then hired an attorney to assist.   He is extraordinarily reasonable and has donated many hours already.  However, our current bill is up to $1,100 and I am writing to ask your help.

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In The News

Roulette beater spills physics behind victory
A PROMINENT mathematician famous the world over for successfully turning the odds of roulette against the house has broken his decades-long silence about how he achieved the coup.
In the 1970s, Doyne Farmer, then a graduate student, used the world's first wearable computer to beat roulette tables in Nevada, but never revealed how he did it. Now he has decided to break his long silence after a pair of researchers, inspired by his story, developed and published their own method of beating the house.
"I kept silent because I did not want to communicate any information that might prevent anyone from taking the casinos' money," writes Farmer, now at the University of Oxford, in a draft paper that he showed to New Scientist. "I see no good reason for staying silent any longer."

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Time Travel

Seattle Attorney Andrew Basiago Claims U.S. Sent Him On Time Travels

Remembering Mothers

Honoring the Original Mother
By Bettye Johnson

With the approaching Mothers Day celebration, many people have mixed emotions about their mother. Some have a loving relationship while others have a somewhat different one. By the very fact that we are living and were given birth is enough cause to honor our mother. Because of her we are here.

In researching ancient history, there is a Mother that I want to write about. This Mothers’ Day should be a tribute to her. This information comes from ancient Sumerian tablets, which predate the Old Testament. There are parallels in the Bible to the Sumerian literature and whether one wants to call it myth or whatever, there is some basis for truth here. There is always truth in all myths.

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Wonderful Property

Looking for that special buyer who wants to preserve nature and build a very peaceful, secluded lifestyle surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest land.  This property is located behind a gated entrance, has been surveyed, has Mt. Rainier view and is in designated forestry for low taxes.  The land is bordered on one side by a private Wildlife Conservation and Reserve.  If you are interested in being a steward of this forest land, come see this property today.  20 acres next door also available.  ($159,000) MLS 312918.  48th Ave. Ct. S. Roy, 98580.  $139,000.  Click here for more
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Magnificent 20 Acre Estate

Private Charming Country Craftsman's Estate on 20+ Secluded Acres in Rainier. Built w/ sovereignty in mind: alternative energy systems & 12" concrete form construction. Two and a half levels (4825sf) of spacious living areas. Screened-in porch off great room w/trussed ceilings. Master overlooks gazebo & seasonal pond. All hi-end propane appliances; bright solarium dining room w/ vaulted ceilings. Corner master bedrm w/fabulous views; 5pc bath set, walk-in closets and walk-up meditation (bonus) center. 3 bedrms, den, family rm, rootceller, laundry/project rec rm. The land is magnificent. 32X60 metal multi-purpose barn w/1200sf 2 bedrm guest quaters, 32x12 tool & garden storage area and 32X24 equipment parking. Covered RV parking, 12 cord woodshed...fenced organic gardens w/ raspberries, kiwis and 5 kinds of fruit trees all on 520' elevation. Everything is here and ready for someone who wants it all now...$899,000 MLS# 201169.  Twenty additional acres also available. Click here for more
Peg Stanfield - 'The Country Property Specialist' RE2K
3 Acres!
Peace & Serenity! $136,000

Private & pristine park-Like setting! Wonderfully maintained - owner's pride shows! Singlewide home with vinyl windows, woodstove, jetted tub in bath and metal roof. 3 bdrm septic. 36'x24' fully insulated 3 bay shop with 3 doors, 220 amp power & 1/2 bath. Foundation is established for future home. Come build your dream! Tall timber, fully fenced and electronic gate. Elevation 465'! MLS # 276752
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Self-sufficient Property for Sale by Owner

Minnesota: Self-sufficient property designed for long-term survival and protection. Large home on 10 acres. Turn-key off-grid underground shelter. Food storage, solar, batteries and more. 45 minutes from Minneapolis. $875,000 Click here for more

Spectacular Hillside locations!

Great views, 450' elevation, varied terrain. No flood plain here!
Fixer home on 20 acres with well, septic, power, telephone. Large Barn and carport.
Adjacent 20 acres with $84k in timber value available also.
What a chance to pick up an Estate sized property at under assessed value!
Home +20 acres $189,000   mls#323392
20 acres Timberland $175,000   mls#323376
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Ready Built Underground Home!

Never been lived in double reinforced concrete dome home. Built with all the qualities of luxurious living in a healthy environment, for longevity, disaster protection, energy savings, and more.  Custom gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, downdraft electric stove, granite island big enough to seat 10 people comfortably.  Master suite walk-in bathroom with marble, granite counters and mosaic tiled walls. Radiant water heated floors throughout. Great room with woodstove. 3rd bonus room, Solor tubes, Generator ready. 6 acres, orchard area, self sufficient one-of-a-kind!  Set behind security coded gate.  Must make appt.  616 #57 Pleasant Valley Road, Mineral, WA. MLS#349816.  $595,000.  Click here for more
Call Yelm Real Estate at 360-400-9356. “Welcome Home”
Peg Stanfield
"The Country Property Specialist"

Click on the link to view and choose from the many splendid homes currently being marketed internationally through Peg Stanfield at  Completely Sovereign 40 acre Country Craftsman, Charming 5 acre Equestrian Estates, Secluded 80 acre Equestrian Dream, or Spacious European Design Home on 20 acres!
Find Land to build all you desire: Magnificent Mountain and TerritorialViews, Charming 34 acres with Meandering Creek or Lake Access, Acres and acres of Magnificent, Secluded, High and Dry Land!
Trust your real estate needs to Peg Stanfield, "The Country Property Specialist" with over 25 years of experience in Thurston and Pierce Counties! Click here for more

Elk Heights
New Homes on 5 Acres! $314,500

Great new home with stone front accent. Gated Community! Builder takes pride in every home built. 4 bedroom & 2.5 baths. Master bdrm features 5 piece master bath with soaking tub & walk-in closet! Huge living room. Gorgeous hardwood floors & stained wood trim throughout. Beautiful stained cherry wood cabinets, slab granite counters, under mounted sink, walk in pantry & stainless steel appliances! Oil rubbed bronze fixtures throughout. 9 ft ceilings! 3 car garage! 5 acre lot! Must See Home! Elevation 435 ft. Other lots still available! #188720!
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Six Beautiful Lots

Six beautiful lots in small gated community of Windtree Lane, centrally located between Rainier & Yelm, with easy access to JBLM, Lacey, Olympia.  Ready to build with Paved access, power and phone at road, septic evaluations completed, community well with secondary back up and hand pump.  High and dry with elevations from 500', slopes, secluded building sites, no wetlands.  Parcels range from 1+ acres to 3.5+acres. Priced from $59,900 - $79,900 Mls#'s 330701, 330715, 330724, 330743, 330711, & 330754 Click here for more
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Optimum Preparedness

Miscellaneous for Sale

Engineered Wood Trusses
3 - 12" x 20' Aluminized Corregated Steel Culverts
3 - 12" Aluminized 90's
3 - 12" Dimple Bands
7 - 12" Bias Bands
1 - 8" Aluminized Tee
1 - 8" Aluminized 22 degree Elbow
Assorted 2' x 8' x 1-1/8" Concrete Panels
Assorted 4 x 8 x 3/4' Concrete Panels
1 Roll Dimple Board 8' x 100'
6" PVC Waterstop
Steel Concrete Shoes
Concrete Chairs
Plastic Clips for ICF Blocks 2", 6" 8"

Plus more miscellaneous

Call for pricing 360-458-4500 or email

Elysium Medical Center
“Your First Wealth is Health!”

We are pleased to the announce that “The Elysium Medical Center, Inc.” located in the “Burnett Center” between 93rd & the “Ramtha School” at 9144 Burnett Road, Suites #B 3 & 4 is now open.
“Elysium” is an umbrella for a group of dedicated “Health Care Professionals” that offer traditional, as well as alternative medicine, health care, services & an emphasis on education for your greatest & most radiant health & well-being.
*NEW* We are now offering a service at “Elysium Medical Center” for an "ultra sonic" deep cleanse for teeth & gums. Become educated about how to keep your teeth & gums in good condition. Promotes fresh breathe & healthy gums. Introduction offer of $95. Takes about 30 minutes. Call 360-400-1200 for your appointment today  Click here for more
EarthWave Living

Transition Technologies
Copper Flakes!

Above and Below Ground Tanks In Stock Now! WE ALSO CARRY: - Washington State approved 2-comp. Septic Tanks
  • 55 Gallon food-grade screw-lid barrels $34 ea.
  • 2- Bung 55 gal. barrels $15 and $20 ea.
  • 5 Gallon clean, Once Used, FOOD-GRADE BUCKETS with Lid
  • Gamma-seal lids
  • Plumbed rainwater & potable water barrels.
We Use a Top-Of-The-Line EPDM GASKETED BULKHEAD FITTING for Our Plumbed Barrels.
TRANSITION TECHNOLOGIES Your Local Source for Water Tanks and More
Our copper flake order has arrived. Requires 2 pounds per gallon of paint. Available now!
TRANSITION TECHNOLOGIES Linda J. Powell & Sheri Yeager Click here for more
Viking Shelters

Big space 500sq ft to 1500sqft / 12ft tall Earthquake resistant, 4 bedroom, kitchen, bath. Convenient loft & floor storage, , engineered, certified strong reinforced concrete & steel construction. 30 x 8 ft tunel is perfect for all your food storage, Fast construction can be ready to cover in as little as two months, beautiful inside, complete waterproofing, camel nose ventilation system, blast door and escape hatch.. Contact through e-mail: Click here for more
Rossi Boots USA

Don't miss this opportunity to get your Rossi Boots at a great price. We need to clear some stock and have a whole lot of Rossi Boots with low, low; overstocks; re-conditioned and seconds. Small and large sizes, too. If you could only afford one pair of boots then Rossi's would have to be the "all rounder." Australian made; built with an air-cushioned sole for absolute comfort; wear them for work or leisure; light weight; easy on- easy off style. Click here for more
The Survival Center
Be Prepared Before the Next Storm!

Survival Center UGAt The Survival Center we have your:
* Deluxe 2 door ROCKET STOVES, pasteurizers, carry bags
* ALADDIN LAMPS, Aladdin fuel  & Aladdin replacements parts
* NO-COOK FOOD  in #10 cans (for storage or Ranch meals - just add hot water!)
* NEW SELECTION durable Stainless Steel Pots, Pans, Dishes and Kitchen Tools

Stop by our beautiful well-stocked Store - 19223 Cook Rd in Yelm, or call us at 458-6778 or 1-800-321-2900

Survival Center – your Preparedness SuperMarket

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Yelm Farm and Pet

Yelm Farm and Pet is a family owned and operated local business. The business houses farm supplies, livestock feed, general pet necessities, pet feed, fencing supplies, farm equipment, propane, vet supplies and much more, including organic products! We want the store to be a "one-stop shop for everything livestock, pet, and farm." We manufacture custom gates, panels, sprinklers, and livestock equipment. If we don't have a product in stock, ask us and we will try to find it. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Click here for more

Click here for their newsletter and coupons

Nature’s Medicine

Essential Oils pass through the cell wall to kill viruses inside the cell and restore DNA to its original configuration.
Learn more about essential oils at:
Gorgeous at Giorda E

JZ Rose

Bridgewater Happiness at JZ Rose!
Bridgewater Happiness at JZ Rose!

JZ Highly Recommended Books

Most Recent RSE Mailers

Empowering Personal Reality - Worldwide Events
Empowering Personal Reality - Worldwide Events

NEW EVENT! Update Part II
NEW EVENT! Update Part II

Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

PRS Middle School Presents . . . My Hero!
Justin Bieber, Dr. Seuss, JZ Knight and Seabiscuit. These were just a few of the topics chosen by Phoenix Rising middle school students for an extensive research project that culminated in a series of presentations this week. Here’s what they had to say about their topic, what they learned and why this person, animal, thing or mythological character is a hero.

Why did you pick your topic?

Evan: Because my first topic, which was Suzanne Collins, was a bit too difficult for me so my mom came up with the idea of Dr. Seuss.

William: I picked World War I because it was cool – a big event.

Airies:  I wanted to do something that I liked and was interested in, and I liked Facebook.

Natasha:  The reason I studied and presented the redwood tree was because I narrowed it down to two choices. It was cats and redwood trees, but I know a lot about cats, so I decided to do redwood trees.  I had a lot of fun presenting and making people laugh.

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