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Editors Corner

The daffodils of spring are getting a BIG drink of water this week.  The intermittent sunshine is uplifting and reminds me of the promises of spring.  Spring cleaning is in full swing.  Lots of winter moss to scrape off of the green house and sidewalks.  Last weekend the skies were full of smoke from the locals still burning last month’s storm debris.  Today the wind and rain scrubbed the skies clean for us.

Breaking news!  Ramtha has scheduled a new event scheduled for the last weekend of April. Be sure to scroll down to read about it. Click Here

Our article of the week is an interview with JZ Knight entitled “How to Become a Master of Time.”  With no pun intended, this is an amazingly timely subject for all of us. Read every word, even if you have read it before.  I found myself saying to myself, “I never thought of it that way’ and “Oh, I get it now”.  Thanks to JZ for sharing her personal experiences and wisdom. Click Here

This week’s newsletter is filled with something for everyone.  Earth Watch features the ever vigilant, Dutchinse Click Here and an eye-opening documentary about La Palma in the Canary Islands.  This video shows a scenario that generates a Mega Tsunami with the potential to devastate the East Coast of the USA.  Sound familiar? Click Here If you love dolphins watch here for a happy ending. Click Here

Politics is heating up in 2012.  The polarity is paralyzing. In Political Watch you can get up to date on the vicious, political machine that pumps out right wing legislation that the republican controlled state-houses have been jamming through their state legislatures.  This secretive group is the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC for short.  Read Ramtha’s words posted by Mike Wright, RSE regarding ALEC and then watch the video.  This is important. Click Here Then spread the word.  You can make a difference.

Tired of all the political trash talk about women and the crazy laws restricting women’s health care?
Unite Against the War on Women Click Here

Now, for a moment of joy, let’s turn to Phoenix Rising School and see what the angels are up to this week. Click Here

Space Watch is very close to home with an amazing photo taken in Rainier, Washington. Click Here  I wonder who is in that beautiful craft? Great pic!

In the News this week Washington State legislature has introduced a bill to consider gold and silver as legal tender Click Here while the states of Michigan and Nevada are enforcing laws that don’t seem to make a lot of practical sense. Click Here And on the subject of senseless laws, Australian drug companies appear to be threatened by nature.  What’s your opinion? Click Here
Speaking of plants threatening the drug companies. . . in our “You Decide” column we are featuring an amazing video of successful skin cancer treatment with cannabis oil. Click Here

Now to the non-threatening plants. . .The gardening article about strawberries has me yearning for June.  I can buy strawberries year round at the grocery store, but there is nothing like a fresh picked ripe strawberry from your very own garden! Click Here. Suzanne Wood says it is time to plant your onions as well.  I love onions in nearly everything I cook.  Do onions count as a serving of vegetables?  Don’t forget to plant petunias or something beautiful alongside those onions. Click Here

This week we are starting a new feature in the newsletter. We are giving you a glimpse into one of the topics being discussed in the MC forum. You will see that visitors to the site have been methodically compiling a Master’s reading list. This could be very helpful in stocking up your safe place with books as we have been encouraged to do.  Check it out here. Click Here and join the discussion.  Tell us which books you think belong on this list.

Springtime is the time of rebirth, and so it is at  Next week we will be announcing some wonderful new features and improvements.  As always, we appreciate your feedback and are grateful that you take time to read, watch and share our newsletter.

One final thought. . . in a couple of hours they will be drawing the winning numbers of the biggest lottery pay out in history, over 600 million dollars, maybe more. The person with the winning numbers will certainly be a big winner, but just think about all the millions of people who have been dreaming all week of what they would do with all that money.  They are all winners, too.  May all your dreams unfold.

How to Become a Master of Time
Written by Danielle Graham of SuperConsiousness Magazine

JZ Knight lives an outrageous and controversial life. For over 30 years, she has regularly surrendered her body for use as a conduit through which tens of thousands of students around the world are trained by Ramtha the Enlightened One. Though she has been prodded and poked, tested and challenged, her claim, backed by an extensive body of evidence, has never once been discredited by any scientist, scholar, or court of law.

In giving up so much of her life to this work, JZ has “died to her body” over and over. She explains, “…when Ramtha started teaching me how to leave my body….it was like dying.” Ramtha told her, “You are going to die, but it won’t hurt, and it will only be a little short while and then you are going to come back… This is what you are going to experience the moment of death.” *

Whereas some people can speak about how one, two or maybe even three near death experiences have changed their lives, JZ speaks from the authority of literally thousands of successful beyond death achievements. As a result, she occupies a unique place in the world as she bridges knowledge gained from rarely accessed domains with effectively negotiating her day-to-day life from her home in Yelm, WA.

JZ has only recently begun to speak about the insights gained as a result of her life’s work. We are honored that she has chosen to share her understanding about the nature of time for this issue.

*excerpts from A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Reality: An Introduction to Ramtha and His Teachings, 3rd edition, ©JZK Publishing.

Click here to read full article

Reprinted with permission from SuperConsciousness Magazine

Celebration of Life Announcement
A Celebration of Life for Diane Glock

Noon – 3:00 p.m. Saturday, April 14th, 2012 at Lake Lawrence Lodge, 15735 Topaz Drive SE Yelm, WA 98597
Join us as we celebrate the life and memories of Diane Glock. Please bring a dish to share for this potluck event. Come dressed as casually or as comfortable as you wish. There is a play area for children too.
For directions, click here:
Questions, please contact: or 360-894-6567

In The World News

Australia to outlaw thousands of plants, including national flower
In what it claims is an effort to stamp out plants and flowers that can be used as drugs, Australian authorities have proposed insane legislation that will outlaw hundreds, if not thousands, of common plant species, including the golden wattle, its national flower. If the law passes, nurseries, commercial growers, farmers, cactus collectors, and even backyard gardeners will become criminals overnight -- even though many of the plants being targeted are not even used as drugs.

Click here to read full article

Health department raids community picnic and destroys all food with bleach
We were told our food was unfit for consumption and demanded that we call off the event...

The evening was everything I had dreamed and hoped it would be. The weather was perfect, the farm was filled with friends and guests roaming around talking about organic, sustainable farming practices. Our guests were excited to spend an evening together. The food was prepared exquisitely. The long dinner table, under the direction of dear friends, was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The music was superb. The stars were bright and life was really good. And then, …for a few moments, it felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath us and my wonderful world came crashing down. As guests were mingling, finishing tours of the farm, and while the first course of the meal was being prepared and ready to be sent out, a Southern Nevada Health District employee came for an inspection.

Click here to read full article

Insane Michigan government announces plan to destroy ranch livestock based on hair color and arrest hundreds of ranchers as felons
The state of Michigan is only days away from engaging in what can only be called true "animal genocide" -- the mass murder of ranch animals based on the color of their hair. It's all part of a shocking new "Invasive Species Order" (ISO) put in place by Michigan's Department of Natural Resources (DNR). This Invasive Species Order suddenly and shockingly defines virtually all open-range pigs raised by small family farms to be illegal "invasive species," and possession of just one of these animals is now a felony crime in Michigan, punishable by up to four years in prison.

Click here to read full article

Washington State considers Gold and Silver as Legal Tender
In an effort to protect the property of citizens from the harmful effects of inflation created by the Federal Reserve, lawmakers in Washington State introduced a bill over the weekend to declare gold and silver legal tender within the state. Sound-money advocates across the nation immediately praised the effort. 
Citing several provisions of the U.S. Constitution and various rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, the legislation notes that only gold and silver are to be considered legal tender by the states. The bill also blasts the federal government for imposing an unconstitutional monetary system on the states and for unjustly confiscating citizens’ wealth by allowing the Fed to create money.

Click here to read more

Japan Tsunami 'Ghost Ship' Haunts Canada Coast

Click here to see more

Earth Watch

30 Dolphins stranding and incredibly saved! Extremely rare event!

Tornadoes , Hail, Damaging winds = TX, OK, KS, MO, NE, IA, WI, MN, IL, LA

MegaTsunami Documentary
Canary Islands, Volcanos, East Coast Disaster

French Biochemist Designs Algae-Powered, CO2-Absorbing LampWhat if fighting global warming were as simple as flipping a switch and turning on the lights? This may soon be a reality. French biochemist Pierre Calleja has designed a CO2-absorbing streetlamp. Powered by microalgae, the lamp could absorb as much as a ton of carbon from the air every year. That’s the same amount absorbed by 150-200 trees.

Calleja’s lamp consists of a lighted aquarium filled with CO2-eating algae, which draw the greenhouse gas from the air — even in dark or closed environments like an underground parking garage. Even though the lamp has been installed in a few places, they’re not ready for mass production yet.

Click here to read full article

Political Watch

ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council
Where The Insane Bills Originate

Lisa Graves and John Nichols expose ALEC on Ed Shultz

The most recent surfacing of the graymen is a secret organization called the American Legislative Exchange Council. They are the ones that are writing all of the secret laws to all of the Republican governors. They are the ones that are suppressing women and denying the Negro and Mexican votes. And it is the great Satan in this country right now. I want everyone to tell everyone in the world about it. Tell them these are the quiet dictators writing law in this country. They have infinite funds and infinite resources. We are going to bring them down. Just like we are bringing down a lot of other things, we are going to bring this group down. But I want you to know why, so you need to know the group. I want you to complain to every news media, every commentator, that they are not talking enough about it. Warn them that if they don’t, you will boycott all of their advertisers. They are total Republican, severe right. The people who want to rule the world are always severe right; they are never leftists. Leftists are the flower children. They are the people that feed the hungry and take care of the sick and take care of your grandmother when you can’t support her. You email that out to everyone and ask everyone to email it out to ten other people they know. Americans are so stupid. They are just interested in barbeques and eating out and who is the latest actor/actress or movie. They don’t even get into the realms of the mechanics. They are like the people who are going to Caesar’s coliseum. Stop going to the coliseum and listen in to what Caesar is doing. — Ramtha

Posted by Mike Wright in Weekly Global C&E®.

ALEC Exposed
More information on ALEC

Unite Against the War on Woman

We Love You - Iran & Israel

Occupy Movement
Occupy High School

Attack dogs used against High Schoolers for planned protest and thought crimes

RSE Newsletter

RSE Remote View Calendar with world events – March 2012
Click here to read article

Ramtha’s request to his students of the Middle East
Click here to read article

Conservatives become more skeptical of science
Click here to read article

Global water tensions on rise- Ramtha: water will become more valuable than gold
Click here to read article

Primary Retreat, March 17-25, 2012 – Event Links
Click here to read article

Science catching up with Ramtha: Life once on Mars
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Jay Holcomb, International Bird Rescue Director Emeritus used his RSE lessons in his work
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Yvonne Lebron’s healing – In her own words
Click here to read article

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

Click here to send us your community event.

March 31st @ 10am:  Wilcox Family Farms Annual Easter Egg Hunt
By popular demand there will be 2 hunts so one is sure to fit your schedule! The first one will start at 11am AND the other at 2pm. Come join the fun!  Click here for more info

April 1st @ 1pm:  Conversations with Father Miceal
This event will be the FORTH of a series of 6 teachings by Father Miceal that you will NOT want to miss.
When: This SUNDAY, 4/1/2012 at 1 pm.
There is no set time limit for any of Father's teachings. Come prepared to stay awhile, and learn a lot!
Where: Center For The Arts building, in Rainier. The building is immediately behind the Signature Service Real Estate office,
on the southwest corner of Highway 507 and Minnesota Street.
VERY LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE $35.00 Contribution Requested.
Important: Please bring a dish to share. Wine and/or pipe is encouraged, if desired.
RSVP or direct questions to:
Future event dates :
Sat April 21
Sat April 28

April 2nd @ 8pm:  Calling All Ham Operators
If you have your ham radio license, please join in with Future Net ham operators each Monday night at 8 p.m. on simplex frequency 146.5 MHz and at 8:15 p.m. on the OARS repeater 441.4 MHz, positive offset, tone of 103.5. If you would like more information, please contact Lois Willman at

Free Online Essential Oil Classes

Monday April 9th @ 11am Yelm Time
(Will be Monday April 9th, 7pm in Paris France)
Saturday April 20th @ 5pm Yelm Time
(will be 10am Sunday, April 21st in Sydney Australia)

Don’t live near Yelm, but want to learn about healthcare with essential oils? These free online classes are for you. The classes are being offered with world time zones in mind. Class limited to 6 participants, email for a reservation.

These classes will teach how essential oils are the medical safety net for you and your family in any disaster or emergency situation. They will explain the science behind the powerful medicine and how they work rapidly to relieve pain, suffering, infection, inflammation and other traumas an emergency might bring. Essential oils unlike antibiotics have an infinite shelf-life, so they are dependable when you need disease protection from unsanitary conditions or close quarters. Come find out why essential oils can stop viruses from reproducing and how to use them proactively to protect against the threat of “superbugs”.
For more information call: Anita Marriott 360-894-6754 or email
If these times don’t work for you, additional individual classes can be arranged by appointment.

April 9th @ 6pm:  Yelm Free Essential Oil Education Class - Learn New Recipes and Essential Oil Remedies
This class will contain basic introductory educational information about the powerful natural medicine in essential oils, but will go beyond the basics to share new oil protocols for those oil users how are advancing your skills and information. Come join us as we expand our knowledge of the science and practical application of essential oils. Learn why you will want your own collection of medicinal oils to care for yourself and your family now and in future days.
Location: 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm for more information/directions contact Anita Marriott – 360-894-6754 or

April 13th @ 6pm:  Special Screening of the HBO documentary "Saving Pelican #895" - A PRS Fundraiser
Friday, April 13th 6:00 p.m. at the Capitol Theater in Olympia. There will br a Q & A to follow with Jay Holcomb, Director Emeritus of International Bird Rescue Research Center, Laurie Pyne of IBRRC, and Carol Bernthal, NOAA Superintendent of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.  Click here for more info

UFO Spotted in Rainier WA

Click here to see more

We were able to capture these photos of an unexplained craft in the sky over the top of our Yelm/Rainier, WA home. It was moving very fast, and disappeared after the last photo.
These photos are untouched and raw, just as snapped a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps this explains the round white circles we had found in the snow with no footprints around them. Or, perhaps someone has a guess as to what this strange night sky object could be. If it is a space craft, I would have never guessed that it could be that beautiful color. - Photographer

On The Lighter Side
Horse Hip Hop

Here is rythm, beauty and perfection.
*Note: Music for Mature Audiences!*

Space Watch

ATREX Experiment Lights Up Night Sky
Before sunrise on March 27th, sky watchers up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States witnessed a strange apparition. A quintet of milky-white plumes appeared in the night sky, twisting in the winds at the edge of space. "It was pretty unreal and very exciting to see," says eye-witness Jack Fusco, who sends this picture from Seaside Park in New Jersey:

The plumes were chemical tracers (trimethyl aluminum) deposited in the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere by five rockets launched rapid-fire from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The goal of the experiment, named ATREX (Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment), is to study 3D turbulence in the thermosphere.

"We saw the rockets lift off and then slowly release their chemicals, creating trails in the sky," reports Alice B. of Loudoun County, Virginia. "We could also see what I assume were the rocket remnants falling back to Earth."

"Once the chemical tracers from the rockets were released, the view was amazing," adds Bryan Lauber of Frenchtown, NJ. "The tracers were extremely bright and seemed to just fall out of the sky!"

Click here for more from

ScienceCasts: The Surprising Power of a Solar Storm

5-times size of Earth:
Giant solar tornado caught in rare NASA tape

You Decide

Cured: A Cannabis Story
To Kill Cancer...Very Interesting

Winter Gardening Guide
By Suzanne Wood

Growing Strawberries
Here are some helpful hints for choosing and planting strawberries. Make you choice from disease resistant varieties. Ask you nursery owner for the best varieties for your area. You will want to purchase 30 plants for a family of four.  Consider buying 2 to 3 varieties to extend your growing season over a 4 to 5 week period.
June bearing strawberries: produce a large concentrated crop in late spring. The crop ripens over a 3 week period. The fruit is large and out-produces the Everbearing variety.

Click here to read full article

Planting Onions for Winter Storage
It is getting time to start the onion crop for the year. If planting a good winter-keeper onion is on your list then this is the onion for you: our favorite winter storage onion is the Copra. We get our starts from Territorial Seed Co. Our last years crop was a great success. We ended up with nice big yellow onions with a sweet flavor.
We harvested our onions and then set them under cover with plenty of ventilation and on a drying screen. This allows them to form dry outer skins. We then tied 6 or 8 together from the stems and hung them in out root cellar and our cool pantry. They can hang in a garage as long as they don’t freeze.

Click here to read full article

Remedy of the Week
Shingles—Herpes Zoster

This week I wanted to share with you an experience I had just days ago. I received a phone call from a reader who was suffering intensely with the nerve pain associated with an outbreak of shingles. She had tried everything, but was unable to find relief from the severe pain. She remembered reading about essential oils in MC2020 and hoped perhaps they might work.

After researching shingles in the reference books and consulting with other experienced oil users the essential oil Marjoram was chosen as the best oil for the nerve pain. She was to apply it undiluted directly on the rash.

I was nervous, yet hopeful as she left. The next day she called to tell me it worked, and had relieved her pain. She wanted to get some more so that she didn’t run out. She had awakened in the middle of the night with some pain, but then realized it was coming from an area where she had forgotten to apply the oil.

I love essential oils for this very reason. Results! I love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from comforting someone in agonizing pain.

About shingles:
Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is a viral infection of the nerve roots.  The initial viral infection occurs with childhood chickenpox then lays dormant in the body for years and may resurface as shingles when the body is weakened from another disease, stress or aging. 

The symptoms are much different than the original chickenpox.  Shingles is characterized by a very painful rash that can be anywhere on the body, but most often will be on one side of the abdomen.  There will be symptoms prior to the rash. These may include headache, sensitivity to light, flu like discomfort with no fever.  The rash may progress to the point of pussy blisters and include pain and itching. (Info courtesy of

To learn more about essential oils contact Anita Marriott 360-894-6754 or


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Practicing the Buddy System
“There’s a spider on this page. Can you tell me where the spider is?” It sounds like a question a teacher would ask, and it is – except that in this case, the teacher is seven years old. It’s the result of a Reading Buddies program that matches students in Rivendell (ages six to eight) with Pre-K children.

“The older kids pick the books,” says Pre-K teacher Michelle Black. “They choose what they want to read and they share that.  When they come down, our kids usually pick who they want to be with. If there’s somebody special like a brother or sister, they might go with them. The little kids sometimes have older kids that they look up to that they want to read with. Everybody rotates so it’s not the same person every time.”

Click here to read full article

The Phoenix Rising School Presents SAVING PELICAN #895
More than 7,000 birds were killed as a result of the April 2010 BP oil spill that spread throughout the Gulf of Mexico.  HBO Documentary Films presents the story of the effort to save the 895th surviving oiled pelican in Louisiana, showing how conservationists, government agencies and wildlife activists joined forces to preserve this one life.  Directed by Oscar® nominee Irene Taylor Brodsky, SAVING PELICAN 895 tells the gripping story of "LA 895" from his rescue and recovery as an incapacitated juvenile bird with oil-slicked feathers through his ultimate maturation and release back into the wild.

Following the film, a question and answer period will follow featuring:

Jay Holcomb, the Director Emeritus of theInternational Bird Rescue Research Center. Jay has over 40 years of experience in wildlife rehabilitation and has dedicated that last 25 years to oiled wildlife and aquatic bird rehabilitation and oiled wildlife response. Jay was awarded the 1996 NWRA Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest award given in the field of wildlife rehabilitation. In 2010 Jay was honored as Oceana’s “Ocean Hero of the Year”. He also received the John Muir Associations “2010 Conservationist of the Year” award recognizing his many years of leadership in the field of oiled wildlife and general wildlife rehabilitation.

Carol Bernthal, Superintendent of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Carol has worked for a variety of county, federal, and state agencies in subjects as diverse as growth management, forestland conservation, watershed restoration and protection, fisheries, and plant ecology. Prior to working for NOAA, Carol served as the Senior Habitat Biologist and Habitat Program Manager for the Point No Point Treaty Council, a consortium of four Native American Tribes on the Olympic Peninsula.

Suggested donation $10.00. All proceeds benefit The Phoenix Rising School. Get your tickets online at

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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