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Editors Corner

I hope it is safe to take my computer out of the Faraday Cage long enough to write this newsletter. It looks like we missed the worst of a major solar flare on Thursday but now there is another on the way.  Click Here
We really are living in amazing times. This newsletter is a snapshot of those amazing moments in time.

We have a little solar flare 101 information in our Space Watch category. I learned that the sun is not solid, but is plasma. If I knew that before, I had forgotten. I hope it sparks your memory as well.  Click Here

And then there is Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, who suffers along the way on her journey, “Oh my”,  but eventually she finds the courage, wisdom and heart to face her fears and ignite the magic within her.  Click Here

Our article of the week is all about garden seeds.   In case you hadn’t noticed, the bulbs are up and spring is in the air.  Teri Simpson is not only tackling this year’s garden, but teaching us how to save seeds and store seeds for our 2013 gardens and beyond.  As usual, her article is a fun read packed full of great advice.  Click Here

Ever heard of a “sound cannon” that can shut someone up? HMMM. . . that’s not really a fair fight, is it? Click Here

Suzanne Wood shares her latest blog entry with us. She gives us some natural health care ideas for your chicks. Thanks Suzanne. Those cute little chicks remind me that spring is near.  Click Here

When solar flares and banking conspiracies get you down, come to The Lighter Side.  You have got to try this just for fun. If you can successfully do this challenge, I want to see it.  Send us your video and we will post it.  Click Here

Science Watch features a little scientist making a big point with potatoes. Watch it. It is delightful and powerful.  Click Here

Do you speak dolphin? Check out this linguist’s findings.
Scientists tracing trends in human language, chatter on the internet, view this data as the virtual manifestation of the global mind. This fascinating concept extends to projects like webbot crawlers that seek to predict major events, trends and changes in our world. The next step is consciously changing that “field” and resultant manifestations. Check it out here.  Click Here

Ham radio users unite! Now is the time to get used to using those radios and creating that communication safety net for your community.  Click Here

We borrowed an article from the newsletter of Greg Simmons this week about protecting your internet searching history.
Thanks Greg.  Click Here

National Women’s Day was celebrated this week.  I celebrated with a glass of wine and a toast to all the magnificent women, who, just like Dorothy, are on this journey to find the heart to love themselves, face their fears, and courageously live their truth.

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PS Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” into daylight savings time this weekend.

Garden Seeds Part 2
By Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness


Can't you just get enough seeds to plant a garden next summer (that'd be the Summer of 2013), stick them in a jar or Ziploc baggie and you are covered in the "garden dept"? The short answer is "Nope". (I am going on the premise that if you are going to garden this year you have some seeds or you can run to your local seed procurement place and get some – I am talking about how much to store for next summer – 2013 – and beyond.)

Not one to be satisfied with a short answer, let me throw some things out there.

First off, we are going to be buying open pollinated seeds or heirloom seeds (which are open pollinated) right? So t hat we can plant the seeds the Summer of 2013, eat part of the fruit or veggies from the plants and then also let some of the plants go to seed so we can have seeds to plant the next year, right?

Well, it's almost that easy, but not quite. And if you will be depending on that garden to keep you fed and healthy, you need a better understanding of how this whole seed-->plant-->seed thing works (you experienced guys can probably skip this section, or not. Your choice).

One thing you'll be dealing with are plants like carrots. You'll want to grow carrots of course – they are chock full of beta-carotene and Oh So good for you (and tasty too). But carrot plants don't produce seed until the end of summer 2 (uh-oh...) So you buy some carrot seeds for eating the first summer (2013), and then maybe plant some more carrot seeds so you can dry or can some, and then you plant some more that no one will eat because you will let those plants go to seed next summer (the end of summer 2014).

Oh yeah, and then you need more carrot seeds to plant in the spring of summer 2 (2014) that you will eat, and more carrot seeds so you can dry or can them at the end of summer. And then you're going to want to let some of the newbie carrot plants stay uneaten in the ground at the end of summer 2014 so you can have more seeds the end of summer in 2015.

About now, you should be saying "So now, just HOW MANY CARROT SEEDS do I need to get????"

Click here to read full article

Enlightenment Simplified

In The News

Japanese scientists invent anti-free speech sound cannon device capable of silencing a person mid-sentence
In the apparent interest of further controlling the world's populations, a team of Japanese scientists from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Ochanomizu University in Japan has developed a new sound weapon that they say effectively silences a person mid-sentence when pointed and fired. According to a report by My Fox Orlando, the portable device, known as "SpeechJammer," records a person's speech and quickly fires it back at them with a 0.2-second delay, which confuses the brain and shuts down speech.

Click here to read full article

Mass Banking Resignations Signal a Purging Has Begun?
According to a list compiled by independent blog, American Kabuki, at least 122 banking directors, CEOs, and board members of both national and international stature have resigned since September of last year. The blog recently posted a list of all 122 of these individuals with links to the announcements and reports of their resignation.
The fact that banks have been reshuffling their personnel is, of course, nothing new. However, 122 resignations does seem like a large number, particularly when one realizes that many of these resignations are coming from relatively large institutions.

Click here to read full article

On The Lighter Side

How Smart is your Right Foot?
Or how weird is your brain??

Please take 2 seconds & try this!! We ALL need a little break from our computer or whatever we are doing all day!!

This will boggle your mind and it will keep you trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your foot, but, you can't. It's pre-programmed in your brain!

1). While sitting at your desk in front of your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2). Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand.

Your foot will change direction. And there's nothing you can do about it! You and I both know how stupid it is, but before the day is done you are going to try it again, if you've not already done so.

Send it to your friends to frustrate them too.

RSE Newsletter

Science supports Ramtha’s teaching on blessing one’s food
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Dr. Miceal Ledwith’s movie airing on Romanian TV
Click here to read article

Ramtha on “Doomsday Preppers”
Click here to read article

Ramtha’s predictions span 30 years – a summary
Click here to read article

Book of the Week
Book Review - Breakfast at Sally's
By MC2020 reader Dayle Parry

Richard LeMieux is a local man living in Bremerton, WA that had everything. Wealth, cars, boats, houses and a family.....until one day it was ALL GONE. His story is about his journey into an unknown world of poverty, living on the streets, in his car, begging for food and then ultimately finding his way out again, a new person. He has a canine companion, Willow, who  teaches him the lesson of unconditional love  and grace.This book opened my heart in many showed me my judgments around 'street people', 'pan- handlers' and helped to clarify why they are there. For me, his story revealed a place in my heart that needed opening and healing and broadened my view of GIVING. I found this a valuable book to read.... if you can't look at those people begging on the side of the street without feeling some sort of shrinking emotion or avoidance, you may want to consider reading it too.

Click here for the book on

Excerpt from E-Newsletter by Greg Simmons
Stop Gmail, Google+ and YouTube from remembering your searches...

The following pertains to Gmail, YouTube and Google+ accounts.

Google is planning to gather web history searches in order to send customized search results.  If you do not want this, do the following:

1. Go to the Google homepage and sign into your account.
2. Click the dropdown menu next to your name in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.
3. Click accounts settings
4. Find the "Services section"
5. Under "Services" there is a sub-section that reads "View, enable, disable web history." Click the link next to it that reads: "Go to Web History."
6. Click on "Remove all Web History"

When you click on "Remove all Web History," a message appears that says, "Web History is Paused."

What this means is that while Google will continue gathering and storing information about your web history it will make all data anonymous, that is, Google will not associate your Web History information with your online accounts and will therefore be unable to send you customized search results.

Google's ability to gather personalized information about you by assigning data to your Gmail and YouTube accounts will remain "Paused" till you click "Resume."

Click here for the Physics of Change E-Newsletter

Science Watch

My Potato Project
The Importance of "Organic"

'Through The Wormhole'
Host Morgan Freeman: 'We Can't Be' Alone In The Universe

Change the Morphic Field…Change the World!
There was an interesting article recently about researchers who found within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11. The huge spike in chatter regarding the events immediately prior to the strikes is completely anomalous. In other words, it goes on to say, for it to be just a coincidence is next to impossible.
No big surprise. But what about this informational field?
They call this computer information world a type of “morphic field” or “information field” and it seems to be a virtual manifestation of the global mind. Not all of it of course, but the informational global mind, which at this point in history is a massive amount of generated information that’s accelerating by the hour.

Click here to read full article

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

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March 12th @ 8pm:  Calling All Ham Operators
If you have your ham radio license, please join in with Future Net ham operators each Monday night at 8 p.m. on simplex frequency 146.5 MHz and at 8:15 p.m. on the OARS repeater 441.4 MHz, positive offset, tone of 103.5.
Click here for more info 

April 1st @ 1pm:  Conversations with Father Miceal
This event will be the FOURTH of a series of 6 teachings by Father Miceal that you will NOT want to miss.
When: Sunday, 4/1/2012 at 1 pm.
There is no set time limit for any of Father's teachings. Come prepared to stay awhile, and learn a lot!
Where: Center For The Arts building, in Rainier. The building is immediately behind the Signature Service Real Estate office,
on the southwest corner of Highway 507 and Minnesota Street.
Important Attendance Details:
$35.00 Contribution Requested.
Very limited seating available. YOU MUST RESERVE A SEAT IN ADVANCE TO BE ADMITTED.
Please bring a dish to share. Wine and/or pipe is encouraged, if desired.
TO RESERVE A SEAT or ask a question, send an email to:
Future event dates :
Sunday April 1
Sat April 21
Sat April 28

Winter Gardening Guide
Herbs and Essential Oils for your Chickens
By Suzanne Wood of Winter Gardening Guide

Essential oils are liquids distilled from the leaf, flower, stem or root of a plant, and as the name suggests, contains the plant’s essence. It is the essence that makes the herb so powerful.  There are two ways to dispense an herb’s beneficial oils, through liniments and infusions.

Generally liniments are herbs that are infused into rubbing alcohol.  They can be useful for fumigating coops and roosting bars. Use a spray bottle to dispense. Liniments are not for topical or internal use and should  not be ingested. Be sure to label the bottles with “not for internal use”.

Click here to read full article

In and Around Yelm

Calling All Ham Operators
If you have your ham radio license, please join in with Future Net ham operators each Monday night at 8 p.m. on simplex frequency 146.5 MHz and at 8:15 p.m. on the OARS repeater 441.4 MHz, positive offset, tone of 103.5.
If you have ham equipment but not your license, we would love to have you just listen in and, hopefully, you will be encouraged to take the test and become a member. If you would like to become more involved but are not sure where to begin, a simple solution is to purchase a mobile or desktop scanner for around $100. Scanners monitor public safety agencies, such as police and fire. Just make sure the scanner you buy includes the ham frequencies so you can listen in on Monday night check-ins.
Future Net is striving to have a well-developed communications network for information sharing, particularly in emergency situations. If you would like more information, please contact Lois Willman at

Space Watch - Another CME is heading for earth!
Sunspot AR1429 has unleashed another strong solar flare, an M6-class eruption on March 9th at 0358 UT. The blast hurled a coronal mass ejection (movie) almost directly toward Earth. According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the CME will arrive on March 11th at 0649 UT (+/- 7 hr) adding to the geomagnetic unrest already underway. An animated forecast track shows that the cloud will also hit the Mars Science Lab spacecraft and Mars itself on March 12th and 13th, respectively.

Click here to more from

NASA - The Sun-Earth Connection: Heliophysics Solar Storm and Space Weather - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a solar flare?
The Sun unleashed a powerful flare on 4 November 2003. The Extreme ultraviolet Imager in the 195A emission line aboard the SOHO spacecraft captured the event.Credit: SOHO, ESA & NASAA solar flare is an intense burst of radiation coming from the release of magnetic energy associated with sunspots. Flares are our solar system’s largest explosive events. They are seen as bright areas on the sun and they can last from minutes to hours. We typically see a solar flare by the photons (or light) it releases, at most every wavelength of the spectrum. The primary ways we monitor flares are in x-rays and optical light. Flares are also sites where particles (electrons, protons, and heavier particles) are accelerated.

What is a coronal mass ejection or CME?
A coronal mass ejection on Feb. 27, 2000 taken by SOHO LASCO C2 and C3. A CME blasts into space a billion tons of particles traveling millions of miles an hour. Credit: SOHO ESA & NASAThe outer solar atmosphere, the corona, is structured by strong magnetic fields. Where these fields are closed, often above sunspot groups, the confined solar atmosphere can suddenly and violently release bubbles of gas and magnetic fields called coronal mass ejections. A large CME can contain a billion tons of matter that can be accelerated to several million miles per hour in a spectacular explosion. Solar material streams out through the interplanetary medium, impacting any planet or spacecraft in its path. CMEs are sometimes associated with flares but can occur independently.

Read more NASA Space Weather FAQ

Earth Watch

TO THE DAY, TO THE HOUR = One year ago 7.2M west Pacific

New moth species invades Italy's vineyard
A moth with a taste for Chardonnay leaves, which has infested vineyards across northern Italy, is a new species of leafminer, scientists say.
The pest was first discovered by Italian scientists in 2006, but they were unable to identify it.
Now, by examining a snippet of the moth's genetic code, researchers have confirmed that it is a previously unnamed species.
The team published their findings in the journal ZooKeys.
The Italian team enlisted the help of insect expert Erik van Nieukerken from the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity in Leiden.

Click here to read full article


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Guest Speaker Brings Antarctica to PRS

“There will be no penguins in this talk,” announced Bess Koffman on Tuesday night, kicking off her presentation with an image of, yes, a penguin. “This is the last one you’re going to see.” She then launched into a lecture on her scientific research involving Antarctic ice cores and what they teach us about climate change.  It was the first such event held at the Phoenix Rising School, but it won’t be the last.

For Bess, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute, it was a kind of homecoming. She grew up in the Yelm area and has known many of the people who attended her talk since she was a child, including a mix of PRS students, board members, parents, staff and community members, and two of her former teachers at New Century High School.  “It just felt so wonderful to share what I’ve been doing with the community that’s supported me for almost twenty years,” says Bess. “It was great to be able to talk about what I do and why it matters.”

Over the course of an hour, Bess discussed the process of preparing for life near the South Pole, what daily life is like for the scientists there, the process of collecting ice cores, and what the data shows about the earth’s climate over the past 90,000+ years.  “I liked that she also took us into their lives there, what they do for entertainment and how it is to live under those conditions,” says PRS science teacher Neil Kaber. Middle School student Astroleah Kadow concurs. “I thought it was fun and I learned a lot. I thought about how it would be if I were Antarctica and it was that cold there.” .Middle school math teacher Diane D’Acuti echoes the thought. “I was quite fascinated with what they do there and how they live,” she says.

For middle school student William Rae, the talk hit close to home – literally. The transplanted Kiwi says, “It was cool to see that New Zealand is where they fly from, and to see a little picture of New Zealand on all the maps. I didn’t know that they had to dig that deep to get ice cores, so that was interesting.”

Click here to read full article

Volunteers needed!
The Phoenix Rising middle school students are performing an abridged version of "Mamma Mia! at 7:00 p.m. on March 15th at the Spiral Cafe. Artists needed to help with set design. If you are an artist and are willing to help create the backdrops, please call PRS at 446-1500. Thank you! 
Tickets to show are $5.00 and will be available though our office by next Friday.

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

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