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Issue 297 In This Issue July 14th, 2012

Editors Corner

The news this week is all about the global weather once again. We see flash floods in Japan Click here and Russia Click here. This last evening the skies were ablaze with lightning overhead here in Yelm.  It was beautiful, but oh, so out of place.  In Alaska the permafrost is melting and a huge landslide is the latest evidence. Click here
AND brace yourself for the impact of the most recent X class solar flares that reach the earth today. Click here
Take a break from the weather report and enjoy the article of the week. Teri Simpson once again addresses a simple concept that could make a huge difference in the quality of your life should you find yourself in confined space.  Teri’s recommendations for ear plugs will make you laugh and help you prepare for situations you may not have contemplated. Click here
How about a flash mob performing classical music? We have one for you right here. Click here
Now back to nitty gritty. . . Dutchsinse has the scoop on weather and on solar flares Click here
In Nature Watch you can read about honey bees that defy the aging process by performing tasks usually reserved for younger bees. Click here We do share similar proteins with the bees.  Can we teach our older humans some new tricks?
Also we have a story of the plight of the butterflies that are suffering because of the weather changes as well. By the way, according to this report, right now is butterfly season. It seems like there are more butterflies in my back yard this year, not less. I am enjoying their beautiful flight antics as they flutter through my afternoon daydreams. Click here
I just looked through the Community Calendar. There are lots of events to keep you busy in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to check out the events that interest you. Click here
Be sure to read the community alert warning local Yelm area residents of a group of thieves working our area. Click here
Nikola Tesla’s birthday was this week. If only his vision of free energy had been accomplished, imagine how different our world would be. Click here
The new HBO series, “Newsroom” kicked off with a “take no prisoners” attitude.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a great opening speech that is designed to ruffle political feathers.  Click here
I encourage you to watch “War on Health”. It is a 2 hour documentary.
The powerful introduction is about 30minutes and is given by Dr.Gary Null. It is an eye opening expose on the medical industrial complex in our country. Our job is to deliver the message. You decide if it speaks to you. Click here
Finally, I want to remind you that Ben is posting great scientific articles directly onto every day. Come by once in a while to stimulate your grey matter.
Blessings to each and every one of our loyal readers. We appreciate you.

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Article of the Week
There's Quiet, and then there is QUIET...
By Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness


I once lived in a cabin built from the trees on my 40-acre property, located high in the Selkirk Mountains of northern Idaho. At 4000 ft elevation, I had 13 black bear living within a mile of my cabin. Elk, moose and white tail deer were frequently seen close to home. Water came from a small spring near the cabin or a small stream that came from somewhere higher up the mountain.

There were only 2 other people who lived up there, not surprising since you had to go to the end of the county road, then up a single lane forest service road for a couple more miles, then turn onto the "private road" which resembled a dry creek bed for another 8 miles. That last 10 miles to get to the end of my ¼-mile long driveway took nearly half an hour in a 4-wheel drive truck.

Was I crazy to live there? Ya, you betcha!, as they'd say in parts of the (sensible) Midwest where I grew up. Was it magnificent? Oh yes it was, said my heart and soul.

And quiet? Not just quiet, but the kind of quiet where a bee's drone sounds like a small plane, a twig snapping seemed like a large branch breaking. There was no electricity (not the "store bought power company" kind anyway) and never would be. No cell towers. No TV reception. In a city or urban environment, people are awash in these frequencies. Not so, up on the mountain.


While reading one evening, I heard a crashing sound coming from about 15' out my front door (well, the ONLY door). I was instantly alert – it could be a bear, but there didn't seem to be quite enough noise for a bear. Maybe a deer or raccoon passing by? I grabbed my trusty MagLite flashlight. I boldly opened the front door, sweeping the light from side to side. And then I spotted the culprit, the cause of the noise.

Click here to read full article

Nature Watch

Wet weather may cause butterfly numbers to decline
Butterfly Conservation's survey, the Big Butterfly Count, runs from 14 July to 5 August - peak butterfly season. President of Butterfly Conservation Sir David Attenborough has warned that butterfly numbers may suffer because of wet weather. "[It] has made life hard for... butterflies and things could get worse unless conditions improve," he said. The annual survey relies on public participation and is thought to be the biggest in the world. In March, warm weather followed a mild winter and some spring butterflies emerged early, usually a positive sign for the insects.

Click here to read full article

Bees Can Reverse Aging, Solve Complex Mathematical Problems Faster Than Supercomputers And Recognize Faces!
Bees are fascinating animals! Not only are they capable of reversing aging, but they can also solve complex mathematical problems faster than supercomputers! That is not all! Bees can also recognize human faces! Our wonderful nature never ceases to amaze us! Let us explore the remarkable world of these incredible animals...

How can bees reverse aging?
Scientists at Arizona State University have discovered that older honey bees effectively reverse brain aging when they take on nest responsibilities typically handled by much younger bees. While current research on human age-related dementia focuses on potential new drug treatments, researchers say these findings suggest that social interventions may be used to slow or treat age-related dementia.

Click here to read full article

Technology Watch

VS Ramachandran on your mind

Why videos go viral

T-shirts developed that could charge mobile phones
Scientists at the University of South Carolina have found a way to use a cheap T-shirt to store electrical power. It could pave the way for clothes that are able to charge phones and other devices. Experts predict that new technologies including roll-up smartphones and laptops will be on the market soon. These developments would spur on the need for "flexible energy storage", said the professor behind the project. Xiaodong Li, a professor of mechanical engineering at the university teamed up with post-doctorate researcher Lihong Bao to find a solution.

Click here to read full article

Upcoming Movie

Death by China Documentary Film - Official Trailer

Weather Watch

Exploding hay, watering bans are latest signs of worsening drought
From exploding hay bales to a sprinkler ban in Indianapolis, the Midwest and Plains states continue to be tested by a hot, dry summer. A drought update Thursday didn't offer much hope either: 61 percent of the contiguous U.S. was listed in drought, up from 56 percent last week, according to the National Weather Service's Drought Monitor. "Anytime we have a drought maturing in mid-summer, the chances for rapid intensification will be there," Gary McManus, Oklahoma's associate state climatologist, told "Even normal heat and dry conditions can speed that drought along."

Click here to read full article

Flash floods in Japan leave trail of destruction

Click here to see more

Freak storm batters Moscow, cars swamped by floods

Something Worth Knowing

Government Plans to Use Super Lasers that Can Sense Drugs, What You Had for Breakfast

On The Lighter Side

9th. Symphony - Beethoven
Turn your speakers up
Look at that happening in Sabadella, near Barcelona, Spain. An orchestra and popular choir singing the 9th. Symphony in the street. Wonderful.

Remebering Nikola Tesla
Born July 10th 1856

Remembering a Genius (Born July 10th, 1856): The 10 Inventions of Nikola Tesla That Changed The World
Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. Throughout space there is energy. -- Nikola Tesla, 1892

Nikola Tesla is finally beginning to attract real attention and encourage serious debate nearly 70 years after his death. Was he for real? A crackpot? Part of an early experiment in corporate-government control? We know that he was undoubtedly persecuted by the energy power brokers of his day -- namely Thomas Edison, whom we are taught in school to revere as a genius. He was also attacked by J.P. Morgan and other "captains of industry." Upon Tesla's death on January 7th, 1943, the U.S. government moved into his lab and apartment confiscating all of his scientific research, and to this day none of this research has been made public.

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Solar Storm incoming
Severe weather and Earthquake update

Large incoming X-class Flare / CME = Multiple shots from SDO

RSE Newsletter

R-V matches – scroll to bottom
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Interview added here:
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2 important news stories added here:
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Ramtha’s 2007 plastics teaching apropos today:
Click here to read article

“Study Finds Breast Milk Kills HIV” –
Ramtha on immunology of mother’s milk
Click here to read article

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

July 14th: # 6 Conversations with Father Miceal
Starts at 5:30 pot luck and at 6pm sharp at the Triad Theater, 102 yelm ave e. This group of 6 events has been extended to 8 sessions. Dates will be posted next newsletter ***Spanish translator available for this group only*** Please come and hear for yourself just how amazing the knowledge is. Again please invite your friends, we now have rom for at least 150+ students and we are now at 100 students. So come and enjoy food, drink, and knowledge with your fellow students
Click here for more info
Click here for flyer

July 15th @ 4pm & 7pm: Indie Movie at the Triad Theater - Enemy Mine Back by popular demand.
2 pilots from different planets are forced to get along with each other to survive after both crashing on a deserted planet. GREAT DIVERSITY ISSUES! Great Spiritual movie!

July 17th: Lachney & Romero talk issues, followed by a Q & A in Town Hall Forum - Hosted by Steve Klein
State Senate candidate Bruce Lachney and incumbent Thurston Country Commissioner Sandra Romero will hold an informational Town Hall meeting on July 17th at Yelm's Triad Theater in Yelm from 7:00-9:00 pm. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the event to hear from the candidates.
Bruce and Sandra will speak about the important issues in their campaigns, which will be followed by a Q&A.
Click here for more info

July 20th: First and perhaps only Summer Solar Hot Water Workshop
We invite you to our first and perhaps only Summer Solar Hot Water Workshop which will be held at the Phoenix Rising School on Friday July 20th.  Certified Instructor and Owner/Inventor Ray Lam will be conducting the workshop & demonstration.
Click here for more info 

July 20th @ 5pm: Bicycle PowerGenerator DEMO at PRS
Come and SEE a DEMO of the latest and GREATEST in Bicycle Power Generators NOW at PRS 7/20/2012 5- 8 pm.
Click here for more info

July 28th @ 9am: Ham Radio Training Class
For those just licensed and novice users. Topics will include: various radio options, use of the radio, radio programming and what frequencies to program, antennas (we will make an antenna and discuss how to tune it), how to engage in contacts (we will have a portable station set up), the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), and many more topics as questions arise.
Click here for more info

August 10th: 2 Events - Full Day Essential Oil Education Intensive with Laura Jacobs
Laura Jacobs is finally coming to town! From the first time I attended her class in Utah, I knew that our community would fully embrace the knowledge that she teaches about the powerful natural medicine in essential oils. Laura is perhaps most well known for her work with emotionally healing: My Chemistry Made Me Do It
Click here for more info

UFO Watch

Britain releases UFO archives that looked into why aliens would visit Earth

In The News

Gold Treasure Discovered At Fortress In Israel - What Else Did Crusaders Hide?
Two weeks ago one of the largest gold caches ever discovered in Israel was dug up at the Apollonia National Park by a joint team of archeologists from Tel Aviv University and the Nature and Parks Authority. The treasure is estimated to be worth more than $100,000 in today's dollars. The treasure, hidden in a potsherd under the tiles in one of the rooms of the ancient fortress was first located by Mati Johananoff, a student of the Jacob M. Alkow Department of Archeology and Ancient Near Eastern Cultures at Tel Aviv University.

Click here to read full article

Must Watch

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER...
Beginning scene of the new HBO series, The Newsroom explaining why America's Not the Greatest Country Any Longer...
But It Can Be.

The War on Health: The FDAs Cult of Tyranny
The FDA, Military Industrial Complex and ALEC, this is one RADICAL documentary. Even if you watch the introduction and skip the documentary which follows, it will make you want to get out of your seat and DO SOMETHING

Earth Watch

5-mile-long landslide in Alaska national park; warming eyed as possible culprit
A massive landslide sent tons of rock and debris tumbling more than five miles down a glacier in Alaska, the National Park Service reported in an event that could be yet another sign of a warming world. Located in a remote area of Glacier Bay National Park, the slide was so big it registered on earthquake monitors as a magnitude 3.4 event. Officials noticed the monitor blip on June 11 but it wasn't until July 2 that a pilot passing over the site took photos that showed just how large it was, Glacier Bay National Park announced on its Facebook page. "It's certainly the largest that we're aware of" inside the park, Glacier Bay ecologist Lewis Sharman told

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Community Alert
From the Thurston County Sheriff's Office

Thieves Distracting Homeowners
The Thurston County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about thieves who have been distracting homeowners while their accomplices take items from the house. Recently the Sheriff’s Office investigated an incident where an organized group of thieves selected a home and distracted the home owner by claiming to be looking for a stray dog. One of the accomplices asked to use the bathroom and the home owner allowed it. The other thief kept the home owner engaged in conversation while the thief who was allowed to use the bathroom stole several items, including checks. Fortunately, a lead was developed through good police work and the suspects were apprehended.

Click here for the full document

Click here for previous community alerts

Activist Opportunity

BIG Thank You for getting us on the Ballot!

We are now going to the November 7, 2012 Election!!!

Citizens for Thurston Public Power turned in 14,986 signatures July 6. Thurston County Auditor only required 10,734 valid signatures. We blew that number out of the water… well done!

Thank you Yelm & Rainier for your support to get the matter of deciding whether Thurston County residents wish to take on PSE and become a PUD (Public Utility District). Posted below is the link to the article the Daily Olympian printed. We have not had the support of The Daily "O" since our inception which is reflected in the article. Either way, we do have hundreds of petitions out there which did not get in by the July 6 deadline but are reflective of just how many Thurston County residents do wish to take on PSE.

Click here to read full article

92 percent of Americans want the FDA to label GMO foods - Sign this labeling petition if you're one of them
An overwhelming majority of Americans believe the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a legal responsibility to require proper labeling of foods containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). But to this day, the FDA refuses to comply with the demands of the American people, who it is supposed to represent, or with the law, which is why your help is needed to force this rogue agency to finally step up and do the right thing.

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8 Strange Tunnels

The tunnels are mostly human creations that commonly pass through the mountains and hills. But there are tunnels that have a very unusual purpose, appearance or location. This is a list of tunnels that you can not see often, because they are rare or unique. That is why, some of them have become very popular tourist attractions.

The Tower Tunnel, Japan

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Live Sovereign

Live sovereign in this very secluded, concrete monolithic dome home located just outside of Rainier. A wonderful feeling when you enter this 50ft, 2472 sq. ft home.  Run completely off the grid with solar, generator, propane, solar tubes, and skylights for natural light. No PSE bills! Radiant heated floors, kitchen with island. A ton of storage.  Cork board flooring absorbs the sound you get in high ceiling homes.  The living room with woodstove. Master suite has a walk in bathroom w/ Japanese style Jacuzzi tub and separate shower.  Separate entrance to create an apartment, studio two other bedrooms. 2 acres of the 9 are totally fenced with a security gated entry. All permitted. Room for expansion with 3 bed gravity system.  Building plans in office.  Short term Owner financing possible, Bank financing available too!.  MLS# 350432.  BIG PRICE REDUCTION! $349,900. Click here for more
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Magnificent 20 Acre Estate

Private Charming Country Craftsman's Estate on 20+ Secluded Acres in Rainier. Built w/ sovereignty in mind: alternative energy systems & 12" concrete form construction. Two and a half levels (4825sf) of spacious living areas. Screened-in porch off great room w/trussed ceilings. Master overlooks gazebo & seasonal pond. All hi-end propane appliances; bright solarium dining room w/ vaulted ceilings. Corner master bedrm w/fabulous views; 5pc bath set, walk-in closets and walk-up meditation (bonus) center. 3 bedrms, den, family rm, rootceller, laundry/project rec rm. The land is magnificent. 32X60 metal multi-purpose barn w/1200sf 2 bedrm guest quaters, 32x12 tool & garden storage area and 32X24 equipment parking. Covered RV parking, 12 cord woodshed...fenced organic gardens w/ raspberries, kiwis and 5 kinds of fruit trees all on 520' elevation. Everything is here and ready for someone who wants it all now...$899,000 MLS# 201169.  Twenty additional acres also available. Click here for more
Peg Stanfield - 'The Country Property Specialist' RE2K
Elk Heights
New Homes on 5 Acres! $394,500

Gated Community! Stone exterior accents & covered front porch! 4 bdrm & 2.5 baths. Huge kitchen with island opens to living room & eating nook! Beautiful stained cherry wood cabinets, slab granite counters, under mounted sink & stainless steel appliances! Den with closet. Gorgeous hardwood floors & stained wood trim throughout. Oil rubbed bronze fixtures. 9 ft ceilings! Laundry room upstairs for convenience. Fabulous covered back patio perfect for entertaining or relaxing! 3 car garage! 5 acre lot! Must See Home! Elevation 435 ft. Other lots still available! #259974!
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For Sale by Owner
10.37 Acre Fully Fenced Property

Home on 10.37 acres of zoned/commercial farm property with beautiful view overlooking valley. Curently being used for equestrian use, it can be easily tranfered to fit YOUR own needs. Has it's own ARTISIAN WELL with a running creek along side the border of property! This 2 br 1 bath + den has 1500 ft2. Has wood and propane stoves. Air conditioner installed. Home has many upgrades. Milgard windows, newer septic system, new flooring and paint, etc. All major appliances kit/utility included. Click here for more
Secluded Log Home
Self sufficient & one of a kind!

One of a kind self sufficient secluded log home on 2.6 acres at 556' elevation. Hidden behind stone walls, mature landscaping and an electronic gate, this home has that secret garden magic kind of feeling. Incredible quality interior woodwork and details. Wired for generator,   wood stove, propane tank Covered porch, Trex decking, concrete patio fenced garden, orchard. 30x60 shop has  recording studio, offices, kitchen, lots of storage, hand pump on well, water storage tank and a lot more. Call for details on all the extra features of this property. MLS# 354915 Click here for more
"Voted Best Agent" 2006-2009 - BO FOSTER
- Signature Service Real Estate, Rainier

Hard to Find, Very Private

Beautiful property with drilled well, installed 4 bedroom septic and power on property ready to finance for a construction loan. Very private being the last property off the private road. Nice neighboring homes. Building site is high and overlooks the rest of the property lined with various types of trees and shrubbery. Well draining soils. Great for daylight basement, bermed or custom home. Easy set up for horses. Gated entry. Existing manufactured home of no value. Owner financing OAC. Take a look! Reduced to $75,900.  MLS 358917- 33503 72nd Ave S, Roy 98580. Click here for more
Call Yelm Real Estate at 360-400-YELM(9356). “Welcome Home”

Peg Stanfield
"The Country Property Specialist"

Click on the link to view and choose from the many splendid homes currently being marketed internationally through Peg Stanfield at  Completely Sovereign 40 acre Country Craftsman, Charming 5 acre Equestrian Estates, Secluded 80 acre Equestrian Dream, or Spacious European Design Home on 20 acres!
Find Land to build all you desire: Magnificent Mountain and TerritorialViews, Charming 34 acres with Meandering Creek or Lake Access, Acres and acres of Magnificent, Secluded, High and Dry Land!
Trust your real estate needs to Peg Stanfield, "The Country Property Specialist" with over 25 years of experience in Thurston and Pierce Counties! Click here for more

Pristine & Private!
5+ Acre Parcels! $55,900 & $65,000

Priced to sell! Fantastic opportunity! High elevations ranging from 498-512 ft. Private road, nicely treed. Hilly land with 8' to 10' slope. No wetlands and power nearby. According to well logs on Thurston County the wells are averaging a depth of 100'. Come choose your lot. Trails are cut for walking and dreaming the dream. Own a piece of the quiet country. Close to town yet far enough away for peace and quiet! Exceptional feeling! Buy before they are all gone! MLS# 241898 or # 241907
RE/MAX Country and The Cynthia Schmier Team - For All Your Real Estate Needs 360-400-3475

RV Space for Rent

This is the view from this covered RV space on 20 acres with all utilities, including an inside bathroom. Premier location in gated community McIntosh Ridge, 600 or so foot elevation and ultimate privacy. Looking for a clean, organized and responsible person, available Aug 1 $400/mo. 360 239-1316.
Perfect Opportunity for Business Visa!

Great commercial property in the center of Rainier & well established business known as "Sonja's Restaurant" - the only sit down restaurant in area. Recently remodeled & expanded from traditional menu of burgers, teriyaki, etc. to include sushi bar & espresso/ice cream drive thru. Active beer & wine license. Lots of parking. Indoor seating for at least 70, 30 more on the outside patio. $595,000 mls#309452 Click for More Info
"Voted Best Agent" 2006-2009 - BO FOSTER 
- Signature Service Real Estate, Rainier
Vacant Land in Bald Hills
$15K per Acre

$15,000/ acre VACANT LAND IN BALD HILLS, YELM: PRICE REDUCED - A 5 ACRE LOT AVAILABLE FOR $55,900! 10 ACRE LOT AVAILABLE FOR $99,900!. Those who have a PLAN and want to buy through a Partnership at 1 acre/share contact JOHN SAMUEL at (813) 601-6306. Prices reduced (813) 601-6306 Email:
Click here for more
EarthWave Living

Elysium Medical Center
Elysium Introduces Shirodhara Bliss

Given as a luxurious, therapeutic treatment to the 'Royals' in ancient times, 'Shirodhara' was considered a 'sacred therapy'. Used in India for centuries, it was known as 'the third eye treatment' of 'Lord Shiva'. Oftentimes referred to as a profound & important tool in the pursuit of higher states of consciousness, these deeply relaxing, nurturing & blissful sessions are indescribable, powerful & a mind-melting experience, as the warm stream of soothing, fragrant, liquid oil flows onto & over the sixth seal & crown of the head..............
Gift Certificates available, "The Ultimate Gift" for any occasion. Click here for more
Elysium Medical Center, Inc. 360-400-1200

Essential Oils
Nature's Most Powerful Medicine

Now interviewing candidates for key leadership position in my natural medicine business. I am looking for a self-starter who is passionate about wellness (Spiritual, Emotional and Physical). Can work from home, anywhere in the world, and I will mentor. Contact me, Anita Marriott, at 360-894-6754 or email
Office Spaces Available

Two new office spaces for rent: 12 x 9 1/2 (w/ two windows $450. includes utilities) & a 13 x 7 room ($325. includes utilities). Join our team of professional practitioners in our medical health care center. We offer traditional, as well as alternative, health care services in a supportive, growing environment. First & last, one year lease with option to extend. Located in the Burnett Center across from the RSE Ranch. Click here for more
Elysium Medical Center, Inc. 360-400-1200
Veggie and Fruit Sales
Vegetables and fruit available this coming week

Do you want to buy local food directly from the farm or orchard?
Barry has been hauling food from the Yakima valley for several years. Purchases based on email pre-orders. Bulk pricing. Weekly runs. Seasonal items include Peaches, pears, apples, tomatoes, corn, beans, peppers, onions, garlic, summer and winter storage squash. Fresh Organic or naturally grown as much as possible. If you did not get my emails, please check your spam folders. Or request to be added to my veggie list at Or join the Yahoo group. Click on New User/register in upper left corner of front page. Click here for Yahoo Group page*
*Note: you will need a Yahoo account to join this group

Collective canning groups forming, too.

The Survival Center
The Survival Center's Underground Shelters have the smallest foot print and the least exposure before, during and after installation.

Click here for Deluxe Underground Shelter Page
Click here for Budget Underground Shelter Page
Click here for Quick and Easy Installation Video
Air Tight and Water Proof.
Stealth Installations and Operation.

Bicycle Powered Generator

Bicycle Powered Generators are the solution for creating your own sustainable energy. Get healthy & Fit as you tone your muscles and improve your heart’s health while you GENERATE POWER. Create the power you need during power outages and be Self-Sufficient. Have POWER on Demand as you pedal: rain or shine, day and night. You can Recharge your cell phone, laptop, lights, music (CD/MP3/ DVD) directly or recharge a Battery/Pack with your power stored in it to operate a wide range of small appliances/devices. Click here for more
Food Storage for Sale

Purchased in 2008 from Danielle Graham, a great selection of organic, nitrogen packed food in buckets (lots of fruits included).   Also individual packaged food from the Freeze Dry Guys, A-10 Cans from Mountain House and much more.  Please call for complete list  Serious enquiries only.. Call (360) 359-3355

Nature’s Medicine

Essential Oils pass through the cell wall to kill viruses inside the cell and restore DNA to its original configuration.
Learn more about essential oils at:
Make Your Own Essential Oils and Hydrosol

Distill anything like trees, leaves, flowers, herbs and bark. Medicine, perfume, insect repellant, home business and cooking. Buy a copper still today! Distilling is simple. Free assistance available with purchase. “Alchemist” Stills are handmade, pure copper and affordable. Electric or wood fire option. Also distills water and alcohol fuel. See our website for info, videos, articles. See ”how to” videos of distilling cedar, lavender, mints, citrus, doug fir and hemlock with our distiller. Essential oil still for $800! Click here for more

Yelm Farm and Pet

Yelm Farm and Pet is a family owned and operated local business. The business houses farm supplies, livestock feed, general pet necessities, pet feed, fencing supplies, farm equipment, propane, vet supplies and much more, including organic products! We want the store to be a "one-stop shop for everything livestock, pet, andfarm." We manufacture custom gates, panels, sprinklers, and livestock equipment. If we don't have a product in stock, ask us and we will try to find it. Our staff is knowledgeableand friendly. We are members of the local Chamber of Commerce and participate throughout the year in a variety of community events.
Click for More Info

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Optimum Preparedness

Gorgeous at Giorda E

JZ Rose

JZ Book Recommendations

Click here for more

JZ Rose Introduces Hildegard Günzel Porcelain Doll Fleur Rouge

Most Recent RSE Mailers

Ramtha Private Session - Auction

SEATS STILL AVAILABLE! - Ramtha's Mid-Summer Celebration

Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Flash Mob Sets Prairie Days on Fire!

 One day in April, Cailin Quirk was talking with Aaron Rodriguez about the Phoenix Rising School’s participation in the upcoming Yelm Prairie Days parade. “We should do a flash mob,” she said half-jokingly. “That’s a great idea,” he replied in complete seriousness.

Since Cailin is the PRS Development Coordinator and Aaron is its Executive Director, it wasn’t long before the idea spread to the rest of the staff. One problem: most of them had never even attended a Prairie Days parade, let alone participated in one and several had never heard of a flash mob.  Fortunately, salvation was at hand in the multi-talented form of workshop instructor Dawn Young. Dawn, a vocal, improv, and cooking workshop instructor at PRS, knew exactly what to do based on her experience in previous parades, plus a healthy dose of theatrical training. She conceptualized the float, drew a basic blueprint, choreographed a dance routine along with Kindergarten teacher Audrey Goodwin Arpin, and explained to the staff exactly how the mob could – and would – work.  This seemingly crazy idea started to come to life.

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Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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