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Editors Corner

We belong to the future. It is never too late to begin a new future. As an “older and wiser” person it is a profound experience to look in the mirror and realize that who I am is a result of every decision I have ever made. The smallest choices add up over a lifetime. As the new year begins and we all assess our next steps, and project our next year of choices, there is a lot to consider. 2012 promises to be an historic year. It is already implanted in our collective mind as an important portal of time. This newsletter brings you heralds of that new year, from our favorite queen of practical preparedness, Teri Simpson, to a real Japanese princess.

If you are a first time reader and want to “catch-up” with what’s really happening here on our home planet—watch the movie “Thrive”.  The article is a insightful Q & A with the movie’s producer. Click here

Lindsey Williams, a name most of us have been familiar with for a couple of decades, delivers his vision of 2012 in this candid video. Click here

Our friend, Steve Klein was moved this last week to put out a special edition newsletter of “Kleiner’s Korner”. Steve brings urgent news about the new National Defense Authorization Act that allows anyone suspected of terrorist activities, including US citizens, to be detained indefinitely. Click here

To change your mind and uplift your spirit. Read about the 12 year old boy genius and the amazing music he composes. Click here

We have an inspirational story this week about how one person’s generosity can make truly a difference. Click here

Earth watch is filled with erupting volcanoes, dead fish, portending earthquakes to come and a schedule for watching the night sky. We are watching the skies above us, and our friendly ships above are watching us below. Click here

Stephen Hawking at age 70 gives his thoughts on our future potential. Click here

Joan of Arc reaches through 600 years of history as an example of fearlessness and courage against overwhelming odds. She changed history. Maybe the “radical few of God” will do the same. Click here

In down to earth matters this week you can learn to grow garlic, thanks to advice from my winter gardening friend, Suzanne Wood. Click here

You will definitely be inspired to grow more of your own food, when you read what new ingredient is approved as “food”. Click here

Our remedy of the week this week should help you tame that high blood pressure. Click here

2012 finds Phoenix Rising School flourishing in their new home in Rainier. Mike Wright visited recently and found a very curious crowd. Click here to read about it. This weekend is the Masquerade Cruise for Phoenix Rising, check the Community Calendar for the details. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Finally, the beginning of the new year seems like an appropriate time to thank all the people who supported the this past year with their advertising. And readers, please, when you shop for your preparedness, food for your horse and chickens, or a new gown for a night on the town, please shop first with your friends that make this newsletter and website possible. Don't forget to check out the classified ads on our website Click here

The journey of our new year begins with a single newsletter. Let’s sail through 2012 together all the way to 2020 and beyond!

Article of the Week
By Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness

If ever there was a year to prepare,

alternate title:

We have front row tickets for the greatest show on earth,
coming soon to a planet near you. Watch for it this December!

Attitude, viewpoint, sense of humor, supplies, intent -
these are the things that carry people through when the going gets tough.

And "tough"? Who SAYS it has to be TOUGH? It's all in your viewpoint.

To some, spending a day with thousands of people, eating cotton candy, hotdogs and sodas, and going on lots of rides with the kids at Disney World is "tough". It sure isn't "tough" for the kids though, is it? Of course not! Attitude is everything, and the kids are the ones with the great attitude here.

What about people who lost power for DAYS back east this past winter? There were those that suffered, and were miserable, and who had nothing to eat and no way to heat the bit of food they did have, so they got a cold or the flu and then suffered some more.

Then there were those who had supplies – they HAD their Porta Chef stove and fuel, had their solar/hand crank lanterns (and had charged them up every 3 months like they should), had their radios, and lots of food (including snack type things for the kids, and chocolate for the mom). They had juice boxes for the kids and a case of wine in the basement. They had previously purchased a Monopoly game, and Twister, and some cards. They bought other (non-noise making – a very important point) games that the kids could play when the computer was down, they couldn't do instant-messaging or texting and the TV didn't work.

To these people, it was an unexpected VACATION from work or school. It was a time to reconnect with the family members, to catch up on reading, to just sit and watch the snow fall outside the living room window. These people actually had (gasp!) FUN!

And it was fun all because they had the intent to weather any storm and they had put away supplies, a little at a time, like the wise ant.

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Inspirational Article of the Week
The Spirit of St Nicholas
Submitted an MC2020 reader - Susan Smith

On Saturday, December 10, RSE had its annual Christ-in-Mass celebration which I streamed instead of driving up to Yelm. Ramtha gave a beautiful teaching. He told us the story of St. Nicholas, who lived several hundred years ago in Austria and worked  all year to make toys for the children. Ram told us he would send us runners.

Sunday morning, I went to visit my niece who is with her daughter at Dornbecker Children’s Hospital (for very ill children in Portland)…where they have been for 9 weeks now.  I drove up to the turnaround, right next to the brightly decorated Christ-in-Mass tree, and waited for my niece to come down, as we had agreed.  Another car was already in the same turnaround and as I sat there, a lady got out and proceeded to unload white plastic bags with red ties (you’ve seen the ones I mean).  The bags were stuffed with what appeared to be clothing and I wonder if they were dropping off these off and then going to leave.  Many bags filled the sidewalk.  But the lady went into Dornbecker and came out with a big cart and proceeded to fill it up with the bags…way above the top…and started pushing it to the entrance.  As she did, it tilted over and some of the bags fell out, right in front of me, so that I could see the bags were stuffed with colorful quilts.  About this time, another lady got out of the car and stood by the back bumper.  She was older, rather frail, but she was watching the quilts, not taking her eyes off them, as the basket got righted and they made their way into the hospital.

I had been contemplating “what have I done to help”…and was coming up very short…but then, the quilts spilled over onto the sidewalk in front of me and I thought, gee, maybe I could learn to make a quilt…(as an aside, my sister has a fabric and quilt store in Alaska so I’m familiar).  I decided, that when the lady came out from the hospital, I’d get out of my car and ask what group were they associated with because I thought maybe I could contribute too.

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Japanese Princess
Shock 2012 Announcement

Youtube Video - PRINCESS KAORU NAKAMARU of JapanJANUARY 2, 2012: Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan speaks about the changes we can expect after December 21, later this year…

“Curiouser & curiouser…”

According to the princess these changes include a shift to a 5th dimensional planet after three days and nights of complete darkness without the capability of using anything electrical. Only those in high levels of government are aware of these changes, which is why they have built their underground bunkers. Princess Nakamaru does not think these bunkers will save the elite.

“We need to purify our spiritual condition, physically and spiritually,” says Princess Nakamaru.

“I’ll tell you how to do it. It is very important. Almighty God, the creator of the god, itself, is the light and love and energy. Part of that energy of the love, we have in our heart(s). We can tell a lie to the other people but we cannot tell a lie to ourselves. That is (what I would call,) the conscience."

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Earth Watch

Ash Cloud Fears As Italy's Mt Etna Erupts
Video - Ash Cloud Fears As Italy's Mt Etna Erupts 

TENS OF THOUSANDS of dead fish wash ashore in Norway
Youtube Video - TENS OF THOUSANDS of dead fish wash ashore in Norway

Venus and the crescent moon12 must-see skywatching events in 2012
Mark your calendar

As the year 2011 comes to a close, some might wonder what is looming sky-wise for 2012? What celestial events might we look forward to seeing?

I've selected what I consider to be the top 12 "skylights" for this coming year, and list them here in chronological order. Not all these events will be visible from any one locality ... for the eclipses, for instance, you'll probably have to do some traveling ... but many can be observed from the comfort of your backyard.

Hopefully your local weather will cooperate on most, if not all, of these dates. Clear skies!

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Interview with Foster Gamble
Reprinted with permission of SuperConsciousness Magazine

Thrive Move PosterA few months ago through my network of friends on Facebook, I came across the trailer of a movie called THRIVE. I was impressed with the quality and brief presentation of the topics it covered. On the symbolical date of November 11, 2011, the full version of the film was released to the public through the internet. For the approximately two and hours of the film, I was glued to my computer screen and going through the emotions of excitement, admiration and hope.

I have watched many documentaries or short films that touch on controversial topics, including conspiracy theories about governments or UFO's, the corruption and deceit executed by large corporations on industries such as food, energy, health or finance, to name a few. Most of them have been revealing to me, but I always felt that they were lacking in some way, wether it was poor quality in the production, not enough research behind it or a lack of practical solutions.

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Growing Garlic
By Suzanne Wood of Winter Gardening Guide

Winter Gardening Guide - Growing garlicItalian Garlic

Italian garlic is soft necked and will store through the winter and be usable in the spring until the next season’s harvest. Italian garlic is preferable because of it’s long shelf life,it is easy to grow and may have a slightly higher yield. Italian soft neck garlic is the only one that can be planted in the spring as well as the fall. Spring planted garlic may have a less yield. We have planted this garlic in every month from October to May and had good luck. Most of our supermarket garlic is soft necked.
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Before It's News

Lindsey Williams and Ben Fulford on 2012
Youtube Video - Lindsey Williams and Ben Fulford on 2012

This year will be a year to remember as it goes down in history as the year of change, endings, and new beginnings.  While I have no clue what exactly will take place, the gangsters “tank tanks” say it will be on a spiritual nature.  Maybe God will come down and spank these evil Illuminati children over his knee… wouldn’t that be fun to watch?  He He He!

But seriously, what do you think it will be?  I personally think it will be “Disclosure” as the president will finally announce on live television the existence of aliens like John F. Kennedy was going to do in the 1960′s before the Illuminati murdered him.  Why you ask?  Well, as you should know by now, the Illuminati always tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it.  It’s one of their “moral codes”, if you want to call it that?  Recently, they have given us sheep another clue as to what’s coming in this year’s Christmas card from the White House.

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In The News

Oh my God!!!!!  
This is what the Future is like without all the interference!!!!
12-year-old music prodigy - Twelve year old prodigy 

Weird Science Awards

Youtube - My bladder is full and I can't think!Our annual Weird Science Awards pay tribute to the strangest scientific tales of the past year, and you just know the 2012 edition had to be a doozy. While we're waiting for the Maya apocalypse — and we may be waiting a long, long time — let's count down the top 10 Weird Science stories, as determined by an ironically unscientific Live Poll.

No. 10 is the discovery that having a painful need to urinate can impair your judgment. "When people reach a point when they are in so much pain they just can't stand it anymore, it was like being drunk," says Brown University neurologist Peter Snyder. "The ability to hold information was really impaired." To say nothing of the ability to hold water.

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Making a Difference

Stephen Hawking - Future of mankindHawking on the future of mankind

To mark his 70th birthday, physicist Professor Stephen Hawking answered a selection of questions from listeners to Radio 4's Today Programme.  

Topics ranged from the origins of the universe to the prospects for extra terrestrial life and the impact on Einstein's theory of relativity should neutrinos be confirmed to travel faster than light.

It seems clear that Professor Hawking believes we we will have to colonise space if we are to avoid catastrophe, but he is upbeat about the prospects for self-sustaining colonies on Mars and believes the human race will eventually spread out across the far reaches of the universe.

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

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January 7th @ 4pm:  The Phoenix Rising School Masquerade Cruise
This will be a three hour cruise around the South Sound aboard the yacht My Girl
Click Here for More Info

January 9th @ 7pm:  Seed Saving Classes Offered by South Sound Seed Stewards
Learn the art and science of growing and saving your own vegetable seeds. Classes offered by the South Sound Seed Stewards begin on Jan. 9th 2012. The group meets at 7pm the second Monday of each month at the Yelm Adult Community Center, 16530 103rd Ave., Yelm. Visit the website for complete information or contact

RSE Newsletter

"Scientists announce breakthroughs on age reversal"
Ramtha on the human body being designed to live forever:  
Click here to read article

Note: Video interview on TODAY link with Dr. Bill Andrews, a 2011 RSE Speaker:
Click here to watch this video

“Poverty and stress may not just be symptoms of society, but bound to our anatomy."  
Ramtha on this subject 3 decades ago:
Click here to read article

Ramtha on Being an Honorable and Impeccable Person
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Something Worth Knowing

Powdered Cellulose FDA Approved15 Food Companies That Serve You 'Wood'

The class-action lawsuit brought against Taco Bell on January 19th 2011 raised questions about the quality of food many Americans eat each day.

Chief among those concerns is the use of cellulose (wood pulp), an extender whose use in a roster of food products, from crackers and ice creams to puddings and baked goods, is now being exposed. What you’re actually paying for – and consuming – may be surprising.

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Kleiner's Korner

Greetings & Happy New Year, 2012!

This Special Edition of Kleiner's Korner is to spread the news not covered in the mainstream media that "It happened!"

On the last day of 2011 from his vacation retreat in Hawaii, President Obama signed the Indefinite Detention Bill into law. In one of the most heinous acts mocking the freedoms guaranteed all Americans by the U. S Constitution and even greater than his predecessor George W. Bush, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), regardless of his "serious reservations" about provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists.

This is chilling news that should be shared far and wide.

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Something to Contemplate
Joan of Arc: Enduring Power

JOAN OF ARC was born 600 years ago. Six centuries is a long time to continue to mark the birth of a girl who, according to her family and friends, knew little more than spinning and watching over her father’s flocks. But type her name into Amazon’s search engine and you get more than 6,000 results. France’s national archives include tens of thousands of volumes about her. She has been immortalized by Shakespeare, Voltaire, Twain, Shaw, Brecht, Verdi, Tchaikovsky and Rubens; more recently, her life was fodder for the CBS television series “Joan of Arcadia.”

What is it about Joan of Arc? Why is her story of enduring interest more than a half a millennium after her birth?

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Maya Angelou's' Best Poem Ever

A Woman Should Have...
enough money within her control to move out
and rent a place of her own,
even if she never wants to or needs to...
something perfect to wear if the employer,
or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour...

A Woman Should Have...
a youth she's content to leave behind....
a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to
retelling it in her old age....
a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra...
one friend who always makes her laugh... and one who lets her cry...

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It Only Takes a Girl
Please Watch!

Youtube - It Only Takes a Girl
On The Lighter Side

To keep a sharp mind! Very fascinating!

Can you see the baby? Horse or Frog?

Click here to see more


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

The Importance of “Why?” Mike Wright Answers PRS Students’ Questions

Why? That was the biggest question from students for Mike Wright during his visit to the Phoenix Rising School. “Why do we have to do the Neighborhood Walk®?” “Why do we make the sign of the triad before C&E®?”  “Why do we wear blinders?” And by the way, how? . . .does your brain work? . . . does our brain take us to our card in Fieldwork®? . . .much do you know?

The Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) teacher was sent questions from all of the different grade levels before his visit. “It was important to give the children an opportunity to ask questions beforehand so that they didn’t get shy and genuinely and freely got to ask what they wanted to know,” says Resource Coordinator and RSE Liaison Sonya El Debssi. According to Sonya, Mike’s visit was invaluable for both students and teachers.  “It gave us an insight into the students’ level of understanding of the activities that we do daily. There were gaps in their knowledge and understanding of why we do certain things.”

When it came to ‘why’, Mike acknowledged the students for their questions. “The greatest question you can ever ask is WHY,” he told them.  “I asked that question a long time ago, and I still ask that question a lot. And I don’t always get an answer right away, so I just keep asking the question. If you don’t find my answers helpful today, keep on asking.”

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For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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