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Editors Corner

Nature is magnificent, magnificently destructive, and magnificently emotionless. The “Snowmageddon” storm of 2012 pruned and toppled the grandiose Washington forests without a hint of regret. The trees didn’t fight back. They didn’t even argue. Sounding like the crack and pop of a high powered rifle, they broke away from their stationary life. I was feeling sorry for the trees, but they were not sorry at all. There is no such thought in evolution. No holding on to the status quo. There were great lessons everywhere this past week in Washington state.

Our readers wrote to us about their lessons and perspectives of the storm. We are humbly offering the lessons learned by our community to our world of readers. Learn from us. Learn from what we did right, learn from our missteps. In conversations with friends this week I heard stories like my friend who was wishing he would have replaced the chainsaw that got stolen last year. He had meant to—just hadn't gotten around to it yet. I heard from several people that had generators, but couldn’t get them started. They hadn’t used them for so long that the fuel had gone bad, or the batteries were dead. There are great stories, too, of neighbors coming together to help each other clear the road or push a stuck car. Neighbors, who had lived next door for years, but hadn’t met until now. Some families got reacquainted, too. Board games by candlelight were a family favorite. I don’t think they will replace high tech video games now that the power is back, but I am looking forward to a rematch, next time the lights go out.

So, world, learn from us. Don’t wait til next week or next month to fill those gas cans. Even those of you in Australia where it is summer, don’t get caught unprepared. And by the way, the advertisers on are your very best source for reliable preparedness supplies. They exist to serve your needs. Call them. Ask them questions. They speak your language. They are experts.

Speaking of experts. . . our article of the week is from our resident survival specialist, Teri Simpson. She has a great, way of keeping it simple and practical. Reading her story you know, she knows, exactly what she is talking about. Thanks, Terri, for always reaching out to help and sharing your knowledge. Click here

For those of you who were impressed with the speaker, Dr. Jeffrey Long, at the Create Your Year Event, you might remember that he was asked which “near-death” story was his favorite. One of our readers tracked down a video interview with the woman he mentioned as his favorite. It is a profound story. Click here

You’ve got to watch, the Symphony of Science video. I don’t think you will see it on MTV—but I love it!
Those scientists can really sing. Click here

All the video stories are great this week. Watch all of them. You will be uplifted.

Now that the intensity of the storm has passed, it is easy to see it as a gift. The gift is the wake-up call—a call to action. The days have come. Blessing to all of you, create a safe week.

Article of the Week
What a Runner!!
By Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness

Well, we certainly had a great runner this past week. We knew we were supposed to have snow coming in sometime Saturday night (January 14th). Here in Washington State, an inch of snow is a lot and 4 inches will close things down – schools, businesses, etc. What is normal for us here is to get an inch of snow then it melts by the next day.

We got our 4 inches of snow, so we all just stayed home, not a problem since it was Sunday. Monday wasn't too bad – if you didn't HAVE to go to work or school, you stayed home and waited for the snow to melt. Only it didn't melt. We got another foot to foot and a half over the next 2 days. By Wednesday we knew we weren't going anywhere any time soon. Didn't matter if the roads were plowed or not – there was no way to get out of my driveway to get onto the road.

Then on Thursday, it started to rain. But it was still below freezing, so rather than melt all the snow, it covered everything in ice. It didn't just rain for an hour or so, it rained and rained and rained, coating all the trees which were already heavy laden with snow, with layer upon layer of ice.

All that weight on all those trees caused huge branches to SNAP and break off – it sounded like .22 rifle fire each time a branch would go. This caused wide spread power outages all over western Washington. By mid afternoon, entire trees were snapping and breaking like toothpicks. It was not safe to walk under any trees, and we have a lot of trees.

The power company said they couldn't start fixing any power lines near trees because it was too unsafe for their line crews. It was not safe for me to walk my driveway to the road, because if a branch came down and whacked me, there would be no help.

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Free Disposal of Storm Related Debris

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, January 23, 2012

Scott Schimelfenig, Thurston County Utility Operations Manager, 360- 867-2071
Thurston County Emergency Management, 360-754-3360


Olympia- Thurston County residents, who have woody debris from the recent storms on their property, can drop it off at several locations. Beginning Wednesday, debris such as tree limbs can be dropped off free of charge...
Click here for more info

Your Feedback

Hi all,
I was just on the phone with PSE and received a $50 rebate!
If you didn't have Electric service for 120 consecutive hours, you are eligible for the rebate too!
1-888-225-5773   It's worth the call!

My electricity just came on at 10:30 this morning and I just finished reading your newsletter – after I sent the earlier email
I own a generator. It is old and hasn’t been run for years. I had no gas. My chain saw is broken. But I had water and heat and a way to cook, so I was blessed. In connection to the “Sovereignty! What is it?” that I just sent, I find I do not need all the preparations.
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I have spent over 20 years stashing things away for “the days to come”. I had a well stocked safe place, and every day I vigorously protected my place from thieves and vandals, trespassers and intruders. Then robbers came. My first thoughts were “I have failed! Why didn’t my protection work? How could this happen?”
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Happy Chinese New Year!
Every culture carries within it, tidbits of truth and wisdom, albeit often surrounded in misinformation. Here is an example of such a curious bit of information, open to interpretation, of what the Ching Dynasty predicted for this year: (Please read beyond the "doomsday" predictions and see what they say).
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I don't have any stories about your snowstorm, but I can tell you about the April 27,2011 tornadoes we had here in Alabama.  My power was out for 10 days, and my phone and internet was out for nearly six weeks.  As I had just purchased a propane refrigerator less than a month before this happened...
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You guys are funny. Welcome to how we live in New England!

Keeping FOOD from spoiling
Great idea, you two ! I am looking forward to learning from others. Here is what I have to offer.
First of all, did all of us have to change some HABITS? Oh yeah ! Great runner there.
When the electricity was out too long for the preservation of the food in the refrigerator and freezer (only a small amount in top of refrigerator), I took out the refrigerator items and put them into a storage unit I had prepared for storing apples, potatoes, etc. during winter. It was perfect at 40 degrees. It sits on my patio on a table. Good to have a thermometer for checking temperature inside the box.
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Since I was prepared with a wood-stove, water, and food, my  basics were covered during this storm, but...
Alone, during the day/night of many large branches breaking down on my roof and all around my yard, I found that I was unable to focus and remain calm. Oh yeah, I can focus quite successfully when all is silent, and I have soothing music, but given extreme stress?
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What I learned in 5 days without power
HI to All at Masters Connection and around the world.
I live in the Bald Hills area of Yelm, and do not have a power generator, as I do not wish to 'have the noise' nor use the fuel to drive the generator. Nor do I have solar panels, which in strong winds could be subject to flying debris. I do have large fir trees surrounding my home and some quite close. These magnificent trees are the 'guardians of the circle' in which home, outbuildings and vehicles reside'. They did not harm any of these things!!!
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Yeast Fry Bread
My neighbor and I gratefully learned that you can use cast iron frying pans to bake/cook yeast bread on the top of a propane stove.  We erroneously had assumed the oven was propane too, however, it was electrical (I didn't know there were hybrid stoves out there).  Previously, I had only cooked Bannock fry bread on a stove top.
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Due to the snow, I decided to do my neighborhood walk exercise on the street in front of my apartment, and since I did not have power even on my cell phone, I knocked on a door across street  That's how I met the master neighbours from across the street, who invited me to dine with them.  While dining we all agreed on the quality of the exquisite silence.
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Hi Jan,
          Trish and I had booked a bus trip to Pendleton in Oregon some months back and we were due to go on Tuesday 17. The snow had already started as we left our driveway on the early morning journey to Olympia to pick up the bus. We had a great time in Oregon and started our trip back on the bus on Thursday 19. The journey was slow as the effects of the storm had reached these parts, and the bus driver had to put on chains to get back to Portland. We picked up 13 people from another tour at the Portland airport as their flight to Seattle had been cancelled.
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The Mountain News

The Great Storm of 2012 – big, beautiful, and a huge kick in the butt
While we watched the snow, sleet, freezing rain, and a mist that seemed to freeze once it landed on a twig or branch – we listened to the torture in the forests – the cracking and crackling of limbs splitting off - or entire trees toppling over.  At times it sounded like a wholesale slaughter of the woodlands.
Mother Nature gave us everything she had starting last Monday when the first snows stuck to the ground, building to a couple of inches on Tuesday, to the full glory of 6-8 inches of snow in Graham and Eatonville by Wednesday morning.
At first it was fluffy and beautiful; then the sleet and rain came and tore down the trees.  As they crashed the power lines fell as well, and much of the region went dark and cold by mid-week.
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Earth Watch

She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting...
Youtube - She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for 

Whats Up in Space?

Corona Conjunction

X-FLARE: Departing sunspot 1402 unleashed an X2-class solar flare today, Jan. 27th, at 18:27 UT. The blast site was not facing Earth at the time of the eruption. Nevertheless, a radiation storm is possible. Stay tuned for updates.

ASTEROID FLYBY: Newly-discovered asteroid 2012 BX34 is flying past Earth today only 77,000 km (0.2 lunar distances) away. There is no danger of a collision with the 14-meter wide space rock. Advanced amateur astronomers might be able to observe the flyby as the bus-sized asteroid brightens to 14th magnitude just before closest approach on Jan. 27th at 1530 UT.
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CONFIRMATION: North Carolina 'HAARP ring' Vortex...

Youtube - Dutchsinse - CONFIRMATION: North Carolina 'HAARP ring' Vortex 

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

Click here to send us your community event.

January 28th @ 9am:  Yelm Cinemas Special Showing - Revenge of the Electric Car
There will be a special showing, as requested by JZ, at Yelm Cinemas of Revenge of the Electric Car this Saturday, January 28th, at 9am  Click here for more info

January 28th @ 12:30pm:  Yelm Food Co-op Special Membership Meeting
We’re on the move since last September! Great things are happening and we want you to know about them! Come find out about the New Coop Organization – and How this Change Benefits the Community. Come find out about the New Membership Structure – and How this Change Benefits YOU!­­­ · Plus! Find out about the new programs and opportunities to give back to the community - Farmers’ Market, Community Gardens and more! Bring your family and friends – membership is not required to attend!  Click here for more info

January 28th @ 2:32pm:  MãsterMind Health Update with Dr. Karriem Ali
Super-strain Bird Flu Could Infect & Kill Billions?
Given the “Terror fear as scientists DELIBERATELY create ‘Armageddon’ bird flu virus in lab” and the looming potential for an Influenza Pandemic, we decided it was high time for another enlightening MãsterMind Health Update with Dr. Karriem Ali! Come join us this Saturday at the Awakening Center in Rainier.
Click here for more info 

February 10th @ 10am:  Emergency Preparedness Roundtable
Here’s an opportunity to ask those questions of our disaster response team – are their staff prepared, are their facilities prepared, how comprehensive are their plans? Please forward on to all you can think of.
Friday, February 10 is the Region 3 Emergency Preparedness Roundtable at the Centralia College. Please forward this flyer to your community and agency contacts so we can get as many community members to attend and participate in the discussion.
This event was developed as part of our public education workgroup working on the State Strategic Plan.
This is an opportunity for the community to discuss their opinions on preparedness. If you would like to attend, please, please do so, the more attendees, the better the input.
Click here to view the flyer.

February 13th @ 7pm:  Seed Saving Classes Offered by South Sound Seed Stewards
Learn the art and science of growing and saving your own vegetable seeds. Classes offered by the South Sound Seed Stewards begin on Feb. 13th 2012. The group meets at 7pm the second Monday of each month at the Yelm Adult Community Center, 16530 103rd Ave., Yelm. Visit the website for complete information or contact

Something Worth Knowing

Jake: Math prodigy proud of his autism
CBS Video - Jake: Math prodigy proud of his autism

Symphony of Science - the Quantum World!
Youtube - Symphony of Science - the Quantum World!

Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla
Youtube - Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla

RSE Newsletter

RSE Campus receives unusually heavy snowfall
Click here to read article

Links presented at Create Your Year, 2012 January 13-15, 2012
Click here to read article

Ramtha: Fresh water in North Atlantic prelude for Europe freezing
Click here to read article

Ramtha: If Republican is elected, war with Iran to follow
Click here to read article

Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience

Clears in 4 days, grade 4B lymphoma cancer
Hello glorious Masters,
I am sending you a link to Anita Moorjani's interview.  Our esteemed guest speaker, Dr. Jeffery Long, talked of Anita's miraculous cure and so much of what Anita describes is as Ram tells us the Planes of Bliss are - for me this was a great 'reminder' of who I am.
With love and much gratitude for a stunningly informative and entertaining newsletter,
Karen xxx
Youtube - Clearing Cancer
Carrots in the Car Park
Radishes on the roundabout

The deliciously eccentric story of the town growing ALL its own veg
Most of us are used to walking through public places such as parks, villages, towns etc and seeing flower beds and borders that the local authorities have put in place to improve the appearance of the area. These usually consist of either shrubs, shrubs combined with flowers or just annual flowering bedding plants. Every year the annual flowers are replaced with new ones to create another colourful display. Of course the effect is very nice, and few if any would complain at seeing such a bright and cheerful 'public garden', but what if there was an even better idea......... what if you were to replace a large amount of those flowers with vegetables and then encourage the local residents to simply help themselves to any they needed whenever they wanted to?
Click here to read more

Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Snow Eggs, Igloos and Seven-Foot Snowmen
While the power was out for many and the ice was snapping tree limbs like toothpicks last week, PRS students were keeping themselves entertained in a variety of ways. Our intrepid reporter interviewed everyone from the youngest to the oldest and asked them this question:

What Was Your Favorite Part of the Snowstorm?

Here are their answers. Enjoy!


Anye:  Making a snowman, but we didn’t make a snowman. We tried and tried and tried, three times, four times, five times.

Bella: I was sledding and I didn’t get it, but then I got it and I went all the way down my mountain.

Brooklyn: I ate the snow. And I fell down.

Eva: I was scared of the storm. There was a storm coming on the way and we had to be careful.

Jorda: We made a snowman but it was starting to melt. We made it at home.

Taylee: We went on a sled.

Click here to read full article

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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