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Editors Corner

Happy New Year! I feel like I am seeing with new eyes. I know half of January 2012 has just passed, but I realized this weekend, it is never to late to create your year, your month or your day. Like many of you, I just completed the “Create Your Year” event with Ramtha. It was a powerful event and my heart is full of joyful expectation for 2012. If you missed this event and it becomes available on demand—I recommend you demand it!

There were five earthquakes today over 6.0 near Antartica. Our friend, Dutchinsine, has the scoop. Could this portend other movement and change? Click here

The sun preparing some surprises of its own. Important dates to watch for solar activity: January 16 and 17. Read about it here Click here

Teri Simpson is getting back to basics for us with a great article on the why, how, how much and creative where of storing water for emergencies no matter where you live or your circumstances. Thanks, Teri, for simplifying this task for us. Click here

Video Article of the Week: “It's Time To Wake Up - We Are All One” is a vivid, moving, succinct explanation of the “ocean of existence that unifies us all”. Watch, you will experience the unified field from the macro to the micro. Click here

One trait of a master is to be open to truth where ever it appears. Yoda, from Star Wars shares his wisdom in two short clips. Click here

OMG! If you are ready for a laugh, watch this clip from the old black and white TV series, “Candid Camera”—Truth is everywhere—Did I already say that? Click here

It is a wise choice to be in harmony with the rhythm of nature now and in the future. A Montana bear caught on video gives us a lesson in the rhythm of the natural world. Shake it up, baby! Click here

The magnificence of nature is truly humbling.” The Beauty of Pollination” and the feature, Photos From Around the World will connect you to that place of appreciation of that magnificence. Click here

And speaking of magnificent, be sure to scroll down to the end to check out the magic happening at Phoenix Rising School this week. “Bippity boppity boo! You are 4 years old again! Click here

Thank you for reading newsletter. Be sure to visit our website throughout the week. There are great discussions happening 24/7 with readers from around the world. Share your wisdom and your questions. Challenge our creativity.

Have a great week and remember to let your God come out and play!

Article of the Week
By Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness

Our teacher has said, time and again, Water! Water! Water! Store water. Water will become more precious than gold. Move out of the cities and buy a bit of land, and have your own well so that YOU can be in control of your water supply.

Why do we suppose he keeps going on about WATER? I mean, here in the U.S., EVERYBODY has water ALL the time, so it is easy to forget about putting up water. Or you may have done a teeny tiny bit in respect to being able to supply your family with water 24/7/365 (that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year), and you keep MEANING to get around to the other stuff you haven't done yet.

But here's the thing: If the "event" (earthquake, earth tilting on its axis, tsunami, pick one) doesn't kill you, what is the FIRST thing you're going to die from? It is lack of water that you can drink. You can go days without food. You can go even longer if all you are lacking is a cozy home. (Do you know how to build a little emergency shelter in the woods with leaves and branches and sticks? Might not be the poshest place, but it could definitely save your you-know-what.)

But you have to have water. And it is nice to have more than just enough to keep you from kicking the proverbial bucket.

So let's look at how to have water 24/7 x 365 days a year. For a couple of years. And let's include not just people who live out in the country with their own well, but let's also include those people who live in the suburbs and have a backyard, as well as people who live in cities, condos and apartments. Note: Just because you live in a city, condo or apartment, I say you do NOT have to resign yourself to kicking the bucket. It might be good, though, for you to have a couple of contingency plans :o)

You will want ONE gallon per person per day for just "drinking and cooking". Then, if you ever want to wash your face, hands or what-not you will need a minimum of another ONE gallon of water per person per day. And maybe add an extra gallon or two so you can wash your hair once a week?

Click here to read full article

Earth Watch

Coronal Hole
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring a dark gash in the sun's atmosphere--a coronal hole. It's the dark vertical feature in this extreme UV image taken on Jan. 13th:

Click for Bigger Picture

Coronal holes are places where the sun's magnetic field opens up and allows the solar wind to escape. This yawning hole is about 120,000 km wide and more than a million km long. Solar wind flowing from its UV-dark abyss will reach Earth on Jan. 16th or 17th, possibly sparking auroras for high-latitude sky watchers.

Global Earthquake Overview
Youtube - Dutchsinse - FIVE Earthquakes IN A ROW !

Ants turned into 'supersoldiers'

Ants can be programmed to become "supersoldiers", according to an international team of researchers.
All ant colonies are made up of insects of different "castes", including soldiers and workers. This team worked out how to "trick" developing ant larvae to turn into a rare and unusual supersoldier caste.
The breakthrough, the researchers say, reveals that hidden traits could be unlocked in many species.

Click here to read full article

Zebra shark at centre of 'virgin birth' mystery
BBC Video - Zebra shark at centre of 'virgin birth' mystery

TEDTalks: The Beauty of Pollination
Youtube - The Beauty of Pollination

Weaving Spider Silk

The brilliant golden colour is the natural hue of the silk A four metre long scarf will in the making
Natural golden colour Making a four metre scarf

Click here to see more

Photos from Around the World

Thor's Well Danxia landform
Thor's Well
"the gates of the dungeon."
Unique geological phenomenon
known as Danxia landform

Click here to see more

Wisdom from Yoda

Youtube - Lessons from Yoda

Youtube - Best Yoda Saying

You Decide

Giant Footprint found in South Africa
The being has to be well over 20 feet tall
I would guess closer to 30

Youtube - Giant Foot Print 200 Million Years Old 
In Memoriam

On a personal note, I want to take a moment to remember the passing of my brother on Friday, Graeme O'Brien, of Brisbane, Australia. Graeme, was a very special person. His students say he touched their lives with his gift of truth telling and compassion. Graeme and GayleHe was a sought after teacher, counselor and friend to thousands. Graeme and I shared our common history and a passion for the possibilities of a life well lived. Click here for comments from his facebook page. Godspeed on your journey home, Graeme. - Jan, MC2020

Video Article of the Week

It's Time To Wake Up - We Are All One
Youtube - It's Time To Wake Up 
Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

Click here to send us your community event.

January 21st @ 12:30pm: Yelm Food Co-op Special Membership Meeting
We’re on the move since last September! Great things are happening and we want you to know about them! Come find out about the New Coop Organization – and How this Change Benefits the Community. Come find out about the New Membership Structure – and How this Change Benefits YOU!­­­ · Plus! Find out about the new programs and opportunities to give back to the community - Farmers’ Market, Community Gardens and more! Bring your family and friends – membership is not required to attend!  Click here for more info

February 10th @ 10am:  Emergency Preparedness Roundtable
Here’s an opportunity to ask those questions of our disaster response team – are their staff prepared, are their facilities prepared, how comprehensive are their plans? Please forward on to all you can think of.
Friday, February 10 is the Region 3 Emergency Preparedness Roundtable at the Centralia College. Please forward this flyer to your community and agency contacts so we can get as many community members to attend and participate in the discussion.
This event was developed as part of our public education workgroup working on the State Strategic Plan.
This is an opportunity for the community to discuss their opinions on preparedness. If you would like to attend, please, please do so, the more attendees, the better the input.
Click here to view the flyer.

February 13th @ 7pm:  Seed Saving Classes Offered by South Sound Seed Stewards
Learn the art and science of growing and saving your own vegetable seeds. Classes offered by the South Sound Seed Stewards begin on Feb. 13th 2012. The group meets at 7pm the second Monday of each month at the Yelm Adult Community Center, 16530 103rd Ave., Yelm. Visit the website for complete information or contact

RSE Newsletter

Researcher: “The secret to learning languages” is repetition while walking – JZ Knight & Ramtha on RSE’s Neighborhood Walk
Click here to read article

World’s first country that may be lost to climate change – Ramtha predicted threatening rising sea levels in 1987
Click here to read article

Something Worth Knowing

The Banking Backstory Behind Friday The 13th

The unlucky Friday the 13th is one of the most well-recognized superstitions in the Western world.  This tradition is over 700 years old and has a very interesting origin.

During the 12th century there was a massive religious war that consumed most of Europe and Asia.  Europeans referred to these times as “the crusades”.  This war lasted centuries and allowed an elite class of knights to accumulate so much power and wealth that their influence rivaled both the monarchy and the church.  The knights of the temple of Solomon, or more commonly known as “The Knights Templar” were the most influential political force of their time.  They were the world’s first international bankers and were the corporate giant of the middle ages.

Click here to read full article 

On The Lighter Side

The Hilarious Power of Conformity
This vintage stunt from a 1962 episode of Candid Camera makes for a good laugh. But it also captures something important about human psychology.
Youtube - The Power of Conformity

Montana Pole Dancing
Youtube - Montana Pole Dancing

Your Feedback

Awesome Job!
Hi All,
    I just wanted to tell you what a great job you've done with the Master's Connection Newsletter. I absolutely love it, it's the only newsletter I read front to back as soon as it arrives in my inbox. I especially like the editor's corner, the practical advice, and the gardening tips, but I also love the things you cover that are brushed over in the main stream media (like the detention bill, and the use of wood pulp in food)...I guess I just like it all! Well done! - MC2020 reader

Thanks, for your kind comments. It really is nice to hear that you appreciate our efforts. We strive to bring you a fresh perspective on issues that matter to you. Your appreciation stokes our fires of enthusiasm and creativity !
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Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Becoming the Fairy Godmother

If you want to be a prince or princess, or just act like one, the PRS Pre-K class is the place for you. Last week, the class did just that, with a little help from fairy godmothers Jeannette Abbott and Sonya El Debssi, who taught them how to make their dreams come true.

Princesses are a hot topic in the Pre-K, with no less than eight little girls excited about playing dress up on any given day. So it’s probably not surprising that when the class had to agree on a favorite story to act out, they chose Cinderella.

“It was a bit of a challenge because everyone wanted to play Cinderella, except for one who wanted to be Cinderella . . . and the prince . . . and the wicked stepmother,” says Nancy. “We had to split the main character role among eight girls.”

Later, Sonya visited the class and talked to them about the story. Everyone clearly loved the character of the fairy godmother, so she asked them how that character is able to perform the magic she does.

“She has a wand!” they told her.

“What magic words does she use?” asked Sonya.

“Bippity boppity boo!”

Click here to read full article

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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