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Anybody out there?  MastersConnection2020, here.  Today is the winter solstice 2012. We hope your day and the next few days will be all you dreamed and bring about a new world of your very own design.

We were contacted this week with many questions about how to protect electronics in case of a coronal mass ejection.  MC 2020 newsletter reader, Mark Stanley, has offered his expertise to help us more clearly understand what is required to protect our electronics and his suggestions on how to accomplish it. Click here

Additionally, we are repeating an article by Mike Bertone, another long-time newsletter reader on the same subject. Click here

HMM. . . might be high time to put this info to work.

The newsletter this week is brief, but is our way of reaching out to connect.  We are so happy to be on this journey of discovery into a new age.

Dutchsinse has a short video on solar activity. Click here  The 3 minute news will catch you up on what is happening in the world. Click here

Two special contributors this week felt moved to share their thoughts and feelings. Thank you to both of these writers for sharing from your heart.  ”A Community of People” Click here and  “Understanding the World of Today”. Click here

Finally, we have always heard that it is possible to create something from nothing, right?  Here is a real life example of genius and creativity.  Watch, you will be inspired. “Landfill Harmonic” Click here

Finally, from, and from all of our advertisers, we wish you and yours hearts filled with the love of God this Christmas season.

Until we meet again in 2013..........................

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Solar Flare Survival
Faraday Cage Protection
Submitted by Mark Stanley, Yelm, WA.
Author of The Sacred Spring of the Blood Royal

I would like to clarify some issues concerning protection of electrical equipment during geomagnetic storms induced by Coronal Mass Ejections [CME]. There seems to be some conflicting ideas about Faraday-style proteciton circulating through the community. This is not surprising, considering that some of the answers to some of the questions we all have we simply do not know. Opinions generated by anyone purporting to be an expert (myself included) should be considered just that—opinions.
However, there are a few basic tenets of physics that many will agree on:

Metal, water, concrete and stone are conductive materials.
Electric current will readily flow through conductive materials.

Wood, plastic, dry cardboard and paper are non-conductive materials
Electric current will not flow easily through non conductive materials.

A Faraday cage is a sealed structure constructed out of a conductive material. A Faraday cage can be grounded or ungrounded. Both types use the Faraday Cage Effect which effectively provides a shield for electrical gear inside the cage. The effectiveness of any Faraday cage is dependent on it's design, and on the amount and type of radiation bombarding the cage.

Your concrete or metal UG is a Faraday cage!

Think about it-------It is a sealed structure built of conductive materials. Thick is good---but it does not have to be excessively thick to function as a Faraday cage. Remember how much you paid for all of that steel rebar that is now imbedded in the concrete? That helps the conductivity factor.
This is all just common sense.

Click here to read full article

Protecting Your Electrical Equipment from Solar Flares
By long time RSE student, Mike Bertone

The interaction between the Earth’s magnetic field (magnetosphere) and solar flares is involved and complex. A simple overview therefore is given here to help you understand how to protect electrical equipment vulnerable to intense solar flares, the X-class type, and CMEs (coronal mass ejections – highly energetic particles like protons ejected out of the sun which have much more mass than electrons, approx. 1800x,).

Keep in mind in this discussion, that current in conductors is a flow of free electrons, the loosely bound electrons in an atomic structure.

The above diagram depicts intense electromagnetic (EM) energy waves from the sun passing by the wires of a hydroelectric transmission line. These energy waves induce current in the wires from the generator to the transformers terminating the line. (They also induce circulating current in every metal structure exposed to the elements.) That is, the current is increased in the existing flow of electrons to a point where the current rating of the step-down transformer is exceeded; and the longer the transmission line, the greater the induced current. This literally fries the transformer windings and possibly the transmission line itself – now you have a huge, ugly boat anchor. These large wattage transformers (hundreds of thousands of watts which technically, are identified with VA), both step-down and step-up, are no longer built in North America; and if they are damaged, then what? There are very low inventories of these types of transformers; hence the need for your own off-the-grid system, or a standby generator, or a lot of matches, firewood, and candles.

Click here to read full article

A Helping Hand
Donations Needed for Fiona Regan

As many of you know, fellow student Fiona Regan was involved in an automobile accident 12/6/12. She sustained a fractured skull, fractured sternum, broken nose and face lacerations, along with eight broken ribs. She remained in the hospital for 6 days and subsequently has been staying at private homes until she is well enough to return to her own home.

Unfortunately, Fiona will not be able to work for some time and has no health insurance or savings. Her car was totaled and she did not have collision coverage so she will have to buy a vehicle at some point.

An account has been established for Fiona at KeyBank. To contribute, simply go to any KeyBank--Account name is :  FIONA REGAN DONATION ACCOUNT  # 471491008549

Any assistance would be of tremendous help to Fiona and greatly appreciated.

For further information, contact Lois Willman at


Solar Prominence / possible CME (coronal mass ejection)

Three Minute News

3MIN News December 21, 2012

Space Watch

Saying farwell to Hubble

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has delivered a glorious view of Saturn, taken while the spacecraft was in Saturn’s shadow.

Click here for bigger picture

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My heart felt thanks to all of you who have helped make the Triad Arts Theater a reality.

Have a joyous and momentous holiday week and welcome you home in this new age!

Jayne of the Triad

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“Noah’s Biblical Flood Happened” to be on ABC-TV -
Ramtha in 2000 on preparing your “ship” like Noah
“Tune in to Christiane Amanpour’s two-part ABC News special, “Back to the Beginning,” which explores the history of the Bible from Genesis to Jesus. Part one airs on Friday, Dec. 21 and part two on Friday, Dec. 28, both starting at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.
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Ramtha on Europa freezing in 2012
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Ramtha has spoken for 25 years on coastal flooding
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Happy High-Holidays from all of us at RSE
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Student Accomplishments: Ana Mihalcea and Laura Mooney win $10,000 Lotto - attribute School’s training to their win
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Student Accomplishments: Jean Handley’s RSE experiences told in book of poems
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Student Accomplishments: Bosmat Libovsky used School’s training during missile attack on her Israel homeland
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A Community Of People
Submitted by Delores Crowell, Yelm, WA

To be alone is impossible to me
Though I know there are many who would disagree
Could this alone feeling be something we’re taught?
Then the way to change it is a change of thought
We’re a community of people wherever we are
mentally connected however far
We’re one big family on this planet of ours
And then there are cousins among the stars
Where is this aloneness of which people speak?
I think they were taught it and it leaves them weak
We’re in this together and thank God it is true
A community of people includes me and you


Landfill Harmonic - The Recycled Orchestra

Understanding the World of Today
Submitted by an MC2020 reader


This is the month we celebrate the birth of Christ.
Let us find time to pause and deeply contemplate:

The Age of Man, as man, is passing away.
The Age of God, of Christ is unfolding.
It is coming into view in the midst of our holiday preparations.
This unfolding requires change which is often chaotic by nature.
As we experience this chaos in our personal lives we often struggle with it to the point where we pray earnestly for some peace in our lives, even demanding it.
And if we should accomplish that peace,
then chaos has been the facilitator of change.
Chaos, personal and global gives us that opportunity,
for change we must if we are to live in this Age of God.

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