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Issue 316 In This Issue December 15th, 2012

Editors Corner

The news of the day has been dominated by the awful tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. It is hard to think of a classroom full of kindergartners being brutally murdered. It is hard to think about anything else. It is indeed time for a change. A change into a new consciousness where this kind of craziness and evil may not pass.
This day will be remembered in our country forever as a “game changer”. It must. Let the conversation begin. Let our struggling planet redeem itself. Let us be part of that change. Let’s be part of creating a world where children are safe, well fed, sheltered and loved. We are all children of God and deserve to live that dream.

Water, Food, Shelter, this week’s newsletter has it all.  Indeed these are the top 3 world-wide survival concerns.  We are highlighting articles this week that look at the global future of these necessities as well as immediate personal needs.
For those of you who just want to make sure your bases are covered for December 21, our loyal reader and contributor, Carlos Tavares from South Africa has prepared a quick checklist.  Like Santa, you might want to check your list twice. Click here
In Australia they are growing an abundance of food in the desert using solar power and salt water.  Now, that’s a great future technology we can use! Click here  They are growing organic, too.  Let’s hope the GMO crops don’t find their way to the Australian greenhouses in the desert.
Speaking of GMO’s . . .Monsanto is throwing its weight around to bypass France’s new laws banning GMO’s.  Read about it here. Click here
Did you know there were two 6.0+ earthquakes off the coast of California yesterday?  Dutchsinse has that report as well as predictions for other areas to watch in the coming days. Click here
Do we live in a computer simulation?  That is a question I have personally contemplated ever since I saw an episode of Star Trek that took characters out of the holodeck and put them in a computer hard-drive and let them continue their “fantasy world”.  A team of physicists at the University of Washington, think they might be able to test the theory.  What do you think? Click here
There were three suns and a smiley rainbow in the Chinese sky. The pictures are impressive, but what do they portend? Click here
This is the part of the program when we bring you “The Lighter Side” and "Nature Watch".  It is always a welcome relief.  This week we travel deep in the rain forest to spy on the gorgeous, Birds of Paradise. Click here And a very sweet respite with a mother dog and a toddler with Downs Syndrome. Click here
Let’s talk about water, now.  You will be so glad you have your own water supply when you read about the coming “Water Wars” and the Agenda 21 to privatize water supplies of the world. Click here
You will be encouraged when you read about the Green Wall of China that is designed to reclaim the shifting dry desert sands of China.  The simple act of planting trees can stop the loss of massive amounts of land every year. Click here
And finally shelter. . . Shelter comes in all shapes and design. Here is the “Noah’s Ark” pod designed by a farmer in China.  I wonder if it floats? Click here
Let’s end on an inspiration note. A beautiful girl from Uganda becomes a genius at the game of chess and escapes the poverty of the slums. Click here
Next week at this very time will be the winter solstice, December 21, 2012. We hope that we will be preparing your next installment of Newsletter. We wish every one of you a safe journey into the new understanding and safe passage into the “Age of God”. See you there!

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Meteor Watch

Geminid Meteor Shower
Earth is passing through a stream of debris from "rock comet" 3200 Phaethon, source of the annual Geminid meteor shower. Around the world, observers are counting as many as 60 shooting stars per hour, a number which could increase sharply as the shower peaks on the night of Dec. 13-14. Wherever you live, the best time to look is during the dark hours between local midnight and sunrise.

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The Code - Ancient Cultures

Did ancient cultures encode knowledge that could help us survive and thrive today?
The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, National Treasure, Contact… people love the thrillers about some secret code which, if solved, would reveal something of great value. But they are fiction. What if there were a true code – a message encrypted by people centuries ago – a message so important that it could give us access to clean, boundless energy and a template for designing sustainable systems for humanity? And what if there were powers that would stop at nothing to keep this code concealed? This is in fact what 40 years of research led me to and the film, THRIVE, lays out how just such critical and advanced understanding has been sent across time to us from numerous ancient cultures. It has been passed down through stories, icons, buildings, and even alphabets in places all around the world, from Central America, to Egypt, to China. And now, at this critical crossroads in human evolution, it is being de-coded…

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Remedy of the Week

Ever wonder why the “Wise Men” took Frankincense and Myrrh as gifts to the Christ Child? The more I learn about Frankincense the smarter I think those “Wise Men” really were. Watch the video below and see what I mean.

Why Frankincense Why Now

Myrrh essential oil nurtures the soul’s relationship with the maternal mother and with the earth. Myrrh helps the soul to feel the love and nurturing presence of “Mother”.  Similar to nutrient-rich colostrum found in a mother’s milk, Myrrh oil inoculates individuals from the adverse and harmful effects of the world.  Like the warmth of a mother’s love for her child, Myrrh assists individuals in feeling safe and secure. Place 1-3 drops over the heart and inhale throughout the day. (excerpt from Emotional Healing with Essential Oils by Daniel MacDonald)

For more information about the powerful natural medicine of essential oils contact: Anita Marriott 360- 894-6754 or

In Australia contact Deb Stenton;


Fracking Locations / OWNERS NAMES / Substances pumped -- now on Climateviewer

Southern California Earthquakes
Back to Back 6.4M and 6.1M

Food Watch

Growing food in the desert: is this the solution to the world's food crisis?
The scrubby desert outside Port Augusta, three hours from Adelaide, is not the kind of countryside you see in Australian tourist brochures. The backdrop to an area of coal-fired power stations, lead smelting and mining, the coastal landscape is spiked with saltbush that can live on a trickle of brackish seawater seeping up through the arid soil. Poisonous king brown snakes, redback spiders, the odd kangaroo and emu are seen occasionally, flies constantly. When the local landowners who graze a few sheep here get a chance to sell some of this crummy real estate they jump at it, even for bottom dollar, because the only real natural resource in these parts is sunshine.

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GMO Watch

Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize
Just after France legislators and officials moved to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified strain of GMO maize over environmental and health concerns, the European Union has decided to step in and re-secure Monsanto’s presence in the country — against the very will of the nation itself. This should come as no surprise when considering the fact that the United States ambassador to France, a business partner to George W. Bush, stated back in 2007 that nations who did not accept Monsanto’s GMO crops will be ‘penalized’. In fact, ambassador Craig Stapleton went as far as to say that the nations should be threatened with military-styled trade wars.

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Something to Contemplate

Do We Live In A Computer Simulation? UW Researchers Say Idea Can Be Tested
A decade ago, a British philosopher put forth the notion that the universe we live in might in fact be a computer simulation run by our descendants. While that seems far-fetched, perhaps even incomprehensible, a team of physicists at the University of Washington has come up with a potential test to see if the idea holds water. The concept that current humanity could possibly be living in a computer simulation comes from a 2003 paper published in Philosophical Quarterly by Nick Bostrom, a philosophy professor at the University of Oxford. In the paper, he argued that at least one of three possibilities is true:
The human species is likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage.
Any posthuman civilization is very unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of its evolutionary history.
We are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

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Water Watch

The Coming Water Wars
The powers of financial capitalism had (a) far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences…”

Professor Carroll Quigley, Mentor to President Bill Clinton
Very soon, America will be forced into water wars in order to secure the precious asset of water for our people. This will force our people into more wars of occupation in a search for water. Meanwhile, every nation that America conquers, is one less country that the bankers have to worry about taking over. At the end of the day, if America wants water, someday, Americans will have to go to war to obtain water.

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Building the Great Green Wall of China

RSE Newsletter

Student Accomplishments: Michael Knight on incorporating Ramtha’s teachings into his life
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Jean Cho on her ‘extraordinary’ Follow-up experience
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Ron Smith on his lessons from turning on the flashlight 47 out of 50 times
Click here to read article

Student Accomplishments: Carol Martin a light in her world – named Nurse of the Year
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The Passing of a Master
Virginia (Ginny) Harris Celebration of Life

Long time RSE student Virginia (Ginny) Harris passed this plane December 11, 2012 at 3 a.m.

A Memorial is being held on Tuesday, December 18 from 6 pm – 8 pm at the Triad Theater in Yelm. This is Located at the corner of First St and Yelm Avenue E. – catty-corner from Timberland Bank.

Please bring your own wine or beverage to toast Ginny. If you want to speak about your remembrance of Ginny, this would be great.

Triad Theater
Calendar of Events

Order a Pizza and have it delivered to the theater! It's ok to bring your own comfort Food and Drinks.

December 15th: CONVERSATIONS WITH MICEAL on the CERN PROJECT and the MAYANS! Not to be missed!!!  Catered food or bring your own lunch. Lecture at 4pm. $35 admission

December 16 @ 12pm: RETURN TO THE SHIRE (Yelm, that is.) The shire is calling all elves and hobbits, wizards and dwarfs! Anne and Frank are hosting a community Party of Tolkien's Lord of the Ring Series and potluck. Dress up as your favorite entity and bring a tasty hobbity dish, cheeses and breads... Bring seat cushions or mats for comfortable seating. Please arrive at 11:30 am for bringing in food. We start at 12:00 noon sharp. Doors will be locked at that time! Estimated end is between 12 & 1am. Cost: $15 Donation per entity or $20 per couple

December 17th:  HANDEL'S MESSIAH! and Hallelujia Sing Along!! with members of the Olympia Chamber Orchestra. Conducted by Claudia Simpson-Jones, featuring local vocal stars from the community! Doors open 6:30pm. (Festive Seating)We are looking for sponsors to give this bit of culture as a free gift to the community. Please donate checks to Triad Theater at Twin Star Credit Union or/and  email so you can be added on the brochure as a sponsor.

December 18th: Virginia (Ginny) Harris Celebration of Life
A Memorial is being held from 6 pm – 8 pm. Please bring your own wine or beverage to toast Ginny. If you want to speak about your remembrance of Ginny, this would be great.

Coming in January: Live Theater!  ORDINARY PEOPLE. A live theater performance about the backstories we all play until we wake up.

Email the theater at:

Email Jayne at:

These are the only two emails to use to reach Jayne or the theater…Information on the theater is: OR

Earth Watch

ScienceCasts: Why the World Didn't End Yesterday
NASA is so sure the world won’t come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, that they have already released a video for the day after. Early.
Why has NASA decided to release “Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday” today, 10 days prior to the Mayan calendar ‘end date’?
Meanwhile, across the world, meteorites are crashing through the sky, leaving sonic booms and crashing into the ocean all around us. The countdown to a date highly significant to an ancient civilization continues towards who knows really what yet

Asteroids, Quakes and Wild Weather

Triple Suns and Inverted Rainbow Appear Over China
Signs of impending doom or just rare atmospheric phenomena?
Three suns were observed over multiple cities in China’s eastern coastal region on Dec. 10, as well as a “reverse rainbow,” setting off a flurry of comments on the Chinese Internet. A netizen from Nantong City wrote on Nantong Hao Bin Forum that he had witnessed an amazing spectacle Monday morning, according to the Yangtse Evening Post. In the photographs he took, the sun and a pair of smaller bright spots are clearly visible. Netizens from Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou, and Danyang also captured the event—two symmetric bright spots on either side of the sun. While on his way to work at about 9 a.m., Mr. He from Nanjing was surprised to see a rainbow in the shape of a smile, particularly as it had not rained recently; he took photos.

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In The News

The Japanese need Uranium
Uzbekistan a country rich in natural resources, including Uranium, the Japanese are there for it. Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster caused the country to shut down its 50 nuclear reactors within weeks. The media reported Japan planned to move off nuclear energy for good. Some other countries followed, notably Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel shut down all of Germany’s nuclear power plants, instantly removing 41% of Germany’s electric power. But, after all of that, basic economics beats political speechmaking all the time.

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'Noah's Ark' pods roll out ahead of Dec. 21
A farmer in China has created survival capsules equipped with power generators and food supplies.

Bird Watch

Birds-of-Paradise Project Trailer
The variety of birds on Earth is phenomenal.

Technology Watch

Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney

Zen Gardner
Just Wondering

Time Keeps On Slipping
This classic resonates with me more than ever, and may do the same for you. Enjoy the ride. Love, Zen

Quick Check List, Just in Case!
Submitted by MC2020 reader Carlos Tavares, South Africa

Carlos TavaresComplete before the 20th Dec:
  • Fill all you water containers and tanks with fresh water.
  • Stock up on fuel.
  • Check you have enough candles and other lighting.
  • Fill-up you cars.
  • If possible "earth" you car from the 20th, by simply hitting a steal or copper rod(50cm to 1m) into the ground, disconnecting both positive and negative battery terminals, then connecting them via a thick wire or cable to the earthing spike, make sure there is no rust where they make connections. May just save the electronics on in.
  • Do a final buy of fresh products, like milk and vegies, as much as will last.
  • Recharge all your batteries and make sure your battery banks are fully charged if you have solar, then disconnect everything.
  • Put all computers, hardrives and important digital equipment away in a faraday cage.
  • Stay focussed over this time period 20-23 Dec, keep the frequencies up, don't get into panic or fear.
  • Stay at home, no travelling.
  • Good idea to do a lot of "C&E®" over this period.
  • Observe and enjoy the experience, whatever it may turn out to be.
  • Draw money, if we have an EMP you can loose everything that is in the bank.

Ugandan girl escapes slum, finds chess

On The Lighter Side

Sweet Mama Dog Interacting with a Beautiful Child with Downs Syndrome

A picture of Seattle the day after Marijuana was legalized


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Santa’s Elves Prepare for Holiday Feast

Visitors to the Phoenix Rising campus this week may be forgiven for thinking they’ve mistakenly wandered to the North Pole. If you pop into Miss Melody’s room, you’ll find a group of little people, many of them adorned in Santa hats, busily creating luminaries and other decorations for next week’s feast. Drop by the loft and you’ll find yourself in the midst of a holiday performance rehearsal. “The performance practices are going really well,” says director Audrey Goodwin-Arpin. “The children are excited about performing and are working really hard.” This year’s program will include dancing, singing, acting, gymnastics and poetry.

The event will be both a community celebration and a fundraising opportunity for all parents who are working to achieve their P.O.W.E.R. Fund commitment for the year. “We decided that any tickets sold or bought by parents would go directly to that parent’s P.O.W.E.R. Fund,” says Executive Director Aaron Rodriguez. “The model that we’re building for this school relies on our parents to be champions and help us raise funds, and for most, that’s something entirely new, but the efforts that some parents are making are showing us that this model works.”

Click here to read full article

The Phoenix Rising School
Invites You to 
Holiday Feast 2012

Wednesday, December 19th 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m
Lake Lawrence Community Club, 15735 Topaz Ln. Yelm, WA
Cost: $25.00. Children 16 and under half price. Children under 5 - free.


What Is It? A holiday feast prepared entirely by the Phoenix Rising parents and staff, featuring a festive performance by our students and hand-crafted centerpieces and decorations they made especially for the occasion.

Who Does It Support?  Children. Parents. Phoenix Rising. A portion of the proceeds for all tickets sold online will go toward Phoenix Rising School programs. Every parent will also be receiving four tickets to sell and those proceeds will go directly toward the P.O.W.E.R. fund for their child and help them acheive their fundraising commitments for the year. If you would like your ticket purchase to go toward a particular child's P.O.W.E.R. fund, contact that parent and buy your ticket from them.

What's In it For Me? A celebration of community, a chance to connect with friends and family, a delicious home-cooked meal and the knowledge that you are helping to create the future with these children.

Click here to purchase your tickets today OR contact a Phoenix Rising parent directly.

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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