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Issue 303 In This Issue August 25th, 2012

Editors Corner

The last days of August are upon us.  Summer vacation is coming to a close for school children.  Phoenix Rising School is getting ready to reboot as well, integrating a new outdoor education program. There is a special Open House this Sunday for anyone who would like to learn about Phoenix Rising School, take a tour and talk with the teaching team. Click here
Also, on the Phoenix Rising Campus this Saturday, August 25, don’t miss the day of free workshops and demonstrations including, Bicycle Powered Generators and other self-sufficiency products. Click here Newsletter this week is featuring several articles focusing on our most precious natural resource, pure, fresh, water. We learned that water is constantly being made in space. Click here  Learn how “fracking” for natural gas is polluting much of our fresh water aquifers. Click here  Study seven most common ways of purifying your water. Click here  Read about the research using lime juice to make water safer. Click here In the deep ocean waters, life abounds in the most spectacular ways. David Gallo narrates an extraordinary video of life in the deep, dark sea. Click here

Now, are you ready for a laugh? Click here here to watch a hilarious interview Jay Leno does with the coolest 100 year old lady. She will crack you up.

In “Technology Watch” you will be inspired by the accomplishments of a 16 year old who is doing successful cancer studies based on his original research.  Now, that’s using your brain! Click here

“Death by China” is a documentary that is now showing at the Triad Theater. Check the Community Calendar for dates and times. Click here  The producer sits down for an interview and addresses some of the controversial issues the documentary addresses. Click here

Miceal Ledwith, affectionately known as “Father”, has shared a story with us he wrote about a healer named John of God.  Miceal tells of his visit to meet this amazing man and details what he observed. Be sure and read to the end of the story and see the autograph Miceal was given. Click here  Thanks, Miceal for sharing this story with  By the way, Miceal is starting a new series of “Conversations with Miceal”.  Check the Community Calendar for dates and times. Click here

The ads this week have some great offerings. How about a foot detoxification treatment? Click here  Dr. T is coming to town. Click here  And the homes and land range from $68,000 to $900,000—something for every budget.  Real Estate Ads Click here

Thanks for sharing a part of your week with us. It is great to check in with you on a weekly basis. Have fun this week—you deserve it!

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The Paranormal Healing of John of God
Miraculous Healings in Brazil
By Miceal Ledwith

Every week thousands of people from all over the world congregate on a small village about an hours drive from the capital of Brazil. Most of them have at least one thing in common, some crippling physical or mental disease that conventional medicine has failed to remedy. Between four hundred to two thousand people per day process before an individual who must by any standards be regarded as a phenomenon in the field of spiritual surgery and healing.

The person at the center of all this is seventy year old Joao Teixeira de Faria, more affectionately known as “John of God,” a name he shares with two other significant historical figures, the renowned Portuguese/Spanish Mystic of the sixteenth century, and the great 19th century Portuguese poet. All three of them attained worldwide renown despite their total indifference to public opinion or the cultivation of personal fame.

It wasn’t until de Faria was sixteen that his life began to show signs of what he would later become. When he was out of work, penniless and hungry, he went and sat by a stream and waterfall in deep despair. He says a beautiful lady came and told him to go to a local Spiritist center where he was expected. When he arrived there, he lost consciousness, and when he came to he was told that he had healed many individuals and performed several surgeries on the people at the Center. He had no recollection of it and said he had simply fainted because of lack of food but after being given an excellent supper he was invited back the following afternoon when he once again lost consciousness and healed a large number of people. This was how his healing career was launched that has continued now for over fifty years.

Click here to read full article

A version of this article appeared recently in SuperConsciousness Magazine

Water Watch

Do you know where your water is coming from???
Here is Josh Fox's follow-up to his hit underground documentary film, 'Gasland,' about the misinformation that he claims is propagated by the hydraulic fracking industry. Fox refutes the industry's claims that fracking is clean and safe.

How to Make Drinking Water Safer with Natural Disinfection Processes
It's estimated that half of all hospital beds in the world are occupied by people who have become sick from drinking contaminated water. In fact, over 1 billion people (or about one-sixth of the world's population) do not have access to safe drinking water, and millions in developing countries die each year from water-related diseases.1 In third-world countries, sunlight exposure is often used to help make water safer, but this natural disinfection process can take anywhere from six to 48 hours (depending on cloud cover and so on). Now researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have found a simple twist to make this disinfection method even more powerful, not to mention much faster … Lime Juice and Sunlight Can Help Make Water Safer

Click here to read full article

Seven Ways to Purify Water
by Dr. David Williams

Clearing up the confusion about methods and products
Water is one of the few substances that you put into your body every day of your life. Weeks, months or even a lifetime of drinking so-called “safe” or “approved” water could prove to be one of your biggest health risks.
Even “approved” drinking water under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, may contain specified amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury, radioactive particles and a long list of other poisons. All of which have been shown to accumulate in body tissue over time, leading to illness and even death.
There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there on methods and products being used to clean drinking water. I’ll try to clear up some of that confusion and give you an overview of current water purification methods for both home and industry. Plus, I’ll show you how to determine which method or methods are best for you.

Click here to read full article

Starwater and Noctilucent Clouds
by Zen Gardner
The idea that water is constantly being created and readily available throughout space is rocking the scientific world. The fundamental idea of an alive, dynamic constantly creating regenerative Universe has been known for ages, and is no doubt more of the empowering information sequestered by the covert knowledge lords. After all, it’s implications are profound. The Universe is an alive, multi-dimensional wonder of inherent eternal life and infinite possibility. We are all inter-connected and empowered by this same dynamic force. That everything is plasma interacting in an electrically charged medium constantly creating water, stars, planets, comets and who knows what else is not exactly the finite, controllable model we’ve been indoctrinated with.

Click here to read full article

Weather Watch

The Arctic Ice Crisis
Greenland’s glaciers are melting far faster than scientists expected
There's no place on Earth that's changing faster – and no place where that change matters more – than Greenland. Late last month, NASA reported that ice all across the vast glacial interior of the world's largest island was melting – a "freak event" that hadn't occurred for at least 150 years. The alarming discovery briefly focused the media's attention on a place that rarely makes headlines. RAPID ICE MELT BAFFLES SCIENTISTS, The Wall Street Journal declared. In fact, scientists weren't baffled at all – a paper published just weeks before had predicted that an abrupt, islandwide melt was imminent. The rapid loss of ice is only the latest in a chain of events that have upended conventional understanding of how the Earth's "cryosphere" – its frozen places – behave.

Click here to read full article

Arctic sea ice melt set to break record

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math
Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe - and that make clear who the real enemy is
If the pictures of those towering wildfires in Colorado haven't convinced you, or the size of your AC bill this summer, here are some hard numbers about climate change: June broke or tied 3,215 high-temperature records across the United States. That followed the warmest May on record for the Northern Hemisphere – the 327th consecutive month in which the temperature of the entire globe exceeded the 20th-century average, the odds of which occurring by simple chance were 3.7 x 10-99, a number considerably larger than the number of stars in the universe.

Click here to read full article

Ballpoint Pen Art

Artist Samuel Silva's Incredible Photorealistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings
Look closely... it may be hard to hard to believe but the images below are actually drawings made by Portugal-based attorney, Samuel Silva. Silva, who describes his art as a “hobby," uses standard ballpoint pens for many of his drawings, sometimes working on a piece for over 45 hours. Scroll down for more images. For his “Redhead Girl,” based on the photograph by Russian photographer Kristina Taraina, he used seven different colored ballpoint pens which took some 30 hours to finish. To create such vibrant colors, Silva “cross hatches” in layers to give off the illusion of additional hues and depth.

Click here to read full article

TED Talks

David Gallo: Underwater astonishments

RSE Newsletter

Ramtha’s Assay, August 17-22, 2012 – Event Links
Click here for event links

Death by China

Are We Really Facing "Death by China"?

Remedy of the Week
Diabetic Neuropathy

Aroma Touch Blend contains CPTG® essential oils of basil, grapefruit, cypress, marjoram, peppermint, and lavender.

In 2004 my mother had three of her toes amputated from diabetic neuropathy. She was in constant pain because of poor circulation as a side effect of type II diabetes. Her legs stung like they had gone to sleep. They kept her awake all night unless she was heavily sedated. I wish I had known about the powerful, natural medicine in essential oils when she was suffering. Now that I know, I want to pass along this information to everyone I know in hopes that you will pass it on to someone who needs to know. The following protocol has been used with tremendous success.

Click here to read full article

For more information on essential oils contact Anita Marriott 360-894-6754 or email
And now in Australia you can contact Deb Stenton

On The Lighter Side

100 year-old Idaho woman on Jay Leno show

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.

August 25th: Free demonstrations at Phoenix Rising School
Click here for info (or scroll for to Phoenix Rising School)

August 25th @ 10 am: Rainier Community Garden FREE "Food Preservation Workshop" with Lois Willman, WSU Certified Master Food Preserver and Safety Advisor. Bring your pressure canner gauges to be tested for accuracy. *Gauge testing costs $2/gauge covers the use of Lewis County's testing equipment. 308 Second Street West
Contact: Angie or Mike Karnes: (360) 446-2205 Cell: (360) 561-099 or Jeannine at

August 27th @ 6 pm: Rainier Community Garden Monthly Meeting
The Garden location at the south end, Rainier High School parking lot by the large greenhouse. 308 Second Street West
Contact: Angie or Mike Karnes: (360) 446-2205 Cell: (360) 561-099 or Jeannine at

August 28th 7-8:30pm: Free Essential Oil Education Class — Kid Care with Essential Oils
Learn to comfort and help young bodies heal from allergies to temper tantrums. We have a new easy to use Kid Care Chart that will help you more easily adopt essential oils as your “go-to” remedy for your families healthcare. It is more safe and cost effective than “modern medicines”. Come see for yourself and hear others success stories. You will also learn the smartest way to purchase certified pure therapeutic oils.  Host: Anita Marriott
Location: The doTERRA classroom , 17008 146th Ave SE, Yelm. Call for directions 360-894-6754

August 29th @ 7pm: Death by China playing at The Triad Theater in Yelm
Other show dates and times are:
September 1st at 10am & 2pm
September 2nd at 12pm
Click here for more info 

September 15th: Conversations with Miceal, new Triad group #2 starts
Subsequent event dates: Sept. 29th, October 13th, 27th, November 10th, 17th, 24th and final class #8 is December 15th.  All start with a potluck at 5:30pm so bring your favorite dish to share if you desire to partake, also bring wine/drink.  Miceal's talk starts at 6pm sharp.  Plan on staying a while and learning a lot, can go until 2-3am.  Reservations are now being taken for event #1 Sept. 15th.  Cost: A $35 contribution is requested.  These dates are subject to change due to Ram or JZ calling an event.
Click here for more info

Sundays through October 28th, 11am to 4pm: Yelm Farmers Market
Located at 2nd Street between McKenzie and Mosman (by the skate park at Yelm City Park)
Vegetables, Vegetable Starts, Flowers, Meats, Breads, Artisans, “food on the go”.
For their current newsletter, click here
For more information see website

A DIY (Do It Yourself) Civilization

Can we create the machines of modern life sustainably, cheaply, and close to home?
A baker’s oven, a backhoe, a well drilling rig. According to social entrepreneur Marcin Jakubowski, these are a few of the 50 machines essential for any society to sustain a modern, comfortable lifestyle. But these machines are not only essential, explains Leifur Thor, they’re also expensive, hard to repair and designed to be obsolete in a few years. Thor volunteers with Open Source Ecology, a non-profit Jakubowski founded to develop the Global Village Construction Set. The set will comprise durable, modular machines that people can build and maintain themselves with sustainable, locally available materials—often scrap metal.

Click here to read full article

Technology Watch

US teen invents advanced cancer test using Google


Severe weather overview
Tropical storm Isaac
Hail, possible Tornadoes

Heath Watch

NIH steps up precautions after superbug attack

West Nile outbreak largest ever in U.S.

'Chemtrails' Propaganda Alert! "Cities, counties nationwide begin mass aerial sprayings of toxic 'anti-West Nile Virus' pesticides"
Dallas County, Texas, and several nearby towns and cities in the Dallas area are currently being forcibly sprayed with toxic insecticides as part of a government effort to supposedly eradicate mosquitoes that may be carriers of West Nile virus (WNv). The mass sprayings, which are ramping up all across the country, involve blanketing entire areas with chemicals sprayed via airplanes, a highly controversial protocol that threatens not only all other insects and animals exposed, but also humans. According to the City of Dallas, more than 380 state-confirmed cases of WNv have been reported throughout Texas this year, and at least 16 people in the Lone Star State have died in conjunction with the virus.

Click here to read full article

In The News

Tesla museum campaign exceeds fund-raising target
A museum dedicated to electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla is set to be built, after The Oatmeal website exceeded a target of raising $850,000. Launched less than a week ago, the campaign was set up to buy Tesla's old laboratory in Shoreham, New York. About 21,000 people have donated more than $900,000 (£570,000), with 39 days of the crowd-funding campaign to go. The Serbian-American inventor is best known for his work on alternating current, radio, and electromagnetism. "Wow, someone just donated $33,000 at the last minute and put us over our goal! $873,169 REACHED!" tweeted The Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman, who launched the campaign on the IndieGoGo crowd-funding website. "With the matching grant from NY State, this puts us at $1.7m raised in six days to try and buy the property. FAN-GODDAMN-TASTIC," he added in another tweet.

Click here to read full article

Earth Watch

10 nuclear events in 10 days

(1) August 8, 2012 – Doel 3 nuclear reactor, Doel Nuclear Power Station - Shutdown

(2) August 12, 2012 – Maryland, Calvert Cliffs – Shutdown
(3) August 12, 2012 - Connecticut, Millstone Power Station – Shutdown
(4) August 12, 2012 - Michigan, Palisades – Shutdown
(5) August 14, 2012 - Minnesota, Prairie Island – Shutdown
(6) August 14, 2012 - Minnesota, Monticello – Shutdown
(7) August 16, 2012 – Michigan, Fermi – Loss of data

Click here for more events and details

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Sanctuary in Tenino

Step inside this private sanctuary and live as nature intended. You’ll watch the elk and deer roam from most any room of this exquisite 3 bedroom, 2 full bathroom home on 8 acres, remodeled with high quality materials and sovereign living in mind. Vaulted ceilings, pale oak laminate flooring, and wood trim throughout. Ceramic tiled flooring and counters in bathrooms. Open living room with wood stove. Sun room roof of imported plastic 10x stronger than glass and free standing propane stove. Master bedroom with built in floor to ceiling shelving, walk in closet and bathroom. Wrapped covered decking with built in seating area. Attached 2 car carport and detached 2 car garage. Terraced landscaping with imported rockery. 3 enclosed garden areas with elk fencing watering systems. Concrete raised beds, two finished detached food storage rooms. Well with hand-pump. Man made seasonal pond. Wired for generator. 2 extra RV hookups. High elevation and rolling land. A completely private paradise. Owner financing possible with large down. $379,000. By appointment only. MLS #: 396894 2929 Nature Ln, Tenino.  Click here for more
Call Yelm Real Estate at 360-400-YELM (9356) or visit our website at “Welcome Home”

Magnificent 20 Acre Estate
Sale fail.....back on the market

Private Charming Country Craftsman's Estate on 20+ Secluded Acres in Rainier. Built w/ sovereignty in mind: alternative energy systems & 12" concrete form construction. Two and a half levels (4825sf) of spacious living areas. Screened-in porch off great room w/trussed ceilings. Master overlooks gazebo & seasonal pond. All hi-end propane appliances; bright solarium dining room w/ vaulted ceilings. Corner master bedrm w/fabulous views; 5pc bath set, walk-in closets and walk-up meditation (bonus) center. 3 bedrms, den, family rm, rootceller, laundry/project rec rm. The land is magnificent. 32X60 metal multi-purpose barn w/1200sf 2 bedrm guest quaters, 32x12 tool & garden storage area and 32X24 equipment parking. Covered RV parking, 12 cord woodshed...fenced organic gardens w/ raspberries, kiwis and 5 kinds of fruit trees all on 520' elevation. Everything is here and ready for someone who wants it all now...$899,000 MLS# 201169.  Twenty additional acres also available. Click here for more
Peg Stanfield - 'The Country Property Specialist' RE2K
5 Gorgeous Acres
Stunning Home! $350,000

Exquisite, completely private Garden of Eden! Interior design starts with 3 sets of French doors leading to deck. Functional floor plan features arches, skylights, oversized windows, & 9' ceilings. Kitchen is complete with maple cabinetry & eating bar/island. Open living area with cozy woodstove. Massive master bedroom with walk-in closet, full bath & office. Water fountain, gardening area & mature fruit trees compliment the landscape. Cement planked siding & shutters. Electric gate & completely fenced. 2 car garage. Mobile home is an added plus for guests or use as a rental for added income. Elevation 395 ft. #386786 $350,000
RE/MAX Country and The Cynthia Schmier Team - For All Your Real Estate Needs 360-400-3475

Safe, Secluded, Unique!

Unique, very secluded wooded south facing hillside 5 acre parcel on Deschutes river with building site 70' above the river,@478' elev. Keep cool on a hot day or fish from the banks of your property - the Deschutes is a small pristine river. Property is very safe as evaluated by Geo-Tech Engineer in the past. Power @ road, siphon septic system possible (doesn't require electricity). Well to be drilled by buyer. Neighbors claim to have best water possible. Property used to have view of Mt. Rainier, and can again if trees are groomed. mls#396071 $68000 Click here for more
"Voted Best Agent" 2006-2009 - BO FOSTER
- Signature Service Real Estate, Rainier

Ready to Build

Do not miss the opportunity to build on this very beautiful and private park like 5 acres just minutes to Yelm, Rainier and JBLM. Ready to build with transformer power box, drilled well and 3 bedroom septic installed on the property. Fully fenced with gated entry. Private easement road. Gentle slope may allow you to capture a Mt Rainier view. Sandy loam soils with few rocks makes developing this land a breeze. No known wetlands. Manufactured homes ok and no HOA! Easy to finance with utilities on site for a construction loan. You will love this land. 17215 148th Ave SE, Yelm 98597 MLS # 382754 $115,000.  Click here for more
Call Yelm Real Estate at 360-400-YELM (9356) or visit our website at “Welcome Home”

Peg Stanfield
"The Country Property Specialist"

Click on the link to view and choose from the many splendid homes currently being marketed internationally through Peg Stanfield at  Completely Sovereign 40 acre Country Craftsman, Charming 5 acre Equestrian Estates, Secluded 80 acre Equestrian Dream, or Spacious European Design Home on 20 acres!
Find Land to build all you desire: Magnificent Mountain and TerritorialViews, Charming 34 acres with Meandering Creek or Lake Access, Acres and acres of Magnificent, Secluded, High and Dry Land!
Trust your real estate needs to Peg Stanfield, "The Country Property Specialist" with over 25 years of experience in Thurston and Pierce Counties! Click here for more

Elk Heights
New Homes on 5 Acres! $394,500

Gated Community! Stone exterior accents & covered front porch! 4 bdrm & 2.5 baths. Huge kitchen with island opens to living room & eating nook! Beautiful stained cherry wood cabinets, slab granite counters, under mounted sink & stainless steel appliances! Den with closet. Gorgeous hardwood floors & stained wood trim throughout. Oil rubbed bronze fixtures. 9 ft ceilings! Laundry room upstairs for convenience. Fabulous covered back patio perfect for entertaining or relaxing! 3 car garage! 5 acre lot! Must See Home! Elevation 435 ft. Other lots still available! #259974! $394,500
RE/MAX Country and The Cynthia Schmier Team - For All Your Real Estate Needs 360-400-3475

RV Space for Rent

This is the view from this covered RV space on 20 acres with all utilities, including an inside bathroom. Premier location in gated community McIntosh Ridge, 600 or so foot elevation and ultimate privacy. Looking for a clean, organized and responsible person, available Aug 1 $400/mo. 360 239-1316.
Idyllic Log Cabin

If you are looking for a sanctuary to contemplate, heal, write a book or paint a masterpiece, this is THE place. A handmade wood/log cabin, complete with claw foot tub and peaceful pond. PLUS separate insulated studio/guest cottage, both nestled in this secluded landscaped woodland with access to the Deschutes River. BBQ patio, deck with hot tub, deck off bedroom, artistic details throughout, beautifully landscaped pond and paths - so many details that make this a year round dream home. Two parcels included in sale for total acreage. Recent survey on file in office. Click here for more
"Voted Best Agent" 2006-2009 - BO FOSTER
- Signature Service Real Estate, Rainier

EarthWave Living

Dr. T in Rainier Sept. 2nd
Skin Growth and Blemish Removal

Dr. Tel-Oren, MD (Europe), CCN, DACBN, LN will be in Rainier Sunday September 2nd seeing patients between 8:30am and 4pm . By appointment only - Skin Growth and Blemish Removal - Gentle, Non-surgical, Painless, Esthetic, Guaranteed Removal of most types of skin blemishes... Click here for more
Elysium Medical Center
Pure & Clean Foot Detoxification

Today, We Are Exposed To The Greatest Toxic Load In The History Of Our Planet.
Common complaints range from fatigue, mental fogginess, headaches, along with general aches and pains in the body. At times, it seems as though 
the body can't always detoxify fast enough.  At Elysium Medical Center, we offer Pure & Clean Foot Detoxification 
which has been used for Plantar Fasciitis as well other types of foot pain. 40 minutes session $45.00. Detox packages available Click here for more

Food Storage for Sale

Mountain house freeze dried #10 cans purchased in 2008/2009 with 25 yr shelf life and kept in above ground controlled temperature. Prices shown are per can. These prices are 40% off current pricing. 4 cans spaghetti w/meat sauce $15 per can, 4 cans beef stroganoff $16 per can 4 cans vegetable stew $17 per can, 4 cans noodles and chicken $19 per can, 4 cans beef stew $20 per can, 4 cans lasagna w/meat sauce $21, 4 cans rice pilaf $21 per can, 4 cans turkey tetrazzini $22 per can, 8 cans seafood chowder $23 per can, 4 cans instant white rice $10 per can, 4 cans iced cooked chicken $29 per can, 4 cans garden green peas $12.50 per can, 4 cans garden green beans $14, 4 cans corn $13, 4 cans scrambled eggs w bacon $19, 4 cans blueberry cheesecake $14.50, 4 cans granola milk & blueberries $38.50 Honeyville 12 cans steel cut oats $7 per can. Call (360) 359-3355

Yelm Refrigeration
Refrigeration * Air Conditioning * Heating

Certified Master Accredited Technician
Over 40 years on the Job Experience!
*Walk in Refrigeration-Freezers * Any type of Refrigeration-Residential-Commerical-Industrial * Any Type of HEATING-heatpumps-ductless heatpumps-gas-electric * Water heaters-Water filters-Water tanks *
"Well Pump Service-Fast" Submersible pump replacement 5 year warranty.
Free service calls to local residences
Alternative energy products, services and supplies
Propane tanks Used-New
Click here for more 

Elysium Medical Clinic

Offering a medically supervised weight management program used by a group of California physicians since 1973
The program - inital visit $65
Your initial visit will include:
Consultation & Orientation, Complete medical evaluation, Medical history review, Physical exam, Lab review & assessment, Individualized medication program (if prescribed), Nutritional assessment, B-12 injection, Weight & body measurements, Blood pressure, Exercise assessment, Patient program book
New Patients 1st four visites $30/week (regularly $35 weekly)
Ask about our "Complimentary Week" referral program!
Discounts for military, seniors, fire, police & medical personnel Click here for more
Elysium Medical Center, Inc. 360-400-1200

Office Space Available

New 13 x 7 office space for rent: $325. (includes utilities). Join our team of professional practitioners in our medical health care center. We offer traditional, as well as alternative, health care services in a supportive, growing environment. First & last, one year lease with option to extend. Located in the Burnett Center across from the RSE Ranch. Click here for more
Elysium Medical Center, Inc. 360-400-1200
The Survival Center
The Survival Center's Underground Shelters have the smallest foot print and the least exposure before, during and after installation.

Click here for Deluxe Underground Shelter Page
Click here for Budget Underground Shelter Page
Click here for Quick and Easy Installation Video
Air Tight and Water Proof.
Stealth Installations and Operation.

Yelm Farm and Pet

Yelm Farm and Pet is a family owned and operated local business. The business houses farm supplies, livestock feed, general pet necessities, pet feed, fencing supplies, farm equipment, propane, vet supplies and much more, including organic products! We want the store to be a "one-stop shop for everything livestock, pet, andfarm." We manufacture custom gates, panels, sprinklers, and livestock equipment. If we don't have a product in stock, ask us and we will try to find it. Our staff is knowledgeableand friendly. We are members of the local Chamber of Commerce and participate throughout the year in a variety of community events.
Click for More Info

Click here for their newsletter and coupons

Nature’s Medicine

Essential Oils pass through the cell wall to kill viruses inside the cell and restore DNA to its original configuration.
Learn more about essential oils at:
Optimum Preparedness

JZ Rose

Herve Gambs Luxury Home Fragrances at JZ Rose

Bicycle Powered Generator

Bicycle Powered Generators are the solution for creating your own sustainable energy. Get healthy & Fit as you tone your muscles and improve your heart’s health while you GENERATE POWER. Create the power you need during power outages and be Self-Sufficient. Have POWER on Demand as you pedal: rain or shine, day and night. You can Recharge your cell phone, laptop, lights, music (CD/MP3/ DVD) directly or recharge a Battery/Pack with your power stored in it to operate a wide range of small appliances/devices. Click here for more
Most Recent RSE Mailers

JZ requested this film be brought to Yelm

Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

PRS Team Learns About Climate Change First Hand

How does this sound: a visit to one of America’s most beautiful and least visited national parks, complete with an emerald green lake to swim in, snow covered peaks to gaze at, and three amazing meals a day (with dessert!). Throw in a chance to learn about climate change directly from scientists who’ve been studying it for twenty years, collaborate with other teachers from around the state and get a crash course in designing curriculum on this compelling topic. Are you sold yet? Oh, and by the way – it’s free.

Five Phoenix Rising staff members got to experience all of the this and more at the Cascades Climate Challenge Teacher Workshop presented by the Environmental Learning Center and the North Cascades Institute (NCI) in August. Jonathan Wood and Sonya El Debssi (elementary school facilitators), Jeevan Anandasakaran, Heidi Smith and Sophie Sykes (middle school facilitators) spent five days studying the science of climate change and the inherent challenges in communicating – and educating – effectively on a subject that remains controversial in the U.S. despite a global consensus from the scientific community. “It was a great opportunity to meet other teachers who are interested in our world and our environment, connect with resources, and get lesson plans that will help us integrate our outdoor program,” says Sophie.

Click here to read full article

August 25th: Free demonstrations at Phoenix Rising School

Saturday 4:00-7:00 pm - Solar Heat & Hot Water Workshop
Back again by popular demand
Thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered, and participated in the Solar Hot Water Workshops held at the Phoenix Rising School. The events have totally exceeded our expectations.
So many folks have in the area have already purchased their Solar Water Systems and the testimonials are rolling in. Come and learn more about the benefits, diversity and uses for you, your family and our community.
Click here for more info

*Free Demo at Phoenix Rising School
BICYCLE POWERED GENERATORS are the solution for creating sustainable energy and fuel free by your own Human Power.
*Pedal this bike, get healthy & Fit as you tone your muscles and improve your heart’s health while you GENERATE POWER.  Create the power you need during power outages and be Self-Sufficient.  You are the Fuel! Have POWER on Demand as you pedal: rain or shine, day and night.
Click here for more info

4pm to 7pm: Northwest Biosand Water Filters will be at Phoenix Rising School, 13411 Cedar Grove Lane, Rainier to demonstrate this simple yet highly effective water filtering technology made from local materials.
Contact Robin Lee or Wayne Medrud at 360-894-4328

The Phoenix Rising School
Providing a dynamic, hands-on learning environment for children ages 3 - 13
Outdoor Education


Sunday, August 26
5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
13411 Cedar Grove Lane SE
Rainier, WA


  • Tour the 10 acre campus
  • Meet and speak with our
    teaching team
Civic Engagement
Artisitic Expression
Scientific Exploration

Who is the Phoenix Rising School? Click here to find out!

For more information about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

Impact the future NOW, invest in our children TODAY!
Donate Online to The Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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