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Issue 259 In This Issue September 4th, 2011

Editors Corner

First, let me admit I am in complete information overload/hangover. Along with many of you I spent 10 hours with our beloved teacher yesterday. I am hoping that the event becomes available on demand on Ramtha TV because it definitely deserves thorough study and contemplation. Today I am doing my best to remember everything he said and how he said it. Timelines are a bit of a blur to me right now, but I hope my notes will clarify that a bit. I am so grateful to have witnessed this teaching. Ram called it his “opus”. For me it tied the loose ends of 30 years of information into a web of knowledge that makes perfect sense. So, my friends, if you have not heard this information, do what you can to watch it, it is an amazing gift of love from our teacher.
We delayed publishing this week’s newsletter because of the event yesterday. We wanted to make sure that you had the latest information available on the issues that concern our readership. Big news; Elenin is not a comet, it is a spaceship on its way to join the other spaceships that are already here and crowding the earth’s upper atmosphere. I will not attempt to explain their mission—I will leave that to Ramtha. I will only say it is reassuring to know that they are here because our awakening species is important to them.
This week’s newsletter brings you other preparedness articles: 10 Lessons From People Who Lived Through The Depression and After a Disaster: Twelve Unexpected Things Victims Need. Both of these articles were sent to us by readers. We love it that you pass along great information that you want to share. Link here. Thank You.
Our “Stump Stove” article of the week comes to us from Jennifer and Jason Nordberg, of Missoula, MT. This is the coolest, I mean warmest thing!  I have personally enjoyed a stump stove campfire and it is an amazing way to enjoy a campfire without the hassle. You can cook on it, too. Good info for times without power. Link here
Speaking of time without power.. . . Be sure to watch Electronic Armageddon. Ram mentioned this National Geographic video during the event yesterday. Link here
In our Inspiration Column this week we are featuring an amazing physics video about the interconnectedness of all life. You don’t have to be a mathematician to be inspired. You will want to set aside some time to watch it, maybe pop some corn and sit back. It is 1 ½ hours long, but worth watching. Link here
Instead of a Recipe of the Week this week we have a Remedy of the Week. Just in case you find yourself stressed by the excitement of the approaching events, stop and smell the lavender. It works. Link here
It helps me to stay calm and grounded to connect with my friends. Yesterday, Ram encouraged us to be there for each other like our grandparents were for each other during the Great Depression and WWII. MastersConnection2020 will continue to be here for you, too. So, reach out and connect with us wherever you are in the world. You matter to us. God bless.
Article of the Week
Stump Stove
By Jason & Jen Nordberg

This summer, whether camping or just hanging out with friends around our fire pit, we have enjoyed this fun and simple “Stump Stove”.  It is easily created using a stump and a drill and will provide you with 4-5 hours of light, heat and a cooking source.  The 3 Burn Holes allow the “Stump Stove” to burn from the inside-out with minimal smoke, while the outside of the stump remains cool, allowing the Stump It Stove to be portable in the initial stages of burning.  Another great advantage to the “Stump Stove” is that it is easily extinguished and can be relit at another time.  Campfire party delayed due to unforeseen weather?  Just pour some water on the “Stump Stove”, safely store it away and pull it out to be relit when your friends come over again to make S'mores, or to relax and enjoy the mesmerizing fire with a glass of red wine.

Here is a quick and simple way to make your own “Stump Stove”.  May it provide you and yours with an easily portable campfire to be enjoyed both now and in the future.

Click here to read full article

Making the Connection

Masters on the March

Thank You from the Japanese

I had been wanting to write this letter to all the people who helped the Japanese pilgrims. On behalf of the Japanese students who came to Yelm after the call, THANK YOU for all the love that was sent their way. It was an overwhelming fourth seal response. So overwhelming that after finding shelter for the sixty plus people, starting with the considerations of proximity to basic needs, transportation and frequency specificness of guest and host, I was overwhelmed physically. The numbers of the generous offers were more than I can handle and I still have so many emails and phone calls that I haven't replied. Ramtha says we should never say I'm sorry but this time I would like to apologize for not responding personally to all the offers of help due to the sheer number of them.

To all that offered, that is an investment in your future. Thank you for your phenomenal love to all the host families, people who helped the Japanese personally, who donated money and items and who helped them in many ways. Thank you for teaching English for them, Rene, Jana and Juliana. Thank you, Michiko, Nori, Mariko, Ken and Thea. There are so many people we would like to thank.

Special Thanks to: Steve Klein, Charlie Roy, Sharon Olson, Jenise Mugler, Jan Jones, Virginia, Sherry Loertscher who went way beyond the call of duty or love in their effort. A collective bow to you. You will not be forgotten.

The Japanese who came here are now having the second phase and making efforts to make their future.



At the Nexus Conference in July 2010, physicist Nassim Haramein presented new concepts explaining how we are all interconnected and can access infinite knowledge
Submitted by an MC2020 reader
In The News

Why have the Northern Lights moved south?

The Northern lights, it seems, have moved further south and have been visible from countries including Germany and Denmark. So what exactly is causing this spectacle? And how long will it last?

Click here to read full article.

Magnetic mysteries of Earth's Core

Earthquakes, explosions and observations of Earth's ever-changing magnetic field are helping scientists open up a new window on the heart of our planet.

Click here to read full article.

Black Hole Eats Star: Researchers Detail Astounding Cosmic Occurrence

Prepare to have your mind blown.
Back in March, when NASA's Swift spacecraft first detected what scientists believed to be a black hole eating a star 3.8 billion light years from earth, many didn't quite know what it would mean. But now it seems the cosmic event not only sent a beam of X-rays shooting towards earth, but it also rejuvenated the black hole.
NASA has put together a short video imagining the event, which you can see for yourself.

Click here to read full article.

Remedy of the Week
Antidote for Stress

If all the earth changes and political battles above and below the earth are stressing you out—look to the frequency of nature to restore you.
Rub a couple of drops of lavender essential oil on the soles of your feet, sit for a minute and breathe deeply.
On The Lighter Side

A lightning strike gives a vivid backdrop to the iconic Eiffel Tower, while the Paris landmark is illuminated in vibrant blue lights

Photographer Lincoln Harrison puts a new spin on shooting stars

AT first glance these spectacular swirls of colour may look like clever computer trickery.

They are, in fact, the product of hours of painstaking night-time shooting by photographer Lincoln Harrison, the Herald Sun reported.

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Kleiner's Korner

Check the MastersConnection2020 regularly for updates to Kleiner’s Korner.
Hot Topics

Submitted by an MC2020 reader
10 Lessons From People Who Lived Through The Depression

If you've got it, use it
Wanda Bridgeforth was hit hardest on the home front as a child, when her parents couldn't afford to keep her with them. At one point she lived with 19 people—in a six room house. It was in these situations that she learned to conserve what she had, and reuse what she found.

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Submitted by an MC2020 reader
After a Disaster: Twelve Unexpected Things Victims Need

By: Kathryn Williams
The feeling that pervades the hours and days after a natural disaster is often one of helplessness. But if anything, the devastating earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods, forest fires, mud slides, even a tsunami and a volcanic eruption, of the past five years—enough to make one wonder if the Mayans were onto something—have taught us that the flip side of every disaster is the opportunity to help those around us. Every natural disaster is a reminder of humanity’s extraordinary capacity for compassion and generosity.

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East Coast VA and West Coast

Something Worth Knowing

Jean Isaacs inspries children as Molly Piper
Jean Isaacs has been delighting children of all ages in Yelm and Rainier with her unique puppet theater, garnering multiple write-ups in the local newspaper after her performances in the local libraries, schools and public shows.
Click here to read full article.

Copyright © 2011
JZ Knight.
“Possible Culprit Is Found for Lou Gehrig’s Disease”
How Gladys may be damaged in the cell
In the last couple of years, JZ Knight created a colorful character she affectionately named Gladys for her talks and presentations. She uses Gladys to describe the homeowner of a cell, which is responsible for cell activity and its well-being.
Click here to read full article.
Random Video

Electronic Armageddon
Submitted by an MC2020 reader
Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
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September 5th: Solar Hot Water System Presentation
Specifically designed for Pacific Northwest Weather and at a very affordable price. Presentation starts at 5:00pm on Monday, September 5th at Signature Services Real Estate - 302 Binghampton St W, Rainier. For more information, Contact : Xenia Diamond at 253-843-2227

September 24th & 25th: Yelm Farm and Pet Sale
Shop in the store the last weekend of every month and get a 5% discount on all in-store items.
Click Here for $5.00 off coupon (expires Sept. 9th). 


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Article by Heidi Smith

Sunday, August 28th, 2011 4:30 p.m. The Hidden River Music Society, Rainier, WA

As the hula dancer finished her set with a stirring bit of audience participation, the drummers took over and the crowd began to drift toward the fire-pit, where a flurry of activity was taking place. Shovels flashed in the afternoon sun and gradually, the all-volunteer crew unearthed a large piece of canvas, which peeled back to reveal a layer of burlap sacks, greens, and eventually, banana leaves. Once all had been stripped away, there he lay, the focus of all the action, literally melting on the bone: Fred the luau pig had made his final sacrifice and was ready to be served to the nearly 200 supporters of the Phoenix Rising School that attending an unprecedented and hugely successful donor appreciation event. In total, the event raised over $7,000 in monthly donations and attracted thirty-one new donors.

Late April, 2011, Dining room table, Elbow Lake Rd., Yelm, WA

“I want to bury a pig,” announced Jeevan Anandasakaran. The PRS board member was known among the school community for his ingenious solutions to any financial or administrative challenges the school faced, but this sounded personal. “We could do an event as a thank you to our donors. Who wouldn’t want to go to a luau?” A simple idea, with a larger intent; Anandasakaran wanted to encourage everyone in the community to get on the PRS monthly giving program, a key to securing the school’s yearly operating budget. To make it work, 400 monthly donors were needed. At the time, only 42 were signed up. A luau would be a chance to not only appreciate those who had already signed up, but to also invite those who hadn’t to jump on board.

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Click here to see Ramtha's Robes for Auction in support of the Phoenix Rising School

Click Here to Contribute to the Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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