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Editors Corner


Twinkle, twinkle little star. How we wonder what you are? I wish I had the vision to see all that is above us. Reportedly our skies are filled with incredible alien visitors, benevolent and malevolent alike. I feel so small, and yet we are told we are far from insignificant. The ripples in consciousness from the awakening of our species are affecting all of life.

I keep wondering how the quarrel over humanity’s rights will play out. Will it be like “Star Wars”? Will it be a type of council meeting with civilized debate? Will it be like Judge Judy? Will the good guys use focused will to turn the cruel intentions of the enslavers back on themselves? Meanwhile, I continue to can vegetables, build my greenhouse, feed my chickens and know that I belong to the future.

Will you have electrical power in the future? Solar flares are continuing their extreme activity. Our article of the week explains how our electrical distribution system works, what is likely to be affected by solar flares and how to protect your electrical equipment and yourself. Thanks to Mike Bertone who took the time to share his knowledge with us. Read it here.

Next Ramtha reminds us “You can change the world, for you are divine beings”. Once again we thank SuperConsciousness Magazine  for allowing us to reprint Ramtha’s teaching. Read it here.

On the forefront of many readers minds are shelters that will protect from the damaging effects of solar mass ejections that are predicted during the solar maximum. Just before press time tonight we received this story from a beautiful master who attended a meeting tonight (Friday) with an estimated 80 people who were looking to connect with others who might have space available in their shelters. Her story is inspiring, practical, timely and empowering. Read it here.

Continuing on this subject, I would like to acknowledge that MC2020 has received a flood of emails from people looking to connect with others in this and other communities to make preparation. Because we are in the process of reformatting our Community Bulletin Board we do not have an effective means of posting that information. Ben has pledged to put his programming efforts in hyper-drive and have the bulletin board available by mid-week. Thanks Ben for your extra effort.

By the way, I want to thank our readers for your continued participating in this “virtual student union” of RSE. We are doing our best to keep the lines of communication open around the world for students of the Ram.

Article of the Week
Protecting Your Electrical Equipment from Solar Flares
By long time RSE student, Mike Bertone

The interaction between the Earth’s magnetic field (magnetosphere) and solar flares is involved and complex. A simple overview therefore is given here to help you understand how to protect electrical equipment vulnerable to intense solar flares, the X-class type, and CMEs (coronal mass ejections – highly energetic particles like protons ejected out of the sun which have much more mass than electrons, approx. 1800x,).

Keep in mind in this discussion, that current in conductors is a flow of free electrons, the loosely bound electrons in an atomic structure.

The above diagram depicts intense electromagnetic (EM) energy waves from the sun passing by the wires of a hydroelectric transmission line. These energy waves induce current in the wires from the generator to the transformers terminating the line. (They also induce circulating current in every metal structure exposed to the elements.) That is, the current is increased in the existing flow of electrons to a point where the current rating of the step-down transformer is exceeded; and the longer the transmission line, the greater the induced current. This literally fries the transformer windings and possibly the transmission line itself – now you have a huge, ugly boat anchor. These large wattage transformers (hundreds of thousands of watts which technically, are identified with VA), both step-down and step-up, are no longer built in North America; and if they are damaged, then what? There are very low inventories of these types of transformers; hence the need for your own off-the-grid system, or a standby generator, or a lot of matches, firewood, and candles.

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Article of the Week
You Can Change the World, For You Are Divine Beings
Teaching from Ramtha the Enlightened One

I have endeavored to impart to you that you are divine. It is a grand opportunity to be alive, to see a sunrise, a moon, and you are divine and endeavoring to get past your altered egos. For that message to go within, that it can be lived, has been an arduous task, to say the least.

To say you are divine, to love God, that whole statement should revel inside of you because what is your life in the light of all eternity? How are your choices in the light of all eternity? In this breath of life in those few moments, what is it worth? It is a grand statement to say that that which is the without is within you, that you are divine, and the very virtue of your choices you are. It is an outrageous statement but it is the truth. There is nothing I have addressed about the days to come that one who is endowed with divinity cannot change.

The whole is affected by the one. How great is any one of you who is willing to change simply to provide your provisions? If you cannot bring yourself to see the necessity in that, then why do you think that mankind as a whole is going to change its need of fossil fuels regardless of it destroying the Earth? If you can’t see the need to put up your own food, why should they see the need to cease their greed?

Change takes a lot of courage. It takes courage to say “No, thank you” and address a future that was so planned out with all the success, all the money, all the fame, all the recognition, and doing something historic for humanity. How have your futures been affected by what I have told you? It affected a lot of them, yet that future is only as strong as the moment lived. The more the awareness comes to the surface, the more the enlightenment, knowledge, and understanding. Look at those fish lying on the beach. What are they telling you? Look at the tree. Why is it dying? It only takes a moment to wake up. The more and more that people wake up, the whole of the world could change the next moment. Certainly nature is on your side in a most compatible commodity as long as the respect and regard for life are there.

Click her to read full article

This story originally appeared in the November 2008 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine.

Last Minute Submission
A Story
By an MC2020 reader

Ramtha said to build an underground. I was 59 years old when, a single woman, I built my UG. The cost at the time was $2000. I designed it myself – in such a way that I could do almost all of it by myself. I pre-built the walls at a neighbors who had electricity. The walls were 10’ x 10’ made of 2”x6” boards every 6” backed with 3/4” plywood. I hired a backhoe to dig the hole and to carry the walls to the site. I put down heavy 10 mil visqueen plastic – a piece about 20’x30’. After digging a ramp and using log pieces as rollers, 3 men and me put the walls in place – on top of some 8”x8” timbers that the backhoe also brought to the site. The walls were then nailed together. The rest I did myself. I attached the extra plastic to the walls so when the sand caved in I would not have to dig it out again. I installed 8” black flexible tubing as air vents. One near the floor and one near the ceiling winding the venting all around the building and off down the hill. I built the ceiling out of 2”x6” boards – on edge – glued and nailed together. This was so I could build it myself and not have to deal with heavy timbers. I covered the roof and down the sides part way with copper foil, then covered it all with more heavy plastic. Before back filling I built a strong grid of 2x6 lumber to support the walls from moving inward, as the pressure from the soil tended to push them in. This I raised off of the dirt to form a storage area. Then I built plywood sections for a removable floor. All of the back filling I did with a shovel, being careful no sharp rocks were against the plastic. The entry ended up being a hallway, with a heavy wood door that I built. As I finished the backfilling I created a dome and covered it with an umbrella of several 30’ x 30’ plastic sheets, with rigid foam insulation sandwiched between – for insulation. The theory was to use the tubing to heat up the ground under the plastic umbrella in the summer and then in the winter extract that heat from the ground to warm the air coming in. It was also designed to help the air flow. I shaped the umbrella so that the rain would drain off down the hill. After 18 years it still stands, solid and dry.

I have no training in building – when I built my house I went to the library and got books on “how to”,  information which I used for the UG as well. 

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Hot Topics

This simple video puts a touching light on the nobility of all soldiers who put their life on the line in the service of freedom. Have you stood up for freedom lately?

This puts to shame the output of a number of Hollywood producers and/or directors.
This film was made by a 15 year old girl. It is the hottest thing on the internet and on Fox News today.
Lizzie Palmer who put this YouTube program together, is 15 years old. There have been over 3,000,000 hits as of this morning. In case you missed it, here it is.

Sakurajima Volcano in Japan -- eruption with static lightning
In The News

Bright Green Fireball Amazes Skywatchers in Southwest US

A bright, green-colored fireball that streaked across the night sky over the southwestern United States yesterday (Sept. 14) was most likely a meteor, according to NASA.

Surprised residents in Phoenix, Las Vegas and parts of Southern California described seeing an intense greenish light shoot from west to east across the sky around 7:45 p.m. PDT (10:45 p.m. EDT). No supernatural explanation for the spectacle is necessary, though.

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Green Fireball sighted over Southwest – Ramtha explained these many times

Ramtha has spoken many times over the last two decades about the Green Fireballs:

“All of the green fireballs you are going to see — and everyone is going to start reporting them — those green fireballs are cleaning up radioactivity in the air. We are just vacuuming the air. That is all we are doing. That is coming.”
- Ramtha, Emergency Pacific Rim, Yelm Primary Retreat
March 31, 2011
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NASA Discovers a Tatooine-like Planet Orbiting Two Stars

NASA’s Kepler satellite has discovered a planet that orbits around two suns, which just so happen to be a yellow sun and red dwarf star, that is 200-light-years away from Earth—which some might say is in galaxy far away. Where have we seen this before? Hrmmm...

It’s Tatooine! Fire up the opening crawl and the deep exploration rockets, we’re going to find us some droids, land speeders, and possibly a light saber!

Click here to read full artcle

'Tatooine' gives first direct proof of 2-sun planet

Luke Skywalker looks out over a desert dominated by two setting suns in an iconic scene from "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope." But this isn’t just the stuff of fiction. Now, astronomers have confirmed the first direct evidence that planets with two suns do exist.

Scientists at NASA and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute [SETI] are informally calling the newly discovered world Tatooine, as homage to Skywalker's planet imagined by George Lucas.

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Book / Recipe of the Week
Dinner is In the Jar
By Kathy Clark

Quick & Easy Dinner Mixes in Mason Jars or Mylar Bags

Create a 90 day supply of easily prepared dinner mixes your family will love using food storage ingredients in mason jars or Mylar bags for emergencies and convenience on busy days.

Wouldn't it be nice if your pantry was filled with premixed dinners that you could put together with little effort and have healthy homemade meals that your family would love? Not only would you have a supply of easy dinners, but you could also give them away as gifts that anybody would absolutely love to receive.

Dinner Is In The Jar is filled with meal mix recipes that can be easily stored in mason jars or Mylar bags. Dinner Is In The Jar has a dinner mix jar recipe for every day of the month, including comfort meals such as Chicken Pot Pie, Biscuits and Gravy, Enchiladas, Pizza, Spaghetti and Meatballs in Mushroom Parmesan Tomato Sauce, Italian Cheese & Sausage Calzone and many more.

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On The Lighter Side

A jaw-dropping model of San Francisco
You've probably made model houses out of popsicle sticks with your children. This man made a model of the entire city of San Francisco . And he decided to use toothpicks. He used more than 100,000 toothpicks, and it took 35 years to build. Not only is it huge, you can take tours using little plastic balls. Prepare to be amazed.

Remedy of the Week
Protocol for Migraine Headaches

- 1 drop of Frankincense oil
- 1 drop of Lavender oil

Apply to temples PLUS

- 1 drop of Peppermint oil

Apply to forehead and back of neck

For more information on essential oils

Kleiner's Korner

Steve Klein notes the 10th anniversary this week of  his Kleiner’s Korner Weekly Updates.

He has decided to move on and next week he will be publishing his last Korner as a 9/11 retrospective, since his Newsletter was begun reporting about 9/11/01 issues.

Look for his final Kleiner’s Korner next week exclusively on MastersConnection

Before its News

NASA Whistleblower says
Alien Moon Cities Exist

Former National Aeronautics and Space Administration Data and Photo Control Department manager, Ken Johnston, who worked for the space agency's Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the Apollo missions has been fired for telling the truth.
Click here to read full article 

Making the Connection

Masters on the March

Hello Jan: 

Thank you very much for having my letter in masters connection email last week.

I need to ask an another favor to the masters connection.

I was asked to find accommodation for a few Japanese students.  There is a new coming couple from Japan and some people need to find new host family or to rent a room/house.  Most of them don't have a lot of money to pay.

When I started to find their places in April, it was very difficult for me to send/receive and keep attracting emails from local students.  Now I have 3 people of my family here and I have less time than before.

Is it possible to have a page in the website to put ads for looking for places especially for evacuees?  

I guess every local students must be very busy to prepare their life and I am not sure if we can find any place.  There could be many students coming from many countries.  

I just don't know what I can do and how I can manifest their places for this second wave of evacuees.  

Please advise me know if you have any idea.

Thank you.


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Something Worth Knowing

Sundiving Comet
A comet dived into the sun on Wednesday Sept. 14th.  Discovered just the day before by amateur comet hunters Michal Kusiak of Poland and Sergei Schmalz of Germany, the icy visitor from the outer solar system is expected to brighten to first magnitude before it disintegrates during the late hours of Sept. 14th. Click here to view an updated movie of the comet's death plunge.

The doomed comet appears to be a member of the Kreutz family. Kreutz sungrazers are fragments from the breakup of a single giant comet many centuries ago. They get their name from 19th century German astronomer Heinrich Kreutz, who studied them in detail. Several Kreutz fragments pass by the sun and disintegrate every day. Most, measuring less than a few meters across, are too small to see, but occasionally a big fragment like this one attracts attention. Check SOHO for the latest images.

Click here for the original article

Letter to the Editor

This letter is a great example of the thoughtful reader input we are receiving. The staff of MC2020 is not qualified to answer these important questions. Please read with interest to see if you have the answers or know someone who might be willing to write about the subject of children’s special needs in a shelter environment. Thanks.

Hi Ben & Jan,

I think it would be very beneficial to start an ongoing 'Article of the Week' segment specifically for the needs of 'Children in a LOCKDOWN above ground situation, or a U.G. for a extended period of time. Considering the recent request for 'compassion' to take in a Family with Children, I am sure there are a lot of people who have never had Children who would appreciate the Wisdom from our Parents in the School on how to accommodate the following areas:

: Nutrition for health and comfort food
: Clothing
: Toys for all ages
: Educational not only Ramtha's Teachings but the basics, Arithmatic, Writing and Reading, Homesteading skills etc.
: Pregnancy and New Borns

The list goes on..........

Much appreciated your outstanding Global Evergreen Newsletter,


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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
Click here to send us your community event.

September 20th: Essential Oils Class
You Bought Essential Oils—Now What?
Now is the time to learn to use your essential oils BEFORE there is an emergency. If you would like to feel more confident in using your new essential oils as medicine, join us on Tuesday evening from 6 to 7:30PM. This is not a sales event. Bring your oils and your book. We will share remedies and the results that the group is experiencing. Just curious—you are welcome.
Where: Rainier at the Center for Creative Arts, 302 Binghampton (behind Signature Services Real Estate)
When: Tuesday, September 20 from 6-7:30 PM
For more info call 360-894-6754 or email 

September 21st: Solar Hot Water System Presentation
The next presentation will be privately held next Wednesday, 21st September at 5pm. Please call/email to verify location.
Contact : Xenia Diamond at 253-843-2227

September 22nd: Free Essential Oils Class
Healthy Harvest Essential Oils Class Thursday, September 22, 2011 6:00pm at the Healthy Harvest warehouse 2903 NE 109th Ave. Ste. H. Vancouver, WA. 98682
Click here for contact info 

September 24th & 25th: Yelm Farm and Pet Sale
Shop in the store the last weekend of every month and get a 5% discount on all in-store items.


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

The Bus” is a Hit With Students

The first week of school at Phoenix Rising saw the introduction of “The Van”, affectionately referred to by the students as “The Bus.” Donated by Charlie Roy, who waived his normal rental fee for PRS, “The Bus” can take up to 15 passengers and has helped to minimize traffic. Parents carpool to Dylan’s Corner (a.k.a. Mackey’s) convenience store where Katherine, the manager, has kindly allowed us to congregate, and kids are picked up by PRS’s own Jan Ferrari, who probably never aspired to be a bus driver but is always willing to try something new.

Riding in “The Bus” has become a favorite activity for students; when offered a choice between going in a normal car or waiting an extra fifteen minutes for the next shuttle, guess which they choose? Parents, meanwhile, seem to be enjoying the process. “It was amazing,” says Faculty and Education Director Ana Ortega. “On the first day of school, none of the parents wanted to leave.” Everyone at Dylan’s Corner has been impressed with how smoothly things are going and how friendly all of our parents are. Thank you to Charlie Roy, everyone at Mackey’s, and to Jan Ferrari, who wins the Adaptability Award for taking on this particular challenge.


Sending and Receiving knows no language barrier

To learn more about the Phoenix Rising School, click here:

To Donate to Phoenix Rising, click here:

Click here to see Ramtha's Robes for Auction in support of the Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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