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Editors Corner

This issue of MastersConnection2020 is filled with all kinds of information. There is something for everyone. I am going to take Ramtha's advice and change-up my routine and start from the bottom up describing the newsletter contents to you. If you scroll to the bottom you will see Phoenix Rising students in survival skill training. These little geniuses occupy a state of mind, a frequency, we all aspire to tune into.

Next, on your way up the newsletter, you will encounter our fabulous advertisers and the resources they offer our community. Remember to check our website at to read all of the classified ads. You will be amazed at what you will find.

This week's reader's choice is the 6 volume set of books entitled 'Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East'. Given what Ramtha said this weekend about these Masters I am excited to re-read these profound stories. I read these books as a new student in RSE, and again and again as the years passed, but I think knowing that they exist in an invisible frequency makes the mystery of these people and places even more intriguing.

We have a delicious, lemony dessert from Cornelia O'Leary in our recipe of the week. Change-up your routine this week and give yourself a treat.

In 'Making the Connection' we have a progress report for you on our Pacific Rim students. Your contributions from all over the world are truly making a difference in these students' lives. Your dollars are buying warm clothes, fresh produce, english classes and much, much more.

Next we have a special treat, a friend is allowing us to share with you a very special personal encounter he had in a small boat in the open waters of Mexico with a mama whale and her baby. The story begins long before he stepped into the boat. It is truly an extraordinary experience If you have had an extraordinary experience you would like to share with our readers, send us an email.

Terri Simpson has become a regular contributing writer to the MastersConnection2020. She has a vast store of knowledge about all things preparedness. This week she is keeping us safe and informed about cooking in confined spaces. Please read this. You will need to have these important facts in your safely prepared state of mind.

So, that's the MC2020 newsletter from the bottom up. I hope your week is unusually wonderful– write us and tell us how you changed your routine and changed your life.

Article of the Week
Cooking in UG's
By Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness

What's the Real Story about Alcohol, Propane and Butane?
Questions have come up about the safety of alcohol stoves, propane stoves and butane stoves being used indoors and in UGs. I'd like to speak into this subject and maybe help clear up some misconceptions. What gives me the authority to do this? I've sold and used alcohol stoves for over two decades and have given uncountable safety lessons on their use. I researched the safety of fuels for use in restricted quarters (like in UGs). I've consulted with scientists (not the kind that play scientists on TV; the real kind with graduate degrees and years in laboratories.)

So first, a brief review of short chain hydrocarbon molecules.

Methanol is a one-carbon molecule, ethanol is a two-carbon chain and both burn extremely cleanly. Propane is a three-carbon hydrocarbon chain and butane is a four-carbon hydrocarbon chain molecule. All four of these products are considered “short chain hydrocarbon molecules” and all burn very cleanly. When burned, they turn into carbon dioxide and water while releasing heat. Longer chain hydrocarbons in the six to twelve carbon range make up what we call gasoline. Candle wax is mostly paraffin which is made up of chains that are about twenty carbons long. The shorter the chain and more access to oxygen, the cleaner the burning. Very long chains like heavy oil and candle wax do not burn completely and so produce free carbon (which we see as smoke or soot) and some of the carbon that is burnt is only partially combined with oxygen so instead of CO2, you get CO (carbon monoxide) which, in too great a concentration, is lethal. That is why you never use wood, charcoal, or coal fires indoors unless they are vented directly to the outside. (And why you want to have a carbon monoxide detector in your UG.)

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An Exraordinary Experience
By Ken Brown

Ken Brown
This whale encounter/adventure story and accompanying video came to us from a fellow student and friend, Ken Brown, from Montana. His story and up close and personal video was so touching, we asked him if we could share it with you. Hope you enjoy it, too.

A few months before my wife, Verna, died, she had a partner during an event at RSE who told her about a place in Baja California, Mexico, where you could go and see whales, and might get even get close enough to touch one. We talked about going, but it was something we never got to do. In February of this year I decided that before something happened to the west coast, I was going to find the whales. I read how the Gray Whales migrate from the cold waters off the coast of Alaska each year to mate, then return the following year in January to have babies in the same warm water off the Pacific coast of Baja. They head back to the arctic water toward the end of March, the babies gradually getting used to cold water, rich layers of blubber from mother's milk protecting them as they swim north near the coast. For a few weeks, I had escaped the snow and cold of this past Montana winter, spending some time in the California desert. In a recent event Ramtha™ mentioned Palm Desert, and said it would be more like Palm Ocean, so I was glad I went when I did.

The whale birthing water is 600 miles from the Coachella valley where I was staying. I crossed the border into Mexico at San Ysidro, and stayed in Rosarito Beach on the coast for the night. I got up the next morning and drove south until I reached my destination, and found a place to stay in Guerrero Negro (Black Warrior, named after a whaling ship) and went to bed early. I wanted to avoid the popular route to the water, which would mean too many people for me, so went in a less-used entrance that wound through a salt mining operation (largest in the world) that resembled a maze if you were unfortunate enough to get lost. I did get lost, and for almost an hour I traveled through the labyrinth, attempting to find the exit that lead to Laguana Ojo de Liebre. I met Mexican workers who were very friendly, and each of them gave me different directions in Spanish on how to get out, but none of these lead to the water. The main road was wide enough for the huge trucks loaded with salt, but the narrow roads that drifted off into the marine mist were covered in deep pot holes, and washboard surface.

Recipe of the Week
Lemon Snow
Submitted by Cornelia O'Leary of NatureWise Farm

This is a delicious quickie economical dessert which provides a refreshing lemon finish to any dinner.
Preparation time: 10 min
Serves 4

- 1 packet of Lemon (curd) Pie Filling Mix. Better if organic ( Dr Oetker Organics is the only one I know) or you can even make your own. (for example this internet recipe
- 1 white from egg yolk usually used in the preparation of the lemon filling. You can use a second egg white if a more ‘fluffy' effect is preferred.
- Optional: Cream, grated chocolate or rainbow cake decorations
Click here for the whole recipe

NatureWise Farm is a 10 acre historic homestead situated on a sunny plateau on Bald Hill Road in Yelm Washington. It lies near the source of Toboton Creek whose artesian waters flow through it. The farm was purchased in 2007 by Dr. Cornelia O'Leary. Her team has over 40 years combined experience in natural farming methods. We use only natural growing methods without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers to create the fertile soil, nutrient-rich healthy food and to preserve the natural balance of our environment.

Readers Choice
Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East

In 1924 Spalding published the first volume of Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East. It describes the travels to India and Tibet of a research party of eleven scientists in 1894. During their trip they claim to have made contact with "the Great Masters of the Himalayas", immortal beings with whom they lived and studied, gaining a fascinating insight into their lives and spiritual message. This close contact enabled them to witness many of the spiritual principles evinced by these Great Masters translated into their everyday lives, which could be described as 'miracles'. Such examples are walking on water, or manifesting bread to feed the hungry party.
These books have remained consistently popular with those interested in the philosophy of the East and those who enjoy a good story because of their accessible nature and easy-to-follow format. However, despite most of the action taking place in India, the Great Masters make it clear that the greatest embodiment of the Enlightened state is that of the Christ (as personified by Jesus): “The Masters accept that Buddha represents the Way to Enlightenment, but they clearly set forth that Christ IS Enlightenment, or a state of consciousness for which we are all seeking - the Christ light of every individual; therefore, the light of every child born into the world.” (From the foreword, Volume I, Life and Teaching of the Master of the Far East, DeVorss & Co.)

Spalding published three additional volumes before his death in 1953. Volumes 5 and 6 were published by DeVorss & Co posthumously from various articles that Spalding had written.

Get it from
Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (6 Volume Set)

Your Feedback

Hi I just want to tell you that in some interesting way you guys have changed something about this newsletter that makes it so readable and kind of pulls me into it like a good story. You must be doing a fine vibrational thing! I know the info is serious and for real but the energy in the letter feels like a safe good friend. Thank you for keeping this letter away from the Yelm area makes this letter feel more important to me. Stephany may be smiling!

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate this Newsletter and the information you are providing. Excellent job, please keep it coming. In these changing times, it is good to know that there is a realistic flow of information available from a righteous source...Thank you so much.

Your encouragement means a lot to us. We receive so many inspiring emails. Your feedback is vital to the success of the MastersConnection 2020. We want to hear from you. Tell us the truth. How can we serve you better? What topic(s) would you like more information on? Feel free to share your story with us about how the MastersConnection has benefitted you personally.
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Making the Connection

Pilgrims from the Pacific Rim are in various stages of settling in here in the greater Yelm area. Some are just arriving, and still learning their way around. An amazing number of local students have reached out to become host families. English language classes are already in session. Sherry and Fred Loertscher, with the Master's Fund, are overseeing the distribution of food and other supplies to help with the immediate needs of the arriving students.
Jenise Mugler is facilitating a clearing house for items that you have donated. She tells us that the response has been overwhelming and she is fully stocked with warm clothes, linens, blankets, shoes, socks, clothing for men, women and children. Her home is open daily from 9:00 noon for students to come and pick-up any of these items that are needed. Jenise is asking hosts families to call her at 360-458-3606 to make arrangements to bring their sponsored family by to gather items they may need. She has fresh produce and non-perishable food items as well.
The only items on the list of things she is asking for now are notebooks, waterproof raincoats and bicycles.
On May 14th, Tamborine from the Spiral Café is sponsoring a Dinner Auction Dance with proceeds going to help the replenish the Masters Fund so they can continue to support masters on the march.
There are many people who are helping our Pacific Rim students. I am humbled and yet proud that through the you have contributed over $20,000! Opening an envelope with $2,000 cash in it from an anonymous donor, took my breath away.
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” - Hillary Cooper

Please continue to send your financial contributions!
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If you want to submit a new request or offering, please email us with the information at

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
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May 14th: Free paper shredding event in Lacey
Shredding sensitive documents is one way to reduce your risk of becoming an identity theft victim.
Saturday, May 14, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
South Sound Center, 711 Sleater-Kinney Road S.E.
Truck will be parked between Kohl's and Famous Footwear near Pacific Ave. Organized by the Puget Sound Chapter of ARMA International. Shredding provided by Recall. Please do not bring stiff metal, plastic bags, DVDs or other items that will jam the shredder. Most shred events permit individuals to bring up to two file boxes or three grocery bags of documents.
Shred events are always listed at and I don't see another one in Lacey until August.
Join us on Facebook to get even more information on local reuse and recycling opportunities:

May 14th: SPECIAL SCREENING! I AM The Documentary
SPECIAL SCREENING! I AM The Documentary at Yelm Cinemas May 14! Register at the door. Ticket sales 8-9AM with the movie starting at 9AM
Click here for details

May 14th: Spirals Dinner Auction Dance
I thought I would reach out and share with you about Spirals Dinner Auction Dance on Saturday May 14th, to see if you would like to be a part of it. These past months I have been getting through all the red tape of permits, licenses and build out expenses and truthfully it has depleted all of my resources. However, I'm far from throwing in the towel as Spiral has become to mean so much to so many people in the community who have enjoyed its space for its musical theater, dance & yoga classes, parent/teacher conferences and of late the hub for multiple events dedicated to the Japanese students arriving as well as donating the proceeds to replenishing the Masters Fund for their help with them. Additionally, Spiral has opened the doors for the Japanese students to have their English classes there 3 times a week.
The response of support for this auction has been amazing! Cindy Schorno is going to be officiating it which I am very appreciative of.
- Warmly, Tamborine

May 28th: Potluck & Raffle in the Park
There will be a Potluck & Raffle held in Yelm Park (SR 507 & Mosman Avenue/ Across from JZ Rose) to welcome home those brave souls who have travelled from afar to call Yelm their home.
Just bring a yummy dish or non-alcoholic beverages. Concession stand available to heat up food. Serving begins at 11:30 am, please arrive at 10:00 am to help set up.
If you wish (optional), you may contribute a gift that will be raffled off to our Guests, those who have relocated.


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Phoenix Rising School
Survivor: Yelm Edition

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

On Friday, April 29th the Phoenix Rising School campus was filled with knife-wielding children. Before you call Child Protective Services, please note that they were all supervised and learning an important skill: whittling. Under the direction of Lars Olson, students and parents learned how to create the basic parts of a bow drill in order to create fire without matches or lighters. The kids were all very impressed with Lars' fire building prowess and in the next session on May 6th, he'll be showing them the next steps in how to do it themselves. PRS will also be hosting a Survival Skills Family Day on Saturday, May 14th. Who knows? Before long, our whole community may become expert fire starters (and pretty good whittlers, too).

Weekly Remote View
Last weeks remote view was this picture of a dolphin.

This week in a C.R.E.A.T.E. session, all of the students focused on a picture. Can you remote view what they were focusing on? Send your answers to

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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