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Editors Corner

This has been a strange, oddly quiet week at MastersConnection2020. It seems everyone we talk to is still doing their best to digest the information Ramtha gave us at last weekend's event. I know many students were watching and re-watching the stream on this week. It feels like a shock-wave is still reverberating through our collective consciousness. I hope I am not over dramatizing it, but it seems that way to me.

In this issue Miceal Ledwith, ”Father“, as Ram affectionately calls him has graciously provided us with additional information about the trajectory of Elenin and the chart he spoke to Ram about in the May 20-21 event. Look for this info in Hot Topics under the link called Hamburger Universe.

Otherwise, this issue of MC2020 newsletter is very down to earth. We have another great article from Suzanne Wood about growing/pruning tomatoes. I love to eat fresh, home grown tomatoes, but I am not very good at it. I never knew there were determinant and non-determinant types of tomato plants, but now I do. Turns out all the tomatoes I planted this year are non-determinant–check out the list and see what yours are. It makes a difference in how you prune them–who knew?

In other down to earth matters, Teri Simpson takes on the issue of toilet paper disposal in a shelter setting. Here at MC2020 we have had several requests posing the questions of how much toilet paper to store for two years as well as how to dispose of it. Teri handles the topic in a light hearted manner and has some REALLY unique solutions for us to consider. If you haven't thought about it, you should. You will be glad you did.

Check out the community calendar. There are a lot of events in the next couple of weeks. The Phoenix Rising School is finishing out the last couple of weeks of the school year. They are busy planning for next year. Let them know you are on their team. Click on their website and see how you can participate. Also CLICK HERE for information about the fabulous upcoming fund raising event for Phoenix Rising School sponsored by The Way Station and Giorda E

Japanese students new to the Yelm area are looking for volunteer drivers. Check out Masters on the March to see how you can help.

Thank you to all our loyal readers for clicking and reading. Blessings!

Article of the Week
Handling the Issue of Toilet Paper in a UG Situation (pun intended)
Or, Let's Talk TP
Written by Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness

So, when was the last time you had a long meaningful talk with someone about toilet paper being used in an underground or other type shelter situation? Do you know how long one roll will last? Have you run any tests yet? (i.e., a roll of Scott Single Ply 1000 sheet roll will last 1 week for 1 person, or is that for you and your mate? Charmin', while fluffier only lasts 3 days, etc) Or are you just buying a few extra packages every so often with not a clue on god's green earth how long that barrel of TP is going to last?

What if you put that much thought into buying food? Oh, you say, I have pretty much food... Suck to be you if it runs out 6 months before any stores reopen and you can't go outside and see if you could barter labor for food with a neighbor.

Back to the toilet paper (because I have put A WHOLE LOT of thought into the TP situation in an underground setting :o)

What kind are you buying? Single or Double Ply? Why would that matter? First of all, anyone who hasn't done their homework on how much toilet paper that they need per week or per month needs to get busy (this is going to be SUCH a fun article).

I would suggest 2 things: first, buy some of whatever you currently like, and then buy at least one roll of the Scott Single Ply 1000 Sheet stuff (Scott makes the 2 ply but you should consider trying at least one roll of this – most “real” studies compare at least 3 types of a thing). If you're single, then it is easy. Pick a start date and begin with a new roll of toilet paper. If you're a couple, same thing.

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Hot Topics

JZ Knight Responds to Media Frenzy on RSE Students's Death
Reprinted from with permission.

JZ Knight, founder of Ramath's School of Enlightenment (RSE) responds to the tragic passing of Sally Paulsen

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the accidental and sudden passing of Sally Paulsen. According to the report from the Thurston County Sheriff's office, her death was ruled accidental, and we share in the grief with Sally's family, fellow students, her friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Sally's unexpected death affects us all, and many lives will be affected because of her untimely passing.”

“To address the question of Ms. Paulsen's food storage, preparing for disasters is at the forefront of the news these days with the tragic earthquake in Japan and the destructive tornados striking this country this Spring. This is consistent with the teachings at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) where Ms. Paulsen was a student.”

“Five years ago, two former US presidents, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, urged the public to be prepared. See their Public Service Announcement (PSA)

RSE encourages students to become self-reliant and to contribute to their community so that they can be a resource rather than a liability.”

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Other Topics:

Click for Hamburger Universe - This website has some great information about comet Elenin amongst other things

For whiteboard notes from Ramthas live stream on May 6th - 7st Click Here

For information relating to Ramthas live stream of May 20th - 21st Click Here

Something Worth Knowing
Understanding the Tomato
By Suzanne Wood of

I have never been sure when I buy a tomato start if I am getting a determinate or indeterminate plant. Then I wonder if I am pruning it correctly. So, I set out to learn a thing or two about the tomato.

Tomato plants fall into two types, determinate and indeterminate. Starts don't generally have this information on them. If you are buying starts or seeds at a garden store, the sales help should be able to tell you what type you are buying. I have listed below a few of the more popular plants and which category they fall under.

Determinate tomato plants form flowers clusters at the terminal growing point, causing the plant to stop growing in height. This type needs no pruning. This plant grows to a determined size and stops. Pruning off terminal ends means limiting the fruit production.

Plants that don't set terminal flower cluster, but only lateral ones and continue indefinitely to grow taller are called indeterminate. Older varieties like the heirlooms are almost all indeterminate. This variety does need pruning and plenty of support. This type of tomato continues to grow and is limited only by the season.

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Your Feedback

I can't wait until he makes this an app for our phones.... at least until the solar flares come :-) Thanks for sharing this great concept with all of us.... and thank you guys for sharing your knowledge and above all, your's to breaking our habits and becoming our own heros!!! TO LIFE!!!

Just saw Ben Mann's card focus on MC. Wow! Thank you! Saw that you are continuing the beta-testing for another week. What then? THANK YOU Ben Mann!!! Awesome evolution!!

I absolutely love this program! It's in my favorites and I do them for hours. My focus is improving. I love games and this is the best - thank you so much Ben.

Ditto to what has been said already

You and Ben are doing a splendid job... keep up the great work...everything is so alive now on MC :)

To the info on canning cheese. I've never canned cheese,however, I have dried grated cheese, both block and cream - I keep them in a vacuum packed mason jar. As well, I've gotten wax dipped cheese wheels from a local cheese manufacturer. According to them, wax dipped cheese will last forever, as long as you keep it unwrapped. The cheese does shrink and keeps aging so gets very old, but it doesn't go bad. I have a wheel that's been in my basement for over a year. Mine is sitting on a shelf with a very loose thin paper on it. I tried putting them in a box to keep out anything that might find them tempting, and the wax and cheese went bad - so just on a shelf, no wax paper etc.

Thank you for your article on Over the Counter Medications. I found it very helpful and appreciate the shopping list.

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Making the Connection
Masters on the March

I attended a meeting yesterday with the coordinators that have been helping and making arrangements for our Japanese students on the march.  Many are settling in, a few have returned to Japan and those who stay are continuing the journey here in a strange new world.  There are at least 7 classes available weekly for them to learn English.  These classes are beginning through advanced and many of the Japanese are continuing to take advantage of them.

The Masters Fund is making food baskets available on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm on Churchill Road in the Tenino area.   One of the difficulties has been for the Japanese students to get to Tenino to be able to pick up their food.  If you are willing and able to help, and are available to drive students on Wednesday or Thursday evening, please let us know by emailing us at   We will pass the information on to the appropriate Japanese coordinator.  Drivers and students will meet at 5:15 pm at the Rainier Library.  If you are not available on Wednesday or Thursday evening, but would like to volunteer to drive, many Japanese students do need rides to other local locations as well as Olympia and Lacey.

I just spoke with Jenise (the clearing house for merchandise donated to the Japanese students) She has run out of linens (queen size bed sheets, pillowcases etc.) towels and blankets.  She would like to replenish the supply of electric hot water pots for boiling water.  If you can help with any of these items, please contact Jenise at (360) 458-3606 to make arrangements to drop these items off.

I have been asked to thank you all so very much for your overwhelming and generous support and assistance to all our overseas students who heard the call and came.

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
Click here to send us your community event.

May 27th & 28th: Performance at Rainier High School
StageStruck Players, the youth division of Standing Room Only Theater Company is presenting an original musical pastiche, a parody of the American Idol TV show. Our show is called American Idle....... Tickets $6 at the door.
Where: Rainier High School Commons -308 Second St. Rainier
When: Friday, May 27 & Saturday, May 28 - 7:30pm

May 28th: Yelm cinemas special screening GasHole
What the gas companies don’t want you to know. This film is recommended by RSE! Saturday May 28th 9am All seats $6.25 “GAS HOLE is an eye-opening documentary about the history of oil prices and sheds light on a secret that big oil companies don’t want you to know – that there are viable and affordable alternatives to petroleum fuel!”

May 28th: Potluck & Raffle in the Park
There will be a Potluck & Raffle held in Yelm Park (SR 507 & Mosman Avenue/ Across from JZ Rose) to welcome home those brave souls who have travelled from afar to call Yelm their home.
Just bring a yummy dish or non-alcoholic beverages. Concession stand available to heat up food. Serving begins at 11:30 am, please arrive at 10:00 am to help set up.
If you wish (optional), you may contribute a gift that will be raffled off to our Guests, those who have relocated.

May 29th: Free light panel demonstration
6pm. No Power, No Heat, Everlasting Light
22110C Elbow Lake Rd. Yelm (Last road on left before Clearwood Store)
There is a sign on the driveway that says EVERLASTING LIGHT CO. Tel. 894-6995
Everlasting Light Co.

June 6th: Genius of Art: Paint with questions in mind, allow solutions
Explore creative solutions & innovative education techniques with Amanda Gifford at the Centre for the Creative Arts, Rainier WA from 6 – 9pm. Cost: $20. For booking information email or phone 360 359 5719
Click for More Info

June 22nd: Thurston County Emergency Management Neighborhood Preparedness Training
Thurston County Emergency Management offers Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) train-the-trainer courses for residents who want to organize their neighborhoods for emergency preparedness. The next course is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, 2011. The MYN program teaches 9 steps to take immediately after a disaster, shows how to pre-identify skills and equipment available in the neighborhood, and provides information to help neighbors work together to evaluate their neighborhood after a disaster and take necessary action.
Contact Vivian Eason at 360-786-5243 or
For more information goto

June 25th: Fundraiser on behalf of The Phoenix Rising School
An Elegant Dinner, Spectacular Horse Show and Fashion Show by Giorda E will be held at The Way Station in Rainier, WA
Saturday, June 25th 2011.
Limited seating. Dress is Semi-formal.
"Love the Future into Life!"
For more information and to view invitation, click here.

Hour 4 Hour Time Exchange can help in the exchange of services. We primarily serve the south sound communities of Rainier, Yelm, and Tenino but also have some members in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Centralia, Chehalis, McKenna, and Roy. There is no money exchanged. Everyone's time is valued equally. An hour of time is equal to a Time Dollar.
For more information contact:
We have have connected with Timebanksusa which is a non-profit organization with international membership. Can Learn more about it at Also YouTube has video's on timebanks. Check our website for information and upcoming community orientations.


Phoenix Rising School
Llamas and Pizzas and Plants,
Oh My!

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

It’s not easy to hug a llama, as just about anyone who’s ever tried can tell you, but somehow Chambolion Fairley pulled it off. As part of the Core Connections program in the 5th and 6th grade class, Chambolion and some of her classmates are visiting Sara Foster’s farm for two hours a week, helping to groom the animals and do chores as needed to keep the place running smoothly. Despite their notorious disdain for humankind, these particular llamas seemed to take a shine to our students, as you can see in the pictures below.

Other students are learning how to help run a horse ranch over at the Way Station, Mary Beth Meyers’ incredible spread in Rainier, and have returned happily full of stories (I gave them my camera to take pictures, and they did –– of horses). Meanwhile, La Gitana owners Carlos and Francesco have welcomed two other students into their fold and are sharing the secrets of exceptional pizza, roulette and probably a few poker tips. Three more will visit Gordon’s Garden Center this week, and one continues to mentor younger students at the School of the Living Arts. Thanks to all of our business community partners for taking this on!

Weekly Remote View — NONE
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This week in a C.R.E.A.T.E. session, all of the students focused on a picture. Can you remote view what they were focusing on? Send your answers to

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