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Editors Corner

What can I say after another blockbuster weekend event with the Ram? We intentionally waited until after the event to send the newsletter in case there was important information to pass along. Good thing we waited. . . . the links below were provided by RSE staff prior to the Ram's arrival. . Solar Storms   CDC Preparedness 101   CDC Disaster Kit Info

After Ram reminded the audience around the world about how the mechanism of fear works in the brain and the body, and shuts down our cognitive processes, he encouraged us to become our own hero and conquer our fear. He introduced this link from NASA. Click Here. The graphics on this site show the trajectory of a comet named Elinin creating havoc as it moves through our solar system. JZ requested that each of us share this info and link with our friends and family and our world.

If you missed the event, It is not too late to sign up and watch it. It is available online on Ramtha.TV

Just like the ants, we continue to prepare for whatever reality we meet along the way. Terri Simpson, our volunteer writer, is once again so spot on with a very thorough article about Ham and CB radios. How does one person know so much about so much? If you are wondering how in the world you will communicate in future times read this info and then definitely coordinate with your friends and neighbor network. Terri gives you all the info you need to make an informed radio purchase.

Remember, I told you that this newsletter seems to write itself, well, this week was no different. We are pleased to bring you an article with advice about storing over the counter medications. It was submitted by one of our readers, Tina Matiyow-Hoff, RN, ND, CLNC, WCE. It is filled with very valuable information and a great shopping list. I was especially interested in how to deal with dental pain when there is no dentist. Oops! I think I noticed some fear creep in as I thought about that dental pain. I better shift out of that state ASAP.

This week we welcome Rossi Boots, Bruce and Trish Palmer as new advertisers. I can personally vouch for these great folks and their boots. They are from Australia, after all. They are advertising a great inventory reduction sale–be smart–buy now.

Water storage should be on everyone's preparedness list. Linda Powell and Sheri Yeager of Transition Technologies have created a series of video clips to address the most frequently asked questions about water storage. We love it because when it comes to water storage tanks a picture is worth a million words. Click away!

Don't forget to check and see if you got the remote view from Phoenix Rising School this week. Remote viewing with the little gods is a great way to get entangled with great minds of the future.

Pass It On

Just before we pushed the send button on this week's newsletter this email arrived in our inbox. In light of JZ's request to spread the word and help this info go viral we are passing along this very well written email. The writer does a very good job of summarizing the important facts without hitting the panic button. Perhaps you will want to pass it on as well.

Hello All..

I do not normally send out these type of emails but it is important for you to know what potential lays ahead of us this year.

There is a comet heading for a very close fly-by earth, each time it has aligned with the earth and sun over the last 18 months it has caused massive earthquakes and that's before its in our system of planets.

NASA have released a trajectory model for the comet and its pattern of flight please take the time to see it here:;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#orb (the comet is on the BLUE line, the date is on the bottom right of the screen, you will have to learn how to control the forward and backward functions)

The important date regions are: (approximate, as the comet gets closer the trajectories get more accurate)

June 15th (comet enters our system)
August 23rd
September 23rd (rough)
October 17th (crisis point very large gravitational effects on the sun and earth)
November 5th (crossing the tail of the comet, much debris)
Please understand that the effects on Japan and Christchurch when the planets aligned with this comet were when it was still so far away. This year that same comet comes in between the sun and us here on earth at a very close range with potentially devastating consequences.

NASA and other agencies are now putting the information out in the fringe media and on their own sites, do not expect to see all about this in your main stream media sources because that may cause a panic.

Prepare for the following, huge solar flares which stop all electrical devices, no deliveries of food to your local shops, no water coming out of the taps, the Earth may well take large tumbles and rolling around to deal with the changes in gravity. Put up enough food, water, hand tools, seeds etc to ride these changes should they occur and if possible do as nature and get underground if this triggers the catastrophic changes.

Remember, its better to have knowledge, remove disabling fear, prepare before panic sets in and not have to use your supplies because it did not happen, rather than have to prepare when everyone is doing the same.

Read this however you will and know that it simply comes from Love and please pass this email onto all of your friends and family..

Article of the Week
Communication Part 3
Written by Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness

So we've gone over creating a neighborhood network of like-minded people, using telephones and email. A great example of using email to disseminate important information happened just this afternoon. Around 5pm today 2 vehicles, each with a man and a woman in them, trespassed onto private property to case the place so they could come back later and steal things. The quick thinking person at that property just happened to have his camera, and took photos of both cars showing their license plates clearly, plus he got a shot of one of the men driving. 10 minutes later the sheriff had copies of the photos and arrested one of the men who had a warrant out for him. Within the hour, hundreds had the email with the photos, alerting everyone to be alert, with a description of how these people operated.

So how do we get information out to a large, wide spread group of people once cell phones, land lines and computers don't function? This is when we move into the realm of CB and shortwave radios.

For how to communicate once the power grid is out and there are no phones or internet, the CB or Ham radio is it. To most people, a CB is a CB is a CB–the only difference is the price. NOT SO. Kind of like all sleeping bags are the same as long as they all have zippers, right? So why not get the $19.95 model from Fred Meyers? Because you'll freeze your bippy off sleeping outside in one of those! This we understand.

Click Here for the Full Article

Click Here If You Missed Part 1

Click Here If You Missed Part 2

Hot Topics
The ABCs of Water Storage

A reliable, fresh water supply is a top priority for anyone striving to attain self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness. Our brothers and sisters in the Mississippi River basin are experiencing the frustration of ”water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.“ The flood waters have contaminated water supplies and wells throughout the region. A water shortage can come from a drought, a flood caused by too much rain, melting snow or even an invading tsunami. Violent earth movement in an earthquake can break and dislocate a well casing, making it impossible to pump water from your well. Whatever the hazard, natural or man-made it is wise to be prepared with stored water. A universe of possibilities exists when it comes to choices of how to store water safely and cost efficiently. Water storage solutions are as unique as each individual's home environment. Selecting the best ”fit“ for your needs can seem like an overwhelming task when you don't know where to start. This week the MastersConnection2020 is pleased to welcome Transition Technologies as a new advertiser. Transition Technologies specializes in water storage solutions from 1200 gallon cistern tanks, 55 gallon barrels, all the way down to 5 gallon containers. Linda Powell and Sheri Yeager, owners of Transitions Technologies, invited us to their tank storage facility and allowed us to ask some basic questions about water storage. They gave us a ”tank tour“ and allowed us to video record our questions and answers. The YouTube video links below address the questions we asked. We hope you find this information helpful as you consider your water storage options. Click on a topic to watch the video.
Above ground tanks
How to tell the difference: above ground tank vs. burial tank.
Can you bury an above ground tank?
1200 gallon cistern
How does the water get in?
How to clean out your tank
Dry storage
55 gallon barrels
Fittings for an above ground tank
Other installation ideas
What is a bulkhead fitting
Installing a bulkhead fitting
Small Containers
Oak barrels
Plumbed black barrels

You can contact Linda and Sheri of Transition Technologies at: Phone: 360 458-7311

Fun & Games
Test your Focus

Speaking of Geniuses. . . our own Ben Mann has created the most fun, simple way to test your focus skills on a deck of cards. It is an automated program that allows you to focus on a blank card, and then select the suit and number. After it reveals the face of the card it keeps score for you. It tracks your percentage of correct suits and numbers. It is very fun. Click here to have some fun and help Ben beta- test this ingenious program. If you like it–let us know by sending us an email at
Your Feedback

He has always been a genius! Yes, you are right. Ben's card game is a hit! Thanks for letting us know how much you like it. In case you missed it last week, we are giving you another chance to beta test this week. As always, we love to hear your suggestions to make it even better.

Thank you Masters Connection…this is great.

When I have a few moment while working which I work on line this is great. No reason not to get my focus in daily! Great tool!

Love it. Love it. great

Everything in the newsletter is a must read!
And thank you sooo much for the card focus. What an easy and fun way to practice!

GENIUS --- Thank you!

I have been using it for several days now and LOVE it, but have a couple of ideas for him.
First, it would be great for him to include the red and black joker cards. Second, it would be fabulous to have the option for two people to be able to do this at the same time, give their separate answers, and have their percentages tracked on the same page, but in separate columns. I say this because for some time now, my sweetheart and I often do our cards together with our morning coffee and it's fun! Wouldn't it be great if we could both focus on the screen, enter our separate answers (for the same card) and then track our results separately, but on the same page. This would also widen the attractiveness of Ben's program to non-RSE students because it would make it more like a "game" for two....or even more people to do together! He could market it as a game and make some much deserved money from his genius idea!!!!!

Excellent idea. With some practice I am sure I will work this out, it is fun to do.
Many thanks for sharing.

Thank you, you genius! Ben, I love the card program. It is so cool. Thanks for your brilliance!! BRILLIANT! Sheer genius. This has just become my favorite deck.

This is great--I have been trying to create this as an app for my ipod, maybe Ben can get this done first and earn some money at the same time. There are so many occasions where this can be practiced throughout the day if you have it with you!

Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!
Tell him Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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Something Worth Knowing
Storing OTCs – Over the Counter Medications
Submitted by Tina Matiyow-Hoff, RN, CLNC, WCE
for the MC2020 Newsletter

Stockpiling OTC (Over the Counter) medications is relatively easy, as they do not require a prescription, and you can purchase them at your local drug store or grocery store. You can also purchase ‘other’ medicines at the local veterinary supply shop, i.e. antibiotics, lidocaine.

When purchasing these products, make sure and get the bottles with the farthest out expiration date. They should be stored in a cool, dry and low humidity area. They should remain closed until they are needed.

The expiration date: To start with, just what is a drug expiration date? In short, the date (required since 1979) does not indicate when a drug goes bad, but rather a date through which the drug is guaranteed to be good. Compare this to what you might find on a can of beans: the “best if used by” date. How are these dates determined? In two ways.

The first is by real-time testing. Medications are stored under manufacturer-recommended conditions (which does not mean in your hot, humid bathroom over the toilet). At given intervals the medications are tested for appearance, drug content, and stability. Nowhere could I find that they are tested for safety specifically, but if the drug itself is present in acceptable amounts, it seems reasonable to conclude it is still safe.

Click Here for the Full Article
Making the Connection
Masters on the March
Story submitted by MC2020 reader

Wow! Another amazing week of generosity from you to our transiting brothers and sisters. I had another of those breathless moments when I opened an anonymous envelope with $1,000 in cash inside. I tried to remote view the person placing this money in the envelope. I imagined that they had just come from the casino with a bag full of winnings they couldn't wait to share. No matter the story it is so very generous and greatly appreciated. You were very generous in the bicycle department as well! Jenise received 14 bicycles for our Japanese friends. Thank you so much. She didn't have any requests this week, but we will keep you posted in the weeks to come. In other parts of the country masters are marching across dangerous flood waters of the Mississippi River.
The following is a story is about that adventure in consciousness. Love those blue stars!

What wizards we are!! A few friends and I focused on secure travel on My dear ”Sisters“ March out of the flooding bread basket and this is what happened.

I want to take a minute and type up what my friend just told me. Its magical!! Tell RAM thanks!!

Ok, so I-40 has been flooded out on and off due to the flooding of the Mississippi and the levy breaks. After all the storms, and impending flooding to their place in western Tennessee ( and other factors) they decided to move back to Texas. My friend is not an RSE student, but she is a quite enlightened entity, one who sees other frequencies and has a clear consciously aware connection to her ”self/source“. I-40 was recently reopened for travel ,but expected rains could flood it again soon. This was just after the Ram message to the world on ”changing state“ and the new card we did with the blue stars on our travel routes so I told her I would do that for her. I sent a request to a few of my RSE friends asking them to do this in whatever way they felt compelled to do. I did the dance and my daughter and I did a candle focus. My girl placed her hands on the map on the school wall along their way. ( I also asked the full moon and the sun to keep an eye on them and Gaia to help) Anyhow she called me today so full of Joy and energy at the end of their trip across the waters. I'll try to abbreviate what she described.

Click Here for the Full Article
Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
Click here to send us your community event.

May 23rd: Genius Lab: The Genius of Theatre
Theatre of the Mind into Action
Explore creative solutions & innovative education techniques with Amanda Gifford
BOOKING: Email or phone 360 359 5719
VENUE: Centre for the Creative Arts, Rainier WA
TIME: 6 — 9pm
COST: $20

May 28th: Potluck & Raffle in the Park
There will be a Potluck & Raffle held in Yelm Park (SR 507 & Mosman Avenue/ Across from JZ Rose) to welcome home those brave souls who have travelled from afar to call Yelm their home.
Just bring a yummy dish or non-alcoholic beverages. Concession stand available to heat up food. Serving begins at 11:30 am, please arrive at 10:00 am to help set up.
If you wish (optional), you may contribute a gift that will be raffled off to our Guests, those who have relocated.

June 22nd: Thurston County Emergency Management Neighborhood Preparedness Training Thurston County Emergency Management offers Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) train-the-trainer courses for residents who want to organize their neighborhoods for emergency preparedness. The next course is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, 2011. For more information, click this text. The MYN program teaches 9 steps to take immediately after a disaster, shows how to pre-identify skills and equipment available in the neighborhood, and provides information to help neighbors work together to evaluate their neighborhood after a disaster and take necessary action. Contact Vivian Eason at 360-786-5243 or
For more information goto

June 25th: Fundraiser on behalf of The Phoenix Rising School
An Elegant Dinner, Spectacular Horse Show and Fashion Show by Giorda E will be held at The Way Station in Rainier, WA
Saturday, June 25th 2011.
Limited seating.
Dress is Semi-formal.
"Love the Future into Life!"
For more information and to view invitation, click here.

Hour 4 Hour Time Exchange can help in the exchange of services. We primarily serve the south sound communities of Rainier, Yelm, and Tenino but also have some members in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Centralia, Chehalis, McKenna, and Roy. There is no money exchanged. Everyone's time is valued equally. An hour of time is equal to a Time Dollar.
For more information contact:
We have have connected with Timebanksusa which is a non-profit organization with international membership. Can Learn more about it at Also YouTube has video's on timebanks. Check our website for information and upcoming community orientations.


Fundraiser on Behalf of The Phoenix Rising School
Sponsored by The Way Station and Giorda E

An Elegant Dinner, Spectacular Horse Show and Fashion Show by Giorda E will be held at The Way Station in Rainier, WA Saturday, June 25th 2011. Limited seating. Dress is Semi-formal.

"Love the Future into Life!"
For more information and to view invitation, click here.
Phoenix Rising School
Where There′s Smoke…

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

There was indeed smoke last Saturday as parents and children from the PRS community endeavored to create fire with their bare hands — and a little help from handcrafted bow drills. The exercise was part of the third installment of a survival skills workshop, instigated by Lars Olson and coordinated by superparent Ayelet Yedidia (in addition to putting the workshop together, Ayelet also volunteers for our website committee, school model committee and fundraising committee). Throughout the day, workshops in hutbuilding, orienteering, edible plant collection and solar water distillation attracted small crowds. The day wound up with a feast, including barbecued hot dogs and a homemade stew filled with edible plants, organic vegetables and wine–soaked lamb courtesy of Delfinica and her crew. Our thanks to Lars, Ayelet, Merlin Warnke, Christine Jarlik–Bell, Delfinica, Neil Kaber, Donovan and Al for all their hard work in the interest of making our community more sovereign.

Weekly Remote View
Last weeks remote view was this picture of a rose.

This week in a C.R.E.A.T.E. session, all of the students focused on a picture. Can you remote view what they were focusing on? Send your answers to

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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