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Newsletter Issue 232
March 4th 2011
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Editors Corner

At the fall follow-up events the book, Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot by Andrea and Bruce Leininger was introduced on the RSE reading list. I was immediately drawn to read it and wonder about the role of past life regression hypnosis as part of unraveling the personality. We have entitled this issue of, "Hypnosis as a Tool in the Great Work". Our feature article is contributed by two local hypnotherapists, Rick Ranum and Laurie Lilinoe, who do past-live regression work as part of their practice.

Guest Commentary
Embracing the concept of reincarnation was the trigger point for my escape from fundamentalist religion. No one in the Church ever suggested to me that I might have a history or a future beyond this lifetime. The book Soul Survivor makes a convincing case for reincarnation. I wish I could have read this book 35 years ago when I was struggling with the concept. Without reincarnation I was constantly in fear of failing God. It was the possibility that this short span of life was my only chance to learn and explore and “get it right” that didn't make sense to me. Reincarnation reassured me that life is a beautiful gift, filled with unending possibilities not a prison or punishment.

The concept that intrigues me now is time. We have learned that all time exists simultaneously. So, really, there are no past-lives and no future-lives they are all now-lives. And then what about parallel lives and parallel universes? How does this info sync up with what Ram has taught us about each of us being able to change our personality and our DNA to have a new life in this body without dying. A great teaching on this topic is from the Legacy Teaching “From Chaos to New Realities” Can hypnosis help me access and observe the other incarnations of my spirit self wherever and whenever they exist? Perhaps knowing about some of these other adventures would help make sense of my life, just like reincarnation did.

Last issue we featured The Phoenix Rising School. The students wanted to let you know how much they appreciate your interest in them and the financial support you have given them. Click here to see all their artwork and heartfelt sentiments. Be sure to read this weeks Phoenix Rising School article below.
Feature Story
Past Life Regression for Healing
By Rick Ranum and Laurie Lilinoe

When Jan Jones discovered Rick Ranum was a practicing hypnotherapist, she asked if he would write an article for "Masters Connection 2020" about past life and life between lives hypnotherapy, referencing the book Soul Survivor. Rick said, "Sure", and asked fellow hypnotherapist, Laurie Lilinoe, to join him in writing the article. Laurie and Rick share both an office and longtime interest in past life and life between lives hypnotherapy.

There has been a recent upsurge of interest in reincarnation as a result of the book Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot by Andrea and Bruce Leininger. Soul Survivor chronicles the story of the authors' child, James, who as a two-year-old began experiencing traumatic nightmares of dying in a fiery airplane crash as a World War II fighter pilot. In an effort to help their son the skeptical parents contacted a past life regression therapist. As soon as James was invited to share his past life memories his nightmares dramatically decreased and he started to articulate numerous details about his former life. James' parents recorded over 50 memories that are independently verifiable about his former family, his Navy comrades, the plane he flew, and the war. This book is very credible and will be much loved by the 24% of Americans who believe in reincarnation. The story may even give pause to skeptics, and convince some, such as Mr. and Mrs. Leininger, that we have all lived before and our distant past influences our present.

Read full interview... Click here for info on Rick and Laurie
Readers Choice

It should be no surprise that the reader's choice book this issue is Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot by Andrea and Bruce Leininger.
You can purchase this amazing book here: Quantum Caf´┐Ż or Amazon

Your Feedback

Reader: Could you let the students know that they have the link for the chat room on Ramtha TV's new site now and its open all the time, not just during streams! It's kinda lonely in there. Thanks.

M.C.: Thanks.

Reader: Send out an email blast calling all masters who have a service or a product and ask them to advertise with you and that you are about to have a great influx of new viewers. I often go to your site ( before it was yours) looking for what I have needed to store for the future and I did not find what I needed there and I really wanted to support a master. But, I went elsewhere. Think of the amount of money we have all spent on our food and supplies.

M.C.: This is a great idea and once our new website is up and running we will be able to accommodate this. Stay tuned!

Reader: To create more subscribers, you need to make it a very active place that everyday, we cannot wait to go there and see it everyday!!!!!!!!!!

M.C.: This is another great idea.

Reader: Create The Lofty Corner and ask JZ if you can put a new Ramtha quote everyday to inspire and uplift us.

M.C.: Thanks for the suggestion. We will see what we can do!

Reader: Making money from home/ Everyone that comes to Yelm is faced with the question, how to make money there and it would be great if people could be featured that would want to share how to make legitimate money from home or how they made it financially there. I have your first interview. I have a friend who has a great job from home and she can help mentor others .

M.C.: We will look in to the possibility of having a section on home based businesses in the future.

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Question of the Week

Do you think hypnosis is a useful tool for a student of the great work?

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Community Calendar

This issue we are launching our new Community Calendar. Our readers have sent us announcements about so many interesting events and opportunities we felt compelled to create a way to share them with you. We do love to hear from you especially about events that you think our community of readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
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March 4 - 6: RSE ON DEMAND Streaming Events!

March 4 & 5: Reexamining The Origins of The Human Race
Implication for Our Spiritual Empowerment.
With guest speaker Dr. Micael Ledwith.
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March 12: Thirtieth Electronics Show & Fleamarket
New and used ham radios, CB radios, antennas and a wide variety of information packed into one day.

April 1 & 2: Journey into the Matrix
Understanding the Power to Change Your Mind.
With guest speaker Dr. Joe Dispenza.
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Phoenix Rising School
Article by Deanna Waldo

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Neil Kaber, one of our local inventors and innovators, is a celebrated guest teacher at PRS. He is the clever designer of the ultimate black box, the light-wave-sound technology, and several other brilliant inventions. He is also a distributor of the beyond-the-cutting-edge-technology of auto-illumination panels for "Everlasting Light Co".

While growing up near a refuse dump, Neil and his brother often scavenged materials with which they conducted experiments in the basement of their home. This resulted in numerous inventions, innovations, and plain fun stuff (explosions!) for Neil to share with his peers during "show and tell" throughout the years. It seems that we may be part of the minority who appreciates such genius minds.

While the 5-6 class was learning about models and designs, Neil allowed Deanna to share his "ulitmate black box" invention as well as a portion of the auto illumination panel developed by the "Everlasting Light Co" with the class. The students were flabbergasted by the black box, which seemed to move on its own according to the gravitational pull. They drew conceptual models of their ideas of what was inside the box, almost all reaching the conclusion that there "must be some kind of gyroscope inside". Then, the whole class squeezed into the small bathroom to witness the luminescent light brought about by a small 4x8 sheet of plastic which recorded on its surface the heat patterns left by those who held it! OOOOHHHHs and AAAAHHHHs could be heard all around.

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