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Editors Corner

MastersConnection2020 Newsletter readers are literally watching the skies around the world wondering where will the strange storms and ravaging cyclonic winds strike next? Sky watchers with telescopes are tracking the movement of the rogue celestial body some are calling Elenin, as it aligns with earth and triggers super quakes. Indeed it is an exciting time to be alive.

Have you asked yourself why you chose to be incarnated at this moment in time? What if, in a cosmic sense, this planetary timeline is the BIG EVENT and you have a front row seat? You won the evolutionary jackpot to be born here and now. Let's prepare, lean forward and enjoy the ride together.

“The greatest of things are achieved in a light heart” - Ramtha. Copyright © JZK Inc. Used with Permission

One of our readers Reni Storm, sent us a cartoon with a wise way to prepare—learn to teleport. Click here

This week we bring to a close our series on communication for future times. Teri Simpson calls us to action to implement what we have learned about creating a communication plan with our neighbors to safeguard our home and families now and in times of emergency. We have decided to use the MC2020 Newsletter as a tool to help Masters continue to connect even when cell phones and internet give way to CB and HAM radios. If you are interested in acting as community spokespersons/organizers, please email us your contact info together with your physical location. Email us here. We encourage students from all over the world to participate. Imagine a communication neuronet circling the globe of prepared master-minds.

In this issue we welcome our latest new advertiser, “ Bree” with Titus Will Dealerships. Imagine what a great experience it could be to buy your next car from a fellow RSE student. When you are ready to buy a car, give “Bree” a call. Click here

Check the Community Calendar—I am especially interested in the Mother Earth News Fair this weekend at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.

Next week you will not be receiving the MastersConnection2020 Newsletter. We are taking a week to retool the new website and devote all of our time and attention to launching it two weeks from now. See you then.

Article of the Week
Communication Part 4
Written by Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness

How do we use our radios in a cohesive and efficient manner once they are the only form of communicating

You have your neighborhood group. You’ve been meeting on a fairly regular basis so you know each other, how to contact each other and you’ve run a couple of tests to iron out the kinks in your phone calling circle. How long did it take to get one message to every member and have the originating person who initiated the test get a call from the last person? Did you improve on your time during your second trial run?

What? You haven’t gotten that far yet? Or maybe it just seems “kinda dumb” or you’d feel “kinda funny” doing a trial run of a calling circle? It is a hugely telling exercise and well worth the effort. If you won’t do that, what else won’t you do?

Here’s the thing: all of this is out of your regular “box”, out of your comfort zone, for most people anyway. So we can’t let our personality decide what to do, we have to use our Observer. Exercises like this can have a tendency to bring up fear in the personality – to the personality, getting a CB or Ham radio means no regular phones and no cell phones. To the personality this equals “scary” or “bad”, so the ever-helpful (not!) personality will try to get you to postpone taking any action along these lines so it doesn’t have to look at “scary” or “bad”. So we have to just observe what the personality does with this info, and then use our Observer to decide our course of action.

Click Here for the Full Article

Pud & Pudoriel
A Fairy and an Angel Out to Observe and Help the World
By Reni Storm

Winds of Change

Severe storms and deadly tornados have been terrorizing unsuspecting, ill-prepared populations all over the world this spring. We have collected a few stories worth reading about the experiences of those under the threat of tornados and first responders to the scene of destruction. Click here
We also have a detailed recounting by an emergency room physician. Click here

As many of our readers prepare for potential disaster conditions, we can learn a lot from the experiences of those who have found themselves staring in the face of nature's most dangerous threats. Follow this link to test your tornado survival I.Q. Click here

Questions remain. Is Mother Nature taking out her revenge on us? Is HAARP the villain of our intrigue? Is an invading comet exacting its toll?

Follow these links and see if you can piece together the puzzle of these turbulent times. This is the website that was shown at the Primary retreat.

Raw Video: Huge waterspout near Australian coast

Something Worth Knowing
Pruning Tomatoes
By Suzanne Wood of

Last week Suzanne's article taught us how to tell the difference between determinate and indeterminate tomato plants. This week's article is about how to prune the indeterminate plants. I hope you are learning as much about tomatoes as I am. I am expecting an abundant crop of big, red, juicy, flavorful tomatoes this year.

Pruning tomatoes affects the plant health in two ways. Reducing the number of leaves maximizes the efficiency of photosythesis and minimizes the risk of disease.

The goal is to prune the tomato plant so that each leaf presents itself to the sun. The tomato leaf is a sugar production factory. Too many leaves on a plant can rob the fruit of sugar and result in a poor tomato crop.

Read Complete Article Here
Your Feedback

Thank you so much!
You guys are fantastic!!!
I’m sure Stephany is proud :-)

Hi you two beautiful entities, I have always loved Mastersconnection - also when Stephanie was still creating it. Now what I love in particular, is the "practical" advice and input, on "how to do", and new creative ideas – be it for toiletpaper, canning cheese, pruning tomatoes, Ham-Radios, etc.etc. – this to me is a great enrichment and I appreciate it very much. I print those ideas out and put them in a folder – where I can look it up when needed! Thank you very much! Also I love the updates, Infos and links from the school and teachings.

I went to a Barbie on Monday and the article (Handling the Issue of Toilet Paper in a UG Situation) was THE topic for the first half hour or so – from folks who had read it, then those that hadn’t but wanted to know all the details… We sat around talking worms and TP, hampers, etc – good ol’ Yelm…. :-D

Thanks for the information about worms and toilet paper. Something I didn’t know but will try it out. I will give you a report in a few months.

Where is Ben's card game?

Your encouragement means a lot to us. We receive so many inspiring emails. Your feedback is vital to the success of the MastersConnection 2020. We want to hear from you. Tell us the truth. How can we serve you better? What topic(s) would you like more information on? Feel free to share your story with us about how the MastersConnection has benefitted you personally.
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The Passing of a Master
Celebration in the Park for Sally Paulsen

There is going to be a potluck in celebration of Sally Paulsen's life on June 11th from 5pm till 7pm at Yelm City Park. There will be a place to warm a dish and outlets for crock pots. In addition to your light heart and best story about Sally, please bring:
1. A dish to pass
2. Your choice of non-alcoholic beverage & glass
3. Plates, utensils, napkins
4. Laughter
Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
Click here to send us your community event.

June 4th: The 6th Anniversary of the Rainier Food Bank
2 PM at the Historic School in Rainier located at 207 Centre St South. We will be having an outdoor Barbeque with all the fixings. Let us know if you will be attending by calling 360 446 1040 or just stop by and say hello! Located at 207 Centre St S, in Rainier in the Historic School Building,

June 4th & 5th: Estate Sale
From 11am to 4pm. Antiques, furniture, books, kitchen items, DVD's, videos, audio tapes and much more. 12602 133rd St., Rainier. Coming from Yelm the first L/H street just after passing under the railroad overpass. From Tenino, the last R/H street just before going under railroad over pass. You will see a yellow bulldozer on the L/H side and follow the red balloons. Any questions email Khat:

June 4th & 5th: Mother Earth News Fair
Comming to the Puyallup Fairgrounds | Puyallup, Wash. Saturday event hours: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday event hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Anticipated Number of Workshops: 120
Anticipated Number of Exhibitors: 250
In June, the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR will come to the state-of-the-art Americraft ShowPlex facility with additional demonstrations held in the nearby outdoor, arena and barn complexes located within the fairgrounds.
Read more: Click for Info

June 6th: Genius of Art: Paint with Questions in Mind, Allow Solutions
Explore creative solutions & innovative education techniques with Amanda Gifford at the Centre for the Creative Arts, Rainier WA from 6 – 9pm. Cost: $20. For booking information email or phone 360 359 5719
Click for Info

June 11th & 12th: HAM Radio Technician′s License Class and Test
Sign Up for HAM Radio technician's license class sponsored by Tacoma Radio Club. Go to the link Click for Info

June 22nd: Thurston County Emergency Management Neighborhood Preparedness Training
Thurston County Emergency Management offers Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) train-the-trainer courses for residents who want to organize their neighborhoods for emergency preparedness. The next course is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22, 2011. The MYN program teaches 9 steps to take immediately after a disaster, shows how to pre-identify skills and equipment available in the neighborhood, and provides information to help neighbors work together to evaluate their neighborhood after a disaster and take necessary action.
Contact Vivian Eason at 360-786-5243 or
For more information goto

June 23rd & 24th: Giorda E. Trunk Show
You are invited to an exclusive trunk show featuring Fall 2011 collections from: Lourdez Chavez and Kevan Hall
rsvp | 360.400.1125

June 25th: Fundraiser on behalf of The Phoenix Rising School
An Elegant Dinner, Spectacular Horse Show and Fashion Show by Giorda E will be held at The Way Station in Rainier, WA
Saturday, June 25th 2011.
Limited seating. Dress is Semi-formal.
"Love the Future into Life!"
For more information and to view invitation, click here.


Phoenix Rising School
Looking for Pre-K Lead Teacher

The Phoenix Rising School is seeking a Pre-K Lead Teacher
and Middle School Teachers for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Candidates may apply until July 13th, 2011.

Interested candidates should submit the following information, including:
* A current resume
* An application for Employment at PRS

Application and Job Posting Flyer are available on our website at:

Completed Resumes and Application Forms may be emailed to:

~Thank you in advance for your inquiries and interest ~

Visit our website.

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