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Editors Corner

Summer is the season of manifestation. Dreams come to their fullness in this magnificent season. And so it is with the The new website is in full bloom. We invite you to stop, browse and smell the flowers.

We will soon have all of our articles indexed to make it easier for you to find your favorite subjects. We have decided to keep most of our past articles live on the website because so many of our readers tell us they use them for reference. Our new blog-type format allows you to contribute your comments to any of the articles. We did this purposely so that everyone with helpful info or insights can participate to make MC2020 a continually evolving, reliable source of information for our community.

We received a fabulous letter from a master this week that epitomizes the kind of participation from our community we are inviting. This lovely, enthusiastic master courageously shared her ideas with us about how we can improve the content of the MastersConnection2020. She was respectful and gracious and we were thrilled that she invested her time and effort to contribute to our efforts. We have posted her letters to share with you. MC2020 must be a community effort for it to thrive. We want it to be fun for you to jump in and share your opinions. We want you to send us stories about what you are doing in your life. We want it to be personal. We love funny, mystical and miraculous. If you have a question that you know someone out there must have the answer to, ask it. Have you read a great book lately? Tell us about it. Your opinion matters. Connect with us.

Fact or Fiction. . .help us find the answer. We have posted a link about a mirage that has appeared in China. Check it out and let us know what you think. Is this a peek at another dimension –or trick photography?

Our friends from all over the world will be arriving next week for Assay. The Yelm community comes alive with a special buzz when our students converge for big events. As you make your plans for your visit to Yelm remember the community of MastersConnection2020 advertisers are here to serve you. Have dinner at LaGitana, buy a pair of boots from Rossi Boots or top off your food storage at Earthwave Living.

Letter To The Editors
A Two Part Letter

hello masters,
again, thank you for your work and wonderful web page and information. congrats on your web page! whooohoo!
now, perhaps you would note a suggestion? as we recognize- our states have changed, our power is up to us and our focus and disciplines...i wonder, how do you feel about moving some aspects of the newsletter from SURVIVAL!!! DAYS TO COME!!! to creating our wonderful futures, fabulous health and wealth, alll the things we learned from the Ram that means consciousness and energy create reality (my consciousness is not focused on devastation.fear/destruction or toilet paper in a u.g and the masters i speak to feel similarly. i dont hang with the doom and gloom crowd ;) ).
i would LOVE to read uplifting things, stories of success and liberation and healing and abundance. let us hear perhaps, about the events of the feasts, or- great happenings at rse events or...happy thoughts, happy lives. BEING god. <3. LOVE ALWAYS TRIUMPHS. that is the truth, the real truth. Even the DTC, IF they come, will not, CAN not destroy love/god/life.
years ago, i almost did not come to rse, b/c of the grrrreat fear fear, panic constant focus on the DAYS TO COME and what seemed the near abandonment of life on the surface, life in the NOW. i know we are at a crucial point now. and it is indeed important to be prepared, but then- be prepared, and get on with the business of LIVING.
life is about NOW, and being in it, yes? seems like most articles relate to allll things underground...i know fear sells, (sex sells, greed sells). but- so does love, and creation, and healing. right? why are we in school? i guess that is the big question. i came to change my life and evolve and to take back my power. i believe most of us are students for those reasons or, i hope so, anyway.
i would LOVE to read testimonials of students who have achieved their dreams- big/small...doesnt matter, as there is no big and no small, right? i would LOVE to read about joy and love.
now NOW we have passed june 15, things continue to shift (yayyy focus! yayyy assistance from the ram and his friends, yayyy love, yayyy earth)...could there perhaps be a section of the newsletter that deals with the DTC, but- another that deals with the joy of living.creating.focusing/ living a wonderful life...beholding god?
living in joy, presence, and being god: how i love to read those things about my school :)
with great respect and appreciation for your work, i write these words,
to life!

Click here to read part 2
Fact or Fiction
Amazing MIRAGE — Buildings and Mountains appear in China

Amazing mirage appeared on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at dusk at the Tunxi section of the Xin'an River in Huangshan City, east China's Anhui Province, when continuous pouring rain had just stopped.

In the thin mist above the river were spectacular images of mountains, buildings and trees, which seemed to be floating on the river.

The phenomenon began at about 17:00 p.m. local time, attracting a large number of people, who paused to watch the ethereal scene.

“It's really amazing. It looks like a scene in the movie, in a fairyland,“ a local said.

Similar sights are often seen lately, only they were not as special as this one, local residents say.

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Something Worth Knowing
Driving in a bad storm?
You might be doing the wrong thing

You're blissfully hurtling down a desolate stretch of interstate at 70 mph, singing along with your iPod. The scenery is spectacular, the sun is shining, and things couldn't be better. Then you round a bend and suddenly the sky turns midnight black. There's lightning and a thunderclap that feels like it comes from your back seat. There's a trickle of rain, followed seconds later by a downpour, then hail. The highway isn't desolate any more, as you've caught up to all other drivers who are crawling along at 10 mph because they can barely see 50 feet. What do you do?

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Your Feedback

By the way, I LOVE the changes you've made. It's a gorgeous thing to read now.

New website looks amazing by the way

Congratulations on the new website - looks great.

Again, you are both doing a truly awesome job...the MC is so alive and vibrant and timely...GREAT WORK!

I am finding your masters connection very interesting & informative.
Yet I would like to see other countries contribution as well. So far it is all directed towards the US. ( not a reflection on you)

Your encouragement means a lot to us. We receive so many inspiring emails. Your feedback is vital to the success of the MastersConnection 2020. We want to hear from you. Tell us the truth. How can we serve you better? What topic(s) would you like more information on? Feel free to share your story with us about how the MastersConnection has benefitted you personally.
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Passing of a Master
John Bats

“Long time student John (Jai Jai) Bats passed this plane last Sunday, June 19, 2011 after a long battle with cancer.”

No other information is available at this time.
Hot Topics
Dutchsinse's Latest Earthquake
And Volcano Report

Wow! Check this out....he's saying Washington will be hit with a 6.0 or greater within 2 weeks time. Also, Yellowstone shows unprecendented magma's the link
Click Here
Recipe of the Week
3 Minute Cream of Chicken Soup
Submitted by Jan LeBaron of Healthy Harvest

This recipe is perfect to use in place of canned cream of chicken soup in all your recipes & a much healthier version.
Easy and delicious.
From page 39 from Jan LeBaron's Cookbook “Jan's Fabulous Food Storage Recipes”
Click here for the recipe.
Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
Click here to send us your community event.

June 23rd – 25th: Yelm Prairie Days
Visit Yelm Prairie Days from June 23rd to 25th in the park opposite JZ Rose and try out the carnival. You’ll have fun, and you won’t be disappointed.

June 25th: You are Invited to an Elegant Evening
You are invited to an elegant evening fashion show and private party
Saturday June 25th 3:00p.m. at Giorda E store
Fashion Show starts at 6:00p.m.
Cost: $50.00
Please RSVP as soon as possible
Phone: 360-400-1125  Email:

June 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th & 30th: Cactus Flower
A Standing Room Only Comedy Directed by Nancy Hillman
A Situation Comedy by Abe Burrows
7:30pm @ Gordon's Grange 302 Yelm Ave. E
All Tickets $10
On sale @ Gordon's Garden Center & Yelm Coop


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

We are delighted to announce the addition of several highly qualified new members to our staff. These individuals bring years of experience, training and passion for working with children to Phoenix Rising. The 2011/2012 school year is going to be dynamic - in fact, we suspect the kids won't know what hit them. Without further ado, here are our new staff:

Susan Freitag has been working with students for 25 years and is a Washington State certified Pre-K and Special Education teacher, with a certificate in counseling. She developed the Pre-K program for Yelm School District and is also trained in Gestalt Therapy and American Sign Language.

Middle School Math and Science
Teresa Escrig has a Ph.D. in computer science and has taught at the university level for 19 years. She is the CEO of Cognitive Robots and the award-winning author of multiple books and papers at both the national and international level.

Shanna Leone (Educational Assistant) has been a para-educator with the Kennewick School District, working with students ranging from Pre-K through High School. She has a A.A.S. in Pre-Nursing and Pre-Law, coursework in Environmental Science and extensive experience working with E.S.L. students and families.

Please note that The Phoenix Rising School is still seeking Middle School Teachers for English and Social Studies, and an Administrator/Executive Office Manager.

Candidates may apply until July 1st, 2011.

Interested candidates should submit the following information, including a:
* Current resume
* Application for Employment at PRS

Application, Job Posting Flyer and Middle School schedule are available on our website at:

For job details, click here:

Completed Resumes and Application Forms may be emailed to

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
Visit our website.

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