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Editors Corner

This week's issue of Newsletter is all about ideas. Big ideas, bright ideas, simple, yet genius ideas, all of them have something in common—someone made an extraordinary observation. An ordinary observer connected the dots in an unusual way to solve a problem and improve their life. Some people call this thinking outside the box. There is definitely no “boxy” thinking in this newsletter. Every week as the articles, links and emails come in I search for the thread that stitches them together into a theme. Sometimes, I never find it and I have to just let that be okay. This week, however, as the newsletter wrote itself, I could see we would be exploring new solutions to age old concerns. Re- thinking and re-purposing and recycling—wait, I think they call that evolving.

Essential oils as medicine are as ancient as Egyptian Pharoahs, yet newly emerging as a powerful natural alternative to synthetic antibiotics and drugs. I am especially jazzed about what I am learning about essential oils. When my friend, Anita, started exploring essential oils I dusted off a box of high-end essential oils that I had received as a gift in 2000. Eleven years ago I thought they smelled great, but I had no idea how to use them. Anita introduced me to the “Owners Manual” of essential oils. Yesterday Ron had a bad run in with a stinging nettle. I looked it up in my book and within 5 minutes I was able to relieve his pain with a couple of drops of Clove mixed with Melaleuca. Less than a half hour later he had all but forgotten about it. And remember these oils are 11 years old!

We were talking about essential oils as we were posting this article and Ben started talking about using essential oils to spice up food storage. Imagine the fresh flavor of basil, oregano, cilantro, lemon or lime in your DTC menu. Good thinking, Ben. I bet there are a lot of good ideas in the community at large on this subject. Please share.

Speaking of sharing. . . The other day I was at a Wine Club meeting. The president had asked our members to bring their genius ideas to share. I was amazed at some of the really cool, clever ideas. I am already recruiting stories from all of those guys and we will be posting them in our new column, “Genius Ideas”. Of course, the invitation is open for all of you to share your genius ideas, too.

Container housing. . . now that's an unlimited idea. We want to start a conversation about all types of alternative housing/shelters. Be as unconventional as you can and tell us about it. In the community calendar section we have a link to a story about a beautiful entity that has lived in a tree house for 30 years.

Did you get the email about the alien smoking a pipe pictured in a crop circle? The first time we got it we thought it was creepy, the second time we started getting curious, third time we laughed and fourth time we decided it was a runner we had to share.

Share your thoughts here.
Something Worth Knowing

Inspiration for featuring shipping container housing came from a recent trip to the Mother Earth Expo. There was a great example of a container house all fitted out for comfortable living on display at the expo. As we walked through, I thought of many people I knew who would love to have a simple, inexpensive alternative type home with this.

As you can see by following the links below, container homes range from sophisticated to humble and all points in between. The purpose of highlighting container homes is to start a conversation about alternative housing. Let us hear from you. With all the creativity in our community, there must be some other innovative shelter ideas.

Click Here for: Exceptional Container Home by and for Industrial Designer Debbie Glassberg
Click Here for: Twelve amazing shipping container houses
Click Here for: Solar Powered Sunset Idea House 2011
Click Here for: Yellow Shipping Container Home Shows Off Small Space Living

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Runners & Mirrors
Four Frogs to Yelm
Submitted by Milt Gordon - an MC2020 Reader

In 1988 I started my dream home, rammed earth walls two feet thick and a lot of work and then came Ramtha and I knew I was in trouble and so after much soul searching the decision was made, Molly and I were moving to Yelm. The house goes on the market and since I was a real estate broker with 20 years experience I did not anticpate much difficulty selling my dream. Was I in for a surprise. Two years passed and nothing was happening until one day, Molly returned from an errand with the news that our house was sold. Curious as to how she achieved what I could not do I therefore made further inquiries and she laid enlightenment on me.
Click Here for Complete Article
Making the Connection
Masters on the March

We received this beautiful letter this week from Miyuki, a Japanese RSE student. This is exactly how it came to us-no editing. She is doing a great job learning English, don't you think? Her sincerity is touching in any language.
Miyuki is just one of the many Japanese students that you have helped through your generosity. To date, you donated over $25,000 that went directly to assist our fellow RSE students from Japan. Their choice to come here is courageous and your support is heroic. I add my “Thank You” to Miyuki's.

To Masters
I say . We say .
Always thank you so much evrything and many kindness and LOVE
I am Japanese
Many masters help to us evrything
and I think we have always learened about independent and Love and English
I love Yelm community
Now I wraite this e-mail in Japan
I desided I will come back YELM on 17th Ougust
I tremble with excitement

If you want to submit a new request or offering, please email us with the information at

On The Lighter Side

Parahawking Over Nepal
Click for Video: Parahawking Over Nepal

Is this a runner?   :)

The Theme from “Time” Narrated by Laurence Oliver
Click for Video: The Theme from Time
In The News
Experts Baffled by Mysterious Underground Chambers

There are more than 700 curious tunnel networks in Bavaria, but their purpose remains a mystery. Were they built as graves for the souls of the dead, as ritual spaces or as hideaways from marauding bandits? Archeologists are now exploring the subterranean vaults to unravel their secrets. Beate Greithanner, a dairy farmer, is barefoot as she walks up the lush meadows of the Doblberg, a mountain in Bavaria set against a backdrop of snow-capped Alpine peaks. She stops and points to a hole in the ground. "This is where the cow was grazing," she says. "Suddenly she fell in, up to her hips." A crater had opened up beneath the unfortunate cow. On the day after the bovine mishap, Greithanner's husband Rudi examined the hole. He was curious, so he poked his head inside and craned his neck to peer into the darkness. Could it be a hiding place for some sort of treasure, he wondered? As he climbed into the hole to investigate, it turned out to be a narrow, damp tunnel that led diagonally into the earth, like the bowels of some giant dinosaur. Suddenly the farmer could no longer hear anything from above. He panicked when he realized that it was getting difficult to breathe the stifling air -- and quickly ended his brief exploration.
Click here to read the full article.
Kleiner's Korner

MC2020 is happy to welcome Kleiner's Korner to the neighborhood. Steve will no longer be regularly publishing his newsletter, but promises to continue posting stories and links he finds interesting and educational. Click here to go directly to Kleiner's Korner.

And for Steve Klein's local Yelm news
Genius Ideas
The Simple Brilliance of Liter of Light

Simple genius. Genius does not have to be complicated. Simple solutions to complex problems often come in BFO's. (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) Or when you first see a great idea you hear yourself mutter, “Why didn't I think of that?” We know there are many of you who “have always been geniuses”. So, don't be selfish—share your genius ideas with us. The article and video below are perfect examples of elegant genius at work.

Millions of people live in shantytowns across the world, many in corrugated-iron-roofed shacks with no windows. This leaves the residents with the choice of living in complete darkness or running expensive electric bulbs (if electricity is even available to them).

Click here to read more.
Turn to Your Neighbor
Formula for Creating Reality
By Robert Mazzarella - an MC2020 Reader

Your response has been great to our request to share your greatest learning. We have heard from several people that they are working on stories that will be forthcoming. This week we are pleased to bring you Roberto Mazarella's story. It is obvious he has put a lot of thought into his work. See if you can decode his message.

At Assay 2011, a top research physicist spoke. Then Ram taught us real knowledge and asked us to draw what we do to create reality. As I did field work, I was pondering the sequence of my images. I didn't find my card, but I was aroused me to form a comprehensive pattern of the steps I use to create reality, as well as how the back-story interferes. Understanding it all better would help me recognize when I fell off the track so I could self correct.

Ram mentioned a mathematical formula for spiritual concepts. Not a trained mathematician, I pondered how to clothe spiritual concepts in symbols so anyone could see the formula and get it, you know, like E= MC². Like words, symbols can mean anything you choose that others agree to. They conjure up images in your mind of the real object, thing, or idea. My made up symbols may mean different things in different systems. Let's map how Ramtha's © + E < ®. ®

Click here to read the full article.
Hot Topics

Ever heard of the Hutchison Effect? Ever seen it? Here is your chance. This is truly amazing!
Click for Video: UFOs Energy System by John Hutchinson

Dutchsinse is watching the volcanic fields of Southern California and Nevada. I'm glad someone is paying attention.
Click for Video: Black Hills and Pisgah California Volcanic areas
Recipe of the Week
No Time to Cook This Week :)
Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
Click here to send us your community event.

July 30th: Free Equine Workshop
Saturday July 30th and August 13th: from 1 to 3 PM Children with parents/guardians welcome! Location: The Way Station, home of Harmonic Riding 12440 Koeppen Rd SE (between 123rd and Horizon Pioneer)Rainier, WA
For information: Call 360-791-1278 or Email

July 30th: Farmageddon (A Documentary Film)
Recommended by JZ Knight
The unseen war on American family farms.
Americans' right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack!
Playing at Yelm Cinemas, Saturday, July 30th at 9am.
All seats $6.25
Link Here

July 30th: New Farm Stand Open House
Hello Masters,
I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit my farm stand Saturday July 30 from 10 am - 1 pm. Conveniently located on the same street as Safeway (Vancil Rd) at the end of Vancil Rd. 10945 Vancil Rd SE Serendipity, the same Saturday as "farmageddon" playing at Yelm Cinema just down the street!

August 3rd: Beth Rossow to speak in Graham
Beth Rossow, the "Woman of the Mountain and Siren of the Sound" will be speaking about her life, particularly her 35 years of living quite comfortably in her self-built tree house, at the Graham Self-Reliant Community meeting on Wednesday August 3.
The meeting will start at 6:30 and is free; all are welcome. The meeting will take place in the Graham Fire and Rescue HQ station on 70th Avenue in Graham, just south of 224th St.
Who is Beth Rossow? Click here to find out.

August 3rd - 8th: Another "Standing Room Only" production
'Annie Get your Gun', directed by Nancy Hillman, will be performed at Gordon's Outdoor Theater August 3rd - 8th at 8pm. Tickets will be available at Gordon's Garden Center and Yelm Food Coop soon. Poster announcement in development stage - coming soon! Click Here for more info.

August 13th: Bon Odori - Olympia
The Bon Odori Japanese Festival will be held in Olympia at Port Plaza on Aug. 13 from 4:pm to 9:pm. Traditional Japanese folk dance, taiko drummers, food and more will be featured. Click for more info.

Forward the Progressive Voters Guide
Forwarding the Progressive Voters Guide is the best way to help your friends, family, and colleagues to keep all the races straight. In America, we have to vote to win. Ballots for the 2011 primary election are in mailboxes now, and good people will win or lose in dozens of hard-fought primaries based on our votes. To make informed voting easier, we worked with Washington's leading progressive organizations to produce recommendations for local races. While there are only a handful of races on the ballot this August, we believe it's still a critical part of our civic duty to cast an informed vote on every race in every election. Please forward this guide to your friends, family, and co-workers - they can view their own locally customized version at: Thanks for all that you do, especially voting, Aaron and the entire team at Fuse


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Phoenix Rising has a Newsletter!
Hello everyone,
We've been getting a great response to our newsletter so far, in terms of feedback, enrollment and donations, which help to keep the school affordable for everyone. We would like to keep the momentum going, and you can help. This is a chance to share information about your child's school with your friends and family. If you have a facebook or twitter account, please post the link on your personal page with a brief comment. Here's the link: Click here.

The Circus Came to Phoenix Rising!
This week's theme in summer camp was the circus. The children had daily workshops to learn circus skills like juggling, tumbling, clowning, and creating animal balloons, all important future job skills. The kids got right into the spirit of the circus by creating circus trains, and their own 3 ring shows, with tight rope walkers, animals jumping through hoops, (toy and child personified, of course!) and clowning. The kids chose and embellished their own clown faces to make them one of a kind. Other free choice items are always available. The children spend unstructured lengths of time painting pictures, playing with Legos, playing cards and just relaxing. Ms. Jan's fabulous, big bubbles are a daily treat. There is nothing more wonderful than the long, open days of summer. We are delighted to be able to provide a space for our children to be hard at play...which is a child's work.

Click Here to Contribute to the Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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