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Editors Corner

It is 3:30PM and at RSE registration for the pre-Assay started at 1PM. The standing in line discipline has begun, tents are popping up like prairie dogs, its 66 degrees and the sun is shining—it's a day well created!

Meanwhile, back at MastersConnection2020 we are hurrying to get the newsletter off to you before the event begins this evening. We are very excited to hear what Ram has to say. The event on June 27, just 4 days ago was indeed impactful. If you did not stream, you still can. Ramtha called it a “landmark” teaching. Link here

Change is everywhere. Be sure to read Steve Klein's announcement about changes to Kleiner's Korner. Link here Steve is a great friend to the MasterConnection2020 and we appreciate his confidence in us to help spread important news and information to masters around the world.

Another good friend, SuperConsciousness Magazine, is making big changes, as well. Link here We are very glad they will be continuing their work through their fabulous website. Link here Thanks to SuperConsciousness this week for allowing us to reprint one of their articles featuring one of Ram's great teachings, “The Greatest of Things are Achieved in a Light Heart”.

In this issue we have gardening advice from Suzanne Wood, a brand new UFO video over London and a very touching whale rescue video. Be sure to watch all the way to the end of that one—I cried. Jan LeBaron of Healthy Harvest is a genius. When I look at those big white buckets of beans I think “What will I ever do with all those beans?” Hurray for bean dip! Now who has the recipe for tortilla chips?

Phoenix Rising School fashion models hit the runway last week. You've just got to see these cute pictures and catch up on the fashion news. Link here

One more thing. . . . did you know that you don't have to save all the MastersConnection2020 newsletters that you receive each week? We do that for you on . As a matter of fact, we just heard that some folks did not realize that we have an actual website, not just the newsletter. You can go directly to the website and browse new posts, classified ads and articles, it changes every day just as Ramtha's 'Lofty Thought of the Day' changes every day. You can also find your old favorites like the 100 Items in greatest demand during the siege of Sarajevo . I love this list. Whenever I feel a bit helpless, I pick an item on this list and go shopping. It helps. Link here

Wishing you a sunny 4th of July and the freedom of spirit that we celebrate.

Article of the Week
The Greatest Things Are Achieved In A Light Heart
Ramtha Teaching

"The first thing I said to my daughter is that the greatest things are achieved in a light heart. It is not the heart, the pump, but the heart in humanity, meaning the true self, not the intellectual self. The heart always represented God. The intellect really represented man. Emotions represented man. Somewhere God had to be represented so they put the soul right beside the heart, and in reality that is where the soul's essence sits. So the greatest things are created in a light heart."

If we were to investigate a little bit, we know that the most remarkable healings that have ever been recorded medically were those that were healed in a light heart. The greatest diseases were healed in laughter. The most dreadful disease was healed when you suddenly dropped the façade, the victimization, the stress, and all the things that your personality thought were important and started to engage life lightheartedly. You should see every morning as a great morning to get out of bed, run to your window and look at God and see whatever nature has brought. The sun shining is not the greatest day; every day is the greatest day. The most important thing, first and foremost, is to be a part of it, to be alive and be jubilant with that energy. When we can laugh in the early morning, heavy with sleep in our eyes, we have indeed found the secret to longevity. Because every day is a lightheartedness of being, then every situation in our life sort of becomes dim and we can approach everything with lightness and laughter. Trading stress in for lightness is to have a body without disease.

“If lightheartedness is the cure for every disease, and the only one we know that can cure every disease is God, then our God must be a riotous, lighthearted entity. God is the ultimate jester, absolutely laughter, happiness, joy, and mirth. Everything we have asked to come from the Lord God of our being we ask in respect, but we celebrate in laughter because God is the hallowed halls of mirth and laughter.”

— Ramtha

For information on Ramtha and his teachings, please contact Ramtha's School of Enlightenment: P.O. Box 1210, Yelm, WA 98597. Toll Free USA: 1.800.347.0439. Ph: 1.360.458.5201. Visit online at for a list of workshops and events near your location. Become a Remarkable Life®

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This story originally appeared in the MAY 2008 Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine.

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SuperConsciousness Magazine Announcement
Author: Jair Robles

Four years ago I began the editorial project called SuperConsciousness. The desire to be part of a change in consciousness in our times, heralded by many throughout the centuries, was the inspiration that gave life to SuperConsciousness Magazine.
There were many clear signs I perceived of this change and of a new consciousness emerging, such as the diminished popularity and domain of longstanding institutions such as the Catholic Church and religion in general, which have been loosing followers by the millions; the evident failure of “free markets” and neoliberal economic thought as a means to achieve prosperity for the world's population; as well as the emergence of new paradigms of thought, such as the body-mind connection or quantum theory and new scientific discoveries and technologies that are transforming the world we live in at an increasingly rapid pace.

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Something Worth Knowing
How and When to use Fertilizers
By Suzanne Wood of

Fertilizers can add nutrients but they can not replace good soil structure. Good soil structure is loose, crumbly, and teeming with life. These conditions help plants take up nutrients and water. Poor soil is compacted and depleted of organic matter and soil organisms. In these conditions plants struggle to meet their needs even if fertilizer is added. We recommend adding 1/2 inch of compost to garden beds each year to improve soil structure and vitality. If you live in an area with plentiful rains, the soils tend to be low in nitrogen, calcium and sulfur. They also tend toward being acidic. When we grow non-native plants such as vegetables, lawns, and flowers, fertilizers may be necessary for the garden to thrive.
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Recipe of the Week
Quick Easy Bean Dip
Submitted by Jan LeBaron of Healthy Harvest

Try this quick easy bean dip by using a variety of beans, you can make this using pinto, kidney or black beans.

Grind dried beans into a fine bean powder using your grain mill. In a medium pan bring to boil 4 cups of water, add bean flour to the water and lower the temperature to simmer. Add your spices, stirring while the beans cook. If you do not allow the bean flour to cook for a few minutes it will taste raw. Keep cooking for about 5 minutes, adding additional water if necessary. You can serve with freeze dried grated cheese, chips, vegetables, cracker, crispy pita bread or use to fill a tortilla for a burrito or use for tostadas. You can add onions, green chilies, anything you like, serve with additional salsa.


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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
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July 17th: A Gathering of the Eagles
A Picnic Pot Luck in the Park to Celebrate in Unity – Love and Freedom
When: Sunday, July 17 ~ 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.
Where: Yelm City Park - Across from J.Z. Rose in Yelm.
You are urged to bring one of your ethnic dishes to share, along with your own plate, eating utensils and drinks.
(No alcohol allowed in the park.)

Kleiner's Korner Special Announcement

1. As the first half of 2011 comes to a close and the 10th anniversary of Kleiner's Korner is noted in the next quarter, I have decided to make some changes as follows:

A. The volume of e-mails has become so overwhelming that I have had to make a decision to cut-back on the huge workload that has ensued.

B. This will be the last e-mailed edition of the Kleiner's Korner Newsletter sent to subscribers on a weekly basis.

C. YES, Kleiner's Korner will continue to publish stories of interest, however only on the Kleiner's Korner website:

D. I am very pleased to announce that MastersConnection will be the vehicle for delivery of the Korner in the future. I applaud the work of Ben Mann & Jan Jones in what they have done to continue the legacy of Stephany Ray, a person whom I admired, respected & shared stories of mutual interest frequently. If you desire to get their regular e-letter, check-out the MastersConnection website: link here

E. The future Kleiner's Korner will have no editorial commentary, no observations & no insertions. That a story is listed will speak volumes as to this writer's views.

F. The Yelm Community Blog is in-process of undergoing a transformational change that will be quite refreshing for this area and Blog readers. I will present that to all of you in an e-mailed Korner announcement soon. MastersConnection has also been gracious to include Local Notes from the Yelm Community Blog on their Newsletter, as well. .

And last, this 10 year adventure has been one of tremendous learning, growth and achievement in bringing news that is in the public domain, yet does not reach the front pages. An integral part of providing those resources has been YOU, the reader, who have e-mailed your choice sites and views during this tenure. I have enjoyed and appreciated each and every e-mail I have received. You must know that I have personally read EVERY e-mail sent to me, whether I have responded, or not.

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Hot Topics

The video link below was shown on mainstream news this morning in the US. Let us know if you saw it in the UK?

UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London
Click here to watch this video.

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Saving Valentina
Click here to watch this video.

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Phoenix Rising School
Way Station Raises Nearly $5,000 for PRS

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

High fashion came to Rainier on Saturday, June 25th when students from the Phoenix Rising School joined local models for a show at The Way Station horse ranch. The show was conceived by Giorda Elie, owner of Giorda E. boutique, and Mary Elizabeth Myers, owner of The Way Station, as a fundraiser for PRS. According to Myers, it was incredibly well received. “When the kids came out, the energy just went through the roof,” she says. The students and their adult counterparts modeled clothing lines from L.A. based designers Kevan Hall and Lourdes Chavez. Originally, the event had been cancelled due to low ticket sales, but Elie and Myers decided to go ahead with it when it became clear that the designers wanted to continue. Many attendees donated their original ticket price of $500 to PRS, and Elie gave 10% of all purchases to the school as well, raising nearly $5,000 overall Thank you to everyone who dreamed up and supported this event and may your generosity return to you a thousand fold.

Click Here to Contribute to the Phoenix Rising School

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