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Editors Corner

The world is reeling from the Wall Street tumble of 512 points yesterday. It looks like Germany and the EU will be propping up Spain and Italy. Does any of this sound familiar? Am I in an elongated déjà vu or am I remembering something a very wise, very old man predicted would happen?

In this issue of MastersConnection2020 we are highlighting an article that originated on It is an interview with near death experience researcher, psychologist, Roger Woolger.

Tweny-nine thousand children have died in the last month from the agony of starvation in Africa as a result of the drought and political tyranny. It is comforting to know that they live on in the spirit and experience freedom and relief as their little souls are released from their starving bodies. In your walk today, please focus on relief, rain and justice for our African brothers and sisters. Your consciousness does make a difference. Don’t surrender. Don’t think there is nothing you can do. Everybody matters. You are part of a greater mind that is extremely powerful. Let’s use that power to bring the rains, food and comfort to the children of Africa. Link here.

It is hot and dry in many other parts of the world. We have images from Oklahoma to prove that the heartland of the United States is simmering. Link here.

As we mentioned before our friend, Steve Klein, has hung his Kleiner’s Korner shingle here at MC2020. Steve is still providing great content on his website, but on no particular schedule. You will have to rely on your knowingness when to click through to get his latest updates. Link here.

We have a young guest writer this week, Haylee Hawkins. She shares her dream of having a Hogwarts School of Magic here in our community. I just have one question? Can children of all ages attend? Link here.

With the news of the world aren’t you glad you have your food storage and your gardens? Suzanne Wood has more gardening advice. She is keeping us on schedule for planting our winter gardens now. Jan LeBaron is jazzing up making the food storage recipe with your storage or fresh veggies, cream sauce and cheese.

Oh, my gosh, don’t miss the bamboo bicycle. It was grown, not built. I wonder if my bamboo can do that?

UFO’s over England. Interesting audio interview of eye witness. By the way, did anyone see the mega bright star in the eastern sky this week? It was as big and bright as ten stars put together.

Speaking of stars, don’t miss Phoenix Rising this week—you are invited to a Luau. Link here.

I am going to hurry and finish writing so we can get this newsletter off to you. I heard there was a solar flare projected to strike the earth today and could disrupt electronic communications. I hope not.

Make it a great week. Let’s make it rain in Africa!

Article of the Week
The Book of the Dead according to Science
A Psychologist's Exploration of Near Death Experiences (NDE)
An Interview With Roger Woolger

Author: Jaime Leal-Anaya 

“So many cases of 'incurable' depression, phobias, anxieties, and physical illnesses find complete resolution when the cause is healed from beyond the current life.” — R. Woolger

The recent unexpected news of the passing of famous singer Amy Winehouse, a 5-time Grammy Winner, shook many around the world. She was only 27! In fact it was the exact same age other famous rock stars left the stage for good, such as Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Jimmy Hendrix. The mystery surrounding Jim Morrison’s passing immortalized him in some way as it appeared he had prepared himself as an initiate in a ritual to meet his own death. Of course we know, he did not make his return. These are some famous examples that still linger in our memory. But beyond that, we all remember when we heard the shocking news of someone close or famous, someone we loved, who died early in life and unexpectedly. In those moments we cannot help but wonder what awaits us on the other side of life after death. We wish someone would come back to tell us about it without having to rely on faith alone. There are many such cases, actually, of people having a close encounter with death who have come back to tell their story, people who suffered a tragic accident, heart attack, or underwent a critical medical procedure. There are thousands of cases of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) clinically recorded and studied every year by professionals in medicine, psychology, and religious studies. Most of these accounts generally agree on many of the details, regardless of religious or cultural backgrounds, and the people who survive the NDE all show drastic changes in their personality and outlook on life — for the better. SuperConsciousness had the opportunity to learn from one of the top experts in this field, Dr. Roger Woolger, PhD, a trained Jungian Psychologist from Britain who has treated thousands of patients who had a close call with death and survived to tell us about it. Here is what he shared with SuperConsciousness about NDEs and what we may expect beyond death.

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This story originally appeares in the current Issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine.

Making the Connection
Masters on the March

There is little in the world as tragic as the death of children. Death by starvation is long drawn out and painful. Mothers in Somalia who have walked with their children across arid, parched miles in search of food and water have had no recourse but to watch their once happy children grow weak, emaciated, then die. And as the children succumb, the remaining family, father, mother, sisters and brothers, must continue in search of hope for life.
As of this writing, 650,000 malnourished children feel the force of the drought and famine in Somalia. United Nations Humanitarian Officer Jens Laerke has said that tens of thousands of Somalis have already died and hundreds of thousands more are facing starvation. He said the term famine is a technical term for the worst possible situation of hunger, "Food, drinking water and special nutrition for children is on top of the requirements. But also medicines and health equipment are urgently needed.’"

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Hot Topics

Often readers email questions to us that are simply out of our league. Most of the time, we forward the questions on to our friend, Steve Klein, who helps us out. In this case the question was, “What did Ramtha say about cutting down trees?”  In his answer, Steve graciously turns the question back to each of us to observe and consider the weather anomalies that have become commonplace in the last few months.

Something to Contemplate
200+ MPH Winds
I suggest each person contemplate for themselves how a 200+ mph wind could affect their property, i.e., projectiles of twigs, branches, trees falling on homes, etc. As an example, we had 5 trees around our home that were in varying degrees of decay that we recently had removed.
Here is a bicycle impaled into a home from a tornado:
Plywood impaling a tree in the Alabama tornado.
A board remains impaled into the front of a car, three days after a tornado devastated the area of Bridgeton, Missourion April 25, 2011. The National Weather Service says a EF-4 tornado passed through the northern St. Louis Countyarea, damaging or destroying over 750 homes. The tornado, the strongest here since 1967, also hit the airport causing a two-day shutdown. No one was killed or seriously injured.
Oh, and an F-4 = F4, Devastating tornado, 207-260 mph
Get the picture?
Each person needs to discern the answers to this for themselves.
Steve Klein
Manager, Event Services
JZK, Inc.

Dutchsinse - Montana 'Scalar Square'
and well defined 'HAARP ring' = weather modification
Montana 'Scalar Square' and well defined 'HAARP ring' = weather modification

August 5th
August 6th
In The News

Disc shaped craft is spotted circling near Stansted
Turn to Your Neighbor

This week the Quantum Café is featuring their Live Wire Collection by Debbie Christie, Ram’s Master of Music. We asked Debbie to share the story of how and why she created these amazing CD’s. Enjoy the read and click to buy.
Live Wire
By Debbie Christie
A few years ago, my mother came across these CD’s called Imusic. There was a 20 minute set of music they called a test run. She loved it and insisted that I listen to it. Not only did I find the music inspiring, but I could feel something happening in my brain as Î was listening to it. I bought several of the CD’s available through Imusic after reading the research on the website, and used them during my card work and almost immediately began to tell a difference in my focus. This was the few weeks prior to the New Year’s Event at the ranch ringing in 2009. Before the session, I told Ramtha about this brain music I had been listening to and he suggested I play it that night for the C&E portion of the Create Your Year 2009 Session.  During the discipline, he looked at me and said, “Beautiful, it’s working, genius.”
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On The Lighter Side

Use your skill aiming at a bull's-eye with a bow and arrow
Click for Game: Tell and Yoichi

Want to Trance?.......  this is beautiful!
Your Feedback

Greetings Masters!!!!
I have no words to express my astonishment and gratitude!!! You called me at home, you added an image too YOU ARE... SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!!!
It's more and more and more than what I could never imagine!!!
With love and gratitude and ... a free massage when you'll like!

Thank you for your wonderful Newsletter!
You are truly putting great effort and care into what you are doing. It is such fun to read every single issue nowadays. Me and my friend who is studying physics were both truly inspired by the Hutchison Effect. Awesome!

Your encouragement means a lot to us. We receive so many inspiring emails. Your feedback is vital to the success of the MastersConnection 2020. We want to hear from you. Tell us the truth. How can we serve you better? What topic(s) would you like more information on? Feel free to share your story with us about how the MastersConnection has benefitted you personally.
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Kleiner's Korner

MC2020 is happy to welcome Kleiner's Korner to the neighborhood. Steve will no longer be regularly publishing his newsletter, but promises to continue posting stories and links he finds interesting and educational. Click here to go directly to Kleiner's Korner.

And for Steve Klein's local Yelm news
Genius Ideas

Click for Associated Website
Amazing bamboo bike is grown, not manufactured!
The complicated weave of the Ajiro bike would be work-intensive to achieve through conventional means -- it takes a lot of energy to bend bamboo stalks into shape. So instead, design student Alexander Vittouris tensioned the bamboo over a mold as it grew, then harvested a completed bike frame.
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Recipe of the Week
Garlic Asparagus & Pasta w/Lemon Cream Sauce
By Jan LeBaron of Healthy Harvest

You can use fresh vegetables in place of the freeze dried if you happen to have them.

This recipe is light & fresh.

8 ounces dried rotini pasta (about 2 cups or other pasta, bow tie is fun or you can even just use spaghetti)
2 cups Asparagus, chopped freeze dried.
½ cup tomatoes diced, freeze dried
2 Tablespoons onions, chopped dehydrated
2 teaspoons garlic granules
½ cup white cream soup base
2 cups water
1 teaspoon lemon peel
2 teaspoons Italian seasoning
4 Tablespoons parmesan cheese, grated dehydrated

Click here for the full recipe.

Click here to read about Jan LeBaron.
Something Worth Knowing

Winter Garden August Planting Schedule
By Suzanne Wood of

August is a big month for planting and planning the winter garden. Whether you are planting your winter garden in a greenhouse, cold frame or cloche, you will want to seed the following plants in August for fall through spring harvest:

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And also from Suzanne Wood...

Winter Radishes
Winter radishes are sown in midsummer to late summer. They are slower to develop than spring radishes and usually grow larger and remain crisp longer. They are often stronger in flavor and store longer than spring radishes. Once they mature they maintain a higher quality when left in the garden for a longer time. Winter radishes can be pulled before the ground freezes and stored in moist cold storage for up to several months.

Here are some varieties of winter radishes that you might want to try:

My new favorite is the elongated red summer and fall French Breakfast Radish.  It has a mild smooth flavor and is the easiest radish I have ever grown. Of course radishes are easy to grow, but this one is pretty, tasty, doesn’t split or get woody. It matures in 26 days and can be planted in spring, late summer and early fall.

Click here to read the full article.

How to Make Cheese Wax
If you're planning on making your own aged cheese, you will need to coat it with cheese wax to prevent mold from growing on the cheese and to prevent moisture loss. Save money on purchasing the wax for coating it by making your own from household items. The secret to making homemade food-grade wax is non-toxic crayons. This cheese wax recycles broken crayons and melted unscented candle stubs to produce a cheese coating for aging. Without these around your home, use paraffin wax sold in craft stores for candle making instead. While non-toxic, you should still remove the wax before consuming the cheese.

Click here to read the full article.
Runners & Mirrors

Article from a young MC2020 reader

My name is Haylee Hawkins. I wrote this article so that I could get into ninth grade Honors English. I was asked to write about what I would want to change about our community. At first, I was having trouble with what to write. My mom told me to write about something I like, so I chose Harry Potter. Ever since I can remember, I have loved the Harry Potter series (the books and the movies). I have always wanted to go to Hogwarts, so I wrote about that. In the end, I made it into Honors English.

Some people want to help the community by building a youth center, creating a wildlife reserve, or housing the poor. I want to do much more than that. If I could change any one thing to benefit my environment, I would orchestrate the addition of a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry into our community.

The first reason is that the school would teach its students many useful skills. Because Hogwarts teaches magic, many kids would be very interested in learning. They would not see classes as work. To them, it would just be fun. Thus, students would study more, and complete all assignments, which not only teaches the material, it teaches work ethic and gets them to love learning. The skills they learn in class would also help them in real life, for example, cooking, cleaning, healing, gardening, animal care, and more

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Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
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August 3rd - 8th: Another "Standing Room Only" production
'Annie Get your Gun', directed by Nancy Hillman, will be performed at Gordon's Outdoor Theater August 3rd - 8th at 8pm. Tickets will be available at Gordon's Garden Center and Yelm Food Coop soon. Poster announcement in development stage - coming soon! Click Here for more info.

August 6th: Farm Stand OPEN HOUSE
I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit my farm stand. We are here every Saturday from 10 am - 1 pm. Conveniently located on the same street as Safeway (Vancil Rd) at the end of Vancil Rd on the right. 10945 Vancil Rd SE Click Here for more info.

August 11th: Free Puppet Show
For children of all ages, come to the Rainier Library for a free puppet show and activities, Thursday August 11, 1:00 PM See the poster right here:

August 13th: Bon Odori - Olympia
The Bon Odori Japanese Festival will be held in Olympia at Port Plaza on Aug. 13 from 4:pm to 9:pm. Traditional Japanese folk dance, taiko drummers, food and more will be featured. Click for more info.

August 16th: Discover the Power of Essential Oils
Learn why you should have a medicine chest filled with essential oils in your long term storage. Replace all the over the counter medications with essential oils that never expire and remain potent indefinitely. 6:00PM Yelm. Save the date and time. Location and details to be announced


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Splish, Splash – Summer Camp Wraps Up
Summer Camp ended this week with a splash, between water sports, water fights, water slides, pools, water coloring – you get the picture! Thanks to our student volunteers; Sarah Burke helped organize the younger students all four weeks, and Kyler Lemons has been helping during the fourth week. We enjoyed meeting some new faces and spending time with the students we already know. Coming up next, a meet and greet moment for families and the PRS staff at 6:30 on August 11th here on campus. If you know of an interested family, please spread the word!

Luau Appreciation and Celebration
WHO: Everyone currently on the Phoenix Rising School monthly giving program or who would like to consider joining for as little as $10.00 a month (3 lattes) up to $100.00 a month (kayak rental for two and a nice dinner)
WHAT: A free Hawaiian style feast, featuring kalua pig, haupia (traditional coconut custard), and plenty of delicious food from the local Yelm Co-op (link here: prepared by Dawn Young of Early Dawn’s Eatery. If you’ve visited Dawn’s booth at the ranch, you know this translates to YUMMM.
WHERE: The beautiful and scenic Hidden River Music Society, one of Rainier’s hidden gems (hence the name). Link here:
WHEN: Sunday, August 28th at 2:00 p.m.
WHAT, PART II: Need more reasons? How about a hula dancer, drummers, a DJ and further entertainment yet to be determined. We’ll keep you posted!
RSVP to Heidi at or visit our facebook page to let us know you’re coming (link here:

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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