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Editors Corner


Wherever you are in the world, I am sure you noticed that changes are upon us. As we write tonight we are watching the East Coast of the US prepare to be pounded by heavy rains and violent winds, an historic hurricane. It is deemed historic because it has been over 100 years since the East Coast has been struck by hurricane forces. It feels a bit like an insult when added to the injury of the 5.7 magnitude earthquake that rocked the same region on Tuesday.

Our East Coast brothers and sisters are blessed to have warning of the approaching hurricane. Let’s all hold a focus that they are safe and protected in the storm.

Meanwhile on the other side of the earth, Vanuatu, an island country approximately 1000 miles north of Australia, had 27 earthquakes of 5.0 or above in the last 7 days including a 7.1 and a 7.0. Click onto the USGS site to see the full list of quakes in the last seven days. Click Here.

It is becoming quite clear that the days Ram foretold so many years ago are upon us. I pray that we are all prepared physically and spiritually for what is unfolding before us. Preparedness is indeed a long focus. It seems timely to remind you of the 100 things that disappear first in time of disaster. Click Here. So, prepared or not, here we go. It’s about the future.

John Glennie held his focus and knew he would survive for 119 days. It certainly must have felt like an
eternity, but he didn’t surrender to doubt. Read the second half of John’s journey this week. Click Here

We tried to balance the worrisome news of the week with a look at the lighter side. If you find you could use a good laugh watch the “party animals”. See if this video doesn’t vaguely remind you of a wine ceremony. Click Here

I especially love the Genius Idea of the week. A young boy observing nature brings us genius in its purest form. Click Here

Phoenix Rising School has sent us a lovely, inspiring story of a beautiful family and their dream fulfilled Their long focus is being rewarded. Click Here

Thirty six years is indeed a long time to hold a focus. Two Aussie’s are glad they did, read about the big pay-off. Click Here

By now I hope you see the thread that stitches this week’s newsletter together—long focus. So, this week, read, study, laugh, stay safe and hold that focus ‘til we meet again.

Article of the Week
By John Glennie - “Master of the Sea.” Part 2

Last week we brought you the first half of John Glennie’s high seas adventure. We heard from many of you anxious to hear the rest of the story. This week we begin at day 50 of John’s long focus adrift at sea.

On day 50 we had a celebration dinner and afterwards I proposed we have an extra special dinner to celebrate day 100. This didn’t endear me one iota to my crew at all. They expected to be rescued the next day—always.

Day 100 came and went, and to my surprise I began seeing passing yachts and planes going overhead. By their direction, north and south, I figured out our rough longitude and that blew me away because we should have been well on our way to Chile. Instead, I was sure, as impossible as it seemed, that the planes had to be on the Fiji- New Zealand route, and that meant we had somehow drifted in a vast circle. Instead of disappearing into that five thousand mile stretch of ocean desert between New Zealand and Chile, we must have somehow described a huge loop and we were now somewhere near the top of New Zealand's North Island.

Every midday Sunday that plane flying on a north south course got closer.

I had read the book “116 Days Adrift,” so on day 116 that prompted me to write in my log “It's 116 days today. Is that enough? Can I go home now?”

The next plane I saw was still climbing after take off. And it was directly overhead. That gave me a longitude and a latitude.

This was the most mind-blowing emotional experience I have ever had.

I got a chart out and plotted we must be off Great Barrier Island. When I told the others Phil's response was “I'll believe it if I see a gannet” a sea bird common to Great Barrier island in the Hauraki gulf off Auckland. Two hours later he saw a gannet, and to put it mildly, after being convinced he was going to die he was a very happy man.

Before we saw land I knew I had created the “miracle”. I didn’t say anything, it was my personal miracle, I wasn't in their best books as it was.

Click Here to Read Full Article.

Holding a Long Focus

Struggling Kyabram couple wins $10m in Powerball lottery

A VICTORIAN couple's numbers have finally come up after 36 years of playing the lotteries.

The overjoyed $10 million winners of last night's Powerball game don't want to be named, but said they had been struggling to make ends meet on one income for years.

"It will be life-changing,'' the couple, from Kyabram in northern Victoria, said.

They plan to use some of the money to secure their financial future and some to help out their family and friends.

The couple played the same numbers for 36 years across a variety of lotto games.

Click Here to Read Full Article.

In The News

Ramtha's earthquake quote from last Saturday now posted:

Ramtha predicted East Coast earthquakes on Saturday, August 20, 2011 in his address to over 1,000 students on-campus in Yelm and watching online via Live Stream.
The significance of his remarks is that the East Coast is not an area of the USA prone to quakes.

“Quake shakes East Coast, causes evacuations”
“Air, train traffic disrupted over wide area; some feared another 9/11″
“An earthquake in central Virginia was felt across much of the East Coast on Tuesday, causing light damage and forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate buildings in New York, Washington and other cities.

No tsunami warning was issued, but air and train traffic was disrupted across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic.

In the Washington area, parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were among the areas evacuated for several hours. All memorials and monuments on the National Mall were evacuated and closed for inspections.”

Click Here to Read Full Article

Newly posted on

Dan Partridge, communications manager, Water Resources Program at the WA. Dept. of Ecology states:

“The state Supreme Court has reaffirmed local governments’ obligations to ensure groundwater protection when making land use decisions.

In Kittitas County vs. EWGHMB, the court on July 28, 2011, upheld a decision of the Eastern Washington Growth Management Hearings Board that Kittitas County violated the Growth Management Act. The county was not preventing subdivision applicants from using more than one permit-exempt groundwater well per development. Washington allows the drilling of wells without a water right permit provided that groundwater withdrawals are limited to 5,000 gallons per day.

In considering Kittitas County’s appeal of the hearings board decision issued in 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that the county failed to protect groundwater resources by approving side-by-side subdivision proposals allowing developers to evade legal limits on the use of permit-exempt wells.”

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Random Video
Innuit Ice Fishing

This is a spectacular demonstration of human ingenuity in sustainability.
Extraordinary Ice Fishing
Genius Ideas

What a great, unlimited idea! I love it when people take action on their inspirations. Perhaps this idea will inspire your own genius idea. Share it with us at

7th grader Aidan Dwyer was walking in the woods during the winter, and looking up, he noticed something about the bare branches above him. They didn't appear to be growing randomly. So he took some measurements of the angles of the branches, crunched some numbers, and wouldn't you know it, he found that the ubiquitous Fibonacci Sequence was behind it all. He suspected there was a reason behind this. That trees were using this pattern to gather more light.  

Click Here to read full article

On The Lighter Side

Animals Are Beautiful People

Cooking Tips
To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes. Buy Smash mashed potato mix. Keeps in the cupboard for up to a year.
When a cake recipe calls for flouring the baking tin, use a bit of dry cake mix instead and there won't be any white mess on the outside of the cake. Go to the bakery! Hell, they'll even decorate it for you!
Wrap celery in aluminium foil when putting in the refrigerator and it will keep for weeks. Celery? Never heard of it!
Cure for headaches: take a lime, cut it in half and rub it on your forehead. The throbbing will go away. Take a lime, mix it with tequila, chill and drink! All your pains go away!
Don't throw out all that leftover wine. Freeze into ice cubes for future use in casseroles and sauces. Leftover wine??????? HELLO!!!!!!
The Passing of a Master
Lauren Martinez Celebration of Life

Lauren Martinez passed Wednesday morning August 24 at 4:40am, pre-dawn as the first vestiges of daylight were making their mark on the Pacific Northwest.

Wanted you to know all the details for the memorial for Lauren.  It will be held at Susan Robertson's house, Saturday August 27, at 5:00 pm.  The family has requested her to have it at her house and she has agreed.  There will be a potluck and celebration of life at 7:00.

Lauren Martinez

Susan has asked that you bring a dish, wine and your glass.  She has also asked that you bring your pipe in honor of Lauren.. She loved smoking her pipe.

The celebration will be held at:
210 Stevens St NE Yelm, WA 98697    
Phone: 400-4003

Kleiner's Korner

Check the MastersConnection2020 regularly for updates to Kleiner’s Korner.
Hot Topics


National Live Feed to Hurricane Information
Aug 26, 2011; 9:44 PM ET
Irene is projected by the Hurricane Center to make landfall between Morehead City and Cape Hatteras, N.C. around daybreak Saturday. Click Here

Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days
Latest Earthquakes Magnitude 2.5 or Greater in the United States and Adjacent Areas and Magnitude 4.5 or Greater in the Rest of the World - Last 7 days Click Here

Something Worth Knowing

Discover Wildflowers
In years past we have loved to hike to Mt. Rainier to photograph the wild flowers in bloom. It always required remote viewing to know if the flowers were in full bloom and camera ready. Now you can see the flowers on the Mount Rainier webcams and plan your hike to catch your favorite flowers in bloom. Or you can skip the hike all together and just enjoy them from afar.

Mount Rainer's renowned wildflowers bloom for a limited amount of time every year. The "peak" bloom for wildflowers is heavily dependent on weather and precipitation patterns, so accurate predictions are difficult. In most years, many flowers will be blooming by mid-July, and by the first of August the meadows should be very impressive.

Click Here to Read Full Article.

Winter Broccoli
By Suzanne Wood of

It is too late to plant by seed so check with your favorite nursery for starts.  Our local nursery considers Purple Sprouting to be a wise choice. It is a biennial plant that is planted in the late summer and must be over-wintered for harvest in March and April.
Click Here to Read Full Article.

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
Click here to send us your community event.

August 28th: Luau Appreciation and Celebration
Everyone currently on the Phoenix Rising School monthly giving program or who would like to consider joining is invited to a Luau appreciation and celebration on Sunday, August 28th at 2:00 p.m.
RSVP to Heidi at or visit our facebook page to let us know you’re coming

September 1st to 4th: Yelm Farm and Pet Labor Day Sale
We have a Labor Day sale starting next Thursday thru Sunday, closed Monday. We will have the Homefire Logs and Olympus Pellets on sale for winter. Saturday will be filled with fun events for the kids, along with Hot Dogs, Sno Cones and Soda (food from 11am-3pm.) Also Shop in the store on the 4th weekend of every month (that's this Saturday, August 27th!) and save 5% on all inside-store items! (excludes consignment items.)
Click Here for $5.00 off coupon

September 5th: Solar Hot Water System Presentation
With changing times close at hand, think about this: Hot water, on or off the grid — with or without power; Heat for home, green house or other structures; Disinfected water — health and medical; Distilled water — for batteries or health; Cooking with hot water, oil or hot air; And always more applications for the genius mind. Specifically designed for Pacific Northwest Weather and at a very affordable price. Portable and Easy instillation. Presentation starts at 5:00pm. For more information, Contact : Xenia Diamond at 253-843-2227

September 10th: FREE Essential Oils Education Class
1) How to use oils to replace over-the counter drugs with the powerful frequency of nature.
2) The most important medicinal oils to store for the future.
3) How to purchase them at wholesale price.
Yelm Location to be announced (Call Anita for more information) Starting time: 10:00am
Host: Anita 360-894-6754
Come sample nature’s perfect medicine—Bring a friend.


Phoenix Rising School

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

New Family Brings Enthusiasm and Focus to PRS
For twenty years, Karen Rae had a dream: she wanted her children to attend an extraordinary school, where RSE disciplines were incorporated as a regular part of the curriculum. The years passed, and her older three children grew up, while the Tauranga, New Zealand native continued to make regular trips to Yelm for RSE events. But this year, everything changed. After focusing on what she calls “the easiest card I ever made,” a small miracle happened: Rae won the green card lottery. Today, she has a house in Yelm and is living here with her ten year old son, William, who will be attending the Phoenix Rising School starting in September.

After carefully studying the PRS staff bios and hearing about the multi-age classroom concept, Rae describes herself as “incredibly grateful and excited for the opportunity, for William to be part of the community of such genius, loving minds. It’s great that you allow the children to be comfortable without having to fit into quite a tight expectation based on age rather than progress or achievement.” William meanwhile, says he is “excited about the new year and curious what it’s going to be like.”

Click Here to Read Full Article

Click Here to Contribute to the Phoenix Rising School

Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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