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Issue 237
April 7th 2011
Special Announcement Edition
Editors Corner


Indeed the March has begun.

You are receiving this special edition of the MastersConnection 2020 because we feel compelled to quickly help those students reaching out to each other through the MastersConnection 2020. Our techno-wizard, Ben, has arranged all of the correspondence we have received from students seeking help and those reaching out a helping hand. He has arranged the emails in an organized chart with pertinent information for your convenience.

You will notice this special edition newsletter provides links back to the MastersConnection 2020 website where you can read the full text of the emails we have received. We have chosen not to publish the contact information of those offering space. Instead we have provided a coded name and link that you can use to respond to a specific offer. Those emails will come to us and we will pass them along to the appropriate party who can choose to respond and provide you their contact information directly. We are doing this to protect their privacy.

We have never done this kind of thing before and we might make some mistakes along the way. Please know we are doing our best to facilitate this project and the needs of our fellow students.

We will be constantly updating the website with any new requests/offers we receive. To include your request/offer on the website, simply send an email to

We will be publishing our regular newsletter this weekend because there is a live stream question and answer event with the Ram that we will be listening to on Friday and Saturday.

To all our friends on the move around the world, God speed

Making the Connection
Masters On The March

The March has begun. This is the place where you can reach out to help your fellow students of the great work. Let's support them in their time of great urgency. Whether you are in need of a helping hand, or can lend one, please post to MastersConnection 2020 so we can help you connect with each other.

Since last week we have put together a list of those people that need living space and those that have living space. Below is the list we have compiled of those needing living space and where living space is available.

To contact "Those Needing Living Space" please click on their name.

To contact those with "Living Space Available" please email us at and we will forward them your message and contact details. Please be sure to specify who you want us to contact.

Those Needing Living Space
Name Intended Location # People Animals
HaruUnknown (Coming from Tokyo)4 to 10None
SimoneYelm, WA2None
CaitlinYelm, WA2None
MayraYelm, WA2None
ReneRainier or Tenino WA area1None
ElizabethYelm, WA6None
LiUnknown (Coming from Hong Kong)6None
kerridaleYelm, WA6None
SalmonYelm, WA2None
CarolinaGuadalajara, MexicoFamilyNone
NicolleYelm, WA2None
ChrisYelm, WA1None
SandyYelm, WA11 Big Dog
girafficparks1Yelm, WA1None
LauraYelm, WA1None
LoriYelm, WA1None
JulianaYelm, WA11 Dog
WillieYelm, WA1None
EdwinaYelm, WA20+None
Living Space Available
Location# Spaces
Southwest GermanyUnknown
Yelm, WA3 to 4
Rainier, WA1
Cordoba, Argentina3 maybe more
Cordoba, Argentina10 to 12
Nakusp B C Canada1 to 2
Colorado, USA3
Rainier, WA4 to 5
Capilla Del Monte Cordoba, ArgentinaUnknown
Yelm, WA1 to 3
Mount Shasta, CA2
Tecate, MexicoUnknown
Jujuy, ArgentinaUnknown

If you Need Living Space, Email Us at
If You Have Living Space to Offer, Email Us at

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