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Editors Corner

Is there a word that means more than fantastic? Amazing! I know, its Unlimited! Your generous response from all over the globe to help our brothers and sisters from Japan has been truly unlimited! Together we raised over $15,000 in just one week. This is especially impressive to me when you consider that every single one of you is making preparations for the stormy times ahead. Unlimited blessings will surely blow your way.

Speaking of storms, the tornados in the southern US have been devastating. My heart feels heavy with the foreshadowing of natures violent convulsion predicted for our future. Being underground was the only way to survive the force of those 200 mph winds, yet a small boy was plucked from his home by the swirling winds and relocated 100 feet away with only a few scrapes and scratches. Consciousness worth preserving is a powerful force.

Now for a moment of reflection. . . this is the twelfth issue of the MastersConnection2020 newsletter that we have published since taking over the helm of this ship in January. We thought by now we would have made a big splash with our newly designed website with lots of new reader friendly features. We are still on course to make those changes and improvements, but the winds of change seem to be a headwind for the last month or so. We know the work we are doing is making a difference, so although we are anxious for a makeover, delivering the message to you remains our most important mission. Remember, the MastersConnection2020 comes to you weekly in the form of our newsletter, but you can also access website 24/7. The website is a great resource, especially the classified ads and the archived newsletters. Our Business Directory is the easiest, most efficient way to find the products and services you need from the folks you most want to support.

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Articles of the Week
Articles Courtesy of Happy Hovel Foods

Supermarket Additions
to Your Future Needs

We at Happy Hovel Foods realize that we all could do with some extra help amassing our much needed food storage. We have collected a list of foods and other items that can be safely purchased from local food clubs and supermarkets: Costco‚ Sam’s Club‚ Asian Markets‚ Cash & Carry, and Trader Joe’s. This list serves all countries on our planet. As we write this‚ countries all over our planet are experiencing Floods‚ Snow‚ Droughts‚ Earthquakes‚ and Tsunamis with their attendant effects. With these increased anomalies affecting our ability to rely on the fact that certain foods and other needs may not be available in our near future‚ now is the time for making those additions to a safer and more comfortable future. We at Happy Hovel Foods have compiled a list of “Food Suggestions” that can be “put up” in convenient and inexpensive ways. 

All products purchased in metal cans and glass containers will support you for a number of years – no matter the “Best-by date.” You only need to make sure that all metal canned products and glass canned products be kept in a dark, cool location and that no moisture be in contact with any metal. Moisture will incur rust, and this needs to be prevented at all costs!!

A short story of canned foods:
During World War I (1914-to 1918), canned foods were the only available safe way to use for the Armed Forces. After World War I, there was a great deal of canned food products left over. These same canned products from World War I were then given to the armed forces of World War II in 1944. These canned products stood the test of time. The only thing done to these canned items was they were given a good coat of grease to the outer cans. This kept them rustproof for all those years, and they were kept in a cool location!

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Wheat and Corn Alert
to All Students

The wheat that you may now be purchasing is potentially grown using ‘Monsanto” seed. These grains will NOT BE ABLE TO BE GROWN AS YOUR FUTURE CROP.

Be advised that the only wheat that can be safely used as future crops is NON-GMO ORGANIC WHEAT (not genetically modified) that has a moisture level of 10% or less!

All wheat and grains are to be used not only for breads, pastries, etc., but as our only long-term growing stock. We will be, in effect, reseeding the planet for our future!

If you choose to purchase wheat at this time, be sure to ask the source of the wheat and IF they can guarantee that the wheat can be grown/sown as your future source of living food.

There are many kinds of grains that may also be NON-GMO, so do be advised that it would be wise to do your homework prior to placing your order.

Corn that is used in food products now is mostly “Monsanto” seed. Corn is difficult to source as ORGANIC NON-GMO for long-term use. Because most organic NON-GMO corn has a high content of moisture, this means that it will “sour” in the bucket.

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Special Note: Happy Hovel is putting together a volume discount order for the whole community for these very important grains. Contact Happy Hovel this week to secure your grains/seed and be a part of this big order.

Making the Connection
Masters on the March Continues

More Japanese students continue to arrive in Yelm. Your contributions of time, energy and money continue to show your love in tangible, measureable ways. We now have a central clearing house for household items, furniture, gift cards, etc... Jenise Mugler has graciously volunteered her time and her home located at 15009 Highway 507. The house number is located on a black mailbox at the entry to the property. It is approx 9/10th of a mile from Tim's Pharmacy heading towards Rainier, on the right. Drop off times are Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 12.00pm or other times by appointment. Upon arriving please press the call button at the closed gate and you will be let in. A contact number for Jenise is 360-458-3606

At press time I just received this email from Jenise: “I am at the class and the students here are still needing towels and blankets and coats. I am bringing want I can to every class, but have run out of these items. So any funds you send my way will help to get Costco blankets and towels. The coats are being donated a little at a time. So they go out as soon as I get them. Also, the furniture has had a fast turnaround also. They thought this would not be needed, but I have had families come for it.”

Jenise just called to let me know that she has requests for rain boots and shoes, women's sizes 6 and 7, warm sweaters in sizes medium, small and petites. Another request is for a man's work shirt. If you would like to donate, and would like to give what is needed, just give Jenise a call at 360-458-3606, or email her at Thanks, Jenise, you are an angel!

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If you want to submit a new request or offering, please email us with the information at

Hot Topics
Your weekly dose of miscellaneous useful tidbits. - Millions of People Helping Each Other Learn 38 Languages
This is an interactive language site much like the Rosetta Stone only it is free! It has Japanese and English on the site. :)

Chateau Ste Michelle: Summer Concert Schedule
Chateau Ste. Michelle just released its full summer concert schedule.

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Your Feedback

a very big "thank you"..... happy easter

I've received this newsletter for years and most of the time I just delete it. I know times are different than they were 5 years ago, however, I find that since taking over the newsletter I'm more informed and read most of it when I receive it.
Thank you for allowing one who lives far from Yelm to maintain a connection with the RSE area.

I just want to send kudos to you (Jan) & Ben for the fine job you are doing with MastersConnection.
Stephany would be immensely proud of the legacy you have taken on so brilliantly!

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Something Worth Knowing
Submitted by Anita Marriott of CB Evergreen Olympic Realty

Not long ago, Ramtha™ warned us that we should procure the ownership documents for our properties. He suggested that we should have copies of our deeds and other documents proving ownership in safe keeping. So, for those of you who would like to have the proof that you own your land/home here is what you do. Go to your county auditor's office. For Yelm area the Thurston County Auditor is at 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Olympia, WA 98502 Provide the auditor with either your tax parcel number, or legal description. They may even be able to find it with your address, but if you have your latest tax bill, take that with you for expediency. Ask for certified copies of all documents that are recorded against your property. These documents will include any mortgages, easements, deeds, or any other encumbrances. It is a very good idea to get copies of all of these documents. It will cost you $1 per page, but it will be worth it to have them. Copies that are not certified do not have the same validity.

Recently when helping a friend get certified copies of her paid-off land contract and fulfillment deed we discovered that the fulfillment deed had never been recorded even though she paid off her land 6 years ago. It took about 20 phone calls but eventually we were able to get her paid off contract recorded and the fulfillment deed issued in her name. The best time to do this is right away. These documents are kept electronically at the county and those electronic records are inaccessible when the power is disrupted.

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
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April 30th: CSE Liquidation Garage Sale
CSE is liquidating a lot of its items and they are having a big sale at the campus this Saturday.
Children's School of Excellence
Garage Sale this Saturday, April 30th
9:00am - 2:00pm (no early birds please)
13141 Cedar Grove Lane, Rainier
Sale includes Great Value Prices and Make Offer Tables.
New and Used School Equipment, Furniture, Fixtures School Supplies and Textbooks, Clothing, Nemours Household Appliances, Wood Stoves, Wood Flooring And Much More!

April 30th & May 1st: Hazardous Waste Collection Events
The annual spring WasteMobile Collection Event for Thurston County residents will be held in Yelm Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm at Yelm Middle School parking lot at 402 Yelm Avenue West.
Residents who miss this event can always take hazardous household materials to HazoHouse, located at the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center, 2418 Hogum Bay Road N.E. near Lacey. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Tuesday.
Click here for more information

April 30th & May 1st: Nisqually Valley Home and Garden, at Yelm High School Campus
This year's show features free antique appraisals both days of the show, a children's hands on museum activity center plus food and entertainment. Go to for the official program.

May 7th: Healthy Harvest Saturday Open House
Hours are form 9am to 3pm
Download our Sale sheet HERE
Please do not arrive early as it allows us time to set up. Thank you.

May 7th: Second Hand Safari
Huge garage sale at the Fairgrounds. Have a booth or shop til you drop!
Click here for more information

May 14th: SPECIAL SCREENING! I AM The Documentary
SPECIAL SCREENING! I AM The Documentary at Yelm Cinemas May 14! Register at the door. Ticket sales 8-9AM with the movie starting at 9AM
Click here for details


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Pennies for Peace, Part 4
Pennies for Peace, Part 4 Thought into Action and Experience – How 10,000 neurons became Pennies for Peace, became generosity and global awareness, and became a math lesson. At Phoenix Rising we know that we are living CREATE: Consciously Realizing Every Attitude and Thought into Experience! A simple question has led us to further contemplate the wonders of our magical brains, to practice generosity and global awareness, and to embrace new, enduring mathematical understandings. We trust that each endeavor that we begin will open doors whose outcomes we could never predict and will lead us to new, exciting discoveries.

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