Newsletter Special Announcement Edition Issue 240
April 21st, 2011
Japanese Students Need Your Help!

The purpose of this special edition newsletter is to communicate with the Japanese students who are in Yelm, or will be by tomorrow afternoon. A group of Japanese translators have arranged for a meeting of all newly arrived Japanese students at 4PM, on Friday, April 22nd at the Prairie Hotel, 700 Prairie Park Lane, Yelm.

The MastersConnection2020 has been asked to spread the word to make sure that all those families have the opportunity to attend this important meeting. It is our understanding that those transitioning to this area will have the opportunity to connect with each other, get information about the area, housing, school, etc and allow those people organizing assistance to evaluate ways to match their needs with the resources available.

This meeting is not for those offering to help. The first order of business is to understand and triage each person's situation. The translators have been using the Masters Connection website as one of the ways to match the offers of help when a need is identified. The language barrier is definitely a stress factor for many arriving students. The translators have been working 24/7 to facilitate these beloved people. This meeting is to gather everyone together, exchange contact information, and identify how they can best support the newest members of the Yelm community.

Talking with a representative of the translators they tell us that there are several specific ways you can help. The arriving students mostly do not have transportation, or know their way around the area. So, you could volunteer to pick someone up at the airport, or drive someone to the grocery store. Most of the people coming here were only able to bring very few possessions. They have very few clothes, and household items. If you have an extra sofa, a bed, table and chairs, etc, imagine a new future for those items with someone who will appreciate them.

Although there is no central collection site for these items yet, the best way to let us know what you are offering is to send an email to We will post your email and the translators will help the Japanese students make connection with you. If you can volunteer your time, tell us in an email. This is the best way to get your message out to the most people. Also, Thea Lovejoy , one of the Japanese translators here in Yelm, has graciously given us her phone number (360) 955-0056. She is acting as the front line contact person to make sure your offers of help and gifts get delivery to just the right persons.

This email is going all over the world. We have heard from readers who are far away, who have been touched by the bravery of these beautiful souls and want to help. One such offer came from an amazing woman in Canada. She is sending $5,000 to help. From your emails we know there are many more of you out there who would like to help so we have created a way you can send a contribution, small or large. Click here to send $20, $50, $75, $100 or $200. All of the funds collected will go directly to the Japanese Students.

Click here to send donations to the Japanese students in need.

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