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Issue 238
April 11th 2011
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Editors Corner

EVOLUTION. . .OMG! (Oh, my God!) The operative word in MastersConnection is Connection. The world is changing and the need to for masters to connect is exploding. It is so exciting and humbling to be a part of this amazing movement. This week's Question and Answer event with Ramtha brought an evolution of information about earth changes and future times to students around the world. We are so thankful to the Ram for addressing our questions and loving us into the future.

On Friday night of the Q&A event with Ramtha, Mike Wright, spotlighted our efforts here at the to help Masters on the March connect with fellow students all over the world who can help those students leaving their homes for safer places. Mike dubbed the MastersConnection2020com as the “virtual student union of RSE”. We appreciate the acknowledgement and will do our very best to fulfill that mission.

In this issue of the Newsletter we are publishing a flood of emails we have received from RSE students who are making life changing moves around the world. Your generous offers of assistance make us proud. May you be rewarded a thousand times over for your kindness to those in need. Click here for the Masters on the March listings

For those of you snug and cozy in your safe place we have an idea how to make that safe place even safer. Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness has written a piece for us about how to make your neighborhood more secure by establishing a network of communication, skill sharing and safety watch with your neighbors. It is great common sense advice with a step by step action plan. Thanks, Teri.

Also in this issue we are sharing some of the emails we have received from our readers who share our enthusiasm for our newsletter and their ideas to make it even better.

Speaking of making things better. We have an idea. We are thinking of sponsoring a Buyers Club. Imagine the buying power of 5,000 Masters. Move over Costco! Read about it here

The little Gods at Phoenix Rising School are studying neuron connections in the brain. I wish I could have studied neurons in elementary school. Click here to read about what they are doing now.

Finally, the work continues on our new website. We can't wait to show you our new logo, but Ben won't let us yet. The new website design will make it much easier to locate your favorite topics from the newsletter on the website. Until then, if you are looking for an article you saw in a previous newsletter, just go to archived newsletters to find it.

Have a wonderful week til we meet again.

Article of the Week
It's All About Communication - Part 1 of 3
By Teri Simpson

The Setup
We have home phones, cell phones, smart phones, sat phones and iPhones. We have email, instant messaging, text messaging and iPads. We don't really think much about communicating with others because it is as integrated into our lives as is air, water and food.

But what happens if the system breaks down? What happens if you find yourself with no home phone, cell phone or computer service? Do you think you might feel a bit isolated? Disconnected? Alone? Maybe a bit panicked? How long before techno-communication withdrawal would set in?

What I'd like to look at in this and the next couple of articles is what we can do to mitigate having a complete lack of normal communication. While we still have phones and computers, we can set up an infrastructure of communication that will serve us now while the technology still functions and that can also serve us after the conventional communication network no longer works. This has been a passion of mine since 9/11.

Shortly after 9/11, many of us participated in a voluntary month long “lock-down”, sort of a practice run to see how prepared for such a scenario we really were. We had around a week to prepare, with a Start Date and End Date. (Of course in a real emergency/disaster we would not necessarily have the luxury of a week to prepare, shop, etc.). We were to stay home and not leave our property for 30 days. No grocery shopping, no visits with friends (unless they too had been in lock-down status), no movies, no restaurants, and God knows, no malls or stadiums.

Click Here for the Full Article
Making the Connection
Masters On The March

The march continues. . . and so does our learning curve. We know you are marching and your need for connection, answers and perhaps a lifeline is immediate. The staff, (both of us) is taking the task very seriously and we are focusing our efforts in Mind and online to see to it that your message is delivered and hopefully received by just the right person to help fulfill your dream.

We now have a system in place for us to more easily add people to the list of Masters on the March. We still have not gotten everyone up there so bear with us. Click here for the Masters on the March listings

If you want to submit a new request or offering, please email us with the information at

Recipe of the Week
Submitted by Cornelia O'Leary of NatureWise Farm

Steamed vegetables with potatoes with leeks.
Preparation and cook time 30 mins.
Serves 4.

This simple low-cost recipe works is one of my favorites. It works best with organic vegetables and ingredients as the flavors emerge and develop better. The other vegetables, especially the potatoes get lightly flavored with the leeks to give exquisite subtle taste to all the vegetables.

This dish is delicious in its own right but wonderful too with steamed salmon (which can be placed on top of the carrots at the same time as they are added to the steamer) or as a vegetable accompaniment to any meat dish.

Click here for the recipe
Your Feedback

Reader: i just want to say this is beautiful what MC is doing to connect people...i read it and i got tears of love in my eyes touched. thank you...for the service, especially to Japanese and to all coming from so far with so little.

Reader: Hello Masterconnection team, is really great what you are doing.

Reader: Hi dear Masters at MC
Thank you soooooo much for this, God bless you!! Thank you for developing the site that allows the "refugees" to connect with one another.
Thank you so much for that

Reader: Hi Masters,
I want to write you, that I really appreciate and love your work - a work coming from love!
I have nothing to offer at the moment, but I wanted to say this to you.

Reader: Good morning wonderful Masters,
I am the RSE Ireland co-ordinator and it is wonderful to see the community that I am proud to be a part of show true love in action.
As I am sure you heard Ramtha advised the people leaving the pacific areas not to go to Europe. I pray that when the time comes in our own area we will have the grace and preparedness done to be able to offer our help and services to our fellow student pilgrims.
In the meantime I want to sincerely thank you for your newsletter and may all that you do be inspired by the Love of God.
with love and bless

Reader: I am the Indiana RSE Coordinator.  I just completed sending to my list of 260 names.
Thank you for the wonderful service you provide through your newsletter!!!!

Your encouragement means a lot to us. We receive so many inspiring emails. Your feedback is vital to the success of the MastersConnection 2020. We want to hear from you. Tell us the truth. How can we serve you better? What topic(s) would you like more information on? Feel free to share your story with us about how the MastersConnection has benefitted you personally.
Click here to give us your feedback.

Hot Topics
Your weekly dose of miscellaneous useful tidbits. Buyers Club

Everyone we know seems to be in a buying frenzy. They want to make sure they have enough toilet paper for two years and enough peanut butter and of course, a really big water tank(s). We have been thinking that together, we wield a lot of buying power. The kind of power that could drive a bargain with folks who are selling the kinds of supplies that our friends are interested in purchasing. Perhaps we can organize through the to generate volume discounts for our members.

You will be hearing from us soon about how you can participate in the MastersConnection2020 Buying Club. If there is a product that you think would be great to offer our members, let us know. We will be contacting businesses with our idea soon. If you are planning a major purchase in the near future and would like to have the buying power of 2,000 of your closest friends, tell us what you are planning to buy and we will see if we can negotiate for you and 4-5,000 of your closest friends. Stay tuned, this could get exciting.

Send us your suggestions for the next Hot Topics at

Something Worth Knowing

In an effort to cover all the bases and keep our readers fully informed we are including this link to Steve Klein's newsletter of April 4. Steve has done a marvelous job of compiling the data links for so many things that you should know about the earth changes, Ramtha's predictions and many other resources. Many of you are probably already subscribers to, but just in case we wanted you to know what a great source of information Steve is providing. No use in us re-inventing the wheel when he has done such a good job at Thanks Steve.

Click Here for Kleiner's Korner

Community Calendar

We do love to hear from you especially about community events that you think our readers ought to know about. So, thanks and keep the info flowing.
Click here to send us your community event.

April 14th, 15th & 16th: Women Selling Stuff BAZAAR
Join Us at the old Drew Harvey Theater in Yelm 10am - 6pm on the 14th & 15th and 10am - 4pm on the 16th
*Artisan Jewelry *Antiques *Collectibles *Glass Art Jewelry *Pictures *Furniture *Handbags *Massage *And lots more!
Click for More Info

April 15th: Hour 4 Hour Monthly Time Bank Meeting
6:30 p.m. - New Member Orientation
7 p.m. Special Presentation - TBA
7:30 p.m. Pot Luck
Rainier Historical School
207 Centre St., Rainier WA 98576
Click for More Info

April 15th & 16th: Spring Box Sale at Yelm Adult Community Center (YACC)
10am to 6pm. Bring your own container and purchase unique spring silk flowers, decorations and other treasures!
All items being sold were donated by JZ Knight to the YACC.
YACC is located at 16530 103rd Ave SE Yelm.

April 16th & 17th: South Sound Green Tour
The Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Presents: The South Sound Green Tour
This is a community educational event to showcase the greenest homes and buildings in the South Sound!
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 4pm
For more information, visit

April 30th & May 1st: Hazardous Waste Collection Events
The annual spring WasteMobile Collection Event for Thurston County residents will be held in Yelm Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm at Yelm Middle School parking lot at 402 Yelm Avenue West.
Residents who miss this event can always take hazardous household materials to HazoHouse, located at the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center, 2418 Hogum Bay Road N.E. near Lacey. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Tuesday.
Click here for more information


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Phoenix Rising School
Thought into Action and Experience

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

How 10,000 neurons became Pennies for Peace, became generosity and global awareness, and became a math lesson.
By Jan Ferrari

Part One
It all began with a C.R.E.A.T.E. session one morning. The group was discussing how the brain stores information, and it was mentioned that it takes 10,000 neurons in the brain just to fire the color yellow. All agreed that no one could really picture the number 10,000, and one of the students suggested collecting 10,000 pennies to get a visual understanding. The children were excited to begin the collection. The next day sixty small, pink piggy banks were donated to the school, and they became the perfect vehicles for transporting pennies from home to school! Everyone agreed that the children would collectively decide how to spend the money once the goal had been achieved.

Tune in next week to read Part Two!

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Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
Phoenix Rising School
What Kids Do At Recess

“I am 1,000 percent behind this school.” - Ramtha

Ever wonder what the Gods are doing while you are in stewing and fretting about the future? You are canning and digging and bending rebar. What do you think the Gods are doing?

They play ball, have intimate conversations with friends, wrestle, practice new skills, act goofy, hang upside down, pretend, and generally have a great time when no one is telling them what to do!

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Ramtha quote copyright 2011 JZ Knight. Used with permission.
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