Many of us who have been students since Ramtha's teachings of Change: The Days to Come in 1986, have seen in the news confirmation of Ramtha's predictions of earth & climate changes. Now, there are regular RSE Newsletters that reference these teachings & happenings in the world.
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It is important for you to know that neither the advertisers nor the readers on the MastersConnection2020 are required to be students at RSE. The intent behind this policy, is that there are many wonderful products and services available in the world, that can benefit everyone, and by keeping this policy open, a lot more information is made available to all of us.
For example, the Property Listings and Real Estate Agents who advertise on MastersConnection2020, represent more than just our RSE community.
Our requirement is that all advertisers are reputable, reliable & honest in their representations & in their services. It is therefore, important, for each individual person to be informed and clear on what they want and need as far as land, house, etc. An advertised property may not fit with your requirements, but it may lead you to make a connection with a private seller, private buyer, realtor and/or other properties that will be precisely what you are looking for.
The MastersConnection2020 is not an agent or authorized representative of JZ Knight or of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. MastersConnection2020 is honored and greatly respectful of the privilege of being of service to the RSE Community world-wide.
We welcome and greatly appreciate communications from readers of our Newsletters and visitors to our Website.
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