The Passing of a Master - Skydancer

Darlene Marie Remillard was born May 3, 1931 in Everett Wa. From her father she inherited a connection with nature and a love for plants. She grew up in south Seattle, where she went to high school and met my father, Alan Stanley. As a young women, she insisted on the "natural" path, like demanding natural child birth for her children in an era when it was considered passe in the hospitals. When I was a teenager, my friends all thought she was "cool"--an original hippie mom. She cooked well, sometimes brilliantly, but by the mid 1970's the inside of her refrigerator looked like an alien world, filled with colored jars of questionably edible things. Food became more of an ideological alchemical art project. My youngest brother--9 years behind me--survived by learning to feed himself (he was born on her birthday)

She first heard about Ramtha in 1982, and remained a devoted student. I always quipped that if I focused half as much as she did I would have ascended long ago. 
She was known to students as Sky, or Skydancer, even though she informally stopped using the affectation in 1995 when a women came into her shop announcing her self-name as "The wind who sings through the trees" (or something like that). 
In 1983 she was camped out in a trailer in my back yard, where she semi-disappeared for six months surrounded by piles of books and paper. The work of passion became her wild food gathering book, which I consider her greatest work and legacy, along with all of the people she taught in her charming, informative, adventurous workshops. My sister, brother & I are beginning to work on the book as a publishing project.  My mother wanted to expand it, and had notes, which I have found. I have a few extra copies of her original book if anyone is interested.
A month ago, the day after I insisted and took her to the hospital (after the shocking diagnosis), a hospital psychologist came into her room and asked her what her long term goals are (dumb question). Mom pointed to the computer monitor, where I had pulled up a galactic image from the Hubble site. "I am going to the Ort cloud", she replied. That response did not compute for the psychologist, but when the young lady finally realized what my mom was talking about she began to get really jazzed up. I'll bet she went home and told her husband later, "You wouldn't believe was this lady in the hospital told me today!"

Mark Stanley



0 #9 Kate MacTavish 2014-01-21 12:53
I met sky when I moved to Yelm for Ramtha's school in 1987, while I was staying and working at the Masters Center. In 1989, I still wasn't very good at manifesting, when sky dropped by my hom, I don't remember for what. I was in between jobs and having trouble having enough to eat. Sky showed me all kinds of natural wild foods that I could eat right around the area I was living, for FREE! I'll always be gratefull. Thank-you Sky! Bon Voyage!
0 #8 Cindy Perloff 2014-01-14 09:03
In her workbook “Wild Food Gathering Around Puget Sound” Darlene wrote:

“This small contribution on my part is seeing its completion at the Spring Equinox of 1987. This is indeed fitting for I dedicate it as I do my life to the Master Musician within us all.”

We all have had the honor of knowing Darlene. Our lives continue to be enriched by the memories of her courage, love, and wisdom, along with her humble, thoughtful, and respectfully stubborn nature.

We love you Darlene! Your vibration continues to echo & ripple within our hearts and we celebrate the huge contribution you made in life by simply being YOU.

Here’s to honoring the Master Musician within us all.
0 #7 Laurie Barta 2013-12-30 19:54
Skydancer and I met at Snow Mt. Colorado, our first retreat. She was one of my roommates at that great Ahk Men Ra event. Funny thing, I discovered that I knew her niece from my College days. Small world we both agreed. She was one of the most creative people that I have know! I will miss her now but look forward to a reunion one day in the future. Go Sky Go!
0 #6 Kitty McKim 2013-12-28 18:42
So excited, Ram so happy to see her!!!!!
Love her and you, Mark, bless you all!
0 #5 Kitty McKim 2013-12-28 18:32
She was a great woman, Mark! Loved her - I got her trailer you renovated for her, woodstove and all, and live in it for 12 years!

We always laughted about it! It's bauty and oddity - we are all a bit minus after her loss!

Love, Kitty
0 #4 , evonnelaforge 2013-12-28 17:57
I first met your mom in1987 when my sister and I moved to graham I was pregnant and living in a travel trailer. we dragged her travel trailer out of a gorge in carbanado and moved her on our property. She taught me so much I was such a city girl. ilearned about wild food gatherining and chickens and goats. I would sit in front of her fire in her little trailer and listen to her stories about her life experiences. I have no doubt that she will go where she wants now she is free from form.
0 #3 , evonnelaforge 2013-12-28 17:39
wow what a shock I havent seen her in a few years.Sky was one of my first friends when I moved here in 1987. my sister and I moved here and got piece of land I was pregnant and living in a travel trailer. we pulled her trailer out of a gulch in carbonado. and she lived on ourplace in graham for awhile. I
learned so much from her she would show me all the wild things to eat and tell me great stories infront of the fire in her little trailer. iam sure she made it to where she wanted to go. Ramtha said she was important to the school. Good journey Skydancer.
0 #2 Wendy 2013-12-28 12:48
I remember your mom and her gentle spirit from the 90's when I spent some time with her...God bless and God speed Sky and my love and warm wishes for you and all the family Mark..with love, Wendy Weger xox
0 #1 Suzy Star 2013-12-28 08:56
I first met Sky when I came to OR to buy a home so I could be attend the Ramtha School. She came into the Real Estate Firm in Graham and was purchasing a property next to the one I bought. We became great neighbors and friends and shared many laughs and tears together. I found her to be an outrageous, but loving, rebel who was always happy and caring about our earth and nature. She introduced me to many plants and told me many stories about wild life that she had learned from her father who she spent many hours with in the woods where he spent much of his time. She will be missed by many who knew her as she shared her knowledge with all who were receptive. I know that she will love the freedom of not being emcumbered with a body allowing her to dance away on her new journey. You made my life better for knowing you and I wish you well on your new adventure as you soar with the angels. As you know Love is the only way!!!

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