Rene Westbrook

In mastering the daytime "action" of my waking reality, it often 
occurs to me that the movies which scroll unedited at night might be altered states of frequencies bleeding through a thin veil of chaotic tuning.  
For the second time in a year, I dreamed of being in the same time and space with myself.  OK, try this one: I occupied the same time and space as another self; me looking at myself, while in the same room.
Woman, the vessel that both carries and brings forth Life. It is a sacred rite of passage for a human being and that this power was given to the woman, has been both her curse and her glory.
Yet, the power to claim and define the state of womanhood has always been in the hands of men, be it at what age she can marry, what she can own, and who possesses the rights to her body. Thus, suffering the indignity of sexual abuse, shame, poverty, and murder for the majority of girls and women in the 21th century, prevails.

The Spring of Hearts

After such a long, wet winter Spring has arrived with the sweet smell of mint green and sassafras.
Flowers are blooming and people seem to move about the town with more ease these days.

I love the power of the sun and know that the great deluge all winter has brought with it a great harvest for everyone in the Pacific Northwest.