Rene Westbrook

The glory days of summer are upon us. We wallow in blue skies and sweet, fragrant breezes from a southwesterly wind. But high above the horizon is an ominous quickening of a destructive fury.

Climate change and its subsequent flashes of pronounced disruptions to our daily lives are becoming more and more common place. Drought and extreme heat have resulted in raging fires that have taken their toll in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Overbearing heat waves blanket the mid-Atlantic states, pushing scorching weather as far north as New York and New England. An early hurricane season is sending gale storm winds and rain to areas sooner than expected.

Being able to see the future has been left to the world of the weird: quantum psychics, the imagination, and science fiction novels. 

At the beginning of the 21st century, scientists are looking beyond the classical notion of linear reality. The many-worlds theory allows that each possible outcome of an action splits into a copy of itself, unaware of the other version.

There is a crashing, clanging, almost unnerving clatter of complaint and fury coming from the masses this year.  In unison, the voices of discontent are everywhere.

We have a natural pull to identify with all the protesters around the world at the moment, yet there is also a need to DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE with all the energy these "Occupy " movements are generating.

Realization. Actualization. Mastery.

In the early part of the first century Christian gnostics battled the tyranny of Paul's worldview of "man"as being born in sin and in need of repentance. His doctrine would shape Christianity for years to come. Thegnostics, on the other hand, believed the soul to be ignorant of its divinity, and would transform through spiritual knowledge that came from mystical enlightenment.

FOOD... that great equalizer and the iconic symbol of health and vitality. 

Nowhere is food more important than in one's own backyard. Happily for the residents of Yelm, their Food Cooperative has a new home with an expanded vision.

Housed in the well established business of Gordon's Garden Center, the "new"Yelm Food Coop brings with it a sustainable and reproducible model within the Cascadia Bioregion, that offers safe, community based, and regional self-sufficient agricultural systems and food accessibility.