Rene Westbrook

It is more powerful to remain alive as you gather wisdom, than to die trying to obtain it?

Jean Michel Basquiat was one such artist who dared to confront the veil and lift the barriers that separate truth from fiction.  His was on a singular journey, digging endlessly into that social indulgence called "emotional madness" with paint and words and their structural artistic interpretations.

Leaving the planet at that critical age of 27..(so many talented artists seem to die at 27), Basquiat left a treasure trove of paintings and drawings to decode and discern the meaning of life from an observant mind, trying desperately not to waste itself!

We are told that Consciousness acting upon the brain produces Mind. If this is true then, Consciousness is the golden goose and the brain is the intermediary to possessing an outrageous Mind.
In the early seventies, there was a commercial with a powerful tagline:
"A Mind was a terrible thing to waste"
Yet, it wasn't known then just how wasteful a Mind could be without an enlightened Consciousness guiding it.

On May 25, 1977, the blockbuster movieStar Wars, opened in theater all over America and introduced a number of radical concepts into the generalvernacular, namely the idea of "warp speed". 

This trick of collapsing time was tied to another phenomena in the film, theFORCE, a powerful interconnecting "field" that had a unifying effect on everything.