Rene Westbrook

Walking is an automatic and daily occurrence for most of us on the planet, however there is one man who has walked this Earth for the sake of the seemingly endless pleasure of making the environment the monumental focus of his purposeful walk.  And, should this one fact be too difficult to understand, this clear thinking individual also stopped talking for 17 years as well.

Independence Day comes once a year for the country, but it can also be a daily occurrence simply by changing one's mind. On any given day we are confronted with ideas and situations that force us to rethink the day before.  Last night I had a wonderful conversation with a co-worker which, by all accounts, freed me from an nagging thought about the recent flurry of students flocking to the local casino.

The blank page begs for black blood; ink stains with demarcations that reassure me that I have something to add to the conversation.  I resist. And yet, anyone who knows me, know I love to take the skin off an idea and plow through its innards until the bone of clarity glints the eye. 

So, here is an idea I sparingly share, if pressed. 

I'm fortunate to have been taught by a magnificent Master Teacher.

There was a time in my youth when lessons were relegated to the classroom, complete with essays and grade scores.  As I got older, I began to understand that life dished out its own "carpe diem" to wax or whine poetically upon. These days, I am more enlightened and fully prepared for the true "runners" that come my way on a daily basis to make sure I have my eye on the proverbial ball, as it were.    

Last night was the first Presidential debate and the one thing that was abundantly clear is that it's time for the American people to stand up and be counted,

Our specific form of government has three branches of power and two political parties.  Not one of them are for the people at large.

Rarely have I been so disappointed with how things are NOT done in Congress. When people in Congress are paid very high salaries to do nothing and deliberately bring about the worst calamity upon its citizens, it is time to act.