Rene Westbrook

In the summer of 1977, there was an enormous shift on the planet about what might be lurking in the hidden realms of consciousness. Like so many of my friends that summer, we flocked to a new film called Star Wars, where a dynamic team of filmmakers, actors and a man named George Lucas brought us the idea of the "Force", that elusive power that emanates from energy fields created by all living things. That year was memorable for more than Obi Wan Kenobi introducing a startling new way for people to describe an unseen source of power in the universe. It was also a time for another remarkable awakening. In the kitchen of her Tacoma home, an unassuming young housewife encountered a particularly unexplained "Force" of her own. As retold countless times since that fateful day, Ramtha and JZ Knight have embraced and shared with so many of us, the power of consciousness and energy in timeless fields of unlimited possibilities. Their symbiotic relationship throughout these years can be seem as a metaphor, much like the equation, C+E=R. The profound fact of their inextricable connection, yet her separate reality of personal change and growth, has given many people in the world, a phenomenal gift to awaken to their divine potential. And as so many of us yearning to know more, StarWars and Yoda would not be the beginning and end of our spiritual exploration.

Many cultures in the ancient world used nature's inherent technologies to harness the power of the sun, the wind, and oceans to fortify their lifestyles throughout Millennia. Chief among these natural gifts were benefits that came from sunlight, a primal source of Life.  Along with being a powerful deity, the sun also became an indispensable force in regulating our photobiological rhythms and processes through our skin and eyes. In short, suberythemal doses of UV light and its relationship to Vitamin D has had many bio-systemic effects on our bodies since the dawn of time. Through the ages and up to modern medicine, the therapeutic prophylactic benefits of UV radiation have been largely overlooked until now. Advanced studies by scientists working in the fields of chemistry, physics, and molecular biology has given rise to what is called Phototherapy, Armed with repeatable clinical models, these scientists believe this is the right time to elevate the healing power of Blue Light into mainstream medicine.

I would readily admit to being a procrastinator. You see, I have this notion that hesitation sometimes is a good thing. In my case, it allows me to percolate and ruminate, cast spells and have the jitters over the possibilities of failure. I have been chasing my tail, so to speak in this way for years, letting the spirit move me at just the right moment and then, plunging headlong into the work until its done, on time!

Recently, members of the Yelm community were treated to a rollicking good time in the form of a Depression era play entitled "You Can't Take It With You". Aside from the antics of a very eccentric family and their elevated sense of creative explorations, the play worked best when it brought to life ideas of accumulated wealth vs personal fulfillment. The young lovers in this farce came from different sides of the tracks; he, the son of a wealthy businessman, and she, the product of the loony ones who populated the center of her universe. After many mishaps and incantations about the carefree life, the two families eventually get together and find common ground, knowing that happiness within the heart is priceless!

"Where there is Love, there is Life"
Matahma Gandhi

What is Love; is it a divine right of passage or the devil incarnate, with everything else in between? We know the Greeks sought to define this ubiquitous emotional currency into four distinct categories: Agape, Philia, Eros, and Storge. Millenniums later, C.S. Lewis explores these tenants of love from a philosophically Christian point of view, eventually gleaning them into Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charity. Beginning with the idea that God is Love, Lewis believed that the many aspects of his "need-love, gift-love" theory ultimately stemmed from virtues greater than human desires. Nature, of course is not always so high and mighty when it comes to our hormones. The awakening of the libido in all of us can easily mistake sex as the love supreme.

"You know you're in love....because
reality is finally better than your dreams"
Dr. Seuss