Consciousness Awakens

In the summer of 1977, there was an enormous shift on the planet about what might be lurking in the hidden realms of consciousness. Like so many of my friends that summer, we flocked to a new film called Star Wars, where a dynamic team of filmmakers, actors and a man named George Lucas brought us the idea of the "Force", that elusive power that emanates from energy fields created by all living things. That year was memorable for more than Obi Wan Kenobi introducing a startling new way for people to describe an unseen source of power in the universe. It was also a time for another remarkable awakening. In the kitchen of her Tacoma home, an unassuming young housewife encountered a particularly unexplained "Force" of her own. As retold countless times since that fateful day, Ramtha and JZ Knight have embraced and shared with so many of us, the power of consciousness and energy in timeless fields of unlimited possibilities. Their symbiotic relationship throughout these years can be seem as a metaphor, much like the equation, C+E=R. The profound fact of their inextricable connection, yet her separate reality of personal change and growth, has given many people in the world, a phenomenal gift to awaken to their divine potential. And as so many of us yearning to know more, StarWars and Yoda would not be the beginning and end of our spiritual exploration.

For me, it was the year I went on a quest for the "Force". The struggled depicted in the films between the "Dark side of the Force" and freedom from it, was very palpable for me because I questioned religion and social conditioning as a rule.  I took the challenge that Yoda put to Luke Skywalker; to let go and be inner directed.  The path to trust what was within me, was not an easy one. I discovered that there were inculcated social networks and religious paradigms that didn't want Humans to know their divine selves first hand. The "Darth Vader " syndrome was alive and well in the world and I wondered how change would be possible when everyone seemed doomed to be imprisoned by this global reality. I was truly looking forward to the last waltz of the tyrants!!!

Armed with only Yoda as a defense against the ignorance that perpetuated my social world, I sought several alternative ways to inner peace. I had always been a free thinking hippie, so it was easy to experiment. I became a Buddhist, a vegetarian, and a Science of Mind follower before attending a local Ashram in California. It was there that my long journey ended.  One evening, a man approached me at the dancing Sapta and wanted to know more about me. His name was Agaja Enahoro. I invited him to my art studio and I realized he was not really interested in me as an artist. Trying to get rid of him, I told him I came from out there. I was pointing out the window in the direction of the North star.  He immediately said, "oh, so you know Ramtha"! The moment he said RAMTHA, I seemed to awakened to something I did not know.  I begged him to tell me everything he knew. As it turned out, a friend of his went to a school in Yelm, Washington. It took several months before I found myself sitting in audience with Ramtha; a real master teacher. Yoda had to be smiling!

My long association with the teachings and its disciplines, has helped me to realize what Obi Wan Kenobi was trying to tell Luke about "letting go and be one with the Force".  Ramtha has taught us how to Focus and free our limited beliefs systems into a greater awareness, The master teacher has loved us into life. In my case, its a life I would not have known had I not been moved by that one encounter in my studio in 1992. I have been greatly enhanced by the power of the EXPERIENCES gained throughout my journey since beginning RSE. No religious or alternative philosophy has taught me how to engage my greater Mind, and more importantly, to understand the power to do so is always within my reach.

I was thrilled when the new StarWars: The Force Awakens opened and I cheered with the rest of the local fans, still thirsty for the rush that comes from knowing you are allied with like minded people. At the start of my conscious awakening, my thirst for a greater self was unrealized.  In 2016, I no longer needed the master teacher to lead me into battle with that part of myself still stubborn to "let go".  We have been given the tools and an enormous wealth of knowledge to evolve.  The "Source" is our Consciousness; and the "Force" is our Energy, with the outcome, being our Reality.  I sat alone in the dimly lit theater at the end of the film.  I reflected on Yoda, that little green bean of an Entity and wondered if Ram would say its all in the timing!. I bet JZ has a good laugh every now and then when she reflects back on that one fateful day in 1977.

"There is no other redemption for mankind than to realize their divinity.
You are the seeds of this realization"

With great love and respect

1 This quote is from the first White Book. Page 1 underneath the Introduction.


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