Crystal Blue Cathedrals

Many cultures in the ancient world used nature's inherent technologies to harness the power of the sun, the wind, and oceans to fortify their lifestyles throughout Millennia. Chief among these natural gifts were benefits that came from sunlight, a primal source of Life.  Along with being a powerful deity, the sun also became an indispensable force in regulating our photobiological rhythms and processes through our skin and eyes. In short, suberythemal doses of UV light and its relationship to Vitamin D has had many bio-systemic effects on our bodies since the dawn of time. Through the ages and up to modern medicine, the therapeutic prophylactic benefits of UV radiation have been largely overlooked until now. Advanced studies by scientists working in the fields of chemistry, physics, and molecular biology has given rise to what is called Phototherapy, Armed with repeatable clinical models, these scientists believe this is the right time to elevate the healing power of Blue Light into mainstream medicine.

Enter JZ Knight and her invention of Blu Room Technology.
Gathered from over 40 years of personal experience with channeling Ramtha, she has coalesced and synthesized years of teachings on the Blue realm into that rare, etheric place called "Elsewhere". Backed by new science and proven results known for years that certain wavelengths of light in certain doses can heal the body, the Blu Room was born. Like a birthing chamber, this spaceship like womb is a wall to ceiling-mounted tubular ultraviolet (UVB) fluorescent lamp units that provide deep relaxation, rehabilitation, and pain management for clinical use. The Phototherapy (UVB) equipment is a Class-2 Medical Device classified by US-FDA and Health Canada. The components of this room sized enclosure comes with several light sources of non-visible and visible light that offers therapeutic benefits.  The resonance frequencies of relaxing music, along with a customizing protocol for each patient delivers a first class treatment experience for the user. The first of these cocoons using JZ's Blu Room patented technology was opened in Olympia at the Absolute Health Clinic by Dr. Matthew Martinez, a local Doctor of Chriopractic Medicine. Early reports from his patients indicated that the therapeutic benefits have been enormously successful.

The demand by the community to experience this phenomenon rapidly grew and two more clinics were opened. Without exaggeration, the level of excitement about the Blu Room was building among my friends. When Shannon Paulos opened the third facility at the U Wellness Center in Yelm, I was finally able to get an appointment. Her staff was very helpful and answered my many questions before I was allowed to enter the room.  I had seen photos online of what the space looked like, but nothing prepared me for the enclosure; it was an electric blue room covered in what appeared to be mylar. I put my blinders on. (you will need them whenever you use this facility). After 22 years at RSE, my body knew well how to respond to darkness. There was a weightlessness that followed almost like the discipline to "liquefy". The deconstructing was captivating as I went deeper into twilight. I remain in that place until there was a sudden knock on the door. I brought my consciousness back to the surface and knew I had been transported to my own private heaven. The staff members were welcoming when I left the environment. I was ushered into a sweetly decorated room with soft lighting and a chaise lounge to rest upon. In my revere, I realized I had had an important vision.

Throughout my training at RSE, the seminal teaching of Behold God continued to unfold for me on a daily basis. I have explored this concept on multiple levels, aided in part by the disciplines we've been taught over the years by our master teacher. The simple, yet profound idea that my body housed an unlimited source of consciousness and energy within reach remained the cornerstone of my personal transformation. So, it wasn't difficult to imagine my delight at amplifying the shimmering webs of the Blue Body over my own.  As I disappeared into this blue field of UVB frequency, a door opened wide on a vision. There were many tiny houses that blinked off and on in a striking neon blue, accompanied by high frequency soundwaves. This vista was fleeting, but remarkable because of its implications. Reflecting upon the imagery, it is absolutely natural to use the prime resonance of sound vibrations as another modality to healing. The emergence of Light and Sound becoming the governing principles to permanent health in the 21st Century was very exciting.

After my Blu Room adventure, I pondered about the potential reality of what I call these "crystal blue cathedrals" populating our planet.  In our RSE training, every discipline can led us into different aspects of our Greater Mind. The self sufficiency garnered from personal discoveries helps us to evolve.  This is what I imaged happened to JZ when she created the Blu Room Technology.  With each deeper level of exploration into dimensional worlds of her interior self, she moved into realms of "Elsewhere" that revealed its secrets.  This is precisely what we have been trained to do for ourselves.  And, this is exactly why RSE is not a religion, but a Construct to expand and grow our Greater Mind. (Your input yields your output.)  To my way of thinking, the shimmering crystal blue cathedrals within our bodies are exact replicas of the star chambers swirling above us. How much we embrace the theta wave state in sleep or focus will result in untold innovations yet to come, from greater realms yet to be explored!

Your body is the health that only requires your care. Perfectto!

With great love and respect,


Blue Body®, Blu Room™ and Ramtha®
are trade and service marks of JZ Knight.
Used with permission.


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