You Can Take It With You.!

Recently, members of the Yelm community were treated to a rollicking good time in the form of a Depression era play entitled "You Can't Take It With You". Aside from the antics of a very eccentric family and their elevated sense of creative explorations, the play worked best when it brought to life ideas of accumulated wealth vs personal fulfillment. The young lovers in this farce came from different sides of the tracks; he, the son of a wealthy businessman, and she, the product of the loony ones who populated the center of her universe. After many mishaps and incantations about the carefree life, the two families eventually get together and find common ground, knowing that happiness within the heart is priceless!

Getting into my car, I reflected on my own life's lessons around balancing a creative career against financial security. These pursuits over time have been challenging, but doable to varying degrees of success. As wonderful as all of it was, I knew long ago that the real issues I wanted to experience could only be found outside the realm of the ordinary. Whatever the grand and sweeping gestures from my art career, I had to find the substance of my "soul". It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears! I looked at myself in the rear view mirror and smiled.

Early the next day, driving down the road at sunrise, the sky wide and slightly streaked with the dusting of a new day, I happily imagined the cross hatched lines of a three dimensional grid, overlaying a four sided pyramid with a twirling funnel of electric blue light crackling inside it, as a spiral in the form of an eye hovering above.  At the next stop light, I take it all in, realizing that there are untapped worlds of dimensional reality just waiting for me to explore them.  I laughed at the magical symbols dancing in the grid of my imagination as I steered myself home. A gallery of scenarios blinked in and out from the shimmering squares over head and my day is being created from a tapestry of my own design.  Wow..What a concept!

I arrived home and I lingered at the edges of excitement in the car park.  I remembered that several days before, I watched a documentary on the history of mathematics and was gobsmacked by a revelation: "Perhaps, the reason Mathematics is a universal language is because it is the encoding and decoding of Consciousness".  This startling thought had me jumping up and down in my chair.  Still, it required more contemplation, but clearly its an idea with meat on its bones.  Now, chewing on the remnants of the morning's offerings, I assessed what was before me.  Years of learning how to create my reality. Check. Knowing the value of self-correction. Check.  Manifesting that which I create. Check. Being greater than my limitations. Check. Having the power to create Greater Mind. Check. Behold the God that I am. Check.  Being grateful to the Master Teacher/Channel. Check!  I finally got out of the car.  The air was dewy fresh and full of possibilities. As I closed my eyes in silent thanksgiving, I'm assured the wonders of an extraordinary life are always within reach.  I felt my SOUL wrap itself around me, knowing the gifts from expanding my consciousness are invaluable experiences that I can take with me. Check!

With great love and respect Esprit


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