Separation and Illusion

It has been months since I sat down to share my insights and thoughts with all of you. One of my beloved brothers suddenly died and I had much to say about this experience, but no heart for the task.  I left for home on a six week journey and found a renewed sense of purpose and Life. Out there, traveling over 7,000 miles on a train across two countries (Canada and the United States) I witnessed the fragility and passion in so many of those I met along the way.

Once the trip ended, I had time to reflect on my brother and his sudden departure.  I listened to wise prophets and of course Ram tapes on love and evolution. We have been taught by our teacher that we are waking up from a dream and the physical life is only part of the expansion into Self.  The more I understand this the easier it becomes to realize that there is no such thing as separation from those who have crossed over into their next adventure. Non physical reality is a further expansion of all the many worlds that we choose to experience.  Thus, the reality that death is separation and loss is false. 


There is a plethora of new insights into this unfolding truth. The Afterlife of Billy Fingers and other books seek to reassure us that crossing over isn't the end, but an continuation of all that we are.  For me, it is relief and joy, yet my dad carries a deep shadow of sadness in not having his most happy son by his side.  We humans are attached to things to such a degree we forget that they are mere constructs of illusions to hide the ephemeral aspects of our physical permanence.  As quixotic as our efforts are to mask this fact, it is clear the cycle of "here today, gone tomorrow" is an ongoing one into time immemorial.  How we accept and move within the realms of greater understanding will mark how well we paint the wider canvas of our endless existence.

I have come full circle. I am home again and at my desk.  I sit.  I listen.  I laugh at the sounds I do not hear.  I wait. I breathe and know all is well in my world.

To this, our greatest Life !
C+E=R 4 ever


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