In and out of "Time"

A few nights ago I watched a sweet film called "In Time" about a family whose male members had the ability to go back in time. The premise began with the son on his 21 birthday. His father told him he could change the outcome of past situations by going into a dark closet. Once there all he had to do is think of a moment he wanted to return to and make the appropriate changes. Presto, this incredulous young man found himself in sort of a "Groundhog Day" but with a better outcome.

This delightful film opened the door to many speculations about the possibility of returning to a moment that can be altered forever.  I got to thinking about what events I would want a "do over"?  To my surprise, there were only two for myself and one for my daughter.  In reflection it seemed I had not much to regret and yet, how delicious it would be to alter timelines.  I contemplated the cornerstone teachings of the last 25 years about consciousness and energy creating reality.  And of course it is consciousness that moves in and out of time without limitations.

Scientists are now postulating that even death has no domain over consciousness and that it lives on and possibly exists on multiple levels at the same time. With this theory, the fluidity of life is rooted in consciousness and therefore, changing the "neighborhood" becomes the way to change dimensions and timelines.  It would be much easier to simply go into a dark space and close our eyes and focus on the event we want to alter...and OMG!...we learned that trick already...hahahahaha.

The young man in the film did not have a master teacher helping him to understanding how powerful every moment is, yet he does discover that just because you can alter one outcome does not mean that other ones aren't irrevocably changed for the worst. Gradually, he does come to evaluate for himself that consciously living each day as you truly "created " it to be the first time is ultimately the way to live in the present.

We have been given the priceless knowledge of knowing how to divine our lives into a reality that is the substance of our own creation.  Moving forward with this information is what makes everyday a gift.  And, it is a gift that keeps on giving, whether we are on this side of time or the other, Life is the immortal treasure that is timeless.

Happy New Year and may 2014 bring love and laughter to all.  Thank you Isabel for being my runner at the start of this incredible year!  This blog is dedicated to my dear fellow artist Cliff Keelsar.

With great love and respect




0 #1 Rene Westbrook 2014-01-11 12:22
My blog mistakenly listed the film as In Time when in fact it is called About Time...
Thanks and enjoy the blog and the film if you can find it.

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