The Exponential Power of the Legacy Walk

Walking is an automatic and daily occurrence for most of us on the planet, however there is one man who has walked this Earth for the sake of the seemingly endless pleasure of making the environment the monumental focus of his purposeful walk.  And, should this one fact be too difficult to understand, this clear thinking individual also stopped talking for 17 years as well.

The biology of conviction encapsulated John Francis' singular journey into a new world.  He neither rode in cars, trains, planes, nor any motorized vehicles because of one tragic oil spill that he witnessed in California in 1971.  So powerful was this experience, he decided that something had to be done.  Soon, this man in his late twenties began walking and eventually stopped talking about the reasons for his decision. Now many years later, Dr. Francis is a leading authority in environmental activist making a difference. Imagine shutting up for 17 years and walking the Earth for 22 years could make such an impact on everything around you.!

Upon learning of John's story, I was aghast at the simplicity of conviction and the power of its strength once the authenticity of its reality was known.  John began his "legacy walk" with the knowledge that it was a "one day at a time" adventure.  He later stated that never in his wildest dreams did he think he would walk from coast to coast, built his own boat, earn a series of degrees, and become a leading expert in oil spills without speaking for the "Home" he loved so much.

It is clear that John had a plan.  It was simple and pure.  It required nothing more than to just do it, one step at a time.  Slowly and clearly, the plan unfolded by making known, an unknown.  When the student is ready, the way will reveal itself. For in my view, one can not reveal the unknown from a known place. There is a leaping off the edge moment and going forward into an unfamiliar expanse. There, the carpet of choice is laid down by sheer self possession and the willingness to see it through to its end.  The "legacy" of such a walk is etched into the universal fabric of the connective tissue of our many selves. A new Beingness is born and the many worlds of wonder continue to flourish.

I often contemplate about the power of Ramtha’s teachings on his student body and us becoming "Practitioners of the Plan". We have been righteously taught to "walk the talk".  We have been privileged to fabulous information formally hidden from the masses on the power of intention and the direction of thought. And we know first hand that consciousness and energy create reality.  John Francis came to this profound understanding without an "overt" master teacher.  His was within himself.  He trusted a greater wisdom simply by trusting his inner soul.  On the wall of our great hall at RSE are the keys to the kingdom" "Behold God".

For me, the myriad of disciplines and years of focus was always about finding my own inner plan and becoming a practitioner of that which guided us from within. When I read about the long focus that John Francis held in order to discover the unknown worlds within and without his reality, I was convinced that what we have been taught is not so hidden after all.  The soul will lead the way so long as we are willing to find it..."Behold God".


Books by John Francis, Phd.
The Ragged Edge of Silence


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