Becoming More

Independence Day comes once a year for the country, but it can also be a daily occurrence simply by changing one's mind. On any given day we are confronted with ideas and situations that force us to rethink the day before.  Last night I had a wonderful conversation with a co-worker which, by all accounts, freed me from an nagging thought about the recent flurry of students flocking to the local casino.

You see, her story was both simple and profound.  It truly was the link in a long line of inquires about why this focus on money was so important and the methods by which it could be obtained.  Lady "J" (the name I will give her for this article) told me about her journey through focus, fieldwork and candles.  Out of her intention and labor of love for the work, a symbol is revealed and she then goes off to the casino. As she navigates the crowded gambling hall with fellow students, she scans the floor for a free machine. But, her eyes lift and above the bustling chance-takers, are ads and buried in one was the very symbol from her focus.

 So, off she goes to the machine under the sign.  Lady "J", adjusts herself and prepares to put all of herself into this process.  She quickly pulls out her dollar and tries in vain to insert it.  "Dang it", the machine repeatedly rejects the old faded greenback.  However, it does yield an unexpected gift.  It spits out a "windfall" ticket.  Still focused on getting that darn dollar into the machine, Lady "J" quickly glances at the ticket but continues to insert the dollar.  OK...OK...this clearly isn't working and our girl gets up to cash her ticket that she believes is worth $5.  As she trudges her way to the cashier, she is unaware of the magical and  wondrous world that has enveloped her.  Space and time has collapsed around her, bleeding through her bands and coagulated into the very reality she has conjured up. Upon arriving at the cashier, she is not prepared for the surprise that awaits her.  Instead of $5 dollar, she has been gifted a $500 windfall.

Windfall, indeed!

But, is it really a windfall, or was it the very steps, the cosmic markings, the intent and focus of a mind ready and willing to become more?  I listened with great intent to her sharing and I was so thrilled with the fortuity of what it sounded like at the time.  We were at an Independence Day party and it was time to go, we parted and I went to my garden and the wheels began to turn.

This "windfall" was more than a chance occurrence.  There was nothing haphazard about it.  I contemplated the story for a long time and many answers were revealed. My mind has a particular way it engages my sometimes lazy thinking.  It shows me multiple images and then allows me to filter out the ones that are irrelevant.  And, thus, Lady "J"'s story answered two most important issues for me.  The first is related to the notion that money is really what we want.  The second is that fretting away at a casino is the way to easily obtain it.

Clearly, money is not the issue and the casino is not the venue.  What I gained from her experience was in a way, my "windfall".  Suddenly, I could see it all.  There is a quote from our esteemed teacher that I keep in my studio.."the longing is not to have more, but to become more..."  How does keeping the focus on money get us closer to that goal has been my inquiry to myself.  Well, it doesn't.  I was again stumped.  I walked myself through Lady "J"'s story again and again.  I went to sleep and woke up with the complete picture, just like that!

In order for there to be passion, there first must be desire.  In our created world of "things", it takes money to satisfy the physical preoccupation of survival.  There is a skilled and trusty warrior out there who has taken eons to facilitate a great internal change in ourselves.  Never waste a crisis, they say in politics...and in the politics of survival, this ancient god knows exactly how to meld the monumental fabric of  Nothingness with the vast possibility of Everything.

So, here we all are, focused and wearing our millionaire cards on every part of our bodies, laced in our language and forged in steel in long hours of candle work.  We are engaged in the theology of wealth...BUT..ARE WE.?   A mind is a terrible thing to waste and lo and behold, as I tumbled out of bed, I saw the entire spectrum of answers.  In order to get us to what we really WANT, we have been directed to what we NEED.  Lady "J" wanted to win at the machines...she actually WON at the GREATER MIND MOMENT...the 23rd universe of let me show you how its done!  In my mind, it was all the "stuff" that led up to the $500 and not the money itself....(bells are going off now....CHA-CHING!)

If we KNOW how to walk the realm of creation, pulling from its vast possibilities at any given moment, then everything becomes the "windfall".  Lady "J"'s story illustrated that to me so very clearly.  It is also why I have gotten more insight into why students are flocking to the casinos.  It is not to have more, but to become more!.

A few years ago there was a fabulous film called Slumdog Millionaire.  It was a brilliant treatise on how important aspects in the life of the hero led to his "knowingess" to win, not the money the show was offering , but the hand and heart of the woman he loved.  This is basically what I think is happening with us all these years. Every teaching and every experience is leading us closer to that moment where the buzzer goes off in our brains and we know we have won.

What do we win? We come to understand how the universe works, how we are within the very fabric of this unfolding place.  We are its givers and fakers, its chance takers and riddle makers.  Becoming more Becomes More!.  More power to heal on the stop, more energy to move mountain, more inner vision to see beyond the walls of doubt.  Our teacher knows the true meaning of windfall.  We are about to find out as well.

So, I spent my Independence Day becoming greater than my small minded thinking about a smoky pit in the middle of the Nisqually Pines.  20 years ago, I sat in audience and heard the ultimate conundrum..."you are already that which you are becoming"  I laughed out loud as I thought, how convoluted is that!  Well, it has taken 20 years to unravel a known quotient.

Peace and love in our lifetime



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