Metaphysics and the Metaphor

There was a time in my youth when lessons were relegated to the classroom, complete with essays and grade scores.  As I got older, I began to understand that life dished out its own "carpe diem" to wax or whine poetically upon. These days, I am more enlightened and fully prepared for the true "runners" that come my way on a daily basis to make sure I have my eye on the proverbial ball, as it were.    

My understanding of the term "runner" is that of a fore telling of something with a lesson.  We have been told by a master teacher that these forecasts are nature's way of realigning us to the path we are walking; an adjustment if you will, to the reality we are creating.

My "runner" came in the form of a smear on my car windshield. For weeks it seemed, I was wiping this stain from the windshield wiper blades to no avail.  I reminded myself many times to replace the wipers on the car, believing they were the reason the smear was always there!  Nevertheless, I continued to hope that the smear would go away with a week of rain. It did not.

Then, one day of idle gazing out the car happened!  As if the universe could not stand it one minute more, my hand involuntarily moved up to the windshield on my side of the window.  I "mindlessly" swiped the smear and magically it was gone!  I sat stunned and frankly embarrassed at myself.  I had the power to remove the stain from the window the entire time! WOW.

I laughed and then nearly cried at the simplicity of the solution and the profound message it was sending me.  I immediately remembered a teaching Ram gave us years ago about sitting in a cell with the keys in our hand.   As it turns out, even with the keys in hand, the lock can sometimes be as elusive as the jailer.  I read somewhere that faith begins as an experiment and ends up as an experience. Needless to say, I was astonished and baffled as to why I had not thought to clean the window on my side of windshield.

I have pondered the many layers of meaning that awaited this question.  Why had it taken so long to figure out that the smear was on the inside of the windshield? The metaphoric nature of the situation obviously mirrored what was going on in my inner/outer life.  As the adage goes, "as within, so without, as above, so below" and yet, the colloquial one seemed the best fit "go within, or GO without! So, I began to take apart  the puzzle and make my way through the conundrum of where and why I had not seen the bigger picture before. Grateful for the powerful lesson this set me up to learn, I took my time unraveling this mystery.

The Assumption:

Upon seeing the smear, I made the immediate "assumption" that it was on the outside of the windshield. Once I was tied to this decision, my reactions towards this problem had built in solutions. Use the wiper to clean the window.  When this did not work, get to the auto store and buy new wipers blades.  Everyday thereafter, I still used the old wipers to no avail.

So long as I held firmly to the "assumption" that the problem was the blades, my behavior was not going to change. My "mindless reactions" to the smear had more to do with a limited view of what I was looking at, rather than a fully formed understanding of what I was "seeing". Finally, in assuming I had all the answers to the problem, I made no other effort to rethink or to "know" of a different outcome.  I was closed down and closed off from any other input about the smear in my field of vision.  

The Smear in My Field of Vision:

I have given this experience a great deal of thought.  I love chewing on an idea and mining its interior with a spyglass.  But, for the life of me I had not seen the smear in my field of vision from my side of the windshield.  The metaphors were coming out of the woodwork on this one.  How many times do I not "see" what is right in front of my eyes? How many times do I refuse to think and know from another vantage point?  How many times have I come to the wrong conclusion based on faulty information?

These questions washed over me for quite a long time.  I reflected on my "outer daily encounters where I think that talking it over and over again would result in a different outcome.  I replayed that singular movement when my hand let me off the hook and brought resolution to the smear.  The smear in my field of vision was on my side of the window and, thus of my own creation.

Metaphysics and the Metaphor:

After days of contemplation, I now had a viable lesson.  It has been beamed into my psyche like a laser.  All roads come from the inner life of ME.  In order for Spirit to get me to look more closely at the frame work of this reality, it set up an clever trick for me to follow.  A smear on the windshield in my field of vision.   Frankly, I am glad it took awhile to get the message.  Had I figured out the solution right away, I might not have seem just how important this truth really is.

We are creator gods.  What we create is for the greater good of who we are.  The lesser parts of this paradigm becomes the overriding force in our everyday existence.  Sometimes, it is the small things that make the biggest noise.  My inner life was screaming for me to get a grip and take note of where I was taking my created outer life.  I am so energized by this truth.  I am so glad I was taught to know a "runner" when I met one head on.

With One Stroke:

My hand involuntarily moved up to the windshield, and with one stroke the smear was gone.  Our teacher tells us that consciousness and energy can change in a moment.  A shift in momentum can cause a tidal wave to go in another direction.  A powerful breath can change the outcome of a manifestation on the field.  With one stroke,  I was free.  I laughed at myself and from the clear implications for my life.  I gave thanks to the god that loves me.  I rejoiced at the moment of pure wisdom, a truth that can never be diminished.  I tell you with story with humility, knowing that it is so easy to remain on the other side of ignorance and the outer realms of limited certainty.

The Outer Realms of Limited Certainty:

My basic instinct is to believe I know something. I have always prided myself on being intelligent and savvy.  The reason I love the teachings so much is that it married my smarts with knowledge, along with hands on experiences that I could build on.  I know that I know.  I get the picture.  I am sure of myself.  I AM.  and yet, this hubris and cunning fallacy is what creates the "trick bag' of assumption.  Just because I know that I know something, i.e, a smear on my windshield looks like it is on the outside of my window....doesn't mean that it IS!.  Here's the is also true that the smear could have been on the outside of my window. The great divide between seeing what you are looking at and "knowing what you see", takes greater insight and depth of awareness that surface information can't offer. The outer realms of limited certainty is a road map for a limited romp through reality.  Imagine being the person who never discovers that the smear is on the inside!

Behold God:

The timeless nature of each breath allows for a greater growth of one's inner life.  Be still and know ye are God is an affirmation to thrive in.  Stillness doesn't always mean a lack of motion.  The pause and the inhalation of breath takes one down the spiral stairway to a heaven one rarely knows without pushing the button IN.  I am the recent recipient of clever god; MYSELF.  I see the wider picture with each viewing and know that the shadow play on clear glass can lead to pristine vistas, just for the asking.  Behold God!    

With great love and respect



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