American People's Party

Last night was the first Presidential debate and the one thing that was abundantly clear is that it's time for the American people to stand up and be counted,

Our specific form of government has three branches of power and two political parties.  Not one of them are for the people at large.

Rarely have I been so disappointed with how things are NOT done in Congress. When people in Congress are paid very high salaries to do nothing and deliberately bring about the worst calamity upon its citizens, it is time to act.

There is much to be done to evolve our industries into 21 century organizations that are both sustainable and profitable. The Green Revolution has begun and we need everyone working together to usher in new technologies and efficient methods of viability for our country's future and for the planet's survival.

The two party system has failed the American people. We don't have time to bother with ideologies that are old and lethal to today's pressing needs. Nor, are we invested in old men with their old ideas and greedy ways....this simply must be stopped and NOW.

We have allowed them to do what they wish with our lives and future. This stops today.

The great experiment that is America has had many false starts, beginning with declaring itself free from the tyranny of England, while at the same time exploiting the homeland of native peoples already on this land and stealing free Africans into dire enslavement.

The list of our country's difficult birth is long but, doesn't change the profound dream that it represents. The credo that all people are created equal and given that right by their creator to pursue their own life, liberty, and happiness is a noble one.

Everyone on the planet should have these rights. It is a Human Right and America is worth the investment of ideals and hard work to ensure this mandate becomes a template for the entire planet.

It is too easy to give up and blame it on those in power. We are the power. We have never wanted to own the enormous gift this power can bring. We are the light of the world and it is up to us...."we, the people....."

It is time to act. Days of crying about this party or that group is over. We are the American people and that is enough to power our way into getting things accomplished.

We must be ready to raise our voices and demand of ourselves the way forward.

The angry rhetoric is only good for the 2 second soundbite on cable news. The real sound comes from the voices who want solution and innovation.

Let's not allow the bullies to beat us up and down the streets of no return.

Greed is what they are after and greed is what they fight for. It is not for God and country, it is purely for themselves. This is not a class war, this is not a war at all. This is a killing.

They want to kill what is the most profound IDEA ever given birth on this planet, that all people are free to live the life they want, and to find happiness along the way. Every citizen of this planet has a right to food and shelter, healthy environments, and a governing body that works together with them.

This new American People's Party is a movement and a way forward.

Join in, tell your friends and get started. Do something constructive towards our Green Revolution. Our planet needs us now as well as our country. This is the way Forward.

Progress in our lifetime



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