"Dying to Know"...

It is more powerful to remain alive as you gather wisdom, than to die trying to obtain it?

Jean Michel Basquiat was one such artist who dared to confront the veil and lift the barriers that separate truth from fiction.  His was on a singular journey, digging endlessly into that social indulgence called "emotional madness" with paint and words and their structural artistic interpretations.

Leaving the planet at that critical age of 27..(so many talented artists seem to die at 27), Basquiat left a treasure trove of paintings and drawings to decode and discern the meaning of life from an observant mind, trying desperately not to waste itself!

Something to think about in 2012.  Many are fixated on the Mayan calendar and the "end of days". Discerning fact from fiction is a commodity that prophets and pundits spin in the fleeting winds of fear and change. Dogma versus mysticism has dominated the conversation for decades.  Who is right, and where are the answers that elucidate the essential questions; where did we came from, why we are here, and where are we going?  

In the 21 century, religion has become a poor substitute for those seeking answers.  Atheists are no longer a fringe group, but a growing movement of converts, running from the power brokers of the faithful.  The spiritual landscape of today is more complex and requires scratching beneath the surface of scriptural instruction, and a belief in unknowable things. Basquiat knew this all too well, as someone willing to create his brave new world without a navigator.

We all want to know truth, yet are we willing to die for what we believe IS that truth?  Or, can being alive in the moment of everyday, become the Living truth that eludes us in our quest to know?  The emotional madness that artists sometimes confront, is an echo chamber of an even greater field of noise.  Quieting the inner voice can lead the wise and prudent traveler to scale the interior of one's soul and discover a transcendental reality ready to unfold.

And, there's no greater truth than that!

Peace and love in our lifetime

Rene Westbrook, Lacey, USA


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