"To Infinity and BEYOND"

We are told that Consciousness acting upon the brain produces Mind. If this is true then, Consciousness is the golden goose and the brain is the intermediary to possessing an outrageous Mind.
In the early seventies, there was a commercial with a powerful tagline:
"A Mind was a terrible thing to waste"
Yet, it wasn't known then just how wasteful a Mind could be without an enlightened Consciousness guiding it.
But, how do we cultivate an "Enlightened Consciousness" that goes beyond the ordinary machinations of a brain that few know how to fully access or facilitate for greater use?
This is a question that alchemists, yogis, and shaman have sought for eons. Using metaphysics, natural stimulants, and sacred herbs, ancient peoples have delved into the primordial soup of Consciousness to mine its secrets and to gain knowledge hidden within the mysteries of an unknown world.
The journey over time to understanding the role of the brain has become the divining rod to knowable aspects between Consciousness and Mind. So now, the new adage should be
"a brain is a terrible thing to waste", as it is the essential bridge that allows a streaming energy field to coalesce into a pliable force of INTENT.
Therefore, in order to go beyond the realm of ordinary human experiences, one might well develop their brain power which would be more effective in harnessing an ever expanding Consciousness to a deserving Mind.
In the wildly successful animation Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear, the pesky astronaut with great ambition reveals to his best pal Woody, that all he wants to do is go "to infinity and beyond"!
 Its amazing what a cartoon character can teach us mere mortals.
Love and peace in our lifetime

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