The Other Side of Time

On May 25, 1977, the blockbuster movieStar Wars, opened in theater all over America and introduced a number of radical concepts into the generalvernacular, namely the idea of "warp speed". 

This trick of collapsing time was tied to another phenomena in the film, theFORCE, a powerful interconnecting "field" that had a unifying effect on everything.

Fast forward to today and science has indeed proven that what was once fiction has become fact. Time can be altered by manipulating electromagnetic energy fields beyond the speed of light, thus making the notion of time travel more possible.

Bending spatial environments to go from here to there is a concept ready to be explored more fully. Traveling to the other side of "time" is the next big adventure. Even Yoda would be happy to see gravity challenged humans advance to a greater understanding of the "FORCE", whose connective tissue of timelessness is all about "free space"!

Now, that the "God" particle has been discovered, there is no end to the adventures that awaits the next generation of creative thinkers, inventors, scientists, astronauts, and "time travelers" that will harness the  unified field and take far, far, distant galaxies......

                                                            (...oh, and may the Force be with you....)

Love and peace in our lifetime



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