Walking between worlds

From the Other Side of the Rabbit Hole

There's a lot of talk these days about Earth's ability to sustain its natural equilibrium in the face of so much damage caused by humans. And yet, Earth is not the only natural body working hard on sustainability and change in avolatile environment.

There's a marvelous book, "The Mind of the Cells" by SriAurobindo, with a passage by Goethe,

"beyond the tombs, forward"!

Forward is the buzz word to describe the profoundly insightful concepts in the book: ...that our cells have always been micro agents with a mind, propelling us into systematic and physical transformation.

And if this is true, the willful mutation of our species is on a collision course with hard edged antecedents like religion and social engineering. However forceful these mandates have been, the onward march of vibrational shifts in human consciousness can not be stymied at this juncture in our evolution.

Homo sapiens are made up of a collection of cell structures that change and mutate all the time. The very notion that the world within cells are fixed and inflexible is not supported by science nor biology. Additionally, the organizing intelligence that knows how to heal itself and regulate intricate cycles of its host is not fully understood in its entirety to date.

So, are we finished changing and growing as a species? Have we come to the end point of our evolution or, is there concrete evidence that we are meant to continue on this journey of Becoming?

If our cells have an innate consciousness that pulls itself in and out of vibrational fields, then it is safe to believe our evolutionary process is an on-going one. Who is to say that in 500 years, the form we possess now will look and act like it does, then?


Love and peace in our lifetime


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